Dustin Williams Video: Found ABANDONED JDM Cars at HIDDEN OG Tuner Shop in Japan | Tokyo Night Run

Posted: 2023-04-27 17:00:07
Author: Dustin Williams
In today’s video, we stumble across a random OG JDM tuner shop called Tepps Racing Service. We noticed some abandoned GTR’s, silvias, and more outside and we HAD to find this shop. Afterwards, we went to daikoku for a night meet and ended up doing a night run with my favorite R32 GTR.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign back alleyway okay I don’t know if you guys can see that but we’re trying to find the entrance to right there so many just GTRs and rotting right there we’ve got to go check this out I think we might have found it Dude what did we stumble across they’re definitely doing tuning before we hop into today’s video I want to remind you guys at the brand new Legends collection is going live this Friday April 28th at 10 A.M Pacific time if you guys oh this is the brand new Japan tour collection

Dedicated to the Japan and advanced series absolutely awesome we’ve got Japan right here with all of our stops and little icons that they commemorate everywhere that we stop with of course Mount Fuji insane we have two new t-shirts green black and two new hoodies brown and pink for cherry blossoms and then an

All-weather jacket as well all of this stuff drops this Friday 10 a.m Pacific time for those of you that are VIP members you guys get Early Access today on Thursday so don’t miss out on that let’s hop in today’s video we got the green light to come check this place out

Looks like it’s called teps racing Service never heard of it but it looks really cool this is way cool okay let’s check this out okay some OG work Eclipse too wow dude what do they do here that’s what we need to ask is what they do here they have

Skyline Sylvia’s looks like maybe a drift shop look at this race 180sx 33 RS Turbo yeah it’s uh it’s from the old gr35 yeah let’s go oh look at this back here dude look at this oh holy crap yeah it’s so like faded now it looks like it’s been

Sitting on the Sun for forever but it is sitting out of Southwest we stumbled across them doing their Dino session here whoa oh look at that oh some baller work 2J yeah dude monster what did we look at oh oh look at this 2J S14 in here as well foreign

This is so sick dude look at all the exhaust and subframes and okay obviously this guy specializes in twojs dude what did we just find maso whatsoever whatsoever yeah oh my God what look at this graveyard back here 300Z R32 GTR R34 oh my gosh really is almost unbelievable when you

Stumble across something like this all of these cars and all of this history just left to die if these cars could talk what stories could they tell There’s so much to be told turns out Taps is actually a reputable tuning shop for Drifters specializing in 2js and actually some RBS Well that was a cool little surprise this is stuff that you don’t ever see in the US and it’s so cool that it’s still here and alive in Japan but it’s tucked away and you gotta work to find it I have no idea what else is planned for

The rest of the day but I think we’re actually going to end up at daikoku tonight Alternative version of that Getting one of my favorite JDM Foods here for dinner there’s actually a new spot that Masa showed me this place is called Hungry Tiger I absolutely love Japanese hamburger steak and this is kind of like the original Japanese hamburger steak and it looks fantastic Foreign All right amazing dinner now it’s time to finally head to daikoku first night at daikoku of the whole Japan trip and I am super freaking pumped even though it’s a Tuesday at like eight I think there’s always pretty cool cars there so recruitable Masa and the grmn and got some fun Thank you Random Tuesday night but there’s always some cars to be seen at daikoku got some sick 34s what is going on in there I don’t know oh this is sick dude well HKS delivery Supra here I Advan GTS uh look at those brakes I’ll give you the lighting real quick oh

My gosh that was very sick and out of a GTB on it it’s a Beyond a special set yeah yep dancing is sick man look at the concave on the rear bro oh look it’s even end this too front and rear brakes fd2 Type R should it should I still own that fd2

Type you should yes I love this so much Shiva Dog Works old school Japanese drift style wow look at the Livery on that suit dude this is wild how can he drive this as you drive like this in Japan oh my gosh look at the camera on this thing oh

That is Dedication that is actually sick Thank you [Applause] man it’s been so long since we’ve seen this 32 if you guys remember we did a full video feature on kobusan’s at 32 right here this was actually the inspiration for my own GTR and uh why I’m currently building it the way it is

So I just want to show it to you guys once again because it is my favorite R32 of all time one of the coolest 32s of all time even has the dry carbon Bonnet that I really really want so sick such a pretty dress yeah he said thank you for featuring his

Guitar on YouTube uh everybody loved your car we should go on night drive together so the your 32 inspiration came from the cmx and yeah this car right yeah it is like you want to make a cmx car but more street vehicles right so like this yeah exactly exactly

If you guys didn’t see the feature on Chaos on GTR I’m gonna leave it in the description down below because you guys have got to go watch that video I go over every little bitten piece of this car and even take a little C1 Loop run

With them as well it’s really cool I forgot how gnarly this car is gets to be so excited to continue working on ours when we get back to the States uh yeah yeah possible So you save it like we have like the same style and both inspiration from sin maxon’s GTR and what he was saying was also his mom and dad actually watched the video that I made for HDR because this teacher always handed down from Kay obasan’s father to him

And his parents watched the videos and they really really enjoyed it so that’s that’s so cool okay this is so cool dude oh oh hold this for me oh for you look at the cars finally together I don’t think we had the cars together nope so cool

What a dream what do you say that’s what a dream so sick in a random Tuesday that could random Tuesday night that’s why that’s why Japan is so amazing I think we’re gonna end our night here at oh actually not Android right here we’re gonna end our night

Here at daikoku and actually go do a little run with hey obasan here and then head back to the Airbnb ready yeah well I’ll see you tomorrow then yes right foreign Foreign Yes oh man it feels so good to be back in Tokyo with my R34 GTR and today was an incredible way to kick off my short little stay here in Tokyo now even though we only have two days left here in Tokyo we are definitely gonna make

The most of it and today definitely showed that I found a crazy random car shop on the side of the road I went to daikoku got to see got to see some amazing cars kobasan showed up and we haven’t seen him in Forever then we got to run the loop with him

Insane and he was in insanely fast couldn’t even keep up it was so damn cool man like I always say this is what being a car guy is all about all appreciating incredible builds going on night runs together sensory overload for a car guy and it’s so cool his videos are always packed

With so much amazing stuff and it’s so hard because I want you guys to see every little bit of it well either way I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video stay tuned for the rest of the Japan episodes like I said we have a couple days left

Here in Tokyo with the R34 GTR and we’re gonna definitely make the most of it if you guys have not seen the Japan and advanced series yet or the finale you need to go watch it it is so good and don’t forget we have the brand new Legends collection dropping this Friday

10 a.m Pacific Time thank you guys so much for watching if you guys have not already make sure you’re subscribed also hit that like button leave me a comment down below if you guys enjoyed today’s video I will see all of you guys for tomorrow’s episode it’s actually uh

About to turn midnight so I’m gonna try and get some rest because we have a big day coming up tomorrow I’ll see you in the next one peace out Thank you foreign