Dustin Williams Video: FULL SEND ON THE FK8! | New Engine, Custom Straight Pipe Exhaust, & MORE!

FULL SEND ON THE FK8! | New Engine, Custom Straight Pipe Exhaust, & MORE!

Posted: 2023-05-31 17:00:24
Author: Dustin Williams
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The FK8 is coming back!! In today’s video we install the new engine & all the new bits we got for it. Tim made us a custom straight pipe exhaust with our new @MillerWelders and it sounds AMAZING! We also got a new Unit2Fab baffled oil pan to prevent any more oil issues!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Before we hop into today’s video I want to remind you guys the GTR giveaway is going on right now every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend site is one entry in to win this amazing GTR and yes it’s currently off getting a color

Change right now so the next time that you guys see this car it’ll be completely different and I’m so excited but I want to remind you guys the first thing down below will take you directly to the legend site and that way every one dollar that you guys spend is one

Entry in to win and best of all if you’re a VIP you can get up to 10 times entries with the new program that we did so if you guys are interested in checking that out it will be the first link down below don’t sleep on it get

Your entries in for the GTR all right let’s hop into today’s video now it’s time to put the FK back together we’re taking a little break from the R35 GTR rebuild to start a very important project that we need to get done that is Operation get the type R back on the

Road and this is extremely important because we have grid Life coming up in two weeks and we don’t even have an engine inside this thing we have a massive time crunch a lot of things to do and not a lot of time so today’s mission is to get this engine back into

The car and we got a little bit of help from our friends over at PRL quick recap in case you guys are not up to date on the FK last time we were racing this car at Circle of the Americas we had a catastrophic engine failure which in

Turn left us it’s very sad at Circuit of the Americas but despite our engine failure we are making a comeback and we’re making this thing bigger and better than ever we recently sent off our original OEM engine to ma performance to get fully built and our good friend Devin nimola actually to

Supplied us with his old fk8 engine because he’s currently all-wheel drive case swapping his fk8 which by the way I have to give a big big thank you to him he’s one of our great friends honestly one of the most informative and best automotive creators in this space he’s

Fantastic I’m sure you all have but in case you haven’t seen or heard of Devin Nemo I’m going to link his YouTube channel down in the description box below so you guys can check it out but he supplied us with his engine so while our OEM engine is getting built this guy

Is going to live in our Type R until we get our built engine back and then this guy is also going to go to get built that’s a mouthful but it’s gonna be sick all right before we started throwing this thing into the car Tim actually ran

Out to go get a couple of accessory pieces that we needed to throw the engine back in and I wanted to go ahead and show you guys what PRL sent us we were running the prlp 700 turbo on the car when it blew up just to be safe

In one of the center old turbo over to them to make sure that it was okay for us to use and not very surprisingly the turbo was not okay there were tons of metal shards inside the turbo and it was absolutely ruined so Purell was kind enough to

Actually scrap that turbo and user for parts and send us a brand new p700 turbo right here so this is what we’re going to be using and since we’re heading out to grid life Midwest fast in two weeks we just wanted to make sure that everything is up to date everything’s

Good to go and we’re knocking at any problems at the track so a new turbo was our best option rather than just getting that one cleaned out so before Tim gets back I’m gonna try and get the turbo back on I’m gonna set it onto our little

Cart put our new clutch on from Advanced clutch and then get this thing back into the car so that if we can get this project moving oh Hey Foreign Making some progress here the engine is now off of the engine stand that’s because before we actually put the engine back into the car we are going to install act’s new clutch for the fk8 now eventually once our built engine is close to being done or is coming in we

Do have plans to actually build our transmission but for now we’re just going to go ahead and install the new clutch and this is act’s race clutch for the F gate is a is a six foot clutch we actually have the same clutch in our EG

And it’s really really nice not too hard to dry but also a little aggressive it feels good so oh and we also have a lightweight flywheel as well so all of this should be really nice and even prior to the engine blowing up the type R really needed a new clutch anyways so

