Posted: 2023-04-26 17:00:27
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, we finally reunite with my R34 GTR that i keep stored in Japan. Since our last visit, the R34 GTR has had some parts refreshed. We got the Nismo Dry carbon bonnet clear coated, the front lip fixed and repainted, and even got brand new headlight lenses, so the entire front of the car looks brand new. After we picked up the R34 GTR, we stopped by legendary tuning shop, Top Secret.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign And just like that Japan in a van is officially over and we’re giving the van back it’s a Bittersweet feeling these past nine days the van has really started to feel like home but with that being said massive massive thank you to top rank for allowing me to use this for

My adventure it was incredible so if you guys don’t know not only do they import cars but they have a ton of stuff here in Japan to actually rent as well as like import export to Europe America Japan everything the van turned into sort of my home here in Japan but also

We get to give it back and get my real home my true home and I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about so we’re gonna drop the van off here at this top rank facility we’re actually gonna head to PDI and go check up on my R34 GTR

Now this is what I’m really excited for you guys watched the last episode of Japan and Van you saw that that Masa got the brand new gr Yaris MN which is sick we’re gonna be taking a look at this today as well but before we actually get into today’s video really quickly we

Actually have a brand new Legends collection coming out this Friday April 28th at 10 A.M Pacific time you guys have seen me wear this stuff all throughout the Japan in advance series and we officially have the Japan in a van Japan tour collection going live this Friday it features an insanely

Detailed view of Mount Fuji right here with all of our stops that we made along Japan in a van it’s so dope we have two new hoodies two new shirts and this is probably my favorite piece of the new drop the all-weather jacket so freaking nice we have all of this stuff along

With a ton of accessories you guys can get this Friday morning 10 a.m Pacific time let’s get back to it Okay this thing is so freaking cool Masa so for those of you that might not know what the grmn is it’s basically Japan’s version of the maurizo Edition Corolla gr way more yeah but it’s a lot more aggressive as you guys can probably tell

I mean look at the front end of this car carbon Bonnet got a super aggressive front lip up here with kind of like Canard pieces comes stock stock with ao52 tire that’s probably one of the coolest Parts about it and Masa got it in a beautiful red color it’s a good

Choice no probably one of my favorite Parts about the car oh also the huge carbon Wing but one of my favorite Parts about the car has got to be the bucket seats this these are OEM Recaro gr buckets that you can only get in the MN yeah

This is Pole Position this is so brick I’m gonna see how see if they’re comfy oh my god dude yeah they’re comfy right these are so nice you did good dude I I know I did anyways let’s head to the PDI and go pick up my 34 GTR Sounds so sick maybe it’s because you have no vaccines yeah now this is very exciting today getting the R34 GTR because while I was gone we had Sato over at top rank do a lot of work to it to get it ready for when it comes to

America because if you guys don’t know the car actually is able to be imported I think it leaves in November right yeah yeah which is insane to think about that it’s actually going to be in America in so we had Sato get it ready for us as

You guys know we’re getting the Midori Sabi engine built um that is still in the works over at Midori CB and while that’s getting built I’m able to still drive my R34 GTR here in Japan a ton of new little bits on the car and just refresh pieces that really

Needed to be done and for this trip the car almost looks completely different in a very very good way thank you the thing will rock at Toadies Thank you yes welcome to top rank PDI Center and hello again to my R34 GTR foreign Oh wow Oh I never want to leave it again never I just missed it so much Masa oh okay really quickly I want to run you guys through our new refreshed R34 GTR last time we were here you guys probably noticed how yellow and gross the headlights were and that was something

That was bothering me so much so check this out a little JDM secret here these are actually wide Square headlight lenses for an R34 GTR we got brand new rebuilt R34 GTR headlights if you go to Nismo and buy these from Nismo they’re 2K a piece luckily you can just refresh

The lenses and now it looks brand freaking new and it’s beautiful we got the headlights redone also you guys remember we did the Nismo R2 and dry carbon fiber hood I had a hard time choosing whether or not I wanted to make it white keep it dry or clear it I

Ultimately decided that we would just clear it because it’s a lot easier to clear it and make it white down the road than to make it white and then try and like revert back to carving which you can’t really do so I decided to clear it

And I’m super stoked on my decision it looks so nice it did a fantastic job and last but not least you guys remember from all the Toge runs that we’ve done my lip was absolutely destroyed we went all over Japan really I mean oh yeah we

Went this to Kyoto Osaka crazy and we did all sorts of different Toge initial detail everything and my lip was destroyed they were kind enough to repair my lid and get it painted as well now the caveat here is ma says we’re still gonna run toga so there is

Potential to bang it up but for now I mean at least it looks so much better than it did before and it’s going to be great for coming back to the States now the only thing we’re waiting on is Midori saving engine engine yes the good

News is it’s going to look amazing for when it gets shipped back to America I can continue to drive it in Japan until this thing actually goes on the container and gets shipped away once again huge huge thank you to the guys over at Top Rank I mean they did all of

This at their facility here at PDI so if you guys get a car and you store it here at PDI as well you can get work done to your car they actually have body work here paint all of that good stuff also very cool which we’re gonna actually

