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Posted: 2023-09-29 17:00:10
Author: Dustin Williams
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HUGE thank you to @SeibonCarbonOfficial for trusting us to build their next SEMA car! In today’s video we install the FULL carbon 2023+ Nissan Z kit on our Proto Spec Nissan Z. While Seibon had the car, they installed a full carbon fiber roof and carbon fiber deck lid. In the shop, we installed their carbon front lip, carbon side skirts, carbon diffuser, and carbon vented hood. The Z looks INSANE!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign you guys haven’t seen the Z in a very long time but there’s good reason for that like I’ve been saying this is by far our busiest year yet and it’s only getting busier now the Z’s been gone for so long because it’s been hiding away at saving carbon welcome to the video

Everybody really quickly before we hop into it guess what we got matching Legend suits the whole thing look at me no seriously we have a brand new Legends collection drop in today and before we get started I wanted to run through everything that we have coming on the

New drop so let’s take a look what you guys probably don’t know is I sit down with a graphic designer to design all of these designs and for this one I wanted to bring a little bit of the style that I see when I go to Japan and kind of

Like the culture that I love about Japan and throw it into this so number one we of course have the Japanese culture inspired Dragon the Japanese wave we’ve got the yin and yang for balance and looking down here we have do more which is something that I talk about all the

Time and we designed this with the Japanese culture that I love in mind and wanted to bring it to you guys in a whole new design so we have brand new t-shirts as you guys can see when I’m rocking right now probably the most exciting thing that I’m excited for and

A lot of questions I got were the shorts these shorts are badass they’re fire you like that one that was good right look at this shelf though hold on I could put a drink there yeah it’s a duck butt we shouldn’t Pat that the Duck Butt

God okay listen I got it we got cool Legend hits on here these are nice these are as close as you can get two little lemon those are my favorite shorts to lift in I wanted to do these after these look at my thighs and these question I

Get asked a bunch what size am I I usually wear a size 32 in my waist but these are a size medium in our shorts so go based off that they’re true to size I like my shorts a little bit shorter like some short shorts but uh yeah size

Medium these are fantastic whether you’re lifting in the gym working on the cars or you’re gonna hop in the pool these are amazing moving on speaking of popping in the pool look what else we got look at this guy something we haven’t done in a very long time

We have towels beach towels these are absolutely sick I couldn’t leave these out we have hoodies you guys favorite with the amazing Japanese design right there sleeve hit and the awesome front hit right here all the stuff is live right now you can get it the first link

Down in the description box below help support the channel help support us before you get into the video check out the first link in the description and I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video let’s hop into it it’s been tucked away there because they’ve been working on a

Secret project because I guess I should just say this now we have four cars going to SEMA you guys already know about the WRX and I guess now you guys know the Z is now going like I said it’s been tucked away at saving carbon because they’ve been working on a secret

Project this is going to be the first Z in the entire world with the entire and I’m talking entire Sabin carbon kit now it’s on the lift so we can’t really give you guys a great look but yesterday Noah and I headed over to Saban to go pick up

This car and pick up all the parts now it was hiding over there because they actually fitted the Z with their brand new full carbon hatch carbon Wing but if you guys think this is cool wait till you just see this and full carbon roof this C is fitted out with every single

Bit of carbon that saving could possibly makes this is the first Z ever to have that along with all of their other carbon bits now for today for you guys I wanted to go ahead and outfit this car with every other bit that Saban makes so

We’re gonna have brand new front lip we have the rear diffuser which Tim is unboxing right here we’re gonna have side skirts and of course last but not least we have the beautiful Hood which I honestly don’t even know what this looks like yet but here’s one of the side

Skirts actually so uh we’re gonna save the hood for last because I think this is gonna oh I can actually feel it’s vented it has been yeah I can feel vents right here this is definitely gonna be the coolest part we have a portion of the rear diffuser right here so all of

This stuff is beautiful save and carbon fiber it’s gonna be every piece first Z in the entire world with it which is really cool and best of all you guys will actually be able to come to SEMA and see this car displayed at the Saban carbon booth now that’s freaking crazy

If you guys go back to my channel it’s when I very first started you can see some of the earliest videos is actually Tim and I right here installing Sabin carbon hoods on the Civic and on WX yeah which is still on yeah it’s still there

