Dustin Williams Video: GOODBYE WRX.. | Much needed FL5 Type R Mods!

GOODBYE WRX.. | Much needed FL5 Type R Mods!

Posted: 2023-07-07 17:00:27
Author: Dustin Williams
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In todys video we send off the WRX.. but for good reason. Then, we move onto working on the FL5. We have a much needed modification for the suspension that i was able to knock out. Hope to see you guys in Minnesota for Modest!

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*2015 Subaru WRX*
APR Performance GTC300 Carbon wing
Work Meister 18×11 +15 265/35
Crown Carbon Crafting Widebody
Seibon Carbon fiber hood
Tomei Exhaust
Invidia Catless Downpipe
Fujitsubo Headers
ETS intake
Cobb AP
Pro Tune
Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers
Sway away front/rear sway bars & end links

*2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII*
Voltex Front Bumper
VIS Carbon Duckbill Trunk
Rays Gram Lights 18×9.5 +12
Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaustce

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you the last drive for a very very long time Well this is really it thank you time to go what do you think you’re doing here well I’m in the big trucks nope nope nope yes yes yes you’re driving yep pop in I’m so nervous you’re always nervous when a car leaves you I wish I could give you guys more info

Right now but not yet August is that 15th 17th wave goodbye that’s so terrifying oh it’ll be fine she’s gonna be fine oh my say bye it’s our last look everybody oh but she’s gonna come back better than ever I have some very exciting news to tell you guys

And as we get closer Um I will be able to tell you but for now it’s a little bit of a secret what I will say is our Dream build is coming alive we’ve had a very eventful morning as you guys can see and really quickly sorry for the constant quality change I actually what’s new

Dropped my lens and broke my lens I’m using my other lens so hopefully it looks okay for you guys very eventful morning we dropped off the WX for a special build that we have had planned for a very long time I keep saying I

Can’t say a lot yet but I just want you guys to know that a 19 year old dot that bought that car eight years ago his dreams are about to come true no I’ll just leave it at that because today our job is actually to work on the fl5 and

We have some parts over here that I’ve been needing for quite a while now and I have to give a big thank you to our friends over at fitment Industries they can help you get whatever you need and we really desperately need these and I know you’re probably wondering what the

Heck are these things well let me show you whenever we install the olin’s coilovers on the fl5 we turn it on here we have a adaptive damping system problem which is totally fine that is a normal issue that we have whenever you swap suspension on a Type R because it

Does have the active dampening but on the fl5 you have a weird issue where once the light comes on you actually can’t change your dampening at all now on the fk8 it was really cool because you could swap suspension the damping light would come on but you

Could still switch it into R mode and comfort mode in the fl5 no more once your light comes on you can’t switch it out of sport mode so ever since we put the olins on I’ve never been able to change the f05 to our mode or to comfort

Mode granted I’ll ever really use Comfort mode but putting in R mode is especially important because you can’t turn traction control or any of that stuff off when it’s in sport only when it’s in R plus mode oh and also you can even change the dash up here so

Today we’re gonna be fixing this issue and I’m going to show you guys what we actually have to properly complete the suspension install in case any of you guys are wondering now here we have the dampening sensor cancelers by KW and you can use any brand for your

Car but this is what fitment industries had in stock which again is really nice because they can tell you what’s in stock and what’s not in stock right on the site which is very very convenient I’m gonna go and leave a link to fitment Industries down description box below

Like I always tell you guys they are fantastic for anything Wheels Tire suspension and they even started getting into performance parts so if that’s something that you want to look at in fitment Industries as well that have that covered for you guys but I’m gonna

Go and show you how we’re going to be installing this getting the type R to drive and all the functions working properly I’m super stoked this should be pretty easy hopefully it works right out of the box but let’s go and get started I wanted to start with the rear because

As you guys know on the type RS you have a rear divorced coilover setup so which means the Springs right here and then you have the actual shock itself right here what it wants you to do is Mount the cancelers onto the shock it’s just really strange because the shock is all

