Dustin Williams Video: First Car Meet in the FL5 Type R!! | Picking Up Special Guest from JAPAN!

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-22 17:00:36
Author: Dustin Williams
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FL5 is finally out and about! in today’s video i take you guys along for a day in the life style video where we go to cars and coffee and pick up our best friend all the way from Japan!!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign a very long time since we made a video like this look who’s with Bing look what color we’re in I’m so excited so today we are taking the fl5 for its first ever car meet we’re gonna go to Carson coffee this morning at our friends over at West

Coast Exotics which is nice and fitting because we can also go maybe look at some but you guys aren’t going to believe me here but this is my first time ever driving this car now granted I I drove it I think a mile where the pickup location was whenever it was delivered a

Mile from the shop to wherever that location was was a mile this car still has 19 miles on the odometer and we’ve had this car for months there’s so much that I want to tell you guys that I’ll tell you guys throughout the video I can finally show the wheels

And tires that are on it because I think this is the video it’s going to go after our first modification day so our brakes on our Wheels I can finally tell you guys about those which by the way those videos were also filmed months in advance so if I forget something that’s

Why this car has been a long long process whether it was you know being able to even film the content to filming the content it’s been a very long time since we’ve had this car and made all this content so now we can finally drive it and finally start showing you guys

Everything without being restricted to like brand stuff we’ll just say that but anyways yes first time driving the fl5 today 19 miles on the car and our first time taking it to a car meet which I am super excited for again you really don’t ever see these cars right now they’re

Super rare and I guess super hard to get still um so I’m very excited to take it out and have some fun with it we have brand new Bridgestone re71s on it again my favorite part being an interior that is suede steering wheel just nice I’m gonna drive it like this

Pinky up we’re gonna go get Chiana some coffee and then we’re gonna head to the Cars and Coffee meet first Highway Bowl Buster is so sick can you see the lights yes I don’t know how I feel about being exhaust I feel like it’s like the artificial exhaust noise

I do think it sounds cool right I like the interior it’s so good thank you I think that really aggravates me when the dealership put the Alcantara steering wheel on they put it on crooked they didn’t fix it dad is going to drive me insane

I don’t know if I mentioned this in the video ever really we also got the X at the red leather oh we like the OEM shift not better like the traditional tie bar teardrop shift knob which we have they gave us all the OEM parts so we still have the other

Steering wheel and we also have the which is nice I like the red in it though yeah we’ll show you both I want to know what you guys think you have the red or do you like the teardrop or the or the uh an accessory [Applause] I’m not gonna lie it does not look like they’re having a Cars and Coffee we babe why are we here are they not I’m pretty sure they’re having Cars and Coffee today oh my God there’s not a single soul here wait you guys no one here no Nikki text me sent me a

Flyer was it yesterday on Saturday you knew it was yesterday Kidding me well we’re here ready to go got up early got coffee for a Cars and Coffee March 18th and it was yesterday are you me we could technically we’re having our own Cars and Coffee oh my God this is the best thing I mean

Do you want to walk up to the window and look at the cards through the window well we gotta do something we’re like up ready active I got my coffee like I’m ready to go we gotta do something let’s show them the car real fast this is our personal Cars and Coffee

Whoever’s here’s gonna be like what the these people doing let’s let’s jump I am Never Gonna Let You live this one down ever Cars and Coffee hold on I just want everyone to get the full scope hold on guys this is what we pull up to for the Cars and Coffee

It doesn’t matter how great does the car look then let’s talk about that the t-37s cherry on top now when I got this guys you gotta remember I I had no say in what color I got it just it just showed up it was whatever whatever came

First is what came from Honda and I thought it gray Pearl is what came this is not the color I expected at all but I did fall in love with it as soon as I saw it especially like really cool lighting like this whenever we did the

Install for you guys you couldn’t see this but we did put the t37s from the FK on this car and I feel like these wheels fit this car so much better this car is not lowered or anything and it feels like it just it just already goes with