It’s still on the car actually it’s just now it’s painted which is really cool because back then like getting a carbon hood was something that I worked really really hard for and you know was one of my favorite modifications on both my Civic and my WRX and now to be actually

Working with Sabin on developing new parts for the Z and actually being at their booth for SEMA that’s really freaking sick so it’s a huge like Milestone something that I think younger me would have been very proud of so that’s super cool anyways we’re just gonna hop right in and get started

Installing all this stuff so like I said we have side skirts we have front lip we have diffuser and then the hood I think we’re gonna knock out the sidesters first so let’s get started and have some fun forgot how sick our engine bay is I’m gonna pop this thing since last year

This car actually went to SEMA last year with raise and we did a bunch of AMS stuff in this car I completely forgot this car has 500 horsepower that’s pretty insane we did all the AMS goodies intakes uh intercoolers I mean the whole every yeah it’s really really safe all

Right anyways we’re gonna go and knock off this front bumper and get started with the front lip thank you foreign guys take a look at the front bumper I’ve always thought that this really needs a front lip and one thing that this has that kind of like guards I

Guess the underside of the car is this like plastic or rubber little lip thing this has to get removed because that lip slides Within These grooves and actually has really cool I forgot to tell you guys at the beginning of the video when you look at the front lip it kind of has

Some ducting and and then if you guys look down here Sabin and Z1 Concepts have worked together to make actual brake Ducks so these are carbon fiber brake ducts that will shoot air directly to your rotors so it’s like a functioning two-piece the lip will feed air to these and these

Will feed air to your brakes so that’s pretty rad so step two out of this is removing this little plastic lip thing on the front bumper and then we can lock up the front lip foreign I’m guessing like this is for the brake duct or something I don’t know that’s

Crazy whoa and it fits super nice look how flush that is that’s Super Rad okay now we got a bunch of hardware and I believe this actually just mounts to the OEM holes that you use anyways which is pretty freaking sick so let’s go ahead

And mount this guy up and I think we’ll be good and set did you that’s pretty freaking gnarly man it’s so flush and perfect it is it fits really nice I mean which is very unlike carbon and fiberglass pieces a lot of times you have to make them fit and make

Them work this actually fits really snug and nice that’s pretty gnarly today’s special guest oh my favorite huh look at that I am Sparkle’s favorite this whole video is just Tim on the floor every clip has been with you on the floor I am putting this up I’m gonna

Pre-mark the holes probably drill them while it’s just free-floating we’re gonna undo these bolts in here just fold the piece down and then feed the nuts and bolts through so it’s it’s coming it fits really good I just taped it up there and it looks really good like he

Was saying about the front lip it it fits real snug foreign foreign is it gnarly or is it gnarly oh my God that is insane that is super super aggressive I think we’re gonna need like a splitter or something to like protect this dang that’s gonna

Change the whole front end of the car dude how’s she look it is meaty yeah oh yeah luckily it’s extremely easy to take this bumper on an awful with a lot of the newer cars they make it overly complicated to install the stuff but a mocker up

That’s insane dude I I’m kind of worried we might have to raise the car a little bit holy dude that just adds like so much extra Flair and then come over if you look right down here this vent goes directly I probably can’t see it goes directly to the carbon vent

Leading air to the brakes like fits spot on so with that I’m gonna let Saban do their do their thing I actually have another piece that connects to the rotor and um actual tubing that will go from that to the piece they have on the rotor to like actually deflect air to the

Actual Bridge so that’s cool but uh this is awesome that was super easy install it just utilizes OEM mounting holes there are a couple holes that you have to drill but bolts right on and fits perfectly step one complete that’s awesome was that first try first try come look

At this Dustin like a glove isn’t that what they think it’s kind of cool look at it I haven’t even really looked at the phone no yeah I know now we have the front lip and the side skirt look at that oh yeah front lip side skirts

Let’s go ahead and move on to the rear diffuser moving on to the rear diffuser now full disclosure if you guys remember this car was at SEMA last year like I said with rigs and we did the full map exhaust system now this was a prototype exhaust so this wasn’t really meant to

Be on the car for this long we are getting a new exhaust before SEMA this year but the exhaust actually sits outward a little bit too much so when installing our carbon rear diffuser this exhaust if you look actually hits right where the right where the rear diffuser

Is we’re not going to be installing these side portions today we’re going to leave this portion to save on I can mock it up for you guys and show it to you but I won’t be installing it simply just because I don’t want the exhaust to be

