Dustin Williams Video: Conquering Tail of the Dragon in my Vintage Porsche 911!

Reading Time: 16 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-03 17:00:25
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thank you to @FitmentIndustries for sending my porsche all the way to Tennessee! I’m so stoked to be in town for Slammedenuff Gatlinburg. To start our trip out, we took the 911 all the way to the tail of the dragon. Afterwards, we cruised the strip, went to the premeet, met up with friends, and drove the local touges!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign why do we always do this to ourselves off another adventure is this our first show of the whole year oh my gosh we’re going going cross-country making it back down to the South making our way this morning all the way well this says Charlotte but we’re

Actually going to oh God God I’m making a mess actually heading to Tennessee for our first ever slam enough Gallagher supposed to be the biggest event of the year my first time ever going and I’m super bummed and we ship the Porsche all the way to Tennessee so it makes it that

Much better touch the flame for good luck there we go got it so your nipples is blasting me I can’t I can’t turn it off air nibble all right well we have a nice 10 hour trip ridiculous getting across the country here but uh I’m on book three of The

Silo series if you know you know it’s fantastic by the power of movie Magic you guys don’t have to wait the 10 hours so you guys in Tennessee welcome to Tennessee first stop as soon as we land Smash Burgers before we go pick up the P car

And make it to I’m so hungry make it to Gatlinburg we’re starting to trip off with smash city let’s go we’re really starting today off today’s video off with a bang smash shitty Knoxville look at this okay I accidentally ordered this okay they have something called the rad style and

I thought the burger oh Joe take a look at this let me see what’s the problem what what’s the presentation like everything I’ve ever wanted in a burger wow look at that yeah I accidentally got this he thought okay he thought he meant you got a burger and

You got fries like that but they put your burger on the fries yeah I mean it’s still cool it’s an experience whoa she just digged into the bite without me what do you think smash Patty Kyle if you’re watching this I’m sorry you have to continue the

Burger surge without you you ready for this I’m gonna Crush that whole thing unreal insane unrest or not this is already getting a high a high rating we’re gonna get Smash Patty yeah signature smash sauce here we’ll do and then we’ll get a pickle thick cut pickle look at that oh wait

Let’s get it hold on let’s there we go look at that what do we think here we go all right this is the rad style Smash burger fries still not the best Smashburger I’ve had Minnesota still has the crown but this is a solid seven seven and a half seven seven it’s

Excellent It’s really good good way to start the trip now the kind people over at slam enough and King Customs were uh were nice enough to hold the Porsche for us for a few days until we could actually get out here so we have a nice 30 minute drive

To go pick up the Porsche and we will finally have the P car out to 2705 Winfield oh here in Tennessee uh it’s gonna be awesome tomorrow for us today for you guys we’ll be taking the Porsche to the tail of the the Tail of the Dragon which is going to

Be fantastic but tonight we’re gonna go get the car get settled into the Airbnb and figure things out thank you we have an early one this morning this morning good morning guys and I guess officially welcome to Gatlinburg Tennessee we are up early on Friday because we are officially hitting tail of a

Dragon and we’re going to get there early for the massive grounds up on 9 11. all right oh gosh man this is actually pretty freaking cool little secret hidden compartment right here a little morning fill up before we hit the dragon I am so pumped I was really

Looking forward to this and hoping that we would have enough time with the car to be able to do it and we lucked out heading for a little Sunrise Dragon run first we gotta get gas oh yeah listen that that flat six let’s show them the route real fast so we have

We have about an hour and a half and a half until we get to the start of the Dragon now if you guys don’t know tale of the Dragon is probably one of the most if not the most famous roads in America it is the ultimate American Toge so

Basically it’s 30 miles of the craziest roads that you can drive here this has been a lifelong this has been a lifelong dream for me and especially since I’ve gotten the Porsche what I really want to do is take this on Amazing roads and Tail of the Dragon is obviously number

One this is going to be insane I think this is gonna be the perfect car it’s got very light steering it’s a small car or rear engine it’s very pointy it’s gonna be the perfect Drive oh also we’ll show you later but we got new fresh re-71 rs’s bbs’s I’m pumped if you

Couldn’t tell so I want to start our drive and let you guys know once we actually make it to the start of the Dragon let’s go start turn right okay I guess I think that this is the store this looks insane the start of our Smoky Mountain

Adventure begins here so I think we still have about 20 miles till we actually hit the Tail of the Dragon but these are gonna be some pretty gnarly roads nonetheless this is so freaking cool when is this look at that how beautiful oh my goodness foreign we have seen some pretty amazing things

