Dustin Williams Video: FINALLY Making the Porsche 911 My Own.. | Perfect Fitment with JDM Wheels & Tires

FINALLY Making the Porsche 911 My Own.. | Perfect Fitment with JDM Wheels & Tires

Posted: 2023-08-21 17:00:15
Author: Dustin Williams
@FitmentIndustries https://www.fitmentindustries.com/ for all your wheels, tires, suspension needs
In today’s video, we finally get the Porsche 911SC fitted with some new wheels and tires!! I loved the speedlines, but I always felt like i needed to put my own touch on the car. Today we installed the BBS Japan LM1 in gold. these are the perfect fit for the car. Flat motorsports style face, slight lip, with a color to contrast the light blue metallic. These are wrapped in the meaty bridgestone potenza re71rs

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Thank you We finally get to make the Porsche a little bit more of my own today thank you there are 17 guys See that is a whole lot of meat yeah all right we’re back at our favorite tire shop Franco’s tires super local to us while the tires are getting mounted I figured I’d talk to you guys a little bit about what we have for today and I

Am so freaking excited as always for all of our suspension and tire needs we of course got all this stuff from Pippin Industries if you guys need any help with fitment wheels tires anything on your cars I’m Gonna Leave a link to fitment down description box below fitment Industries actually has a

Gallery that can help you find proper specs on your car which I definitely recommend checking out but for today’s setup today’s meaty setup on the Porsche we have the Potenza re71 RS which we use pretty much on all of our cars and especially with the Porsche you guys

Know my style I like aggressive meaty track stance while also having the flare and some style which is where the wheels come in so I don’t want to show you guys just yet until we get these into the shop but we have some bbs’s going on the Porsche and we’ll talk about what’s

Going to go on with the speed lines once we get back to the shop as well but these are a special set of the bbs’s because they’re from BBS Japan and if you don’t know the difference between BBS Japan and maybe German BBS I guess you could say BBS Japan actually

Produces all of their Ford Road and race wheels so you know when you’re getting the BBS Japan wheels that they’re gonna be forged which I am super pumped about give you guys a little sneak peek of The Wheel mounted it is insane and this is this is only the front this isn’t even

The rear yet this is a rear wheel it looks oh it’s it’s so good hey boys are back in the truck dude this is like what I wanted the look for the Porsche to be I told you guys I really wanted to have that race Heritage style Porsche this is that

Back to the shop it’s a successful Mission and I’m height all right I think it’s finally time to show you guys say hello to our new Porsche Wheels foreign As if you guys can’t tell I could not be any more stoked on what we have finally got for the poor shot again I have to give a massive thank you to Fitbit Industries for helping us secure these this is the color and the style that I

Really wanted and they had one set left in stock which again is absolutely crazy if you guys know about how hard it is to get BBS wheels and all Wheels really but even Industries luckily for us had one more set in the gold in the exact size

That we needed left in stock so these are the BBS lm1 wheels in Gold 17 by 7.5 in the front with a 17 by nine in the rear absolutely sick and you get that nice little lip in the rear as well while still keeping that flat kind of

Motor sports face which is what I really really wanted so at the beginning of this build I told you guys that with the sporsha I wanted to keep the spirit of the race inspired Motorsport course inspired raw racing machine while still adding my touch to it so I’m very

Excited to throw these on the car as you guys know previously we do have the Porsche speed lines on here but unfortunately while Tim was taking these out these do have a crazy spacer on them front and rear I think these were like 30 mil spacers or something like that no

I’m not getting rid of the speed lines I’m not going to be selling these I am going to get these rebuilt so that we will have the LM ones as well as the speed lines so if I ever do want to put back the speed lines on I can but I

Think the lm1s are gonna fit this car perfectly especially for what I want so I guess I’m gonna shut up now let’s get them on the car Moment of Truth Foreign Step by step slowly but surely making this Porsche exactly what I wanted and giving it my own style I am honestly speechless the car looks insane this is exactly like like I told you guys I love the flat Motorsports face that we also have that nice polished lip the big

Grippy re71 RS is or definitely affect this thing to the canyon so we have 225s up in the front and two 55s in the rear and realistically we could probably fit a nice 265 in the rear but that’s if we ever go three eight four oh down the

