Dustin Williams Video: First Shakedown in the Attack Spec FK8 Type R! *IT RIPS!!*

Posted: 2023-06-05 22:30:00
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thanks @valvoline for having me out!
Day 1 of Gridlife Midwest Fest is here!! today was our first time driving v3 of the Attack Type R and it was AMAZING! We flew all the way to Michigan to go to Gingerman raceway.. a deceivingly difficult track. Despite our issues with the car, we had A TON of fun.. no onto race day!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you five hours to go see you guys Thank you welcome to Michigan not only we’re in Michigan we got all the boys here this weekend the whole game wow hell yeah brother our chariot awaits we are all the way in Michigan for probably our favorite grid life Midwest Fest today is just check-in day we’re

All flying in we got Ryan here with us we have Romel filming for us this weekend and Tim is currently on his way to the track to drop off the type R and that’s where we’re heading right now we just hopped off the plane we need some

Food let’s go check in for an amazing weekend push to start dude mission one food we gotta find food we’re starving change change engine oil soon oh no we’re good we don’t need that should we put some VR one in them hey afternoon how do we find ourselves

He found it he found the stash this is sick and there’s a thermos oh no yeah Foreign looks so good in the collection yeah it’s gonna look cool Godzilla lunchbox has a little canteen inside all right Super Rad we gotta go yeah that’s your fault Thank you Welcome we have officially made it to gingerman RaceWay and we’re gonna have an amazing weekend car is unloaded but we have a lot of work to do as you guys know we just finished buttoning up the car we didn’t get to shake down the car

But we did have a fantastic Dino Run so today’s mission is just to unload get everything set and unfortunately practice was actually today and we only have one practice session tomorrow before we qualify so we’re gonna have to hope for the best do what we can and

Just have fun but today we’re gonna get the car set up and we’ll take you guys along for it we got the oil oil cooler on and we got the splitter on we are set and ready to go for tomorrow I wish that we were driving today because all of this is

Practice and we’re just getting thrown into the fire but you know we’re gonna come in strong tomorrow and have some fun let us go finish everything up if we’re good for today all right it’s about that time so the night is winding down we’re just gonna

Do a couple of things that we don’t want to do in the morning and that includes our sticker pack you guys just saw us Tech and get signed in we are going to peel off our old GTA stickers and put on these stickers so in the morning we

Still have to change our tires and stuff so now that I know that we don’t have practice tomorrow we have to put on our good tires so we can just full send right in the morning so we’re just gonna do all like little accessory stuff that

We would usually do in the morning right now it’s very accurate never forget use this as my my motivation you wore the same thing I did come on now I gotta go change okay we’re gonna start a tradition here every Track event we go to or every race we attend we’re

Gonna take the number plates and put them in the trailer as uh just the little monuments of our travels and our races slap it on Those are gonna be on the ground foreign Getting to the track setting up the car we are now complete it’s very weird being in the midwest because it’s currently it’s almost it’s 9 30 almost 10 o’clock and it’s still kind of bright outside thank you to Valvoline and of course Advanced Auto for having us out uh we’re

Gonna be out here officially this weekend with Advanced Auto but of course you guys know we have an amazing partnership as well with Valvoline and we just did a cool little shoot on the track unfortunately we weren’t able to take the car out maybe this weekend I

Hope we can get some shots on the track but the car is finished it’s complete it looks amazing and we are ready to rip in the morning we’re gonna use our old scrub tires from when we did Global time attack just so get a feel of the track

And then we’ll swap over to our re-71rs tomorrow so I have good grippers for our first session of qualifying but anyways we’re gonna head out check out the Airbnb and go get some food at Walmart foreign oh this is actually sick dude this place is sick come check this out Welcome to

Our race car Airbnb house jack heck yeah dude this is perfect got an upstairs there’s a bed right here did you find the basement has anybody seen it has anyone seen The Conjuring another question is has anybody seen uh the Barbarian what whoa hey bro hey there’s my shower shower

There’s my shower no way this is so cool I’m gonna sleep down here it does I actually is nice down here look this is this is your cot Ryan this is uh especially for uh track support right here track support spot yeah and you have your own shower down here

Oh my God no enough of that oh go Meats good to go pizza into midnight edits having a chill night for night one we’re gonna finish up some work tomorrow’s a big day oh tomorrow is qualifying so we gotta get prepared get some good sleep see you guys in the morning V-log it is day one we are currently getting ready to go out on track we’re about to start gritting right now I got the track bubbles you know the nervousness you get when you first go on track I got him right now but we buttoned up the car as you guys saw

Earlier in the video we got some 93 octane the Go-Go juice and I think we should just be set so today is actually two qualifying or two practice sessions in the morning we have one right now and one during lunch and then we have one qualifier which is going to take us into

Tomorrow and what position we’re actually going to be in so that’s the session that really matters we’re still going out on track on the same tires that we ran at Circle of the Americas so these are key cycles and worn down but I wanted that for our first session just

So I can get a feel of the track on maybe some not so grippy tires so that when I put the re71 RS is on we got the ultimate grip so I’m gonna run one practice session with these second practice session with these I gotta go actually and then the last practice

