Dustin Williams Video: GTR Gets 1 of 1 Track Spec Bodykit! | Rebuilding Wrecked R35 GTR Ep. 3

GTR Gets 1 of 1 Track Spec Bodykit! | Rebuilding Wrecked R35 GTR Ep. 3

Posted: 2023-05-26 17:30:04
Author: Dustin Williams
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The GTR kit is here!! In today’s video we take a look at the new kit and get it fully installed. This is a mixture of a bunch of different, very cool pieces. 25mm wider, carbon fiber, and more!!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Good morning guys we’re starting our day out heading to our local Body Shop TSM Collision which by the way fantastic work if you guys are in the Temecula area they do awesome awesome body work we dropped off our side skirts for the GTR a while ago and they just got

Finished with them so before we start today I figured take you guys along pick up the side skirts the GTR is going to have a very very large transformation today and I am so excited this is probably the one thing I’ve been most excited for of the entire build give it

That track aggressive look that I really wanted it to have and it’s going to be pretty awesome I’m very excited to take you guys along for this so we’re gonna quickly pick up the side skirts and head back to the shop Side skirts foreign I’ll give you guys a better look when we get to the shop but these came out fantastic I’m super excited for this all right load it up Let’s Get Him to the shop and as always it says every time we come to TSN if you guys need Bodywork and you’re in the

Temecula Inland Empire area TSM is fantastic they’ve done some crazy crazy stuff and they’ve always absolutely crushed it for us but anyways let’s get back to the shop and start working on the giveaway GTR today is gonna be awesome yeah Special delivery delivery for the giveaway GTR look at these things they look great they look a lot better than what they did before quickly before I’m blocking blocking with my arm before we show you guys we’re gonna unload these and give you guys oh you already got the gtar lift up from everything

She’s good to go gonna give I’m gonna give you guys a full look at the kit let’s unload these guys let’s get started well I think it’s officially time to tell you guys about the R35 GTR body kit and like I keep saying I am so pumped

Now surprisingly I have no idea what this is it’s kind of like a Frankenstein custom one of one kit all of these body pieces actually came off of one of the race cars that was at life Motorsports I’m sure you guys probably remembered the GTR that was on the lift when we’re

Taking a tour of the shop that had the carbon fiber body kit on it this kit actually came off of that car and it’s really really cool because it has a lot of custom one-of-one pieces and that car was a race car this body kit has seen

Some stories has seen some things and yeah it has some Battle Scars but that’s what makes it so freaking cool now what I can tell about this body kit is this bumper right here is actually OEM I can tell that because of the material it’s not fiberglass or anything like that

Which is actually kind of nice but this is so cool because like I keep saying it’s a little bit custom you can tell on the side right here it actually has the same Fender pieces that my virus body kit has that makes it a little bit wider flowing into a 25 millimeter wider

Fender right here it has custom carbon fiber canards on the side just giving it a super aggressive look for the front end now it doesn’t stop there because another cool piece is this carbon fiber front grille that they custom made as well I wish I had a stock Bumper in here

To show you guys but usually this silver piece right here is just all one polyurethane piece they went ahead and cut that out put carbon ducts in it to direct airflow directly into the intercooler which I think is really really cool another plus about this is I got the same intercooler that I’m

Currently running on my R35 GTR for you guys we’ve got an ETS intercooler that should be coming in pretty soon and this is going to direct airflow directly in to the ETS intercooler which is going to be very very cool this kit is just going to give you an aggressive really cool

Look to the entire car and something that’s a little bit unique and one of one to you guys so that’s really awesome moving on to the side skirts now I honestly have no idea what these side skirts are but they are very very cool they went ahead and also custom cut out

These carbon vents on top which kind of give it like a Nismo Fender look because it because if you guys have seen the Nismo GTR you can also see kind of has those Fender vents up top they did that here but also but also if you look on

The inside they actually cut out where the fender well goes as well so it can truly direct airflow straight into your wheel well to your tires as well as to your brakes helping cool all of that stuff down so the reason why I’m so stoked about all this is is sometimes

When you buy kits that have the really cool Arrow pieces and they’re really cool track looking bumpers and stuff a lot of a lot of the vents and the fenders and all of that stuff are just for Aesthetics all of this stuff like I

Said was on a race car and is built for functionality all of it has a purpose to help cool the car to help direct airflow in the places that the car needs airflow Etc it’s very very cool so we have the front bumper we have the fenders and

