Dustin Williams Video: FL5 VS FK8 Civic TYPE R.. Which is Better?

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-29 17:00:22
Author: Dustin Williams
In today’s video we take a look at my new FL5 Civic Type R and compare it to my FK8 Type R.. i go through all the differences in exterior, interior, and performance… which one would you choose?

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign the question that I’ve been getting the most since revealing the fl5 FK or fl5 while I can’t choose one or the other I am going to give you guys a full walk around of the differences between the fk8 and between the f05 because they are both fantastic in their own ways I

Figured it’s a perfect time to get both of them in the shop together and do a full walk around of both talking about the differences and kind of what I like about maybe what I like more about the fl5 or what I like more about the fk8

Now’s the Time in case you guys are new to the channel this is my race car fk8 and this is my brand new fl5 Type R that we are currently working on with Honda I am super pumped to own both of these cars and like I said they’re both really

Great in their own way if you’re out there and you’re wondering whether you should stick with the f8 or if you want to get the fk8 versus the f05 stick around for this video because we’re gonna be talking about the differences and the things that I’ve found that I

Like more with either one so let’s hop into it quick pause before we get too far in today’s video I did want to remind you guys in case you didn’t already see it we do have a brand new Legends collection dropping this Friday March 31st at 10 A.M Pacific time this

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Clock for you guys okay with all that being said we still have a ton of stuff that are that is also going to be on the site make sure to mark your calendar set your alarm 10 a.m this Friday all right let’s hop back into the video

And now it makes the most sense to start with what I think is the biggest difference with the car and that is obviously going to be the exterior you’ve probably heard this countless times with the f05 it brings a more mature styling with the car whereas the

F gate was a very crazy aftermarket-ish looking stock car the biggest difference between these two cars is definitely going to be the exterior and The Styling now while I may be the weird one out there I actually really enjoyed the fk8 styling I loved the weird aggressive

Look that they did the big Wing in the rear how he had the front lip side skirts the crazy diffuser in the back I actually really loved the fk8 styling and I know it was very controversial especially how it sits now even though it still is kind of stock when the car

Is lowered we got a really aggressive wide stance with this we have the yellow headlights and the Jays goodies I still love my fk8 so much and only can’t can’t forget the bar swim such a good piece but to be totally honest I was very iffy

About the fl5 styling and that was only until I got to see the car in person this car in person looks completely different than what you see in the photos it’s very hard to get a grasp or a good look at how wide and aggressive this car actually looks when you’re

Looking at it in photos but when you see it in person this car just looks absolutely menacing and it’s so cool they took a lot of the great things with the FK it how it has that wide beefy stand you still have the wing in the

Rear even how the fk8 had like the plasticky front lip and splitter and stuff I really really love how Honda integrated the front lip and stuff and now it’s like all one true piece and it’s like this plastic fake looking carbon fiber material it’s like built

Into the car which I really really like and you can get a good look at that with the side skirts as well it’s just oh it’s just good it is really really nice so we’ll take a look at the rear back here too still have a diffuser but like

I said said built into the bumper and if you look underneath here it’s like a functional diffuser which is really cool you can take a look at like the plasticky fk8 diffuser and if you look down here it is actually not a functional rear diffuser functional you

Know not to say it doesn’t look great because I still think the styling of that of the FK looks great but I do think what they implemented with the fl5 is much better okay like I said the car still is super freaking wide so you guys might remember these t-37s that are

Currently on the car right now these are actually off of my fk8 and I even think that these te37s fit this car so much better than the fk8 I don’t know if it’s the styling or what it is about these but on the stock fl5 these 18 inch d37s

Look much better on this car rather than the fk8 and I really love it the fitment is still great as well look at that I cannot wait till we get to lower this car it’s gonna look so freaking nice with these te’s on them if you’re an FKA

Guy your wheels will swap over to the fl5 and there’s a lot of similarities between the parts that you can run on the f05 versus the fk8 because also these gyrodisc rotors and the pads that I’m running are the same brakes that we run on that case I just purchased fk8

Brakes from ma performance and we were able to actually install them on this car as well so your brakes will also transfer over now for the exhaust and stuff I do not think the exhaust is the same the routing is just a little bit different looks like it’s a little bit

Higher up on the chassis and this one does have a valve so I don’t know how that valve system is going to work yes the F gate is a more technological and advanced car in itself but I liked how there wasn’t a valve exhaust I don’t

Think there needs to be a valve exhaust on this car the car itself is already not very loud and my personal opinion the valve doesn’t change too much when you turn it on and off on the fl5 so that’s something that I don’t really like is the valved exhaust it just