The car you know even from like back here I think it’s just the shape of the car is so good look at that I love it my favorite car a lot of you guys were saying like oh he blew his engine then he went and bought an fl5

Right after the engine no I had this car for a month a lot of you guys probably don’t pay attention or like don’t see everything that we post so I don’t expect you to know but we’ve literally had this car for months been planning this build four months the idea for this

Is that this car is going to be like this streetable this is what the f gate was supposed to be the streetable daily driver track car that I can take there if I want to then we have the fk8 which is going to be the full-blown race car

Which that unexpectedly turn into wait don’t worry we have someone coming to our Cars and Coffee that’s what we need wait um they might have found a Cars and Coffee just we were just going home and we found this I wonder if this is or can we

Even get into this oh look look we got we got Cars and Coffee baby I cannot believe we just found this are you kidding me don’t worry we saved the video oh my God I can’t believe this all right well there’s a bag Z here damn it’s pretty cool let’s go find a parking spot all right don’t worry guys this isn’t the Cars and Coffee we we wanted but it’s the Cars and Coffee we needed okay this I cannot believe we were just

Driving and literally saw this I can’t believe it either that how funny is that that’s all because we’re going Pokemon card hunting we were about to go to Target to go get Pokemon cards guys all right let’s park up and go look at some of these cars boom found the Cars and Coffee

Nice what a turn of events fl5 finally parked let’s go look at some of these cars This thing is actually sick we have the same color same color car oh yeah yeah I know this is the most year they’ve ever seen I know this is actually it looks like it’s a Proto Z but just wrapped in that crazy rustic look the car that would ruin all cars for me

If I bought it so that’s why we probably don’t get a Supra it’s very nice though oh Big I don’t know if it’s a big rim Walker if they painted it I don’t know this thing is so cool I love super so much Coolest one here and the reason being rocking the banner dude yeah These are really growing on me they are I don’t hate it I don’t even hate the orange no I like the orange it looks like it’s a mix yes exactly exactly what it looks like but I kind I kind of like it oh my God that’s

Gonna be us little baby Murph right in the car seat I really enjoyed the ma performance WRX when I was in Minnesota and there’s a lot of stuff you could even the one that we saw at SEMA where it was like it had the virus kit and

Then it was all like the all the plastic was paint matched it was really really good so you there’s a lot you could do to make this better type our pizza still finding tape that I had to I have to peel off from doing the install videos okay well that counts

First cars in coffee okay I can’t believe we just stumbled across that I know very small we met so we met some viewers of the channel so thank you guys for for watching the channel and rocking the Legends Banner that’s super cool it was very very small so not not too much

To show you guys but there was a lot of really cool cars there so I’m I’m stoked that we went do you know where am I going I gotta turn around right I’m not really sure where are you trying to go I don’t know I’m time lost

Are you trying to go to the Target yeah anyways also fun fact Dustin’s terrible with directions truly we first car show that’s fine we’re gonna go try and find some Pokemon cards now since ultimate Day all right lots lots of Firsts today first uh first Target run on the fl5 let’s go see if they have some cards you guys know how it goes what are the odds actually have cards in here right now listen guys it’s whatever I come they never have cards but on whatever

She’s here she’s my good luck charm so that’s when we always find cards Okay oh they’re still they’re still come by myself whenever he just comes by himself there’s nothing dude they’re stacked okay we don’t we we’ve never gotten one of these so we definitely gotta get one of these we’re gonna do a one ex box and we’re gonna do lucky number three

This is our haul today all right we see all that Cars and Coffee sort of not really we did not fail at Pokemon cards Successful Target Hall Mission with cards and groceries just take a second right here to really appreciate how good this car looks all right it’s only right if we rip open these cards in the cards we’ll show you guys what we get after what are we doing

First I think we should do the four packs okay all right here we go let me tell everyone what happened so I open up this box right and you have all the packs like this and I was like oh one’s open look see this guy we thought it was a resale