So far our little Smoky Mountains trip but for us this marks our start of tale of the Dragon I want to go through all these twisties and turns all the way until the little gift shop end right here which is officially called tale of the Dragon I am so pumped like I told

You guys the P car is going to be perfect for this it’s a small lightweight car very pointy steering rear engine we’ve got the grippy re71 RS is I think this is going to be a fantastic drive I’m excited to take you guys along look at this freaking Road it’s been a

Great start to our Gatlinburg trip are you ready for this let’s do it only appropriate way to do this 11 miles of this how do we look okay let’s get started okay all right well that is a weird issue very strange issue anyways same thing as Japan

Always respect the road respect the tow game let’s have some fun oh my gosh there we go PC and all right foreign what a road oh my gosh it’s saying wow that’s insane foreign man the way this car handles is unreal it’s so tight not a fast car but it’s definitely a

Proper driver’s car it’s got a photo guy here no power steering really makes you feel this car the way the gearing is being in second gear with all the torque is kind of nice because this car is so underpowered well those are big trucks so this is perfect

This is just what we needed we’re getting some of the smoke look at this I hope you guys can see because I can’t see a damn thing dude this road is unreal handling it just I mean you could tell unfortunately what they were doing when building this car I mean they don’t

Really they don’t make cars like this anymore this is looking good you hit the Six Mile Mark so we’re about to be halfway through it okay mile five and a half okay so now we are officially halfway through foreign sounds incredible bouncing off the walls of the Mountaineer

Feels like I’m on a track kill the dragon whoa that’s so cool cap motorcycle uh look at that we made it cool cool welcome groups we survived the dragon man what a freaking car I’m so happy we picked the 911 we made it literally like you were

Hugging the ground it was perfect it was insane you gotta figure out that AC issue when we’re back home it AC is turned off but it blows when I press the Gap it’s weird it’s weird but final stop the little gift shop thing which I want

To go check out isn’t open just yet they open at nine so we have about 30 minutes to go but that was a hundred percent worth it we did it we conquered the dragon look how sick this is right oh my God now we can say we have we officially did it foreign

Actually had this really cool little gift shop where you can stop and get stickers and whatever you want much like how when we go to Japan and do the tokes they have the little Toge stops to get the badges we gotta get one for the Porsche this is so rad oh my gosh

Oh look that’s the dragon dragon slayer three sticker one more person that’s pretty rad how am I gonna choose which sticker to get this is cool Tail of the Dragon that’s really rad this is sick this is I don’t know which one to do oh my gosh

This is what I’m talking about this is freaking dope actually now which one to do I wish they just have white oh they do that is sick we’ll do a small one Mission success you know what we have to do this is just like Japan I’ve conquered the dragon we gotta put the

Sticker on the one we decided to go with is this guy just a cool little badge I think we’ll start the the badge right here what do you think perfect I’ll take a spot right that’s sick now we have to do more roads to get more veggies do it right here

Perfect look at that our first badge on the 911 that’s pretty sick now also we want to do this for you guys too since we’re here we decided to go ahead and get the same sticker that I use I’ll be doing a giveaway for you guys now what should I have them comment

In the comment um comment tale of the Dragon Comet Tail of the Dragon and what car you would take on Taylor Dragon I’m gonna pick one of you guys leave me your Instagrams I’ll message you on Instagram and I’ll send you the sticker I want to do a cool

Little giveaway for you guys because this is such a cool spot I thought it’d be cool if you guys got the sticker too so leave me a comment Down Below on Tail of the Dragon and what you guys would drive we did it well our time at the teledragon has cut

Well actually not really come to an end because we gotta go now we gotta go back through it but I can actually enjoy it and be able to see where I’m going now but that was insanely fun if you guys have the opportunity to come drive Taylor the dragon 10 out of 10

Experience and there’s so many other roads besides just Taylor dragon out here it’s pretty gnarly I’m surprised we haven’t seen more cars though me too but I’m so glad that we came early so it wasn’t packed and you got to like drive it yeah so we got on the dragon around 7

30 7 45 it was perfect timing so we’re gonna make our way back and we have the pre-meet tonight little dragon break sounds like we got a pretty gnarly Squad of cars coming right now oh little Miyake Mia gang right here that’s pretty sick listen

Let’s say one of you guys is gonna walk away with a Miata I want to build a giveaway Miata on the channel one day absolutely beautiful though sure we need to make a week-long trip out here for Gatlinburg this is beautiful man we definitely made the right choice taking the Porsche but now

We got a lot of stuff to take care of before the preemie tonight and getting ready for the actual show which is two days Saturday and Sunday foreign Forge Pigeon Forge southern cooking families welcome to uh Mama’s Kitchen well this is the the most Tennessee meal