Last but not least we are moving on to the side skirts now you guys saw me pick these up from TSM this morning we actually dropped these off a while ago because they did need a little bit of Bodywork over the years of the previous owner tracking these I’m sure that these

Have been worn down from track use so we got them freshly coated and redone for you guys so that they look brand new they also gave us a little two-tone look so that we have carbon fiber up top a nice black strip for the bottom which is

Going to look really great once they’re on the car one last thing before we get started another reason why I was really really happy with doing this kit and the way this kit is set up is it really resembles my R35 GTR how we have the super aggressive front end while still

Keeping it a mild streetable build and that’s what I wanted for this car at the very beginning of this build I told you guys that I wanted to take my love for GTRs and my love for racing and turn them into one but give it away to you

Guys and give you guys something that’s a piece of me but that but that’s also practical for everyday driving and that’s exactly what this GTR is going to be yes this kit is off of a race car and it gives you that aggressive track and

Race look but this cars will be able to be driven every single day on the street without having a crazy splitter or a crazy huge Wing or a massive wide body or anything like that it’s much like my GTR where you get the aggressiveness while not being too much over the top

And that’s what I really really like and just like my GTR I wanted to bring that same style to you guys I hope you’re stoked about this I hope you’re ready installing every piece on this car and by the time this video is over you guys

Are not going to recognize this GTR and it’s going to be so damn cool Tim actually ran to the parts store to grab a couple of things that we are going to need I guess we can just get started First things first is to start the body kit install is we’re going to go ahead and rip off the OEM side skirts we have Tim bro working on the other side real fast this is as you guys know the wrecked portion of the GTR Tim bro is

Going to be working on this side because he’s gonna be fabricating up to stop to help mount the side skirt right here in the little stop sign wait wait wait before but before you go any further do we sell the front bumper piece yeah it’s in the trunk I want you

Guys to see this we discovered that there’s a bunch of plastics and stuff in the trunk of the GTR which I don’t I think Tim and I were just so excited about getting this build that we never really like looked into anything about this car and yesterday Tim found this

Let’s give them a little look at what let’s let’s go the front of the car what dude he I don’t know if it was a stop sign or something else it’s just a yellow pole yeah but uh we discovered this so this uh this goes right here I don’t know where

The rest is dude whatever he hit absolutely just it looks like it just pulled it yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna keep this and we’re gonna sign it and put it in an order for one of you guys even though you might not win the entire

GTR you’re gonna win a piece of the GTR we’re gonna keep this to the side during this stop sign internet there’s these plastic pieces right here so this one looks like it got ripped half off but these have screw holes and they hold the bottom of the side skirt so it

Ripped off here we don’t have another piece and it’s probably almost impossible to get one of these finding another plastic one Tim bro is going to use some skills so like there’s bolts right here I don’t know if you can see that there’s a bolt here there’s one

There but there’s no no bolt and there’s one here and I’m gonna just gonna take a piece of aluminum bend it over and make it for the side that way it’s solid and it doesn’t shake around yes so whenever he gets to that I’ll show you guys that

But we’re gonna go and get started ripping off all of the OEM stuff so we can put on our new body kit Guys One of the odds that I break every single one of these 68 chance 68. Nice actually the last one the last one about 60 was right par one complete side skirt is off really quickly so you guys can see OEM versus what you guys are gonna get this is actually super nice because you get like a little flare step out right here

Which gives it a nice little some more Body Lines more aggressive body line which will flow better with the entire look of the front end of the car it’s gonna be really nice actually side skirt is off let’s go ahead and pull the fender and we can get started installing Thank you There she is brother just bring me back to my various days Tim that’s when I locked myself in my garage for six days and figured out how to do it one side completely down is it time to start installing this thing Tim yeah you can put the new one on I’m excited

To see how it looks oh baby since this entire side is pulled off our first order of business is to install the new Fender we have to install the new Fender first because without the fender the bumper doesn’t bolt on and without the fender also this side skirts

Don’t bolt on so let’s get the fender on first which is going to look fantastic and then we’ll go from the back forward foreign Foreign Look at this it is looking so good and like I said it does have some Battle Scars From the years of track and racing that this kid has seen but but that’s what makes the story cool and this is what I truly love yes driving really really fast cars and doing engine swaps

