Dustin Williams Video: Driving Cross Country to Buy a Car & Stumbled Across INSANE JDM Collection..

Posted: 2023-05-17 17:00:15
Author: Dustin Williams
Thanks to @LYFEmotorsport for having us out to check out the shop.
Well.. this was definitely unexpected! In today’s video we travel 10 hours all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah to go pick up our new project & giveaway car. Unexpectedly, the owner has an INSANE hidden car collection and we got to take a look in todays video. From 1200hp GTRs to RWB Porsche’s imported from Japan.. Cole has it all!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Foreign Towing and first road trip in the great white buffalo great white buffalo good morning guys what’s up we are uh we have an early morning today because we are taking the new rig all the way to Salt Lake City Utah to go pick up the

New giveaway car for you guys and we are absolutely freaking stoked we’ve been talking about this for a while but this is the biggest and the most ambitious giveaway that we have ever done I’m a little bit nervous like 99 99 super excited one percent super nervous for

This but it’s gonna be awesome they have no idea what to expect right now Tim but the giveaway car is going to be sick there’s a reason we got a big ass trailer so we’re just loading everything in it is currently 6 20 in the morning

And we’re just going to send it all the way there go check out the car pick it up and drive a little bit a little bit back and then get started because we got a lot of work to do on this thing but I’m very curious today to see how this

Thing toes how it feels and like just how comfortable it is traveling because as you guys know we do a lot of that the purpose of this truck is to be track support tow rig Overland camper build it’s going to be super awesome and I’m super excited Um Oh yeah she’s big this thing is huge oh this is so sick oh dude Tim this is so perfect yeah it’s gonna be great this is this is what we needed yeah for sure Thank you Maybe slow him down a little bit ah we’ve finally made it to Utah not quite there yet still a couple hours left to go but first road trip in the great white buffalo fantastic this truck has been so comfortable tons of room easy to drive what do we think about the

New truck Tim it’s comfortable gets great gas mileage yes it has a big tank so it goes further pretty soon he’s going to be taking the road trip all the way up to Michigan for Midwest Fest taking the FKA 80 weeks away it’s very close so that was important for us as

Well and so far the truck has been fantastic but I know this video is not about the cool little update so we’ve been watching we’ve been watching F1 doing a bit of work quick driver change we’re on the home stretch cheers we had about hour left and then honestly I

Think you guys are gonna be pretty stoked once you just see the shop that we’re going to you’ve seen it in a previous video not the shop we’ve seen the cars in a previous video I’m very excited to take a tour of the actual shop and show you guys what we’re buying

The Great White Buffalo does not disappoint all right flow Tim this is the biggest car I’ve ever driven my whole life just remember you have a 24 foot trailer behind you don’t worry oh man look at that leg room bro get a lot of room in here right I could sleep in this

All right brother we’re almost there let me go around this way that’s a that’s a big this is uh we’ve got a large footprint here oh baby I probably should not film and drive with this thing you gotta go real wide oh look at that big bump man Did you write you literally cannot feel the trailer no you can’t at all at all with the tundra like it kind of like struggled yeah you can feel it pulling this one you can’t feel anything I don’t feel anything behind us granted it is an empty trailer but still we have a four

Thousand pound car behind that hmm how do you like the truck so far dude I love this thing it pulls easy huh 800 miles on it and it’s like perfect definitely like a much needed purchase yeah for as much as we do with this thing so needed oh baby

Dude I am nervous to see this thing’s on your right uh yeah I mean oh there it is it’s cool it’s cool the destination is on we made it 10 hours later welcome to Salt Lake City I think we should check out the shop first and then check out the car okay because

I will tell you inside come on [Applause] what’s up dude I don’t I’m trying my best not to look at it just yet nice to officially meet you dude yeah man yeah thanks for uh for hitting me up man is it okay if I like

Film in the shops and stuff go live some some good luck yeah let’s go inside wow look at that I know right that’s perfect I mean that’s not a sign it’s meant to be right welcome to uh life Motorsports so we have a pretty cool and unique story here

So we actually filmed a little bit so this is cool by the way and uh yes and we actually filmed a little bit of Cole’s car when we were at Global time attack competing in uh circle of the Americas for Global time attack rip to rip to us but you guys did exceptionally

Well which was awesome to watch so Cole here had one of the craziest cars that this by the way is a beautiful shot this is inside I was not prepared for all thanks and we’re moving locations too so okay um so this is I can’t even begin dude okay back to

What I was saying yeah Cola Cole has some had one of the craziest cars at GTA he had the life Motorsports R35 GTR which what did you end up running there two four that’s insane yeah we’re happy with that and I passed somebody too around the outside so yeah it was a day

To set the overall record but we’re happy with the all-wheel drive record get that a little bit deeper that’s amazing so can you explain a little bit like about the GTR a quick like little rundown yeah so this project started um we actually started racing r35s back

In 2013 we bought the Cobb time attack GTR and that was like the beginning oh rad okay I didn’t know that so Cobb was based in Utah I was around that car when they were running it in time attack and I was like just a young broke mechanic