Road we’ll see moment of truth let’s put her on the ground it’s got that vintage Porsche Aura I just I can’t explain it oh my God Foreign this thing like I said we definitely need an alignment we do have suspension coming in so I don’t want to touch the alignment or anything until the suspension comes in because we’d have to just get it done once we replace everything but step by step like I said

This thing is truly coming out exactly how I imagined but before we can call this complete there’s one last thing that we have to do along with the wheels came of course the BBS center caps and one of my favorite things about buying Wheels like DBS or raise or whatever the

Little details make the biggest difference even if you look down here you have the BBS valve stem right here we have BBS engraved into the wheels what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put the BBS center caps on so good the finishing touches it finishes it off really does foreign Enough to put my own little touch onto the car I am super happy that this actually came in this is our vanity plate this is just like the perfect Final Touch for today’s video what today was all about was really making the Porsche my own the wheels the tires it

Looks fantastic but this is a great Ender for today check this out we have the vanity plate P car how good is this it’s just simplistic perfect and it fits right in look at it how great is that so we’re gonna be putting this on today but

First what do you think about the wheels okay oh that’s pretty sick yeah I’m not gonna lie I mean you know me with wheels I’m always hesitant until I see them on the car yeah you and your crazy like different wheel colors but the gold looks really good I was almost gonna do

A brushed aluminum like how yeah the speed lines me too the blue I’m superb not that I I love the Speed Line Wheels I think once those have a proper wheel spec we don’t have to run 30 mil spacers on the car they will look good as well but I am so

Stoked on how sick this came out the flat face Motorsports look with the lips starting to make it your own yeah yeah the big meaty tires yeah I think the next step um we have so much stuff coming in but one of the big things that

We are doing is suspension on this we’re waiting to hear back and waiting for that to come in I do think that this thing needs to be raised up just a little bit we can remove some of the camber out of the rear and really get

This thing like a nice beefy stance once we have the suspension in I was really thinking that today that we were gonna have to raise the car because of how meaty we went with the tire set up but it actually worked out really nicely we don’t rub at all it drives perfectly and

Now we don’t have to run 30 mil spacers which means it’s going to feel a lot better at higher speeds so with that being said today was an absolute success and even better than I imagined because raising these things up on the torsion bars is a headache so we don’t have to

Deal with that right now and it just came out super good and of course like we said the finishing touches the BBS center caps really really made it I’m hyped now I think we’ll put the finishing touch on the car and we can end today’s video

I think my favorite part is no matter what you do to a car whether it’s putting on a license plate or a sticker or new wheel suspension paint like whatever you’re always just as hyped no matter how big or how little like it’s never gotten old to you it never gets

Old and it’s I always I always tell you guys the smallest things can make the biggest differences and my favorite part is when I get a car for the first time and I get to do all the small little things that like just make the car my

Own and we’ve really taken our time with this one even I had this car for over a month before you guys saw it and I would sit with Tiana and ask her opinion on the things I was buying like I’ve been really methodical about the parts and

The stuff that we’ve decided on this car so I’m excited once I get back from Japan which is already already passed for you guys but hopefully by by now we’ll have a bunch of parts at the shop ready to go so that we can just get this build going with everything that I

Ordered so should be pretty awesome and yeah like she said I mean no matter how big or how small all I’m just as excited because you know this is a dream car and a dream building it’s really coming alive this angle right here is my favorite

Because you get a look at the meaty Wheels the bbs’s and then you can see the cage in the back this is it’s coming out exactly what I had envisioned for this car foreign that’s all we have for today’s video I am so pumped on how awesome the Porsche

Turned out I hope you guys are as well I cannot wait for you guys to see what we have coming in for this car we actually did make a decision on what we’re gonna do with the wing and the deck lid so stay tuned for that um it should be

Within the next couple of videos because as you guys are watching this I should be back from Japan by now and by now everything should be in and stuff so stay tuned we got a lot coming for the Porsche build and I’m very excited to continue to take you guys along for my

Dream build it’s very exciting even just a license plate makes me so excited but once again if you guys see anything Wheels Tire suspension make sure to hit up fitment Industries and try a Bridgestone because these are absolutely fantastic tires like I said gonna go ahead and end today’s video here thank

You guys so much for watching if you have not already make sure to hit that like button leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we will see you guys for the next one peace out Thank you from here