Sitting right on it so what we’re going to do is leave this to them they are also going to be swapping out our exhaust at their shop and there’s a couple other things that we’ll be revealing to you guys at SEMA that’s going to be kind of a surprise so this

Will just be kind of One of Those portions but what we can do is the center portion of the user which actually looks super dope and fits right on this is gonna be super easy there’s just two clips down here that hold this on as well as some double-sided tape

That we’ll do up here but honestly the rear diffuser looks awesome just with this middle portion um but for today that’s all we’re gonna do but with these it makes it look really aggressive so I’ll go ahead and mock this up for you guys so you can see

What it looks like and then we’ll actually install the center portion so once you get the bolt to hold that up like that let’s see from here yeah let’s look with the side skirt is it all flow like it’s like it flows really really good I mean from back here

That just looks ridiculous it’s huge that is gonna look crazy when this car is on the ground the way this thing is gonna look super dope okay we’ll leave this off for now and do the rear center portion and move on to the hood foreign see

Well I think it’s safe to say the entire look of the Z has completely transformed so last thing that you guys saw would be the center diffuser portion right here what’s just going to reiterate is not complete even though I do think it looks fantastic even with only this Center

Piece because like the rear bumper stock diffuser whatever you want to call it is still pretty aggressive so with with just the center carbon portion it actually still looks really fantastic but I mean it just flows with the carbon duct build the carbon deck lid it’s

Really sick moving on to the side skirts everything just has a lower like it kind of gives me like Need for Speed Vibes you know like uh the lip kit adds so much to the car super sick and then of course the front end is probably the

Most aggressive and the coolest part of the car it is insane so last but not least the Finishing Touch is going to be the is going to be the hood which I think is going to be the coolest part of the car I mean the biggest change on the

Car I think is going to come from the hood so we’re gonna unbox this put this thing back onto the ground and let’s get it installed Cinder I’m so excited this thing’s gonna look so different actually sitting on the ground and just like lower profile if you guys know what I

Mean lip kits body kits I mean it just transforms and makes the car know what you really want it you know look how aggressive the front lip is too definitely might need a splitter for that oh my gosh it looks so cool that looks insane barely oh dude

Holy moly it’s like a whole different car just the lift it dude I mean the front end this is exactly what it needed and it’s like just aggressive enough that’s so cool it looks mean it has some functionality to it it’s nice and carbon and flashy but not but not too much you

Know let’s let’s lower this real fast dude it looks completely different oh dude it is ultra handy look at that that’s a big vent what does it look like though I wonder if it’s over the um it’s good is it good it’s it’s really good holy moly dude carbon that that is beautiful

Foreign that is insane again it just gives it a completely new look that is freaking sick dude okay thank you truth does it line up first try it sits right on top of our AMS intakes holy we got that we have to move it this way

So the hood has to be shifted this way we’re gonna do some adjusting figure some things out and we’ll come back when this is fitting correctly really for a second take in how good it is from the lift kit so if you come look at the hood it fits fantastic yes there’s

Adjustments that you can do from your actual latches but it fits phenomenally but the coolest part one of the coolest parts are the vents I mean you can directly see down into the AMS intakes right here releasing heat then we have the boxed intakes from the hood moving

Up to the entire full real carbon hood get in get in here get in here that’s good listen to that that’s good I mean it’s nice it’s very good then you move back and you have the carbon deck lid how insane is this to the beautiful duckbill tail whatever you want to call

It rear wing spoiler it’s all awesome and I mean they did a great job you know bringing homage to the old 280Z or 240s I mean if you look at RZ it’s literally the same exact Wing in the back and it just so much similarity so clean so

Simple so like I said if you guys want to come see this thing at SEMA we’ll be displaying it we’ll have a new wheel set up a couple little bits that are going to be unique to our car that save on will do when we bring the car back to

Them but this is the start and I am so excited to see the actual final finished product the damn this is really good thank you thank you thank you missing successful I’m stoked Z is loaded next time you guys see this it’ll look very different but I’m stoked I

Think that’s where we’re gonna end today’s video hope you guys are as stoked about this car as we are um It’s Gonna Change and like I said let us know if you guys want to see more stuff with this car should we do like a like a wide

Body on it like what else should we do with it let us know because if not we’re gonna sell it and maybe do something new anyways thank you guys for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe

We’ll see you guys for the next one peace out foreign