Pack right upon further inspection there’s a crimped there’s a crimped card inside the pack my first error pack that was a big deal now what’s gonna make this really juicy is if the card is like a very good card we’re gonna open this one last this is this is the spec this

Is the special pack here so from the first box this is the only pole that we got I don’t know if anybody watching this cares or likes Pokemon like I do but you are now we gotta be Max pretty nice not great not terrible okay we’ll update you guys

Once we open up all 10 of these and then the air yeah so this is how it came you can see that the crimped card in there looks like it can’t they can’t really see it on camera it looks like there looks like a couple of crimped cars

Okay which means that they just sealed the pack and like stamped the card let’s see what we got in here oh look how bad that is oh my gosh is that oh it’s cramped it’s crimped it’s crimped oh it’s Groot are you kidding me wait you

Guys hold on hold on let me Focus hold on you guys see the top okay and it’s sweet it’s my favorite card we’ve already pulled this I don’t know how we pulled this twice and now now it’s crimped what is our look today we’ve had some we should go back in

There and buy all the boxes shook it okay wait let me see how bad the other one is okay it’s like cut off on the other one’s cut off super bad okay look at that hold up it’s like oh man I kind of want to go back in there and buy the

Rest of those etbs because what if they’re all in the same Factory the chances of an error are like you have a better chance of winning the lotto than getting like Pokemon error cards this is like a Holy Grail item I don’t think you guys understand that is

Nuts I gotta call out Alex is our card guy and he’s in a flip out real fast I know I know a lot of you guys aren’t into this but look at our error cards we had the best freaking card run today the we did good we did good I think I think

We can go home happy now okay first off we went to a non-existent Cars and Coffee then found a Cars and Coffee then we went to Target which usually doesn’t have Pokemon cards then we pull it and we get the the error card it’s insane and then you made us go back

Inside and buy the other two boxes because you thought they were gonna have error card well you never but you ended up getting that cool Pikachu one and the gold one finally made it home and I’m I am curious do you guys follow F1 Red Bull is just dominating my team is

McLaren as much as I as much as the 570s left a bad taste in my mouth my team will always be McLaren and it hurts me to see how bad they’re doing this year and I do miss Ricardo but Red Bull is absolutely crushing it this year I’m

Curious do you guys follow F1 we should do some we should we should do some F1 content on the channel that would be pretty cool this has turned into a very unexpected weird Day in the Life video and what time it’s 7 11. I don’t remember last

Time I remember the last time we picked up the camera last but we are at the airport picking up a very special guest how do I get to where we need to go we’re picking up a very special guest all the way from Japan California Bye yeah it’s been all stop it let’s go Masa how’s your uh your American journey been so far where have you been tell the Vlogs well I’ve been to Texas 2K how was that insane how long has it been since the last time you’ve been in America

Five years holy moly yeah I’ve never been back ever since so Masa has what like two or three days here left two days he’s gonna come visit with us come see the shop but we’re gonna have a good time yeah I’m also you hungry here so

Many times this is as close as we can get to Japan America hi Ben okay what do you think I mean it’s authentic is it’s authentic that’s for sure you know Japanese Hot Plate where you put the meat in the hot plate yeah like garlicky you know rice with nice beef

What do you think no we’re in Japan I brought three hoodies two of them are from yours that’s right and then one of them is from topic because you didn’t work but aside from that yeah yo by the way guys um you know VIPs get Early Access you

Know all those all these cool Shenanigans you gotta have to go subscribe to VIP it’s like we’re in Japan but we’re back home ending with some matcha boba tea I wonder I wonder if it’s dissimilar to what you guys have in Japan let’s try it What do we think it’s actually does it does taste like matcha yeah yeah like a you know sweet matcha stuff we have some good Japanese stuff here yeah but tomorrow we’re gonna get most of some American food time to go to the duck Palace yes are you ready so excited so

We’re not gonna be doing too much tonight obviously because it is super late but I’m super tired but tomorrow tomorrow we’ll have a full day of Masa and Dunn adventures in America yeah