Dustin Williams Video: Fixing the R32 GTR’s BIGGEST Issue… TIME TO RIP!

Posted: 2023-07-19 17:00:00
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, we try to bring the R32 GTR back from hibernation. We are having strange issue where the car is reading low voltage and not charging the battery. We swapped in an OEM battery previously and that didnt work. One of you guys suggested that we run an LS alternator, so today, that’s what we try!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign guys welcome back to the channel and welcome back to the shop we are finally back after a long weekend in Minnesota thank all of you guys that came out to the modest events show and came and saw us at the Legends Booth it was a ton of

Fun if you guys haven’t seen those videos definitely go check them out but like I said we’re finally here back in the shop and actually just just for a little while we’re only in the shop for two days which means we have a lot of

Work to do in a short amount of time now is actually a really perfect time to get some things done into the shop because we don’t really necessarily have a big build aside from the Porsche that you guys just saw getting revealed but actually we’re currently in Italy right

Now and as we’re here some parts are coming in so Tim watch for the uh the new Porsche parts that are coming in Tim hasn’t even seen the car he’s going to see the car when you guys saw it with the reveal just because I’ve been yeah

All over the place I’ve been hoarding it but uh but aside from the Porsche which you guys will get a lot of content with when we’re back from Italy we don’t have a huge build going on in the shop which means it’s the perfect time to get some

Accessory things done to a bunch of the cars we have Honda stuff we have GTR stuff we even have Z stuff which is coming in the end of the month but for today we have most important which I’ve been waiting for for so long GTR parts

We unboxed this or we I showed you guys this during our little q a but uh this is from PRP and something that we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time well hopefully this actually works you guys know that we’ve been having a mysterious battery issue with the R32

GTR and this should hopefully clear that so this is actually what we asked you guys about this is the bracketry but we got we ended up going with as they can see on here GM what does it really say that yeah it’s an actual yeah so we went with the ls

Alternator because we’re thinking we’re drawing too much power with everything that we have on the R32 and it’s causing a low voltage issue Christ that’s what they get for shipping across the country we have the big beefy boy LS alternator we wanted the Alice alternator because

This draws what’d you say like 110 115 that’s 150 150 amps whereas our OEM R32 on draws like 60 it’s 40 to 60. 40 to 60 wow so hopefully this really Powers we have so many sensors we have the link Dash I mean there’s just a lot going on

In this car whatever gets into the higher RPMs the voltage drops when and it’s also not charging the battery so we’re hoping this fixes our issue if not we may or may not have a bigger problem I might have to do some Wizardry yeah some wiring

So this is a fairly simple process if you guys want to come look over here here is our OEM alternator right here so thankfully it actually uses the OEM plug same sensor right here we’re gonna go and knock out our OEM alternator use the

New bracket and put in the ls and see if it works thank you foreign she’s looking good step by step we’re really figuring out all the quirks on this car okay that’s a lot more room to get yeah step one was to just basically remove everything out of the engine bay

To get a direct shot at our alternator which is going to be right here so it’ll be a lot easier to take this thing out and put all the bracketry on so let’s get started It’s free we did it let’s go look at the difference I don’t know if it’ll be much larger but I don’t think they’re internally internally it’s totally different juice oh more girth it’s a lot more curse it’s a lot more than this okay so step one

Let me wait for this [ __ ] plane again so what we’re gonna do here before we install the new LS alternator is you can you can tell the difference between both bolts of the pulleys the 32 is a larger the LS1 is smaller which means this one’s gonna pump more than this guy

Would and so that this thing doesn’t burn out they supplied us with a brand new pulley that actually matches the 32. so this should be perfect that’s awesome Dude we have got a lot more juice here now I know an alternator isn’t the most exciting thing but I mean once this car is actually working properly we can drive this thing proper and have way more fun with it easy enough here but we have the new bracket in Tim went ahead

And just swapped this out with the old one it’s basically just the same exact thing just very very nice so we’re gonna go ahead and put this guy back in see if I can do this you got this you remember how the other one came out huh [ __ ] uh no no

And this guy’s also juicier so let’s let’s she’s in she’s in she’s I missed it of course in okay oh perfect now the question is can I do this one-handed possible um so get the the bolt in through that side all righty and then I can there we go she’s in

I got it I got it I got it don’t worry oh my arm all right you can come I don’t know it feels like noodles our new LS alternator is sort of secured we’re working on the belt right now so any of you guys that are watching this

That might want to do this to your own GTR they do they don’t require it but they suggest that you get a little bit larger of a belt and that’s what you say 10 mil longer this is just a 10 mil more than your stock so on this it’s 880

Millimeters so I got an 891 that’s the closest they had here okay um so give us it’ll give us because obviously this is a little bit more girthier you know what I’m saying we’re gonna try this one if it doesn’t work then I’m gonna have to go get it an even

Longer one yeah okay so it’s just a tad bit as you can see just a tad bit longer that might do it yeah that might do it so we’re gonna try it out let you guys know which one we use but um it’s now mounted we’re gonna put the belt on and

We should be good to go to button everything up if it works oh maybe oh just slides right on that’s actually on the money 10 mil it’ll because once you get it on it’ll small like you could probably Force the stock but like that’s way definitely safer sweet now we can

