Dustin Williams Video: Built Engine WRX Gets Upgraded Turbo Kit & Bolt Ons! | READY FOR POWER!!

Built Engine WRX Gets Upgraded Turbo Kit & Bolt Ons! | READY FOR POWER!!

Posted: 2023-09-01 17:00:28
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, we install everything on to our built IAG block! We installed our FP Blue turbo, MAP Header, J-Pipe, and intake. The WRX is ready for power!!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Time for the cool stuff Welcome back for day number two today we get to do the fun stuff it all goes together it all makes sense yesterday you guys saw us put the brand new iag engine into the car today we do all the accessory stuff that’s gonna make this engine badass and I’m super excited you

Guys saw already saw the turbo that we got this is the FP blue upgraded stock Mount turbo but it’s upgraded housing new wastegate Billet compressor wheel this thing is going to be absolutely sick I very much needed and very big upgrade to what we previously had but

Also we have a bunch of other really cool stuff Kyle which box should I open next is that one quickly before we get started with today I wanted to unbox all the stuff that we’re going to be installing today as well as some of the stuff that we are still waiting for if

You guys didn’t watch the last video you should go check that one out there’s a couple of things that we are still waiting for around this process out but until then hopefully it shows up today until then we’re gonna go ahead and install all the fun stuff oh yeah this is sweet dude

This is gonna give us a nice clean sound better airflow to our brand new turbo we have the ma performance header you guys can find us some ma Performance website you guys have these in stock yes so if you want to get yourself a brand new

Header for your fa20 has the first thing down in the description box below but look at all these nice Parts dude now we are replacing our old raggedy Nvidia j-pipe with the brand new anime performance downpipe but it’s a little bit different than what we had previously

Damn and it has a flex pipe too our Nvidia one does not have a phone no flex how did it not correct I don’t know but this is beautiful nice three inch uh I guess you could call this a front pipe and then we have this beautiful

J-pipe we want to head into the high flow cat on this one it’s the same one that we run on the Sk8 and I really like it brand new down pipe as well so this thing is getting like a whole new system has to be sick back when we first

Revived this car at our shop before it came here we have previously already done the ma performance exhaust we have the race version it’s pretty much straight pipe so paired with their catted downpipe it should be really nice I mean of course along with the header the new turbo the

Charge pipe kit this thing is going to be set I want you guys to take a quick look at the previous setup here we have the old fujitsubo headers that we installed so like years and years ago you guys can still find this install on my channel when we were in Tim’s old garage garage back in Mississippi this is much needed

For an upgrade which is why we’re going with the brand new map look at these welds just insane brand new map header and then we have our old turbo this is actually an upgraded turbo as well but it didn’t make much more power than

Stock or if any at all I think it just spooled a little bit quicker so we have our upgraded turbo here that is going to be even more upgraded with the FP blue this turbo just utilized our stock uh wastegate which the new one has a tile wastegate which is really sick we’re

Gonna be taking off our Grim speed boost controller and a couple of other little accessories like our oil lines and all of that good stuff off of our stock assembly here so that we can replace this onto our new turbo setup which is going to be really sick also a good one

Little comparison here is the map charge piping right here versus our old ETS one which isn’t bad but just the quality of the steel that’s really sick so I’m excited we’re gonna go ahead and disassemble our old assembly and get started Thank you turbo our turbo setup is complete now this assembly can just go right into the car uh Kyle went ahead and put our oil lines on and this turbo setup already kind of came with everything that we needed so pretty much all it we’re pretty good to go we’re gonna go ahead

And lift up another X start putting some things on our new engine this is going to be freaking sick we’re gonna put the turbo setup on should we do the downpipe there okay we’re just gonna do it all we’re just gonna go for it this is a special moment look foreign

Did you hear that noise that was that was better than the uh the clutch yeah for sure fresh engine’s gonna get a fresh turbo setup look at this that one didn’t make the noise this is gonna be so great so our First Assembly piece is gonna be the turbo and the

Header and then we’re gonna move to doing the front so we need to take that off are you ready for this dude we’re on the same wavelength okay here we go Thank you step one complete turbo and manifold are now installed now so now that this turbo is done we’re gonna go ahead and work on our j-pipe and front pipe guy over here all right here is our old bunk Nvidia j-pipe right here this is

The catless one it was we got this so early that they didn’t even have a ground connection so Tim welted this in his garage I do remember that vividly but this is just really nice to have a full Refresh on the car with every little thing getting replaced so here’s

The mapj pipe versus our old crusty Nvidia so everything getting replaced we’re gonna go and swap over the O2 sensor and throw this in the car job done Foreign Making some Hefty progress here we have the turbo manifold downpipe and front pipe all on our mission for today is almost over but we have a couple more things to do before we can call it for today now for the rest of today we’re going to be installing the ma

Performance intake which is not completed this is a portion we have one of the pieces of the charge pipe did you already put that on let’s check it out real fast I didn’t actually see that oh that’s nice one of the pieces of the charge

Pipe which will go to the brand new ma performance uh top mount intercooler but also we have to install the new blow-off valve since I am converting to a top mount intercooler which I’m just using map’s entire kit like I told you guys we

Had to get a new version of the HKS wall valve which more OEM fashion so we’re still going to do event to Atmosphere because we can and Dustin wants to hear all the whoosh the good boosting noises yeah the good boosting noises as he says

Um we just need it so like your old ETS kit this little circlip this whole this whole housing right here just mounted on the charge pipes like how most intercooler yeah yeah so it’s over right here so this was my previous kit this is how we did it when we did the front