Is beyond awesome but what I truly love is completely transforming a car and making it just look incredible and that’s what we’re currently doing this looks so damn sick so much like just beefier and the fitment is really really nice on this granted it’s not bolted in

Yet I just literally got finished laying it down but the fenders look fantastic and just bring a whole new look to the car okay we’re gonna bolt this guy in and move on to the side skirts Thank you now the fenders actually bolted in look at the girth I mean look how much more immediate looks just from the front if you guys can even tell on camera but it just we’ve got some some beef and some girth now this looks so damn good okay

This guy is bolted in and good to go that means we can go ahead and start putting on our carbon fiber side skirts here all the carbon is just gonna flow so nicely into these fenders right here and once those are in this will be permanently locked in and we can start

On the front bumper All right Foreign Damn I cannot wipe this freaking smile off my face this looks so awesome the side skirts made a mess I didn’t realize how big of a difference just doing the side skirts with us with an extension on it like this would make but along with the fenders it just flows so freaking

Nice and I know you guys can’t really tell right now because the car is black and dirty but the carbon and black accent right here looks so good just like very very clean TSM did such a fantastic job redoing these for us I wish I would have shown you these

Beforehand but it’s fine they look really amazing now and paired like I said with the fenders the GTR is coming along so freaking good Tim is almost on his side with his little bracket and we’ll show you guys that these side skirts are like freaking in there they

Fit fantastic as you guys can see all the body lines and everything line up perfectly and like I said they are super super snug along with offenders as well so the body kit is coming along perfectly once Tim’s done we can finally start fitting up the front bumper Dude your side looks cooler because you have the alpha oil cooler poking out the front winning this is such a quick this is such a sick view I can’t wait till we get the front bumper on before we do that quickly want to show you the Tim mod back here with the

Bracket that he made right if you can see it a little bracket right here that Tim made to actually hold on this side skirt which is actually super freaking mounted I know super mounted now this thing is good to go you guys won’t have any issues at all heck yeah dude

Oh dude we are 99 of the way there now we just got to fit up this front bumper and we have a full dude this car not even get to the wreck anymore it’s good we got a full full body we do have a little we did make a discovery we made a

Discovery when I was installing the installing the fender here if you pop open this brake fluid holder we have a radium fuel system or fuel filter or something this has something to do with the fuel but we’re not sure what I’m wondering if this thing also has radium

Fuel pumps hopefully we can figure everything out also Cole did say that we do have injectors so it’s very very good probability that we do have fuel pumps as well as the fuel system before we can consider the side skirts and the fenders done let’s check fitment on the hood Tim

Do the honors looking good so far dude this actually fits like really well how good it is on your side really nice how’s yours oh my God what okay you know this is this is best case scenario this is like like it was on a car before but still yeah I know still

But it’s so you you always get a body kit expecting to have some sort of gappage or something to fix which granted we we did but the car’s so filthy right now guys that it’s hard to like appreciate how good it really does look the lights the hood the fender I

Mean it all just fits oh my god dude this thing is gonna be so gnarly last and final mission and you guys can hear me shut up and just look at the car we’re gonna throw on the front bumper like I said it’s an oem bumper that’s

Been modified and custom four race car so it should along with everything else hopefully line right up and fit on perfectly something I actually forgot to show you guys I do want to mention real fast is that I know it’s super dirty again but much like my virus kit this is

Also carbon fiber reinforced so extra durability and very very nice we haven’t cleaned it because we are going to do everything at the wrap shop and get a wrap for you guys ASAP but once this thing is cleaned up and look at all the track scars off of it is going to be

Insane okay Tim I think it’s time looks like we got a freaking street race car Tim oh my God holy this is so cool I did surprisingly freaking dope right I always enjoyed the front end of this here dude look how freaking yeah so you guys can see right here

Where these ducks go straight into the bash beam now we can’t use the bash beam when we do the ETS intercooler because it literally sits right in here so when our ETS intercooler comes in and we install all the piping and everything this is going to feed directly into the

Intercooler and it is freaking sick with the canards and everything man I know we haven’t like connected all the way yet shut the hood shut it just do the job oh my god dude did you wait till you guys see the color that we’re doing to them I think like

The way I explain it to him Tim is when we picked up the car I said I wanted to mix my love for racing and GTRs into one and I’m doing this just like my R35 GTR where it’s aggressive but it’s not overly aggressive to where it’s like too

