Dustin Williams Video: Building the ULTIMATE Race Car Overland Rig!

Posted: 2023-08-07 17:00:11
Author: Dustin Williams
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Appa is BACK! In today’s video we install the Diode Dynamics yellow pod lights and the overland rooftop tent! The 2500HD is almost ready for adventure!!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Mississippi dud is back and we are back working on the truck now in the last video I asked you guys for name suggestions on what we should actually call the truck and we had one really amazing one and the name was Abba I think stage one or I guess version one

Of the ultimate Overland exploration tow rig is gonna be completed I’m very very excited you’ve seen this portion of the build in the very first build episode that we did on the truck which was the headlights and these are actually the Pod lights from diode Dynamic that we

Were going to be using in placement of our front fog lights which you guys can see over here also you’re going to see Noah creating some dope content in the background so stay tuned for all of our tick tocks and Instagram reels that we’re doing but originally we were going

To be using them for our fog lights which are right here but as you guys know or if you didn’t watch that episode of the build this is a 2024 and unfortunately right now they didn’t have brackets to actually for us to actually use as our fog lights so we’re creating

Our own diode actually has some really cool brackets that allows you you to really Mount these wherever you want or wherever you can actually create and so what we’re doing with these pod lights are creating custom brackets to actually create some I guess you could call them

Hood light hood light brackets hood hood floodlight you know we’re just gonna call them hood lights for now but Tim actually created some custom brackets that would allow us to actually this isn’t going to be the correct or maybe it is the correction it is not to actually use these

Flood lights right on top of our car so they’re like actual I guess quote-unquote pod light these are going to connect to where the hood latch is we’re gonna be able to mount the Pod lights right here and theoretically what we’re going to be able to do is actually

Swivel the Pod light right on the hood of the truck to whatever direction that we want which is going to be Super Rad so instead of using them as fog lights like I said we’re gonna have actual functional just regular pod bike they make this super simple because whether

You want to use them for fog lights or not they actually come with a full wiring kit that’s Plug and Play ready to go and an actual switch so one thing that we are gonna have to do today is figure out how and where to mount this

Switch but it just hooks up right to your battery and you’re good to go and we’re going to have some really badass very functional nice pod lights if you guys want any of this stuff headlights fog lights LED lights whatever you guys need I’m going to leave a link to

Diodynamics down in the description box below while Tim is working on this we have to finally unbox what’s in this massive cardboard box Before we get into this big box right here check out Tim’s creation this is very cool because we weren’t sure where we were going to mount these whether we want to do them the front bumper or if we actually did want to do the hood mounted light and I’m super stoked that

We decided to because this came out so sick oh I’m ready this this is funny because Noah’s the the off-road Guy this is this is your world I am and I’m really happy to see you in it finally yeah Noah’s teaching me a thing or two about about the off-road this

Is gonna be super freaking sick this is what we’ve been waiting for ever since we actually did the rack back here you guys know we ran out of time to finish it off but this is what’s gonna make our exploration and Adventures a lot more fun what side’s supposed to go up it

Says um this this side okay there goes the gym that’s that’s everything you need right there that’s all I need set for like a jungle Excursion with this thing when when you told me you’re starting over Landing I didn’t realize that you took it this seriously because

You found the biggest knife you could find he’s an Overlander at heart look I even got the freaking holster for it dude is that your daily it’s my daily now what are the chances that this thing is put together already have you ever played numbers one out of ten yes all

Right ready I don’t what are the odds all right ready the odds okay ready yeah three two one four it’s not gonna be built The blur to the one that we actually had on the Jeep I would give a big thank you to our friends over at Trail built off-road as you guys know they partnered up with us on our awesome truck build here if you guys want anything for your off-road or Overland build I’m Gonna

Leave a link to Trail build off-road down the description box below Wheels tires accessories camping supplies they have everything buttons but openness guys and see what we got to do to install it the Sky Ridge series body armor Sky Ridge Pike three person tent this guy’s big

Three dudes could’ve been there you know I guess here’s our cover here is our hopefully this ladder is tall enough for getting in and out of the truck I’m guessing this is our brackets I guess we should go ahead and complete the fog lights and then get to this

Because this is going to take it doesn’t take some hands okay if you check take a look at this Tim made this super easy for us to install he’s already got his side done over there but he actually made little slots in the bracket so that we don’t