Session they should be scrub before fine let’s send Foreign Car oh my God I did one hot lap one hot lab Rena 42 fastest lap I’ve ever done here what yeah and I that’s on Old Tires I was not even going it’s like not even 70 yeah you look like you were really kind of just being conservative I was trying

To figure out where I need a break and how far I can break the car’s overheating how bad bad I was at the end of my hot lap my coolant Gage so we need we need to do four or five laps in the qualifier yeah okay that’s

Back that’s fine it’s not a big deal just gotta really make those laps count but now I’m comfortable just getting in the car let’s go get some fresh tires on instead all right gonna take a little break from the race car and drifting is I’m a little bit late for drifting but we’re

Gonna look at some drifting we have our next and last in last session right after this and then we go straight to qualifying we decided to stay on our scrub tires from search of the Americas so we can just go right fresh into qualify I think it’ll

Be fine but uh it’s enjoy some drifting foreign CFO overheating issue is still happening we we aired out the system so maybe there’s a bubble if not we just gotta manage the problem for the weekend and send it as is what’s up Oh yeah Foreign not super well look at this point we’re just rolling with the punches and now I feel like I’m really figuring out the proper way to safely drive and not just send it so if you guys look over here we have the FK on jack stands the game plan

For the rest of the weekend is I can basic I can get one lap out of this car without it overheating so our our plan of attack is to go balls to the wall one lap that’s all I got because after that the car just gets too

Hot and even on a cool down session the car still gets hot so what we’re doing is we’re going to go ahead and take off our practice tires put on our grippers we are moving into qualifying for the next next session we have one session of qualifying today and we’re just gonna

Have one yeah because it’s gonna be at like 4 30 which will be the hottest time of the day yeah one session one last to fully send it which will qualify us into tomorrow and it is what it is at this point we’re rolling with the punches but

What this is doing is this is basically our Shakedown of V3 of the attack fk8 now we know that we’re overheating and there’s things that we gotta fix we have so many ideas and so many things that we can do to to properly fix this thing that we’re gonna just enjoy our weekend

Have the most fun that we can drive to beat myself and go back home and absolutely just get to work on FK making it as best as it can we are in Street mod we are severely underpowered against all the amazing Supras and other cars that are here

Um that’s another thing we can do is fuel at E85 and get you know an extra 60 to 80 horsepower right there which will also helpful with the car there’s a lot of things that we can do just have to take this event for what it

Is have fun and move on to the next because our next one is Laguna Sega oh yeah that’s our home track you guys know so hey Goosebumps just saying that we’re gonna be ready it’s gonna be so bad when he goes there and I whacks his ass hey

Guys remember when I was in a oh here we go 190 horsepower s2k and his wide body BMW M3 that hat it’s gonna happen again oh my God foreign [Applause] [Applause] Booth doing a little meet and greet taking a break from all the racing and the driving getting to meet you guys so thank all of you for coming out this is super sick always really fun getting to do the meet and greets here so let’s have some fun look at this

You saw last year at this event when I was shifting my GTR shift up cracked in half so he made me a new one dude that is so nice dude that is rad you work it so wait hold on how did you do this this is nuts

So I work in a machine shop I two inch stock yeah just lathed it cut it off and then put it in a do you want a job at Legends eventually yes that is amazing dude thank you so much game time all right we are up for our first qualifying run

Um I’m a little nervous to see how the car does but hopefully it’s a little bit cooler now it is a little bit cooler now so hopefully we don’t have as much overheating issues but we’re just gonna do what we can and have some fun let’s send it first qualify thank you That’s the problem hello ah Rome what’s the update well the update is the car was great the new tire the tires gave so much more grip we got out did a heater and we ran the same times this morning which is fine because still getting acclimated if you think

About it we’ve only had three real so still getting acclimated um but unfortunately on our third lap a car caught fire thank God that he’s okay but that ended our session and we’re done so unfortunately I mean today was a PB no matter what but unfortunately we didn’t go any faster tomorrow that’s

Gonna be the day comp day is going to be the day we’re gonna go home tonight look at the data look at the actual footage of me on track and then see where I can improve and yeah when it comes down to it I just have to grow the confidence to

Send the car because the car can do things that I’m not necessarily pushing it to do so that’s the goal for tomorrow what a day dude what a day we didn’t get as much driving as I hope but it sort of worked but it was that the cars in one

Piece we made it out and we’re going into the race tomorrow well to end our night we’re here back at the Airbnb we got Chef Doug going right now cooking up some classic dub Burgers we’ve got some brats and then we got the boys in here actually watching a

Fantastic TV show you ever seen midnight mass you know but these two I’ve never seen it uh I’ve never seen it so this is how we’re spending the rest of our of our night here this so Racing’s fun obviously but getting to hang out and be with everybody and just having fun at

The track then coming home and like being exhausted and actually just like hanging out that’s the best part so I’m gonna cook up some birds for the boys we’re gonna eat and we had an early morning tomorrow because it is officially race day and we’re gonna have some fun

Cheers boys play Cheers Cheers play cheers let’s go