Sure sure and so super attracted to that car in the race program um so fast forward 2013 my good friend and business partner bought that car we campaigned it in 2013-14 and part of 2015 I ran that at Pikes Peak for the very first time oh wow and then we came

Back took that car apart after Pike’s Peak and built this one for World Time attacks so this did this go to Australia twice no way that is like bucket list item that is so cool he’s in charge of organizing North American teams you that’s so cool oh my God I got one spot

In the container left so maybe one day I’ll be on that level maybe one day no it’s it’s it’s a good it’s a good event yeah I love it I mean like even just a spectate would be awesome to go well I’ll get you down there to minimum for that yeah please

Yeah it’s it’s I’m a Time attack guy this this car up there sets like a Time attack on the radar so that was the first North American team to go to World Time attack in the very beginning they took second place twice unfortunately wow cyber Evo so

Um that that really paved the way for time attack in my mind and it was an iconic car I mean I always wanted to be a part of it so getting to World Time attack was a big big deal yeah when I tried to go in 2013 I called up Ian

Baker the organizer of the event and today I want to be a part of your show and look at the car he’s like it’s not fast enough you might build a new car not let the fire though dude I mean even just to like it did so we knew what it

Had to happen and came back started with a fresh car we knew in 2013 we’d start and so yeah this ran World Time attack 2015. we named it Sydney because we didn’t finish the concert we got down there that’s always like the best stories yeah 100 man yeah but we made it

Down to the events and that was the beginning of Sydney and we’ve just been kind of chipping away at it ever since and improving it you know that’s so cool so does it still have the VR in it okay how much this one’s VR um makes like 1200 we haven’t run that much

Competition and iet’s get a little too hot sure um but yeah we’ve run like 1100 at codex right that’s pretty freaking gnarly and I mean I’m sure you guys can tell through the camera how just ridiculous this car is yeah it’s it’s wild but it’s it’s not that crazy because it’s like

Foot stock front and rear subframes not that crazy opens up [Laughter] wow a rough race car it’s an improvement I mean that’s the beauty of it though right that’s what racing is all about dude that’s time attack too because yeah like like yeah it’s a pretty fancy GTR

And all that but we’re a pretty Grassroots team so a lot of a lot of effort goes into it we tweak it and make it a little bit better every time we go out but it’s not like an unlimited money sure operation so I think that’s like my

Favorite part though yeah that’s time attack that’s the spirit of it and that’s why we love it so much too right I mean like building your car to the best of its ability but doing it like yourselves and developing yourself like that’s so cool starting from like the

Very bottom going to your local tracks all the way working up to world time yeah it took a little bit of money to get started yeah before Kyle comes in it’s his baby but we’ve all sacrificed a lot and put in the time and work to like

Go travel the world sure yeah and be a race car driver right aerodynamics and look at this dude what is going on back here the freedom tunnel so you know we had the the flag going around the whole outside but let’s see if I put a flashlight on you can see to

The back of the engine oh my God all the way through yeah what so helps aerodynamically um we’ve got an opening in the center of the floor and that uh get pretty toasty in the cockpit when you’re driving it gets a little warm yeah it gets a little

Warm but uh you know it’s time to attack of course yeah yeah I just gotta run this car at Pikes Peak also so you see the giant cooling system wow okay how is it at Pikes Peak yeah I’m sure yeah so if you guys watched the uh watch the GTA video that

We did you would have seen this there and actually getting to see it on Coda that was an experience in itself just getting to watch it it’s always commentating for one of the sessions and getting to watch you guys going is just so so gnarly unfortunately my engine

Blew so in practice so I didn’t have a weekend so I just had to sit back and enjoy the cars and this is one of the ones of course I mean I’m a huge GTR guy I have every generation so getting to see a build like this out there like

Running to like Max potentials it was it was tough because when we started this program nobody was doing anything like that sure r35s and we struggled like Cobb got to a certain point and they’re like it doesn’t make sense anymore you know oh some streetcar Parks yeah and

You just have to get to the real pointy end of the stick and do things that people aren’t doing so we’ve had to learn a lot of hard lessons as we’ve developed the R35 and our goal was always to just be the fastest R35 you know globally and we’ve never lost to

Another one we were able to beat HKS and knob 10. that’s so crazy the fact that you’re like competing on the level and with these guys is so I know right same for my heroes you know so being out on track with some of these Legends is unbelievable cyber Evo as well like

That’s crazy you’re checking off all my bucket list items dude that’s so cool for half the cost well yeah we’ll definitely be keeping in touch after after this but this is so rad what’s the story in here like so so like you own this do you own life

Motorsports oh okay okay so are you also the driver or do you have wow okay owner driver but I’m a broke guy sure is mechanic okay and so I did grow up didn’t have much money wanted it was bicycle mechanic and was racing bikes and then bikes turned into cars and of

Course the the ball rolls yeah and so when I was uh I was the youngest guy ever accepted the Porsche Factory training program so it came out 21 years old just that’s so sick so I guess that it kind of explains this right here I’m

A Porsche I bet I’m a JDM car guy okay so when I was hanging around like some of the older guys when I was racing BMX they were 16 and older they had cars and they were street racing Hondas yeah and so I hung out with them went to street