This is perfect timing I’m gonna go ahead and install the flywheel clutch pressure plate and we’ll be good to put the engine in and start putting usually um [Applause] The best part ah clutch is complete okay Before we go further for reference on what our old clutch looked like it was uh it was definitely time for a a much needed upgrade and so it was so long ago that we actually took this out but Yep this thing was definitely due for an upgrade now it’s a six-putt clutch as

Well and a very very much upgraded lightweight flywheel as well too so overall that’s gonna make a big big difference on the car but now transmission is on Tim is currently figuring out how this wiring junk goes and once all this is set where it needs

To be we can actually start putting the engine into the bay boom heart transplant is ready to go in quick update we got the turbo inlet the downpipe and all the accessory stuff back onto the engine so that this thing can slide right in I know I know we’ve

Shown you guys this a million times so I’m not going to run I’m not going to run through it too much I will time lapse it for you guys but once we’re done with the engine we have some more exciting mods because Tim is going to be building his first ever full exhaust

System with our new our new welder it’ll be over here tomorrow it’s gonna be sick so we’re going to wrap up putting this engine back in and get started on the exhaust All right engines in now it’s time to do our mounts and this guy’s set and ready to go just gotta plug in all the coolant and AC line and stuff And just like that the k20c is pretty much back in the car oh man it feels good to be back in the driver’s seat Tim this thing is coming back with a vengeance so we are preparing this this oh okay it felt a little weird we are gearing this thing up for Street

Class and just like GTA we were trying to push this thing more to the limits of hopefully being competitive the goal is to go there and obviously be competitive um like like I said I want to take that step forward and start trying to be more competitive so that’s the goal for this

Event um once the engine’s in the exhaust is built this car needs to go get a retune so to hope to clear some things up hopefully clean up the tune a little bit as well as get a full alignment before this thing can go and like I said we

Have two weeks super crunch time but we’re going beast mode and we’re and we’re going to finish it in time for Good Life so we’re just gonna wrap up the engine here and I’ll continue this video in the morning when we get started with the exhaust act Type R is officially well almost

Almost officially back the the engine’s in completely good to go Tim’s have a slight bit of trouble here I should probably be helping him but I need to update you guys first we got the engine in subframes all bolted in and we work he’s really struggling there we were

Gonna button up everything but we still have a couple of parts that are going to be coming in and we didn’t want to button everything up until those parts come so this video is going to be over the course of a few days we do have a

Brand new oil pan coming in that is baffled from unit 2 fabrication so hopefully we’d never have any oil starvation issues as what what else do we have coming in that’s that we’re waiting on or is that is that it that’s pretty much it and we also have a new

Oil cooler that will be coming in from ma performance as well we’re waiting on those two things before we can actually button up our call but while we do that Tim actually has another job for you guys that’s going to be pretty cool because it’s the first time this is like

A Monumental moment that you guys are watching Tim by trade is a welder and we’re finally equipped with a capable welder for Tim to just create some really cool things I have to give a huge thank you to Miller they are the newest partner and sponsor of the channel and

We actually got this multimatic 220 AC DC this is something that I worked really really hard on and something that Tim really wanted as well me and both Tim and I went to SEMA last year and we’re fortunate enough to be able to talk with Miller and actually get them

On board what we have going on here which opens up the door for just so many awesome projects and the first awesome project that’s happening is a custom track spec exhaust for the FK this is a Legends track spec exhaust zero zero one so what Tim is doing right now is ma is

Putting back on the front pipe so he can mock up the HKS Cat-Back exhaust that we currently have with a bunch of material from our friends over at Ma performance who also if you guys did not know has a separate material business let me go ahead and leave that in the link down

Below for you guys in case you guys are in need of some material as well but we have some stainless steel that we’re going to be using to create an exhaust and Tim is actually fully welding this and making this on his own which is going to be really cool and I figured

We’d throw that into today’s video as well to get this thing completely buttoned up and ready to go for grid life this is going to be so awesome and it’s going to be really nice just to have a car that I can hear on drag my favorite car ever that I’ve owned and