Just button everything up and really test it out All right Alternators in everything is buttoned up now really we need to drive it and make sure but we should be able to see the battery voltage now and make sure and see if it’s like sitting at what 13 14. that should be at 13 14 yeah cross our fingers everybody thank you

So the alternator is charging the battery okay right now it says 13.6 on the battery Okay so working on this side I’m gonna give her a test drive okay 13 yeah he’s going off it’s that hasn’t been a 13 ever no it’s definitely going up that’s a that’s a good time okay we might be good actually we’re still getting a low volt error though for well yeah because it was though

Maybe if it once we see it’s going up to 13 which is never done before which is good we should drive it and see what it does when we get into the hire our pants yeah it’s never done that yeah it’s never gone up to 13. so maybe it won’t

Die now yeah we’ll try we’ll see um get in there and clear the low volt air yeah I mean it’s not going into the red oh my God now we have a charged battery healthier now way better and we’ll be ready to rip definitely Never Back holy hell that was amazing we should

Have done that from the start dude yeah if anybody has a GTR just do the others just do that just do it just that it feels a lot better now all that’s remaining really that would be nice to do is get a refresh to get the tune

Touched up because we did fix a couple of things tighten some things down that weren’t necessarily so tight during our first tune and get this thing refreshed and now this is done we can get to the exhaust a while ago we showed you guys we have a bunch of vibrant uh materials

In the back and Tim Bros and be coming up with another Legend spec exhaust for the R32 GTR really I really wanted the exhaust and then once the exhaust is done I can start ripping this thing on the streets I also want to because Dustin’s going out of town so I’m gonna

Go to a couple junkyards and try and find power steering power steering for this because Lee at monster performance showed us something to do on these and I’m gonna try it out yeah so you can actually do a mini pump on this and just like rework the whole system and we

Still have like a little bit of a power steering leak we want to remove that pump remove all the lines from up here actually relocate it to the rear we’ll show you guys if once we actually are able to do it but I mean that’s just a

Small issue that can get fixed anytime now I’m super happy because we can actually drive this without the worry of my battery dying so let’s do the exhaust and let’s get this thing on the streets foreign The moment everybody has been waiting for Jess you guys have been asking me non-stop the reason why it takes a little bit extra time with what we do uh on our sweepstakes and giveaways is because we actually go through a legitimate sweepstakes company and they deal with all of the entries and they

Pick the entries so it takes a little bit longer but it’s completely legitimate legitimatized yes is that a word legitimate ties okay so they finally contacted us yesterday with the winner and we are about to call the winner of the r35g they answered the phone number one but beyond all that how

Crazy is it that someone is literally about to win a GTR I mean I cannot I couldn’t imagine you remember I remember when I when we bought my R35 GTR how much of an accomplishment that was I mean you know how much I wanted that car

And now we’re like giving one away it’s pretty ridiculous but anyways I’m I’m rambling all right I tried it okay let’s let’s call him okay so his name is Jay according to his order he’s Jay Jay from Houston DJ from Houston answers the phone do you know how old he is I don’t

I don’t know any information okay so the rule that he’s placed a lot of orders yeah thank you for all your orders and he’s a platinum viewer he’s a platinum he’s been in VIP since 2020. the very very beginning if you guys aren’t up to

Date um the VIP the VIP platinums get 10 times extra entries but uh we have three calls Jay is calling it’s going on speaker my heart’s racing you get one shot at this Festival you get one shot turn the volume up I don’t know I don’t know how to use these things

Hello is this Jay oh do you know you know what’s happening right now hello did he hang up oh my God what’s happening right now oh okay okay oh okay so it’s bad I see Jay J first off I want to say I don’t know do you know what’s about to happen do

You know what I’m about to say Jay how first of all thank you for supporting the channel being a VIP member supporting Legends thank you for everything wow wow dude okay happy early birthday because you just won an R35 GTR holy holy [ __ ] oh my God oh my God

Oh my God we’re we’re literally [ __ ] we’re literally sitting our pants over here yeah boyfriend run the R35 GTR J is I’m dead serious Quick Italy tour update hello from Tuscany or more specifically uh Monte Luciano that’s how you say it we are in the northern part of Italy now making our way up to Lake Como but before we stop there I wanted to stop in a little Tuscany Town and this place is

Incredible I mean it’s really what you imagine when you think of Italy that’s what this place really reminds us of and I’ve been taking lots of photos lots of footage and stuff for our Little Italy recap but just wanted to update you guys

She just woke up it is uh 12 16 and she just woke up you just woke up I’ve been hanging up by myself all day not true um but you want to updates you guys we’re gonna have a little day out in Monte puciano when you think of Italy this is

The town that you have in your head yeah it’s pretty incredible yeah anyway just wanted to quickly end this video say thank you guys very much for watching also congratulations to Jay who won the R35 GTR and if you didn’t win this one don’t worry we got got a lot more come

In and we have uh we have the next one planned I’m not sure when it’s gonna happen yet but you guys always have the next chance I’m gonna go in today’s video if you guys have not already make sure to hit that like button leave us a

Comment down below if you say that we’ll do a hashtag made it to the end it’s been a while since we’ve done one of those so if you made it this farming video give us a hashtag made it to the end and we’ll see you guys in the next

One oh don’t forget to subscribe peace out guys Foreign Foreign