Dustin Williams Video: First Truck Camping Adventure! | 2500HD + Rooftop Tent

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-23 17:00:25
Author: Dustin Williams
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Finally got to get our new truck build out and in action! For today we take you guys along for our first camping adventure in the truck. We have been building it for the past few months and have outfitted the bed to be ready for a camping adventure. We test out the new rooftop tent and all of our accessories!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Road Trip starting route to vixer proceed to cam Avenue then turn left oh look at her the ultimate road trip machine we are heading on an 8-hour road trip to one of our favorite places on this planet big sir but we’re making our first stop about 3 and a half hours in

To one of our favorite little towns on the way called Cambria it’s a cool just little how do you explain this like Beach town on the way yeah it’s like a old I mean I don’t know look at all the buildings like a cute story book Town

That’s cool so if you don’t know you usually drive up the Coast on Highway 1 which is kind of like where the woods meets the ocean it’s really beautiful but unknowing to US Highway 1 is closed so we got to go around and we totally made a detour that’s out of the way

Coming here but it’s fine because we really get to test out the truck going on a little camping adventure and figured we’d take you guys along so let’s go grab some lunch and then we’ll make our way to the [Applause] Campsite oh that was Robins is the spot if you guys come to Cambria our adventure is taking us all the way up to here I wish I could zoom out on this thing but can’t usually our route takes us all the way along the coast but this time we got to go around

But it’s fine you know we it’s a new it’s a new site this way right so it’s going to be about 3 hours give or take oh when it should be like an hour and a half yeah it’s fine and it’s going to be dark when we get there you know be so

Great taking you guys on an adventure good thing is we got the big truck all right oh by the way the truck’s fantastic on gas halfway what are we at 322 Mi 15.6 MP gallon we’re Trucking baby we are Trucking let’s head to the campsite you know this just means you

Guys get kind of like a two-day Vlog here right you know what I’m saying cuz we got to film tomorrow now because it’s going to be dark it’s going to be dark but it’s fine oh what a cool find so neat I mean a year ago I can’t believe you

Recognized it in there that was a legit barn find I went in to go grab Tiana something to drink to this little gas station SL mechanic shop I guess like the only shop in town and I remember last time we were here it was you last

Year the year before I noticed an old rusty Z sitting right outside that lot right there and I never thought anything of it cuz it was it was pretty pretty rough it was so bad um but as I was leaving the gas station I noticed there was something under the cover in the

Actual shop portion so Tiana convinced me to go ask the guy if uh if that was a z and if we check it out and turns out it was the exact Z that we saw that the owner is restoring for himself how sick is that that is a cool story beautiful

The color yeah the green how neat what a cool little find see you never know what you’re going to find in these little random Beach town in the middle of nowhere like we are deep in the middle of nowhere but uh there was a viewer at the restaurant at uh rubies or Robins

Robins at Robins so if you’re watching this man I’d appreciate you for watching the videos okay now we can head 3 hours to our campsite Completely style of rock Rocka I think I want Exist canull out you that’s Crazy come here D getting close this is going to be so awesome the truck has been so comfortable but this is why it’s our favorite it’s literally well when we get closer to our campsite it’s it looks a little bit crazier but it’s literally where the mountains meets the ocean two

Of our favorite things so let’s keep Going a bunch of copies In oh man we you’re deep in here it’s beautiful this is why we love it pulling into our campsite now and we’ll get all set Up so this is home for the next 3 days 3 or 4 days the truck fits perfectly into our spot and tonight we’re going to be breaking out the rooftop the rooftop tent for the first night ever camping and utilizing our brand new uh truck bed

Drawer system this is so clutch how sick is all this I’m literally obsessed I love I’m an organized gal and it keeps everything so organized this is super Super Rad so um it’s currently 7:45 so we have very minimal daylight left today so we’re to go ahead break this tent out

Get all our cooking stuff ready and make some dinner and probably get some early sleep tonight so let’s start setting up camp [Applause] N Look at she’s dripping juice she’s dripping freaking juice yeah it definitely got dark super quick but our campsite is set up as you guys can see we got the tent pulled out we will obviously give you guys a better look at our campsite here in the morning

But we got here so late campfire BRS for tonight oh my gosh unreal nothing hits like a campfire meal good way to start out the trip so we’re going to enjoy dinner and like I said get some early sleep little the campfire brought okay here we go oh my God

