Dustin Williams Video: FINALLY Dyno Tuning FL5 Type R & Makes POWER! *JAILBREAK*

FINALLY Dyno Tuning FL5 Type R & Makes POWER! *JAILBREAK*

Posted: 2023-05-08 17:00:20
Author: Dustin Williams
Thank you @HondataInc for the flashpro & hard work on breaking the FL5 ECU!
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In today’s video, we make a trip over to the Hondata HQ to pick up a flashpro for the FL5 type r! Hondata has finally broken the ECU and figured out how to actually tune this thing. We made 30hp over our previous number for a total of 321hp360tq. the type r feels amazing!!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign mission to start today’s video off you were you are not allowed to come here but we got special access for our special video today and I’m super excited to take you guys along today we have a Type R video It’s official We’re back for some really exciting news today what’s up guys welcome to the video and today obviously we’re here with the fl5 and our good friend Nick from oh so sick and we’re gonna be tuning officially finally the fl5 today because hondata has finally jailbroken

The fl5 ECU last time we were here I told you guys I would update you once it actually happens and it actually happened a lot sooner than expected right a lot so where where and when did this happen uh this happened well now it’s been a couple weeks now it happened

Really just really randomly the main programmer from hondata said guess what everybody just surprise kind of everybody yeah and um that’s crazy now it’s not the way the fk8 is right now which is you could just do it through the flash Pro oh really but it’s also not like the very first

Way they used to do it so it’s kind of like jump started right in the middle okay so you don’t have to open up the ECU but you do have to send it it you have to send your ECU you have to send your ECU and what they do is kind of

Like a bench unlock but they’re not physically opening the ECU or any of that oh wow they’ll just connect their adapters or whatever and some secret stuff and then yeah boom it’s a lot sick and so we actually dropped off the fl5 what was it two weeks ago yes I already

Get our ECU unbroken Geo Brook whatever you want to call it so that we’re actually able to do a Honda flash Pro and today we’re officially all good so this is a little bit different than how we tune the FKA correct because def gate is obviously my race car whereas the f05

Is going to be more of a daily driver take to the track kind of car for right now so instead of doing a full custom tune we’re actually offering what we tell you guys about every time that we’re here we’re gonna be doing a kind

Of like a like a flash tune this would be like it’s a preset calibration that hondata comes out with so okay especially for the newer models but they’ve done it in the past they’ll come out with tunes that are ready to go just out of the box so that when you buy

Their device you can simply select which one and for right now they F3 there’s a factory settings there’s a 91 octane and there’s a 93 octane so I’m gonna show you guys right here boom so these are just right out of the box yep set and

Ready to go now for rfo5 if you guys aren’t caught up to date on the build series of the car we currently have an intercooler charge piping we have a turbo inlet pipe as well as intake hose and drop-in filters there’s nothing re oh and a front pipe we have a front pipe

There’s nothing that really needs a tune on the car so there’s nothing specified for any of those parts this is just if you guys have an f05 UGL break your ECU and you get a flash Pro you can use one of these Tunes yep and uh in time

Hondata like always will keep producing and providing new Tunes so that when there are different intakes out or just different upgrades like a Turbo upgrade usually they’ll make a calibration so that it’ll kind of save you the hassle of having to go get a custom tune but as

Always if you wanted the most power and just everything just tailored to your vehicle than a custom tune right in which we will be doing once exhaust and downpipe and all of that stuff are ready for this car but for now this is gonna hold us over and Nick actually got a

Type off for testing as well and put ethanol on it so what did your car make on the 80s actually this can be a great question so the first time we dynoed the car we had an inner we had the intercooler and the charge piping which isn’t technically stock but you died on

The car correct bone bone stock what did you talk about like 12 miles on it yeah we actually did I compared both of ours okay we did about eight or ten horsepower less wow okay so right off the bat the intercooler integral yeah so what was it like two seven that was 270

Something okay so in the 270s that’s very cool so then you did E85 1885 and then 85 so thanks to power metric and Daniel we don’t have a flex fuel kit so it’s not a flexible but uh we did blend it just manually so we went to the gas

Station did a blend and put in the tank so it’s like about an E40 but we have really no way of checking we just did the calculations and that made 363 horsepower and 399 torque such a great card that’s six so that’s gonna be drastically different than what

We’ll get today because this is just an off-the-shelf tune but once we actually sit down and take the time to custom tune this you know we can reach somewhere closer to that but for a bland that’s awesome yeah and the good news is you have the same device that could make

That happen right enjoy the car how it is and then use one of hondata’s great base maps that they have enjoy that and then when you’re ready for more get used so that’s the plan for today right now we also you can also like kind of customize it too right like check

Boxes on what things that you want things that you don’t want a classic a classic thing on even sis type R’s whatever a classic thing for Honda is Rev hay so we made sure to turn the Rev hang off because that’s one of at least

For me one of the parts that I don’t enjoy so we turn that off and it’s on that already is gonna make the car feel a lot better oh yeah but now he’s gonna wait for that to upload to the ECU and we can send the dyno Foreign Last time we were here with no tune just seeing how the car performed stop flip stock with the intercooler we actually made 294 with 316 foot-pounds of torque now for today’s pull we actually made 295 and 336 so we didn’t have a huge jump in Horsepower