Creates more problems when you’re modifying a car and for me I hate valves I much rather just run a straight through exhaust and not have to worry about opening and closing a valve but I get why they did it with how things are going nowadays I understand it but the

Bell for me not cool okay just a little bit more about the styling of the fl5 they definitely got the fact that we were having a ton of overheating issues so you can see here with the honeycomb Grille going straight into the condenser and the radiator as well as the

Intercooler right here there’s a lot more airflow coming just OEM straight out of the box with this fl5 so before I even own this car I had the opportunity to go out with Honda and race the fl5 at Sonoma Raceway at Sonoma Raceway and we had zero overheating issues which I’m

Super pumped about granted it wasn’t like a very hot day but even so when the fk8 was bone stock there was still a ton of overheating on a more cool day and then also on the hood we have the vent in the correct placement where the

Manifold and the Turbo and stuff are so this just releases a ton of hot air and I was driving it before I started filming this video and you could even feel a lot of the uh a lot of the heat escaping out of this front vent right

Here which is really nice that’s another thing that think about it if you guys track your cars and you want to track an fk8 Straight Out of the Box this one is going to be a lot nicer to track just simply because no overheating but I’m

Going to try and gear this more towards people that aren’t tracking their cars because I know not everybody likes to do that but that’s just something nice to think about as well lastly for the exterior that I’m talking about is the new redesigned Wing as well which I

Actually really really like it’s a complete redesign being a lot more subtle than the fk8 wing it still looks very aggressive and it leaves a lot of room for aftermarket parts to come out I know spoon just came out with an incredible crane neck Wing which looks

Just fantastic and I think there’s going to be a lot of those coming for the fl5 and I’m excited to see that I will say though I do really really enjoy the FK wing and this is one of my favorite Parts about the car when I first ever

Got my first one so a quick summary of the exterior of the cars the fl5 brings everything that we love about the fk8 and just matures it it still brings an aggressive look but with moderation if that makes sense I think that expense that’s a good way to put it an

Aggressive look but more moderate and I think they did a fantastic job with it because it looks elegant yet aggressive super pumped with it now moving to the interior I love the CTR interior so much that my fk8 is still pretty much is still pretty much stock granted I did

Put a bucket seat in here just because I do need it for how much racing we do it’s just having a bucket in here actually helps a ton but everything else is pretty much stuck I I even love the stock steering wheel in the interior one

Of my favorites and one of my biggest selling points of the CTR itself whether it’s the fk8 or the f05 and again the fl5 just one UPS the fk8 I mean what Honda did is they basically took all the stuff that we love about the fk8 and

Just made it a step better because if you look at the interior in the fl5 it’s a 12 out of 10. now if you look down here I have like the rubber floor mats just because I want to help I want to protect the red carpet as as much as I

Can it comes with red floor mats you have red carpet in here um it is just it is beautiful you don’t have mechanic seats which is kind of nice Honda saves where they can and so we don’t have like motorized seats or anything like that but if you

Oh hop into the interior of the fl5 it’s just not as crazy aggressive as the fk8 I really love the honeycomb design they have right here the dash is just in your face it’s much like the FK where everything is just driver Centric very driver focused the trans tunnels center

Console thingy right here is in the perfect placement if I get into my driver position here like this literally exactly where you want it it’s very nice and I think with an upgraded shifter like something like hybrid or Acuity something like that not a little bit

Higher it’s going to be even better than it is right now but again gearbox is amazing and if you guys want to see me go in depth about any of this stuff we did do that in the first Reveal video so if you guys if you guys haven’t seen

That one yet go check out when we actually revealed the fl5 because I really go into depth with like displaying and all that good stuff but a couple of other nice things that they added here is oh yeah like the head like that’s just bougie that’s nice that’s

Really cool another thing they added is like this lights up that is that is so sick that is so cool so at night time when you’re when you’re driving this on the streets at night or you’re going down the highway going to dinner whatever it’s really cool because you

Have this red LED strip just right next to you kind of illuminates in the car it goes really well with the red buckets and then the red carpet it’s overall just like a little better even the steering wheel the Alcantara that they used on the uh on the upgraded steering

Wheel that you can get for five this even feels nicer than the fk8 one now eventually the goal is to be able to take the fk8 and the f05 to attract a together so we can talk a little bit more about the performance it’s hard for

Me to compare them one to one because of how modified my FK it is now I don’t really remember it how it was stock but I can say when I had the opportunity to track this car with Honda at Sonoma Raceway this car felt absolutely fantastic on the track it was definitely