Out of the world to drive on the street like this thing is going to be able to drive on the street while still giving you that aggressive cool track stance and honestly if you guys want to take it to the track it’s set and ready to go

For you guys we’re gonna go ahead button everything up bolt everything in get this thing solid and we’re gonna set her on the ground foreign oh my gosh this thing doesn’t even look like the same car looks like a completely different car no longer a wrecked GTR we have a full freaking car

Now [Applause] dude this thing looks so good front wheels will be sunk because obviously we have the 25 mil watt the 25 mil wider fenders up front but right over here we have something that’s going to correct that tomorrow and right right there but for today our mission was so successful I am

Beyond stoked and like I told you guys at the beginning of this video this is the biggest transformation and I cannot be any happier with how good it turned out and just imagine this with one full really amazing beautiful color it’s going to be great Well the R35 is complete let’s take a first look how it looks like completely done and on the ground [Applause] Thank you well here she is the float the almost finished product of course we got to clean it up get the wrap on now we can call it finish but the completed body kit on the R35 and like I’ve already said I cannot be any more stoked with

The outcome dude it looks great it looks fantastic just the right amount of aggressive while not being over the top this three-quarters view is absolutely my favorite oh my gosh and it just reminds me so much of my GTR you know the more I sit stare at it the more I

Don’t want to give it away well we shouldn’t give it away let’s scrap it it’s canceled get another car cancel oh man I hope you guys are excited as Tim and I are and we still have so much more to do so well it’s a couple hours later now I

Wanted to wait until sunset to get some really nice photos and shots of the R35 with a new kit on and just sitting here staring at it I am so damn proud I’m so damn proud of what we’ve built here and the opportunities that we’ve created and and

Just being able to get this car and build it like we’re doing for you guys it just makes me really really proud and seeing where it was from the start and granted yes we need to clean it up it’s dirty it’s got some track scars and

Whatever yes it needs to be cleaned up but seeing where it is now it’s just an extremely accomplishing feeling and knowing that it’s a get to go to one of you guys makes it all that much more worth it to continue going and continuing to build what we’ve already

Done and none of this would be possible without you guys and and just staring at this car shows me firsthand what we are capable of and and what we’re able to build with what we’re doing here and I’m just very very excited and I hope you

Guys are too the kit came out even better than I could have imagined I hope this makes you guys super super excited you guys already know if you want to get your entries in I’m going to leave a link to Legends down below every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend

Site is one entry in to win this GTR and of course help support the channel help support what we do here every day to do something bigger and even better next oh what have we got are we matching one guy needs okay don’t jump come here hey so happy to be here

Look at us mine just has a lot of dog hair babe look at this what do you think this is pretty rad come here buddy it looks pretty insane right from where it started to where it is now it’s yeah when you brought it in I was like oh

Cute well how bad I want to know right now the state that it’s in how bad do you not want to give this away I yeah I already talked about it okay I already how bad do you want to make this a race car yeah if I told everybody the cool

Thing about it is is that it’s super aggressive but not over the top or you can still drive this every single day yeah that is a very valid point but it came it came off of a race car in every vent in every arrow piece on this kit

Serves a purpose because a lot of times when you get these aftermarket kits they’re just for looks right right every custom vent every Canard everything is for a purpose so if you did want to take this to the track you got some great cooling you got some good glory and it

Looks super super sick too so I can’t wait to drive it no I can’t drive it because the tire’s recorded you guys made sure I knew that in the last video with all the comments yes I know the tires are corded so we in the next video

Are gonna do the suspension do the wheels and tires get this thing washed up and we’re gonna officially take it for its first drive out in the world then I’m gonna steal a little back and it’s going to be at The Wrap Shop goes online buys a t-shirt wins

Anyways we’re gonna head back up to the house along with my many other Hobbies I love cooking and we’re breaking out tonight Chef dutt’s surf and turf and veg scramble also ending with a little bit of parks and rec so good anyways this is where we’re gonna be ending

Today’s video maybe we you know babe maybe we should do uh Duds a Chef Dutch cookbook for people to get entries for the GTR you know well this Opera end tonight thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I hope you enjoyed it I hope you guys

Are as stoked as we are if you guys have not already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below and of course do not forget to subscribe and stay tuned for what’s coming next we’ll see you guys for the next episode peace out