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Posted: 2023-03-20 17:00:08
Author: Dustin Williams
Huge thanks to our awesome friends over at Honda for sponsoring today’s video! We are pumped to jump into our new FL5 and start modifying. #HondaPartner @Honda #CivicTypeR
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Disclaimer: Modified brakes and tires are non-OEM.

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Thank you good morning guys welcome back to the channel I am so pumped once again this video is sponsored by our great friends over at Honda still cannot believe I’m saying that such a dream to be able to do this and today we have a very exciting video

For you guys as you can see the type R is going on the lift right now and this is going to be the first time ever in the shop that Tim and I have been able to put this thing on the lift lifted it up to really get a good look underneath

The car also Tim’s first time getting a really good look at the car I’m in love with this car it’s sick right I’m in love with the way it looks I’m in love with this color too but yeah the color is very unique and today we have our

First mods for the car before we hop into that one thing that Tim and I really wanted to do was inspect underneath the car we want to see the new exhaust you want to see I showed you guys a little bit about the full diffuser that you have in the rear now

It’s really cool and we want to see how it differs from the fk8 as well we’re super curious like I’ve been telling you guys this car is so new that you rarely see these cars and so we’re gonna lift it up take a look and then we’ll hop

Into the new mods that we have for today foreign So let’s take a look this is so cool dude it’s like an actual like full functional diffuser in there it doesn’t um I don’t know if you notice it doesn’t catch air let’s have it sealed also oh no it’s just like not like a pocket that’s so

Sick look at this this is all like like felt like it’s like material I’d be really curious to put like the fk8 on that lift and then see see them like right next to each other we definitely have to do that for a future video hmm very cool I’m excited to play around

With all the cool features on this car because we still haven’t really driven it still has like 16 miles on it or something but like I told you guys today we are starting out with some mods all right enough of checking out the undercarriage we can inspect that and

Look at that more once we start doing some performance mods like an exhaust and stuff but for today you guys know how much I love the fk8 and I’m absolutely pumped to hop into the fl5 and especially start modifying it you guys know that we love to modify race

And all that good stuff with our cars and the fl5 is no different the car is super great out of the box but for today we have a couple of mods that are going to help us modify it to our specific needs and like I said we’d love to track

Our fk8 and I’m super pumped to get this guy on the track we got a couple of mods to help us out okay so in case you guys are wondering the new fl5 does fit a ton of stuff as well Let’s just hop right in like I told you guys the fl5 is a great car right out the box but we’re going to be modifying it to our specific needs today which means we’re putting some stuff on it that’s going to help us on and off the

Track so what we’re going to start out with is New Brick we have new two-piece slotted rotors as well as some new pads we wanted to make sure that we were going to be all set for the track but also on the street and this is

Definitely going to help us with that so with the two-piece rotors that we have here these are going to save us in two different ways these are extra extra light but also since these are slotted this is going to help us with the initial grab from the brakes which is

Where also these new pads come in these rotors are going to be great from a weight standpoint as well as a bite standpoint on the brake it’s going to be very very nice like I said on and off the track next up in something that you

Guys know that I love we have an upgraded wheel and entire setup here now these are JDM lightweight forged wheels that we’re going to be throwing on the type R the f05 type R’s Wheels look really really good I love the matte black finish but also we have the double

Pressed black and the wheels that we have right here these are going to look really nice on the Sonic gray Pearl additionally we went with an 18 inch wheel setup versus the 19 inch once again for weight savings as well as we can fit a larger Tire on this when the

Time comes but we also went with 265 35 18s which is just a little bit bigger than the OEM size being 265 30 19s now also additionally with the tires these are going to help us with handling and grip on the track as you guys already

Know tires on the track are a huge huge Advantage so having a good set of grippy tires helps out a lot All right Tim bro are you ready to get started yeah let’s get started first mods for the fl5 so to start this off what we’re going to do is we’re going to go and take off our OEM wheels and tires here give you guys a little comparison

Of the new ones that we’re doing and then we’ll Dive Right In to the brakes Tim just bought up a really good point this is the lowest mileage car that we have ever modified ever 16 miles that’s so freaking sick anyways let’s just hop right into it you guys know how this

Process goes Foreign okay really quickly so you guys can see a little comparison between the OEM wheels and tires versus our new ones let’s see here we go definitely a bigger 19 inch but we have really grippy great R compound tires which is going to be really nice since we are going to be

Tracking the cars so often much like the fk8 another thing that I wanted to point out back here is that we do not have two piece rotors in the rear of the car so not only are we going to be upgrading the front but we’re gonna have a big

Upgrade in the rear with brand new two-piece rotors that’ll still have the same effect of being more lightweight as well as have that initial bite with the slotted rotors as well up front we’re gonna go ahead and start taking out the rotor and the pads all right we’re gonna

Start out with breaking the caliper loose here which is going to be two 19s on the back Type Got it Next up we’re going to move on to taking the pads out which I really like these because they’re held in by pins which it makes it super easy to change your pads on the Fly which is great for on the track especially if we need a pad change like track side super easy OEM pads are out and just like that we should have our oh it’s a beefy boy stock two-piece rotors are off okay so now we can actually take a look at the OEM versus oh my gosh these are way lighter dude do you feel the weight difference in these there’s a big