Here is the new setup it’s actually pretty fantastic so much space in our new rooftop tent and the mattress is extremely comfortable so it’s pretty late time is at 10:30 we’re going to get some sleep because we have a long day tomorrow and wake up give you guys give

You guys an update on our new setup but see you in the morning see Morning Good morning campfire breakfast Welcome to our campsite day number one first time ever breaking out the new rig for our first adventure and it actually worked out perfectly you guys know that I wanted to build a new truck to be the ultimate all-in-one for racing Towing and of course doing some camping

Adventures and even venturing into overlanding and off-road pretty soon but for our first Adventure in biger this actually worked out perfectly our little cooking area right here we’re making dinner lunch and we’re of course making all of our meals which this works out really perfectly but really let’s talk

About the functionality of the truck and everything that we’ve got again massive thank you to Trail built Offroad for for helping me turn my crazy idea into a reality and step by step it’s really coming out sick so any of the stuff that you guys want you can find on Trail

Built down description box below but of course we have our Rooftop tent which was actually fantastic this one was actually better than the one that we had for the Jeep super comfortable we slept great in the rooftop tent as you guys know right here we have our extra diesel

Can and then our water which we fitting our dishes using it for coffee it’s just super clut the functionality of the truck is what I am super hyped about So today we’re actually going to be heading on a couple of different hikes so let’s pack up the truck and get going shut this Guy look at that breaks down like a be that’s sick now the footprint of our entire setup in rig is really big but it breaks down super easy and and now we can just get going let’s go Hiking okay PR all over my snacks all you ever want to do is dude this looks crazy it changes every time we come I know that’s what’s so cool about it though all right our first Trail is we call our secret Trail because it’s not really a trail unless

You know but you know you know we’re going to be walking all the way down the cliff side and we’ll eventually hit the ocean let’s get started W The where it Was usually it’s pretty sunny out here but I think we just caught it on kind of that morning Ocean Mist but still it’s absolutely beautiful the end of this Trail is really cool just leads down to Little Beach and Rocky Cliff area so Beautiful Do next Trail Breathing Wow this is why Big Sir is so amazing you can have a trail that that leads you down to the ocean or one that leads you up the mountain to a pretty amazing view which we show you guys in just a bit I don’t know how we found this the last

Time of the time before we actually found this kind of secluded little waterfall right here what our favorite places to come waterfall pick absolutely insane so Pretty man that was a good one okay it has been a full day we made it back to the campsite relaxed a little bit actually finished up a little bit of work editing the WX series that you guys would have already seen and tonight we’re actually doing something a little

Bit different instead of using the rooftop tent we wanted to go all out we actually bought a new tent that we’re going to be testing out tonight uh just because I want to actually do some backpacking hiking and I wanted to test out the new setup that I have for

Backpacking which maybe I’ll show you guys when we get back from dinner but we’re going to be sleeping in our new North Face tent tonight which is part of our campsite here Super Rad I do want to relax a little bit on this trip um I’m

Going to take you guys along for one of our favorite spots to eat dinner here in bigsur figured we’ take you guys along with that bring you back for some campfire and then enjoy the rest of our trip de diesel diesel power this is the ultimate rig though this thing has been fantastic

Oh my God literally the best car we’ve ever camped with first ever had you are big truck dut I’m a big truck guy now no it’s spacious comfortable the actual camping setup is freaking sick but I’m actually kind of excited just to test out the uh the

Actual actual tent for when I do a 12m backpacking trip live off the land for real okay anyways I’m rambling Jesus we’re going to go grab some dinner looks like we got a little bit of traffic action along the one Here morning come on we got to go I don’t want to leave there’s a time and place for rooftop camping and actual tin camping this was super cozy oh yeah of course haded Chris in the truck after our first trip I think we’ll do them right it’s official look at that our first

Trip in the truck complete well that’s it campsite is cleared and first Adventure in Opa has come to an end very awesome first trip we learned a lot about the truck setup and things that we could do better maybe yeah make it a little more efficient yes

Even better for the next one but our first trip was amazing we got to head back home because I travel again tomorrow tomorrow so thank you guys for coming along with us on our first ever Adventure in the ultimate rig we have been building this thing for the past

Few months and it really paid off and another thank you two Trail Bill off-road for helping us out build this area it is absolutely sick and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next but anyways thank you guys so much for watching make sure to hit that like

Button leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next one peace Out Me