There was an increase of 20 torque in this one so if you look at both of the maps the biggest thing is there’s Peak horsepower and torque and then there’s just the overall power man right that’s where you can really see the hondata’s preset calibration to shine in the mid-range there’s a big

Gap course this power they’re about the same but also there’s a different day as well right but you can clearly see with the Honda 91 tune in yeah I mean you can obviously see the graph right here for both sides ultimately they all meet at the same point but the difference on where

Everything picks up is crazy two more poles okay About the same yep about the same 293 horsepower and 335 okay so no real horsepower gains but we did gain a lot on the torque which is where you’re really gonna feel that all that like even like right here is huge yeah right here but correct Peak peek for Peak

Horsepower it’s about the same so this car is going to be a lot of fun to drive yeah especially just right so the overall benefits of just got a look over somebody right okay sure obviously you’re not gonna type for it yeah okay oh should we so this is yeah he’ll just

Emailed me oh uploaded all right see this this will be a good test Okay so basically what Nick is saying show it’s not the Nick is not too dude currently uh it’s also the same two thunderhill pretty insane but anyway Daniel’s not here he sent this on data versus

Load her up baby right and once it becomes available to the public it will be called parliamentary stage 0.91 right and you guys can get that at the link down below metric s is awesome I see you laughing what is it first pool 3 18. that’s uh a little bit different a little bit different that definitely sounded way way spicier let me down so 318 horsepower and 362 foot pounds of torque holy moly yeah again again the key differences in all this

For those of you that are new to it get out for everybody right and obviously they’re either that’s freaking sick okay okay That’s so sick dude that’s a big jump oh yeah hell yeah I think you’ll have fun with this this thing is definitely gonna be pretty spicy you’re so cool okay well sick yeah I think yeah I think that’s good and then we’re going down far exhaust in the

Downward big difference 321 and 360 ish torque that’s crazy but okay but we were just talking too and if you guys remember when we did that I don’t I don’t remember the exact number of the fk8 but it was either defke was either a little bit faster I think it was 330

With Adele that’s crazy so it’s like what was either the fl5 is a a miraculous car which it is or there’s something very wrong with my fate to begin with it’s a possibility and maybe the reason that the motor blew up yeah who knows no who knows either way I am

Super stoked to go and drive that way yeah Tim guessed before anything 3 20. so that’s really awesome I’m super happy SMB perfect on a on a practically stocked car with minimal mods I wonder if a downpipe would even do well okay so that’s a that’s an off the shelf map you

Can buy well yeah you guys can buy this too whenever it’s available like this isn’t even a custom tune so yeah could a custom tune do yeah hondata was OTS over the Shelf power metric one is built off of Nick’s car right here but that will also be an

Over-the-shelf map that power metric offers so yes it was kind of custom but it isn’t over the shelf that you guys will be able to buy for yourselves which is cool I’m just wondering what what an actual like an actual on my car I custom actual tune like we usually do we do

We’ll find that out very soon we’ll put more minutes on it yeah this thing is about to feel so good I’m so pumped we’re gonna go give it a little test drive real fast and before we take her back to the shop see how she feels I found your next car

The next build to what what yeah it’s peppier for sure it’s way more responsive oh oh yeah it has some sauce not all the sauce but it has some sauce oh that’s good Tim that’s good you’re you’re almost pulling like 0.6 G’s oh let’s see isn’t this the bump we hit

In this yes not this time oh that’s great that’s so good now it needs more sound not has it has the pep now we need a little bit more sound out of it so much better that’s great it’s the response is good exactly so do you know when this will be available for

Everybody uh it will be available as soon as I put it on the website for power metric nice okay so I’m going to leave the link to power metric down description box below as well as Oso stick media in the description box below so you guys can check all of that stuff

Out and if you want your fl5 jailbroken make sure to hit upon data and come see Power metric yep let’s go well guys this video is gonna end a little abruptly because right behind me here we just picked up our newest biggest most ambitious crazy project car slash

Giveaway car of all time we’re currently here in Salt Lake City Utah we just drove 10 hours it’s gonna pick up this car it’s got a crazy story I cannot wait to show you guys the content we had a lot of we got a lot of stuff to show you

Guys even behind the camera right now we have a brand new tow rig track support vehicle Overland Camp vehicle it’s awesome we got a lot to show you guys that’s all coming up within the next week so I’m very very excited but I am going to end this video here because

We’re about to pull into the hotel get some sleep and continue our driving but I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video don’t forget if you have an fl5 your ECU is unlockable make sure to hit up power metric and also to make sure you get it

Done I am super stoked the fl5 feels amazing and we have a lot more coming with that car as well we just did suspension you guys will see that coming up next and a whole lot of it’s gonna be really so stay tuned for not only Apple

5 but our brand new project car and what’s behind this camera right now thank you guys so much for watching if you have not already make sure you hit that like button leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button once again thank you

Guys and we’ll see you in the next one peace out Foreign