Driven on the track is my R32 GTR and I love that car so much because of all the sounds it makes and it just it’s an exhilarating car to drive when you can actually hear your car on the track makes a big difference believe it or not

So I love this HKS exhaust but you guys know it’s extremely extremely quiet with Tim’s Custom Exhaust we’re gonna get a little bit more sound uh well hopefully actually a lot more sound a lot more sound than we needed hey those are tires nice okay amazing so without me continuing to

Ramble on here basically Tim’s building a really badass cool custom exhaust for the FK but you want to explain to the people what’s going down I’m gonna fit and I’m gonna weld pretty much the all-around you can do anything welding machine so it’ll do stick TIG and make

We’ve never had a TIG machine here I’ve done it um quite a few times it’s been a long time but it always comes back to you um so with this I can weld aluminum stainless and titanium if potentially potentially titanium if I get we probably need like a different different

Things but it should be able to do it we’re going to test this machine out I know it’s going to do great because I’ve used them in the past this is his first big project so we’re gonna take you guys along for the build of the exhaust and

Show you the finished product it’s going to be pretty sweet Thank you Foreign Yesterday and then part of the morning today I’ve been fitting up the exhaust so we have three inch stainless all the way back it’s just going to be a straight pipe track pipe and Dustin wanted a little put a little surprise at the end so it’s up to him if he wants to

Put that in now or later but I’ll just show it in this video so um map sent us out this I believe it’s a cast piece and then the end has been milled or whatever however they did it so I put a v-band on it straight pipe all the way to here

Um had a little angle and then I had to add a little bit more here I’m probably going to go through and like just double tack all this stuff once I take it off I’m going to attack it some more and then weld it but um yeah we got a straight pipe it

Follows the groove I’m gonna weld this all together first and then I’ll do the hangers however I’m going to do them um but have a little turn down at the very end it’s just a straight pipe with a turn down and I think it came out really good

It’s been a while it’s been a while for me since I welded tea I need to get this off and then get it welded up and we’ll have a custom straight pipe exhaust switch I believe this car needed because it’s very quiet on track no no hating on the

HKS but there’s a little bit too much resonation going on here so we’re trying to fix that with a three inch exhaust all the way back and I did a v-band here so down the road if we want to do a custom like dual tip or something we can

For now we’re just going to do the single and see how it goes but that makes an option for me to make something else down the road and still have the effect the other pieces but that’s it and then I’m gonna take this off and then we’re gonna get it prepped for welding Thank you Thank you okay okay so while Tim is working on the exhaust we have some more exciting news here these actually partnered up with unit 2 fabrication and gotten ourselves very beautiful baffled Oil pan for the FK now to help prevent us having any more oil issues unit 2

Actually sells a really rad oil pan with a welded in baffle you can even get an aluminum one as well or an extended oil pan but just for us we needed the regular old oil pan in pan welded baffle which this is going to be super super

Sick so what I have to do while Tim works on the exhaust is take off our stock pan and actually start putting this one in so that should be very interesting now that the engine was just put back but it should be fine it should

Be able to do it with the engine in hopefully not having to drop the subframe but we’ll find out let’s go ahead and get started taking off everything we need to get off to get the oil pan out All right Thank you Oh thank God oh yeah see ya well biggest step is we got the stock pan off All right unit 2 Fab pan is about to go in we’ve got some brand new [ __ ] some glop foreign at this point in the video it’s just a crazy mix of everything that we’ve been doing with the FK because as you guys know we’ve also been working on and

Revealing the giveaway R35 GTR now we are we are getting so close to finishing up the FK but we are still on a very very tight time crunch I think the last thing we showed you guys was the unit 2 oil pan Which has gone in very very

Nicely we also installed the ma performance oil cooler because because previously we had the hks1 rest in peace that we can no longer use because of how much metal went through the engine and went through the turbo and everything and those lines are screwed and also