Really stiff even in the comfort mode it was a little bit too stiff so I do think a nice set of either whether you want to use Springs or a nice set of coilovers will make this car a lot better with some dampening adjustment but the car

Out of the box felt amazing this car is fast I do again it was so long ago when I had the fk8 bone stock so I can’t really compare how fast the fl5 felt compared to the fk8 but the fl5 does have 315 horsepower and 300 pound-feet

Of torque which is really nice this car does feel faster than the Corolla just in like a daily driving aspect I would love to take the Corolla as well as the fl5 to the track to kind of compare those two as well but I do enjoy the fl5

So much more let’s go ahead and pop the hood so I can show you guys the engine bay similar but just a little bit nicer it looks extremely extremely similar except you’ll notice how much more space we have to the radiator versus where the downpipe and the Turbo is the inlet has

This really nice cover now which I see companies are starting to make Billet covers for which is absolutely sick um so hopefully that this separation right here is also an added benefit and gives us a little bit more cooling than with how close the fl5 is which I can

Show you guys really quickly because it is pretty insane take a quick look at this with how close everything is yeah you can see you can kind of see how close the turbo and the downpipe are to the radiator there big difference but also keep in mind with that now that I’m

Looking at it back to back I didn’t really realize this you don’t have that big shroud covering it right here either but there still is a substantial more amount of room here but it’s very cool to see like the differences the differences back to back from the Apple

5 to the fk8 also fingers crossed this looks like so much easier to work on than what the fk8 was everything is just so accessible right here even down to get the charge piping from the turbo to the intercooler that looks very simple which we do have an intercooler upgrade

Which we’re going to be doing very very soon but yeah also you can kind of get a look at the hood scoop here how it kind of grabs the air and sends it straight out that’s really cool okay so with all of that being said all in all my final

Thoughts my my accumulated thoughts from even just myself being this is my first time having the fl5 and the fk8 the shop at the same time as well my cumulative thoughts are that the f05 is a very good upgrade to the FKA meaning Honda pretty much took everything that we loved from

The fk8 and made it just a little bit better in the fl5 while still keeping a moderate mild aggressive look if you care about all the niceties and like the LED strip lighting and the red carpets and how nice the display is and like the

Bells and whistles of a car the f05 I think is going to be your answer because they did a fantastic job with it and like it keeps saying it also has an aggressive styling to it but on the other hand if you’re more into that crazy aggressive looking car not too

Worried about all the very very nice bells and whistles but has what you need with like apple carplay and still everything that’s really nice that came in the fk8 the fk8 is still a very very viable option you can’t go wrong with either one f05 is just new and very very

Nice with all the most upgraded stuff whereas the fkas is also a very new car a little bit more aggressive and still has what you need in an everyday in an everyday daily driver without being over the top like the fl5 so you can’t go wrong with either one and for that same

Reason that’s why we’re still gonna keep my FKA to make this the race car and have the fo5 for the daily Street still trackable car but I’m very curious once we can start modifying the fl5 how to match up there but for now my opinion still stands fk8 full send race car and

Fl5 Street trackable car I’m very excited to finally build another street car for you guys this is going to be a really good one it has Parts roll out over to try and do as much as possible I did see that varus just released some stuff for this car so we’re gonna try

And get a little bit of that in let’s make this a really fun car that if the FK it’s down I can still get some C time in the fo5 being it’s still front-wheel drive and has that feeling of the FK um so this will be a really great

Practice car for me while we’re building the FK getting that engine built and if I don’t want to put too much stress on it we’ll take the f05 we’ll have some fun and still get that sea time fun in but this is going to be a fantastic new

Build for the channel and I hope you guys are excited as well um I definitely just wanted to make this oh this Hood’s very light as well that’s that’s crazy I definitely wanted to make this video for you guys I had so many questions asking whether I like the f05

Or the or the fk8 better and like I said the beginning they’re both so great in their own way so with that being said let me know what you guys think about the f05 versus the FK which one you like more which one you’re which one you’re

Leaning more towards I’m very curious to know because even I don’t have an answer where I can be like I would definitely choose the f05 over the fk8 because both really really good so if you guys can’t hear it’s already starting to rain outside so I’m gonna bring the other

Cars back in the shop and go ahead and end this video here thank you guys so much for watching like I said I hope you’re freaking pumped for what’s to come on the fl5 we have so many more videos coming out for you guys and if there’s anything that you want to see

Make sure to leave it down in the comments below if you guys have not already make sure you hit that subscribe button leave me a like and leave me a comment down below I will see all of you guys for the next one peace out foreign