Even have to take the hood off if we want to take these off or you know put them on so I’m going to show you guys a little insulation So super simple super easy and now we got some flood slash fog slash pod lights whatever you want to call them and they’re freaking sick the extra I just personality it makes it look like a tank it makes it look scary you don’t want it you don’t want to be in front of

This vehicle yeah give you a good flash exactly and then once we put the tent on the back dude it’s going to be gnarly okay so now ultimate to do is wire those bad boys up find a place for the switch and we’ll be good all right first things

First on the tent is the mounting bracket so we have two brackets here that will go on this side and this will actually get us to be able to melt the tent on the actual rack so I’m gonna go ahead and bolt this entire thing up it’s

Very similar to the jeep that we did so I kind of have an understanding it’s just like a lot bigger than the Jeep so we’re gonna find a way to make it work I’m gonna go ahead and mount this up and we should be good to slide it on to our rack

Brackets are on like I said they provide everything that you guys need and the brackets are relatively simple to do so not all that needs to be done is lifting this thing up onto our roof rack which is going to be a mission but we can do

It in the meantime while we were doing that Tim bro’s been routing our fog lights from the engine bay into to the actual truck because we’re gonna be running a switch right in this vicinity so as you guys can see the fog lights are all

Melted good to go oh we still got to tighten them a little bit but mounted we have the wires running and it looks absolutely sick like you said just so menacing and just makes it look that much beefier but now I need to make a little switch plate

Which I made at a cardboard first now I’m cutting it out and once I cut it then I’ll do the holes but um we’re gonna put the switches for now yeah I don’t even know this this is just Tim doing his Tim stuff for now like I’m

Connecting it where the OBD is and it’s going to be behind it so it’s going to sit down here and I’m gonna put both switches because this is for your side yes your side rails perfect so I’m going to put both of them on that which by the way I don’t do I

Don’t even think we showed them that they’re working should I show them now or show them when it’s done I’ll give you a little sneak peek look at this guys boom it looks freaking sick it’s a little and there’s a little extra surprise there that we didn’t even know about really

Sick so tempting to go I make the bracket you know mount it up that’ll be good and I think I think this is going to be a three person getting this tent up here really unless do you think we can knock it out Noah do what the tent

Do you think about ourselves do you think so look at that damn 17 years old Foreign The rat gives us so much adjustability and so many mounting points that we can really get it sturdy every rack is going to have a mounting point on the tent we just gotta do some maneuvering here solid work brother okay now we gotta move this guy a lot I’m gonna use my

Head for this all right ready nice perfect nice so yeah this is how it mounts Right Here and Now basically we can have free reign to shift it to the left or to the right front and back and get this thing mounted perfectly it’s cozy under here okay it is right it’s

Very good it’s another little uh little area of shade you know you can put us little air mattress right down here that’s that’s oh actually I lied to you guys at the beginning of this video I told you this is going to be the end of

V1 we have one last thing that we’re waiting for for the bed of the truck which we’ll get to at some point hopefully before we take our little Adventure but let’s go and mount all this down Foreign So if you guys don’t know I I explained it in the GTR video but in case you didn’t watch that one behind the camera right now is Noah I met Noah at the gym he met me at the gym okay he was an absolute unit and I was like I gotta ask

This guy what he does his daily routine and then uh yeah we kind of you know we have to give him we have to Haze him a little bit I don’t know what we’re gonna do yet but it’s a little nerve-wracking I will say yeah yeah what actually does

This need to move a little bit looks good does it look good it looks good yeah anyways what we were saying is we met Noah and no idea a part of the team here doing some short form content helping us film all that stuff yeah I gotta will help

With the tick tock and Instagram and make the videos and gonna be sick it’s gonna be a lot it’s gonna be a lot more content for you guys just getting more out there I mean as you bring more to you guys you know that’s that’s the whole goal Foreign I hope you guys are ready for the finished product because this thing looks mean A couple hours later and lots of sweat later the truck has finally been completed you guys might notice it’s uh much later on in the day that’s because we had some things to finish up but also I wanted to show you guys the entire truck setup as well as the lights where

It was a little bit darker outside because it was very very bright today and also we have T-money with us so we can get her reaction to the car as well because honestly these two little I say little Mods make a big big difference and one of my favorites has got to be