I think we could have possibly got for our first year 100 oh my God much needed after waking up at 5am and hitting the dragon so I’m gonna smash this and head back to the Airbnb finished lunch we’re gonna head back to the Airbnb but first I figured we would

Drive down this trip there’s so many cars Just Around Town driving around there’s people like sitting on the side of the road just watching the cars I’ve never seen anything like this look at all the cars right here look at this are just everywhere what’s going on cars literally everywhere

We have definitely never been to a show like this this reminds me of when I used to live in Mississippi and travel to like Florida and Atlanta and Houston everybody get their gets their crew together and cruises just down one just down one strip it is so rad like the car

Show’s not even till tomorrow and it’s awesome oh God successful Dragon trip and it’s only 12 30. we still have a full day ahead I that blows my mind I’m ready for bed oh man so for those of you guys that don’t know it’s Layman of Gatlinburg is

Now a two-day event so it’s Saturday and Sunday but technically it’s like three days because there’s a massive pre-meet before the event even goes on and it’s usually Friday the day before the show so we hit the dragon this morning and now we’re gonna get ready and actually

Go hit the pre-meet tonight to see all of the cars to hopefully meet some of you guys before the show tomorrow it’s gonna be a ton of fun I I know I’ve said this 18 times already but I’m so pumped that we brought the Porsche here it’s

Definitely not the most show worthy car I guess to bring to a car show but for the experience of being in Gatlinburg I feel like it was the perfect car and it’s just cool and unique it’s very rare that you see a 80s Porsche out and about

So it’s been so much fun driving it I’m so excited to take it to its first meet and hopefully meet you guys we’re gonna I think we might just look at this yeah T-money has a work call she has to hop on but I’m gonna go lay on my couch and

Come on I want a nap so hard oh by the way I forgot to say I last night I came and filmed an entire portion of the Vlog for you guys about the Airbnb go figure I filmed it all in slow-mo and there’s no audio and it’s all just

Yeah we have a cabin in the woods it’s actually super route we have like a little Lake down here the full Gatlinburg experience anyways we have a few hours before we have to get ready we’re gonna go to the pre-meet early as well just so we can get a good spot and

Stuff update you guys when it’s time to go and take the push out we made it welcome to the preemie we’re just five hours early look at all the car’s already here preemie it looks like the real show this is crazy what’s up dude it got a little toasty

Today yeah say hello vlogs hello everybody remember Brandon long time ago Dude I can’t get over how good the 911 is driving but I don’t think they know Brandon actually so it’s been a long time since you guys have seen brand he has a ton of really cool cars one in

Particular that GT3 RF yes I gotta go check it out let’s take a look new rotiforms on there yes I haven’t seen those yet Center lock rotiforms wild but I’m choosing this place is going to be absolutely by the end of the day so I’m gonna check out some awesome cars and

Have a good time look at this holy that color is insane so this is this the vaded squad here it is yes so good wow let’s let’s see your GT the rest oh right there just popped right dude feel the lighter fenders on that thing oh no that sucks yeah okay let’s

Go check it out big baller yeah that’s cool big balls wow I’m so proud of you thank you thank you that’s insane those were literally one of those things where like I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody with them not that it’s like special or anything it’s

Just it’s just sick dude oh it’s hard to Vision yeah it was it was one of those things where like you haven’t seen it before she kind of just had to try it now it’s so good foreign for any of you guys that may have been watching me from the very very beginning

Is remember a brand that I used to work with all the time is lowered lifestyle and that I just said hello to was Matt Matt is an OG in the industry here and running lower lifestyle for forever so it’s just really cool to be able to come

Back to the East Coast or the South ever you distinguish where we are and see a lot of my old friends and see some of you guys too it just like brings back so many memories from when I started all of it oh by the way this is Brandon’s uh STI as well

Wow this is literally insane so sick man reminds me of the old days when we used to have the HG Auto flares and the work of vsx’s so sick what do you think bro yeah this thing’s sick tmoss another OG yes sir just reuniting with all my old friends it’s

Awesome all right I’m gonna get the keys yeah it’s very tiny we’re gonna sneak out of here a little bit early we have two full days at Gatlinburg and we got to make sure that we are prepared to meet you guys set up the booth and to be

A lot of fun and I don’t want to spoil all the cool cars for you guys before the actual event so we’re gonna get some food and I think we might even be doing a little bit of shooting tonight as well so I’ll take you guys along for that

Now let’s actually see if we can get out of here because the traffic is insane the money was dying to stop at Bucky so you know what gotta give her her first Bucky’s experience gas station Walmart safety money is buckied out already we’re fans uh it feels like I haven’t picked up the