That oil cooler is screwed so we went ahead and made the switch over to m a performance which is actually really really nice really sick and this is going to get a ton of air just because of how gnarly uh how gnarly our Jays racing Grill is so that’s going to be

Really nice and now everything is buttoned up and it’s finally time to get some fluids in the engine for our coolant we are of course using our xerx from Valvoline this is what we use every time in our cars and it’s been fantastic I don’t want that to fall is there a cap

For that so we’re gonna be doing our coolant and then we’re gonna move on to our oil foreign And next up after our coolant we’re going to be filling the car up with some VR1 and we’re making the switch to the VR1 10w30 because of our upgraded turbocharger all the racing we do VR1 is of course our oil of choice Thank you okay coolant check oil check Tim ready to start it I think it’s time to hear your exhaust for the very first we even showed that let’s lift it up real fast and show them your finished exhaust Tim finally finished our little track exhaust so track spec exhaust it’s a the

Custom peashooter track pipe turn down it does look really sick I think once we pull it out of the shop and they can see it better it’s gonna look a lot cooler but uh Tim did a fantastic job welding this from scratch huge thank you to my performance for helping us get the

Materials to make this exhaust like I said Tim did an awesome job the exhaust looks awesome it’s exactly what I wanted I wanted a single pipe turn down and it looks freaking sick it should be perfect for the track here she is in all of her glory dude the hangers

Came out really good actually yeah so Tim made all of the hangers all from scratch as well let’s come give them a little a little a little tour Tam a little tour okay we got three inch all the way back I used um just like

45s 90s and there was like a u shape and I made the angles work for what I needed so like this one has a little Bend and then a little straight dude it looks so good until it’s been 12 years since the last time you’ve welded like this I

Haven’t welded taking a long time I’ve been dealing with a little bit of an issue and I’m trying to fix it but we we were on a time crunch I mean this is pretty damn good for being 12 years yeah but I mean all the bends everything

All the welds it looks fantastic I mean even look at the turndown it’s so sick that’s exactly what I wanted I know it’s definitely not everybody’s taste but I don’t know why I’m just a single peashooter track pipe turned down kind of guy I think that’s going to be

Awesome now for the first time since Circa the Americas let’s see if she starts we’re gonna freaking start this thing again huge thank you to Devin for for getting us this engine and helping us make this freaking event because without Devin without fitment Industries without ma performance without all of our amazing awesome

Sponsors we would not have been able to make this happen so without further Ado let’s lower down and give her the first start foreign oh the type R thing lights up so it’s working I guess okay lights are on new clutch are you ready Tim are you guys ready

Here we go first start oh that sounds sick that’s sick I’m not I’m not we have every light on the dash okay the exhaust sounds sick serious stuff you can just hear them oh that’s good that’s what I wanted that is what I wanted oh yeah

Okay this is a very good sign the car’s running now we need to make sure no leaks no issues I’m gonna try to get this thing to the dino dinner give her a little bit of sauce just to scare just just a tiny bit so good that’s so [ __ ] loud

We did not intentionally make this the loudest so far we did not I swear dude your exhaust sounds [ __ ] good though yeah you’re gonna be able to hear that oh my God that is what I wanted yeah now we’re just gonna [ __ ] this thing up yeah holy holy holy

Maiden voyage this thing sounds insane um get this thing ready foreign Okay give her give her a good cold one it’s the next morning and this is where we’re gonna end this portion of the FK Revival guys I think the next video is gonna be the point where like this car becomes almost unrecognizable with how much more stuff we’re gonna be adding to it

We’re gonna go ahead and end this portion of the FK Revival here the car is running it sounds amazing we’ve got everything that we need on the car now it’s going back for its retune and that’s where we’ll pick up in the next episode of the fk8 Revival and we’ve got some

We’ve got some things to put on and I’ll explain all of it in the next in the next episode but hope you guys are excited the fkade is making a comeback and a very very large comeback so we’ll see you guys in the next fkade episode foreign