The diodynamics flood lights up in the front that is so sick I think they’re very cool but I want to see them on show me what you got okay but one of the coolest things that Tim actually did and he did a fantastic job was making a

Little bit like a little switch panel and if it’s kind of stealth but if you look down here we have a carbon fiber cut out right here which she made for the OBD2 port our switches for our rocker panel down here and our switch for the the flood lights do you want to

Go in the front and take a look yeah how sick is that okay okay okay so here’s a little switch panel Tim did a great job it’s cool because it’s carbon I wish it was a little bit more apparent so you could see it in the car but we know it’s

Here right okay here we go we’re gonna do the fog lights the actual lights ready okay be careful because they’re bright oh my God wait let me let me show you guys I told you when we’re on the trail baby look at that oh my God that looks so dope let’s

Actually put the headlights on with the fog lights it looks so sick see how I put these headlights on here we go wait I can’t look directly at it that looks so gnarly dude those are so I cannot believe that these little things are that bright diodynamics as I told

You guys I mean you’re lit up right now as I told you guys that’s what we’re running for our headlights and our high beams and now we have the fog lights which we were originally gonna put here but I’m super happy we decided to make them like like actual pod lights those

Look super sick it’s cooler up there yeah they give you such better yeah and then when diode actually makes a bracket we can put actual fog lights down here and kind of match them with our headlights but also have those it looks so freaking sick now now we have to show

You you and you guys is our new portable home here so diode check very very sick let’s turn them off on our switch panel not only do we have the normal setting but check this out we actually have daytime running setting look at that how sick is that

Boy yeah like day running lights yeah so they actually turn Amber those are super sick yes that’s just like a cool little addition that we had no idea these fog lights even did or flood lights even did when you’re just driving yeah do you know what I mean at

Night so you’re not blinding people exactly you just have your Amber lights on that’s Super Rad so let’s turn them off here boom easy as that and now they’re just chilling and they look super good I like the positioning like I keep saying it makes the front just a little just look

A little bit more beefy what do we got going on back here yes papa open we’re going camping in two weeks three weeks four weeks four weeks but close enough pop pop it open so let me tell you guys once again this is this entire setup back here is actually from

Trail built so if you want to build a similar setup on your truck or Overland build whatever you have you can get all this at the link down in the description box below but this is the Sky Ridge series body armor 4×4 tent and this is going to be our new camping Overland

Exploration setup which is really sick now what I want to do open it up for you guys and give you a little tour of our portable home Foreign welcome home here it is all opened up spread out and it is massive so the difference between this one and our old one is this is a three-person tank wait I was gonna say is this like queen size this is huge hop in there because even

The cushion is a lot more is a lot better than ourselves it’s way bigger oh it is super soft look at the footprint that this thing has I mean it is massive it is sick we’ve got a lot of shade and coverage from the rain if it does rain let’s check this out

Got the stairs whoa whoa whoa so much room for activities how sick is this dude and it’s way more comfortable than our previous look at our little skylight oh my gosh it’s pretty sick right that’s so cool and the little pockets for like you know your phone and like water and

Stuff some keys all that good this is really soft yeah this is like a mattress it’s way better than other one so I’m so important we have completed our version one of the ultimate Overland trailer Expedition rig we’re gonna have so many adventures in here and it’s gonna be so

Freaking sick I’m stoked you guys look we’re not gonna be crammed I’m so excited And just like that about 10 minutes or so give or take it completely collapses and the footprint gets a lot smaller now I do think a hard shell or a hard top tent is a lot easier to handle and to deal with but for V1 this is going to

Work absolutely perfect as you guys can see it collapses really really nice super stealth and everything looks really rad I’m stoked with the new build like I said View one is complete sort of You Can Tell She’s super stoked about the build we do have a couple more

Things coming in for the bed of the truck but the overall build is oh these are still on I should probably turn those off overall build of V1 APA is complete and it is super sick I’m stoked I hope you guys like it as well I’m gonna go ahead and leave links to

Diodynamics as well as Trail built in the description box below in case you guys want any of this stuff for your build you can grab it down below also as you guys know as you guys know diode does do stuff for tuner cars as well so

If you want HIDs or anything like that you can find it on their website if you guys have any suggestions for us and want to see us go anywhere in Southern California for camping let us know down in the comments because we want to put this thing to use and we are very

Excited so with all that being said Thank you guys very much for watching as always if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out Thank you