Camera in eight years but really it’s been two hours Tiana took a nap and I was sleeping on the floor anyways uh it’s now 6 30 and to finish our day I feel like we filmed so much today but to finish out our day we’re actually gonna

Go shoot in Gatlinburg get a little get another little shoot in before we have to drop our car off at the venue tomorrow so I figured take you guys along and let’s have a good rest of the day because tomorrow and Sunday we’re gonna be at the venue all day and the

Cars permanently in the stadium where is it in the convention center so let’s make the most out of trouble what about my Napier okay let’s go let’s go oh here we go so we’re actually heading to a really cool Lookout spot in Gatlinburg we haven’t been in the mountains in Gatlinburg we

Went to the dragon this morning that was in North Carolina which is crazy that we crossed the state line through the mountains that’s so cool it was really cool but we’re actually going to be heading to Gatlinburg right now to an Overlook point and the mountains there

Should be pretty rad it’s like a 40 minute drive because there’s a lot of traffic so hopefully we make it there before the sun goes down we’ll see you know all part of the experience here this is the most mildest bad boys ever got I know

That’s what I was about to say this thing is really taking the miles and the beating like a champ from the dragon to car shows now a little Canyon Run she does it all it the love out here is insane I have never experienced anything like this in my whole life like

From the bottom of my heart thank you guys this is like one of the coolest experiences of my entire life especially car show anything this is incredible I love the car bro dude thank you I watched your videos like 20 times to put the bumper on it looks great man I miss

Mine yeah dude I love the board thank you bro hey excited to see what you do yeah I’ll see you this weekend dude this thing goes look at his life so hard oh it’s right hand drive too I’m geeking out right now I can just sit

In traffic you only have to go to the me thing is sick dude there’s a squad so good so many good cars everywhere I’m gonna just hang out get some cool shots and hopefully relax a little bit for the rest of our night just hang out with Friends check out some cool cars

And relax foreign X here next year hopefully we can get the WRX out here I feel like that’ll be awesome when it’s all complete and ready this will be the perfect event to bring the Duggar X to and you’ll have to come back again next year we’ll get a shoot

Together every single year trust me oh okay with the hot version sticker 2 MCR this guy knows I love that rear diffuser what is that a deer yeah what’s up dude good to see you man look at this song looks amazing it’s okay it’s all right

You guys have had to have watched me so long ago to remember all of these guys they’ve been in the videos so long ago going to car meets when I first started all this and this is why I really wanted to come to this event because I get to

See all the old friends that you know I really started this with they’ve all grown up and got really cool ass cars and this is just crazy man foreign perks of having a tiny car that is insane little tmaw sneak peek here dude does it feel like we’re like 10 years ago or

What this is crazy bro the shots are insane come a long way oh yeah it’s wild man this is literally what the car culture is all about hanging out taking pictures seeing awesome cars this is Peak car culture so sick all the cars coming and going feels like hardcore Toge culture

Hopefully I can find another another group of cars coming by because it’s so cool to see oh God you can’t you get anything we’re all heading out now gonna go grab dinner and end our night this was so much fun forgot how good it is just to have all your car taking pictures

Cheers 180 miles later we finally made it back to the Airbnb this car is an absolute champ 180 miles of like beating it stop and go traffic the 911 handles it all oh God oh yeah it is insanely late we’ve had a crazy long day I’m gonna go ahead and

Start dumping all of our footage from the weekend I have no idea how I’m gonna compile all of this but I just know it was a great time and our start to the Gatlinburg weekend has been amazing I haven’t even been to the show yet this

Is the most fun event I have ever been to the cars the culture the people like I really feel like this is what it’s all about so I’m so excited to get to experience the show tomorrow and Sunday um I don’t know if I’m gonna break it up

Into two separate videos Saturday and Sunday but we’ll see I’m gonna go ahead and end today’s video here I mean from Tail of the Dragon to cruising down the strip to car meets at night and shooting in the mountains it has been seriously incredible I hope you guys enjoy the

Video as well I mean if you’re in the area slam enough you guys have got to check this event out um next year any of any of the other events as well and huge thank you to fitment Industries for getting the Porsche out here I am so damn pumped

Like I said stay tuned for the rest of the weekend and the rest of the videos we’re gonna be at the show both Saturday and Sunday so I’m gonna give you guys full coverage of that different cars on Saturday different cars on Sunday um it should be pretty interesting so

I’m excited I’m gonna go ahead and end today’s video thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below don’t forget about the tale of the Dragon sticker giveaway and don’t forget to hit that subscribe

Button we’ll see you guys for the next video peace out