Posted: 2023-05-05 16:01:38
Author: Dustin Williams
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in today’s video we install the first mods to the GR Corolla! We install a new tial blow off valve and knn drop in air filter!

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Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaust

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign We’re back welcome back to America guys it feels good to be back at the shop the GTR probably looks a little bit weird because there’s no side skirts if you guys didn’t watch our awesome last GTR video definitely go check that one out but there’s no side skirts because the

Side skirts are at the body shop and we are not working on the GTR today we’re actually working on the gr curl You guys haven’t seen the Corolla in quite a while we actually couldn’t make content on it because we were working with the fl5 but now we can actually get to making some content with Corolla and even though you guys haven’t seen it it doesn’t mean that we actually haven’t

Been driving it I’ve been driving the heck out of this thing and we’ve put 3 000 miles on it since we’ve owned it a ton of fun and I’m still like it’s been fun but I’m not really sure what we’re gonna do with the car honestly I have no

Idea what to do with it um things are starting to roll out but I don’t know if I’m Gonna Keep it I don’t know if I’m gonna sell it should we traded in for a truck so that we can like tow heavier things and I don’t know I want your

Opinion what do you guys think about the Corolla should we keep it should we sell it let me know but also the weird thing is I’m just like kind of venting to you guys here the weird thing is I’ve been enjoying just having a bone stock car

That like I just haven’t been posting like it’s been nice just to have a car to drive it’s been fun and not make content on it it was like a weird change it was actually kind of nice but also on the other hand like we’re running we’re

Also running a business and this car kind of has to have a purpose and I don’t know what that purpose is that’s why I’m like leaning more towards selling it but also like things are starting to roll out now and it might become kind of fun so that brings me to

My ultimate point of today is we’re actually modifying the car we have some really cool little starter mods for the car and this is kind of like I got this when I first got the car from one of our awesome Partners Rich over at gr performance parts they’re actually a

Part supplier for everything gr so eight sixes brz’s Corollas now that the corolla’s out they’ve been dipping into the gr Corolla market and we have got some fun little mods today now there’s not a ton out for this car but the mods are rolling out and today we have some

Stuff to make this thing just a little bit sportier we have a turbosmart blowout valve which is giving some nice boost noises as well as a little drop in filter there are intakes being developed right now but I don’t believe at the time of filming this video I don’t

Believe any intakes are currently out so we have a drop in filter and we all also have a blow-off valve to give some boost noises and ultimately just make this thing a little bit more fun to drive because when you are driving it get turbo noises sometimes but not all the

Time it’s very very subtle and I’m hoping with this we get some nice some nice blow-off noises which should be a lot of fun as more parts come out we’ll be able to add more pieces to the Corolla but for now let’s install this stuff also if you guys are interested in

Getting this for your own gr Corolla or if you guys have a 86 BRZ whatever the case you guys can actually use my code which is gr Legends to save 10 off of everything on the gr Performance website now we just got to figure out how in the

Heck to do this shouldn’t be too hard right somewhere down here bro the turbo’s down there yeah So it’s definitely one of those where we gotta just oh oh wait it’s right there backside right right there there’s a little guy right there so like it’s on the back side of this right over here Thank you okay to make this a whole lot easier I went ahead and removed the under tray as well as the wheel well Plastics right here so you can literally just stick your hand right in there and grab it now I wish there was a uh a better way for

Me to film this but as you can tell the car is very very tiny but I do want to show you really quickly that the wall valve is right right here with the sensor connected so oh got it there it is I’m gonna take it sensor off and if I

Can get this thing to focused now we’re just gonna get the blow valve which is that piece right there I think Roger kill is stubs for this stubs the little guy don’t count the little guy I don’t know low guy for a low guy and it’s a

Torx 30. oh that that’s what that’s what it is all right I’ll hand this off to you do one of these Maybe I think I might know you can’t see that oh that that’s a that’s a weird way okay I need a longer extension longer

And we really had to make this as tight as possible that’s two okay the third one I’m guessing is on top and I just have to go by feel okay so there’s a third so okay so the ones you’ve taken off you see how it is so it’s like

So this one’s probably like this up top like top left great dude literally the worst spot okay so it is top left so I think I can just guesstimate and use by feel oh oh find it oh look at that dude yes no sight she blindfold me oh my

God he’s throwing stuff at me down here needed to happen oh here she comes okay here is the OEM block valve I don’t did you did two bolts fall down yeah that’s third so okay so there’s three okay all three of them check this out okay so we have oh OEM

It’s actually kind of almost the same size it has a factory connector too so that’s good yes right here sick okay well that was a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be time for this yes okay so we have I’ve never heard a turbo

Smart buff out of you I’ve always done tile or gray we only have tile and HKS in here did some searching and it holds more boost pressure than the stock one so like when you do go to get a tune if it happens then it’ll hold more PSI nice

Okay well sick then it’s a needed thing I wish this would have been the perfect time as well if you guys can look at this look at these little itty bitty charge pipes tiny it would have been very nice to like be able to replace all

This they look like coolant lines on any other car they really do but the thing about it it’s crazy that you get that much this much performance out of the small little three cylinder engine it’s pretty insane so we have gasket number one and then where does this gasket go is

That this right here that is this right here that’s more satisfying that’s what it makes yeah because it’s going to come straight out of the side right here let’s pray that that gasket stays where it starts I just have no way of knowing if the O-ring is in the correct spot once it’s on I can’t see well we’ll find out if the car has a check engine light because it’ll be emissions right some minor struggle here and there and the turbosmart blow off valve has been