Races and I watched my buddy Courtney’s shop is next door he beat a Dodge Viper in a honesty it was just like and then shortly after Fast and Furious comes out oh man and so it was like it was on right it was such a pivotal time

Um so I’m a young man trying to figure out what I’m doing my buddies are racing Hondas and beating vipers and Fast and Furious comes out and it’s just like I guess I’m light bulb and so I got super into the gdm cars but it’s important to Porsche Factory trade yeah brand that

Like you couldn’t touch right right you know there’s lots of GM cars you can get into but it’s like Porsche was just I couldn’t even fathom owning one so once I started at the dealership I was like I knew a lot about Porsches and how great

They were so I’m like machidium car guy but I’m also important so you sound like me dude this is the car wow this one was built at rwb headquarters in Japan no way debuted the Tokyo Auto Salon show are you serious who though who are you

Dude I just been been here grinding away this is so rad man I can’t believe I’ve seen this in person this is if I own it so I didn’t even try to seek it out I never thought I’d own an rwbo yeah I always would admire it from afar but

Um I put out a feeler for a wide body Porsche for a Pike’s Peak project for a customer and I’m really good at spending customer money because not mine so because I can’t dream about it yeah I’m really limited so I put out a feeler for a wide body Porsche like

Shell or a roller and got through the grapevine and you know Toshi the one of the other halfs I guess yeah I’d say of rwb um said hey I have this car love to sell it to you and I was just like because I knew it was quite the

Opportunity it was it gives me a very fair deal on it and it was like it’s me you know right of course yeah coming from Porsche yeah and it’s the Heavenly it’s the extra wide one and one of my favorite cars of all time was like the

GT2 Evo right three that banana Wings my body just it’s so good man I just knew I had to have it so oh my God Thank you [Applause] thank you By some Divine Miracle Cole is going to take me for a ride in his rwb this is The Best Day Ever I did not expect Are you kidding me Holy moly you guys know how bad I want to Porsche specifically GT3 but like he said mix oh my God mixing that love of Porsche and JDM like this is Pinnacle of cool Factor this is insane this is insane cool it makes me really happy it makes me really happy as well

So I can only imagine how it makes you as the owner available just starting it everybody loves it yeah like everybody my kids love it just old people my 84 year old neighbor little German lady comes over like the German saying yeah he’s like she’s so excited she’s like

You know what that says like the second edition I don’t know what it is into it too This thing is so bad let me show you how JDM it is oh yes give me all the JDM goodness listen it has the ETC reader in it I love it oh my God so what’s done to the engine of this I know it has the rwb can but

Not too much man it just sounds yeah it’s just like these these air-cooled engines sound dope so it’s this is a 9.3 GT3 correct yeah 993 um not a particular GT series is just standard Carrera wow but the exhaust is uh if not a lot of it yeah

That uh it’s a real simple lightweight racing Kids today are buying like the gurgle tune right the you know you have to do that with this no this is dude this the how wide it is the mass of this car So it’s iconic it’s the most fun 280 horsepower you’ve ever had Wow dude I am thank you so much this is so cool dude I bought this card to share with people I took it to my kids on their school car wash day that is so good their parents are cringing when their kids walked up to him with a rag it’s like this this

Thing’s meant to be used yeah I love that that’s what that’s what we’re all about that’s so cool too much of this stuff just gets parked away yeah if I have any guilt about my collector cards it’s just not using them right you just got it then you buy them to use them

Right [Applause] I mean speechless is under doing that so Foreign I’ve been able to drive a lot of cool cars yeah and this thing it’s it’s like the least discriminatory car everybody likes right the Mustang guys like Corvette guys it doesn’t matter who everybody has to see it right look at it take pictures of it

If I’m if I’m in a hurry to get somewhere I don’t drive this car no definitely not everybody wants to stop exactly I’m a sucker because I’m like I want to I wanna oh dude I cannot say thank you enough this is so beautiful yeah dude this is I didn’t I was

I was driving 10 hours I was not prepared to see how cool everything that you have and what you’re doing I was like prepared to come get the car and like like yeah thanks dude but no this is so freaking sick man and dude this suspension is like crap

Actually great it was the number one like I thought okay I’m buying this the silly car right side unseen we get it and Something’s Gonna be wrong with it no it exceeded my expectations in every way so much character or class I don’t know what the right term is but it’s like The car was totally understated showed up better than I expected the ride quality was better like everything was better and understated than great transaction s that picked it up in Long Beach it barely fit in the container yeah like just barely and pull it out cruised it

Around and I was so happy with how it drove the air conditioning worked like everything was it was just good it’s a good car yeah we really should cruise over the other shop yeah let’s do it absolutely god dude the sounds oh my gosh these cars are like so well

Thought out too because I can drive it everywhere this little piece folds back yeah and it doesn’t get destroyed because it scrapes everywhere foreign as cool as that was I think it’s time to show you guys what we’re picking up for all of you and like I said our biggest

And most ambitious project car giveaway car whatever that we’ve ever done now