The way up here and then you have your sensor like there’s the wires down there so let’s get up here let me just see if I can show you guys better now so here’s the wire for your sensor and then I want you to mount it up here which

Means it’s just gonna be like far away which I mean it’s not like it’s it’s pulling on either side but still it’s just a really weird spot to put it up here I’m gonna try it since that’s what they want you to do um and if we have any problems I mean I

Have extra it’s just zip ties so if we have any problems or notice that it’s just a little bit off I’m gonna remount this somewhere else but for now we’ll try it up here Oh Sensor number one is down I don’t know if I like this but uh we’re gonna try it out if this does give me any issues at all I will just relocate it maybe somewhere in this range I think I could probably we could probably make something work with another bracket or

Something but this is where they want it on the strut so if we get any problems we can always just move it I mean it’s super simple but they want it on the strut so that’s where it’s going to be for now we can go ahead and wrap the

Other side up now we can move on to the front which should be a little bit more straightforward thank you again it is that time Making moves here we have the rear completely done now I’m gonna move this to the back just a little bit boom okay we should be I mean this should this looks fine this looks okay we are complete let’s finish up with our fronts thanks okay I’m gonna try and show this the

Best that I can so since this is the fronts are obviously a lot easier okay so we have our dampening sensor right here all we’re going to do is Mount our Mount our sensor right here and it’ll plug in right here super simple just have to figure out how to go around

The olins it’s a little bit different than the kws but should be fine And just like that we have our dampening sensor in the front all connected that actually looks really good out of place connects right to our OEM sensor and it’s tucked away all right we are set and ready to go you gotta rinse and repeat on on the driver’s side and we’re

Ready to test this thing out make sure the lights are gone and go for a little drive and just like that yeah we are complete we’re done while we’re down turn it on make sure the lights off Okay before we take her off the lift let’s do the test here we go cross your fingers everybody we should be able to put this into plus r mode foreign So far so good okay let’s go baby we did it everything fit easy it worked yes here five we now have all of our dampening adjustments good to go and put an arm mode Comfort go for a little test drive always got to do a test drive foreign Voyage here and so far

I’m happy to report that we have a fully functioning dampening system Rubbing I think we’re solid guys oh that’s just such a good car we did the olins fairly early on but I’m just gonna say it’s my my Thousand Mile review of the Olin suspension and I have loved this is bouncing really bad I’m sorry I have loved every second of it

Since we’re driving the fl5 on the way back home I guess I’ll give you guys a little update on where we’re at with this car if you’ve been keeping up this car will be going to SEMA with a raise again I’m very excited for that it’s an

Interesting wheel choice I know what it is but we can’t reveal it until SEMA and I’m curious to get all of your reactions when you see the wheels that we’re putting on it we’ll see but we do have a couple of things coming from Japan we have an

Exhaust coming we have wheels coming it’s going to be really sick we’re gonna transform this car before SEMA absolute Mission success let’s pull her back into the garage let’s go baby the fl5 is now officially back in business like I said we do have a ton of travel coming up which brings

Me actually to where you’re going to be in Minnesota this Saturday for the modest car show and I hope to see all of you guys there last time we were in Minnesota you guys were absolutely insane I mean the quality of cars and just ridiculous and you guys really

Showed up and hopefully this weekend you guys can stop by the Legends Booth I’m modest and come say what’s up because it’s going to be a lot of fun I’m literally not gonna be in the shop from basically all of July and all of August it’s pretty insane but I think the stuff

That we’re doing is gonna blow your minds because it absolutely blows mine so it’s pretty awesome but that’s the little mini update we’re still waiting for a bunch of our parts from Japan for this thing to get ready for SEMA but this thing is good to go and hopefully

Like I said we find a track day and we can just full send it with this thing I’ve been itching just to go to a regular track day but with that being said our mission for today is done the WRX is on its way to a secret location

For a very very your build and now the f05 is complete as well so I feel like that’s a a pretty successful day [Applause] Foreign