Mount but for the new top monitor cooler it’s going to mount in a more OEM location which means this guy is going to go into hibernation now put it on a shelf somewhere put it on a shelf maybe hang it up a little memorabilia of the

Old setup no but I mean all this stuff needed to be replaced anyways years and years old it’s always good to just do a refresh do a whole new setup it’s something new for the car which is going to be really exciting just to drive on and experience I mean especially with

The new engine of course I keep going back to that that’s what I’m most excited about so we would be installing everything today but you guys watch yesterday’s video you would know that we are still waiting on a couple of items one of those being the injectors we

Thought they were going to come today but you guys don’t actually take deliveries on Saturday so unfortunately the injectors are not in which means we can’t button everything up um so we are a little bit delayed on that but that’s not going to stop us yeah we’re still in pretty good shape

We’re gonna be so we have the turbo inlet right here our Grim speed boost controller this is going to connect to the ma performance uh intake and then we can figure this situation out and that’ll be good for today but a lot of progress has been made this entire setup

Here looks so sick we have we’ve got the Facehugger manifold the new downpipe looks awesome I’m so stoked to hear this thing hopefully we get kind of a different sound with the new engine and the cams and obviously we have a high performance or high flow cat here I

Think it’s just going to be overall a lot nicer a lot cleaner be sick let’s get to work well my name is will you guys want to go to a car meet that’s at Walmart are we in high school will is only like 22. baby baby why ready for the easiest

Install ever final piece of the puzzle uh just for today look at this since everything is apart it makes it simple let’s go home put the hat sideways very nice piece they’re good a good size filter good sized girth girth this girth is decent come on it’s too Subaru it’s too much Subaru

‘s car he thinks you’re a stupid person that one is true Look at that nice so now all the all we have to do essentially is the air box this will be a nice piece for the engine bay and I think we’ll be set aside from the wall valve which we’ll update you guys once we figure out what we’re gonna do about that because

Right now it’s set up for so we’re gonna do a little Wizardry with that yeah it’s set up for recirculating but you guys know we like the boosting noises so we’re gonna make it vent atmosphere which is fine because we run speed density we will update you guys once we

Figure that whole process out this is actually a super nice piece the map charge piping is gonna look where’s the other shark pipe go so it’s going to kind of run yeah right there nice and then we’ll have the top mount right here we’re just going to figure out what

We’re gonna do about the situation void up here yeah and everything look at this look at that something along those lines nailed it This is Dustin working on his car if this video sucks turn the camera around it’s his fault no oh I’m upside down yes sir mission for today accomplished uh Kyle went ahead and figured out how to actually route the bluff valve because it is so much different than our

Front mount but it looks really good we have it going back down to the charge piping right here now tomorrow we decided we’re gonna put everything together for the first start that’s right crossing our fingers because what we figure is we need to still break this engine in it

Is a brand new built engine from iag plus the heads have been redone as well so it needs to have everything run through it before you just slap this thing on the dyno and try and make power out of it so since our injectors didn’t show up we’re going to use our stock

Injectors for now I can explain this more tomorrow essentially we’re gonna we’re gonna put all about together and just break it in tomorrow and get that fresh first start hopefully we can cross our fingers but that’s the plan that’s what we’re going to do there’s no plan

In there there’s there’s only doing Drop the Bomb dude that’s gonna be freaking six tomorrow we have a workout cut out for us but today a lot of the fun bits on and tomorrow we’re going to finish it all up it actually is starting to like

Look like an engine it looks like an engine at this point yes it does without the intercooler and like the intake manifold it still kind of looks like a mess but I mean block valve exhaust turbo the only hoses that aren’t connected are for the coolant stuff yes

We also have to do our radiator yeah but I mean that takes like five minutes so we’re getting close guys we are getting close I am so freaking pumped we’ll be back tomorrow but Kyle you know what today is Burger tour number two number two oof

I’m gonna yank those off dude look at this one this isn’t much of a uh it’s like the biggest Smash Burger I’ve ever seen it is pretty big so you guys have no idea why we’re doing burger reviews Burger night it’s because Minnesota has like a hidden Burger underground scene

Here in Minnesota and they have some of the best burgers ever we’ve tried parlor Burger lasandra Shaker Saunder Shaker angry line cook angry line cooking now today we’re doing station number six what are you are you picking dude I cannot stand uh these onions I didn’t realize they were

On here presentation is fantastic a little bit of sauce some onions double meat smash cool like I’m just trying like a burger hot run right now from Japan to Minnesota this looks excellent this is definitely the biggest one out of the bunch look at the Char on the edge the

Skirt the skirt the meat skirt that’s good all right let’s go for it what do you think about that is it is it squirting yeah that’s not squirting okay you ready oh he’s just like family and friends you’re making you’re making noises but you’re not giving me any review here

More of like a regular burger than a Smashburger but excellent that’s good not the best so far not the best so far I’m still angry lion cookie still number one number one but this is excellent this is excellent yeah all right let’s get to it all right what was your

Opinion on station number six good not the best okay I agree I agree with that that was uh I mean definitely definitely a spot worth checking out for sure something different if anybody if anybody else is in Minnesota dang it you know I was about to ask for some burger

Suggestions but I’m already gone by the time you guys are watching this video yeah you’re already here son of a gun never mind I’m your tour guide well if you guys are in Minnesota then you can come try these burgers out as well number one you should try out animal

Angry angry oh no angry lion cook angry lion cook it’s number one okay I guess I will see you tomorrow come here oh thank you sir Successful day good burger let’s head back to the hotel