Difference this is so cool okay we can really see the difference between our upgraded ones that we’re installing today versus OEM you can up close difference here with the slotted versus just the bare rotor very very nice and I wish we had a scale this is like a prime example

Of when we need to scale on the shot to show you guys the weight difference but either way super nice and we can go ahead and install our new brakes now Um now that our new upgraded rotor is on we can go ahead and put our caliper back on and slip in our new pads we’ll be good to go for the place [Applause] Okay now that we have the rotor on we’ve got the caliper on we can finally talk about our pads now upgrading pads is definitely a must do if you’re tracking your car often which is why we’re doing it on this car but we’re also going to

Keep our stock badges so if we want to we can swap back for everyday driving and preserve these for our track days for these pads it does help you quite a bit on the track just in terms of like heat and resistance to brake fade that’s

A huge upside of using trackpad as well as the initial bite when you’re really mashing on your brakes going into a corner or trying to slow yourself down these will help tremendously and also like I said just being able to last longer that’s where these come into play

And we’re gonna go ahead and install these on the type R now Foreign And just like that we have our new brakes installed and they look fantastic these look so sick and especially behind the wheels that we’re about to install 10 out of 10. so our pads and our new rotors have been installed we are going to clean off the rotors before we finish

Everything up but fronts are done now we can go ahead and move on to the rears which honestly will have the biggest change just because these are one piece and we’re moving to the two piece it’s gonna be a huge upgrade and I’m super stoked so basically same process we’re

Gonna go ahead and take the pads out take the rotor off and put the new stuff on [Applause] Crazy difference okay rears are off super simple we have OEM here and our updated ones here once again super light and we have the nice slots as well to help with grabbing overall this is going to benefit us so much I keep saying man I’m so pumped to go testify this thing

On the track Okay Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for here you guys know how much I love these freaking wheels and I’m so stoked to have them on this beautiful car now I really do think that these color wheels with this color are gonna match really really nicely and it’s just

Like a beefier stand it’s going to be very nice very good upgrade to what our OEM was but geared towards what we need it for 265 35 R compound tires let’s see oh so nice dude look at this meaty stance dude I can’t wait to see it on

The ground dude they actually like they fit perfect come come get a close-up here dude look at the fender to Tire ratio here that’s like dead on that’s spot-on dude we did good we’ll leave that there let’s move on this is gonna look sick because of how

Massive the CTR rotors are behind these wheels it’s just gonna like pop that beautiful it looks sick right that is so awesome same thing up here dude when we lowered this car and get kind of like a more aggressive Dance It’s Gonna it’s gonna look super super good okay let’s

Get some blankets on this thing and put her on the ground looks perfect All right that is the end of our install dude I am so stoked for this now we are gonna go test drive it but as you guys know when you really want to feel something you got to put it on the track but I think even just for a quick test

Drive we’re gonna notice a big difference in the brakes as well as the grippiness and the tires it’s gonna be awesome man just it’s gonna look amazing it’s like an overall not even a performance upgrade but just for like your viewing pleasure because the car just looks awesome so we’re gonna set

This thing on the ground see how it looks and then we’ll pull it out of the shop my favorite view is like the the rear view because you get like the big meaty tires in the back too such a great looking car man I am freaking pumped me

And Tim were talking and we were saying like especially when we do more accents like carbon fiber accents or black accents here and there this car is just gonna look so freaking good I mean as if it already doesn’t think these wheels added so much to the car and the brakes

Too moment of truth let’s go go ahead and lower on the ground and see how she sits fully off the lift oh my god dude this just made the whole car this thing looks so look at this it just looks like it looks like it worked out for five years and now it’s

Just jacked that’s what this car looks like it looks it looks so muscular that is so freaking cool dude oh it looks I am so surprised I mean I knew it was gonna look good but I didn’t think that it would look this great it does right very very clear like polished yeah Him we crushed it today the f05 looks fantastic and guys this is just the start for the plans that we have for the car and I’m so excited to take you guys along on the journey now the cool thing is we get to experience that on the fl5

But also the fk8 and kind of do some comparisons do some races between them it’s gonna be a ton of fun but for now we finish up the brakes we finish up the wheels and tires let’s go on a quick little test run Foreign [Applause] Like it’s it’s fast like like really fast that is awesome I’m gonna go down and come back real quick it feels good Amazing I’m super stoked brakes feel great also the new tires feel awesome too ultimately it just looks really really nice as well so like I keep saying to you guys I am super stoked to take this thing to the track and then we can really test it but even just for

Daily driving this car is perfect I’m super stoked with all of that being said I hope you guys are very excited for the rest of the build and everything that we have coming up with the fl5 once again massive thank you to Honda for sponsoring today’s video I am so stoked

To be working with them on such an amazing car like I said this is just the beginning once again thank you guys so much for watching let me know down in the comments below what you guys think about the new wheel tire and brake setup

And what you guys want to see with the fl5 because we can do so much with this car like I even said in the beginning of the video These are so rare now that you know you don’t really see a lot if there’s some certain stuff that you guys

Want to see let us know down in the comments below and make sure you hit that subscribe button thank you guys very much for watching and we will see you guys for the next one peace out