Installed now before we actually button everything up with like the undercarriage stuff we’re gonna go ahead and make sure that this thing is not leaking because we’re not obviously taking it all back apart so what we’re going to do before we start the car is actually actually install the drop-in

Air filter which this should also give us just a little bit of suck power as well this should just help a little bit with airflow as well and hold us over till an intake is available yeah it’s still paper though it’s still paper but it’s actually like nicer than regular

She uh putting a k n in there buddy good old can happen with the sticker on the car somewhere get a glass pack Muffler boom we’re stuck so you got your little paper OEM boy here and you have your friend I don’t even know what material this is but it’s nice

It’s like jello and now your hands are all oily yeah that was the easiest insult we’ve ever done I guess we just send it to start it yeah this started um it’s gonna be definitely different under load so I don’t know how much the blob valve will be noticeable

When you’re revving the car but when we go drive it that’s when you’ll really be able to notice that we’re just making sure there’s nothing leaking on the bottom There it is yeah it’s gonna sound good when you’re driving though I think it will too all right so I guess no check engine light I don’t think it’s leaking so it’s button her up [Applause] [Applause] foreign [Applause] Foreign Filter gave it a little bit more of like a deeper tone it might have there’s definitely some backfires happening there’s definitely backfires and can you hear the flutter on your side yeah it definitely flutters it’s pretty cool oh man it definitely makes it way more enjoyable to drive

That’s so sick now we need an exhaust not a complete that we definitely need an exhaust foreign That’s so fast and furious best believe if you pull up next to me at a red light dude if you have an inner ricer want that boy eraser feel I think that’s that’s perfect it’s nice it’s not subtle at all so don’t expect every bit of throttle

You give it you’re gonna get a blow off valve a bluff but it’s nice it’s cool I think paired with everything it’ll be a lot better but I think just to like get some some more liveliness out of the car blow if I was a good one we are good

With the gr Corolla today once again let us know what you guys want us to do with this car or if you even want to see it let us know down in the comments if you guys want to see more mods or you don’t really care for it we want to know but

If you guys would like to see maybe something else on the channel let us know we are curious about that we also want to do things that you guys want to see as well now since I’ve been gone in Japan for so long which by the way I

Think all of you guys that watched that series it was a ton of fun it was an amazing experience but I am definitely glad to be home if you guys haven’t seen Japan in a van go check it out it was quite the experience but I wanted to

Give you guys a quick update here in the shop to go over a couple of things because there’s some new stuff here so in the background you guys probably have noticed a bunch of parts stacked up right here and that’s because we are gearing up for our next giveaway car I

Talked a little bit about this previously but this is our biggest and most ambitious giveaway car that we have ever done in a history of of this channel it’s going to be insane it’s going to be awesome and Tim and I are going on a good old-fashioned road trip

Like I haven’t done that enough we are actually heading out to Salt Lake City to go pick up the giveaway car bring it back here and build it for you guys the giveaway starts on May 19th so stay tuned for that we actually leave next

Week to go get the car like I said it’s literally insane and I cannot believe we’re giving this car away um but it’s gonna be sick and I think you guys are really really going to enjoy it you’ve probably seen this as well and you’re probably wondering

What’s going on with the FK and also where is the fl5 let me answer these questions for you and if you didn’t want to know I’m going to let you know anyways number one the fk8 our new engine finally showed up we’re going to talk about this in more detail when the

Time comes way to ship our turbo to PRL to make sure that there’s no metal shavings inside the turbos that when you put the new engine in let me put that turbo on it doesn’t ruin our new engine they’re cleaning out our turbo checking out to make sure everything’s okay so

It’s good to go to be put on here but what are we doing with the stock OEM engine well we got to rip all this crap off of the engine and put it onto this engine because this engine the stock one I’m confusing myself here the stock engine is actually heading to ma

Performance to get fully built which is going to be absolutely insane so while we wait for this thing to get fully built this stock engine is going to go back into the FK so that we have a car to drive practice in and have fun in while this thing gets built and then

Once this engine gets built and gets back to us we’re gonna then take this engine out and give this engine map as well so that at all times we have a spare engine well equipped and prepared for anything that happens because that really sucks that I don’t want that to

Happen again so quickly because like I said I’m going to go ahead and give more details on this when the time comes I want to give a big big thank you to one of my great friends Devin nimala I’m probably butching her last name I’m sorry Devin is actually building an

Insane k-swap turbo all-wheel drive fk8 so if you guys haven’t seen that I’m Gonna Leave Devin’s channel in the description box below because you guys need to watch that series it’s been really really good but he actually wasn’t using his stock k20c anymore he was kind enough to see our pain over

Here in the shop and if we were able to snag his k20c so he shipped this to us all the way from Washington and we’re gonna be putting this engine into our FK so it’s a perfect fit for what we’re doing for right now and then we’ll get

It built when the time comes but like I said huge thank you to Devin go check out his YouTube channel it’s in the description box below all right guys this is where we are ending our video today feels so good to be back home but of course as soon as I

Get home Tiana and I both get sick so also trying to deal with that right now but like I said in the video let us know what you guys want to see with the crawler or if people want to see it I’m gonna go and wrap up this video here

Thank you guys so much for watching thank you to Rich for supporting the gr build and making it that much better super awesome if you guys have not already make sure to hit that like button leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you

Guys for the next video peace Foreign