Take a look at something very cool later on this week is they do have a chassis refresh program where sato-san can actually refresh the entire chassis of your GTR you’ve noticed this oh yeah we got new window visors yeah the grand destroyed it this side so we are luckily

To find this at Nissan parts because this one is discontinued right it will get discontinued soon so Japan in the van is over but we’re back for some R34 GTR hangs and some some Tokyo night car life I’m very excited we have about three or four days here left in Tokyo we

Get to enjoy it and spend it with the R34 GTR the feel the feel I get when I look at this car every single time I come back to Japan is just it’s Indescribable especially when I look at this this is like my favorite part about

My car all the badges of completion well you have a special sticker coming up that will be ideal for you I do okay R34 GTR acquired we actually have some special plans today some top secret plans today Top ranked tradition always get some Curry before we pick up the GTR yes a top-ranked tradition here We’re about to take off and get our day started here like I said we’re going to head to a very special location that we actually haven’t been back in four years actually just taking a little look at top ranks inventory looking at what the future has to hold

For us are you really gonna make it are we gonna take bets on how long my front lip actually lasts like this two trips oh okay all right we’re heading out a quick intermission in today’s video to let you guys know that today is the very

Last day to get entered in to win my old 8086. this is an awesome chance for you guys to be a part of the channel we’ve partnered with veteran-owned small business get enter to win.com to bring you guys an awesome chance to win my old

A86 so all you guys have to do is click the link in the description go to go.getender2win.com dustinwilliams buy the awesome collectible mug on the site or a digital download and get your automatic entry and a chance to win this amazing 8086. thank you guys for the support and good luck thank you Thank you So I don’t need to be back oh my God welcome to Top Secret Japan so if you’ve been living under a rock and you somehow don’t know what top secret is top secret is a legendary JDM shop started by none other than the legend smoking nagada

Song top secret is EDM car tuner and parts manufacturer like I said top secret was founded by the legendary Japanese Automotive engineer Smokey Nagata if you don’t know who smoking a God is Smokey’s famous for getting arrested in 1999 for his top speed run

Of a 197 miles per hour on the A1 and abandoned driving in the UK for 28 days foreign ically top secret is very secret even when we were here four years ago we were not allowed to view inside the shop and that’s due to customer cars just like

Four years ago we’re still not allowed to view inside but we can stand out here and at least check out what they have inside I think super cool they have their brand new Z tucked away in the back and the iconic gold top secret color as well as their gold R35 and the

Millennium Jade t-spec R35 and the of course the very iconic the white top secret spec R32 GTR so freaking cool I’m very fortunate we at least get to see it with the doors open smoking they got a sign and top secret has become one of the biggest

Names in JDM history not only is smoking known for having a super heavy foot in his insane tuning ability but of course smoking nagada is one of the Godfathers of the JDM tuning scene in a 90s JDM era that we all know and love with signature

Gold paint applied to almost all the top secret cars he’s also built some of the most memorable projects over the years one of the craziest things about not only top secret but a lot of the shops here in Japan is they’re just tucked away on the side of the road and it’s so

Strange to think about such a legendary shop just being right off the road and not across the world but it’s really cool to see the atmosphere that this massive shop emits just right on the side of the road questions Just imagine the history that’s kept inside of this place I mean look at all the body panels that they have up there all the parts they probably have in storage up in the Second Story I mean there’s probably so much 90s JDM car history hidden and tucked away in this

Place oh man what I would do for an opportunity just to come and like look inside of here so cool with the short time that we had viewing top secret it was incredible we were actually very lucky to even be able to see inside because most of the time

The doors are closed just like this so the fact that we were even able to check it out and check out the shop and have the R34 actually in front of such a legendary GTR shop is pretty freaking incredible very very fortunate Foreign Successful uh first day in Japan all right we’re gonna go ahead and end today’s video here I am so pumped to be back in Japan with the 34. we have we have a busy week playing Masa it is me and master are having a little sleepover tonight in the Airbnb we’re tired man

We’re just freaking tired I gotta get up early as heck tomorrow because we have a big Toge day planned it’s gonna be a lot of fun but uh thank you guys so much for watching hope you’re excited for the rest of my Japan series rest of my Japan

Trip I guess we have about two or three more days with the 34 uh and we got a lot of stuff planned it’s gonna be a lot of fun okay so oh yeah guys don’t forget VIP gets Early Access that’s right nude Legends drop coming out Friday and don’t

Miss it it’s gonna be sick it’s uh dedicated to Japan in a van yeah I also I wanted to quickly say thank you guys for all the love and support on that series they loved it yeah I mean they love you getting strangled in Japan you

Know he struggled a lot of struggles man a lot of struggles but a lot of Victories too so if you guys want to help support that series and everything that we just did the drop coming out this Friday yeah is a dedicated drop to to our Japan tour and our uh Japan

Advanced Series so hope you guys enjoy it of course it’s a limited edition right only one time only one time only thank you guys so much for watching if you have not already make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an episode and turn on notification Bell

So you’re notified every time we do Post also if you enjoyed the video leave me a like and a comment Down Below on what you guys want to see on the rest of my Japan trip so and of course don’t forget to subscribe to toprate level Channel

Follow me on top rank awesome I also loves cars channel oh my God audio see you guys Oh yeah Come here