Dustin Williams Video: Building the PERFECT 1 of 1 Custom R32 GTR Exhaust!

Building the PERFECT 1 of 1 Custom R32 GTR Exhaust!

Posted: 2023-07-28 17:00:03
Author: Dustin Williams
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thank you @VibrantPerformanceTV for making this possible! in today’s video, we create a custom 1 of 1 exhaust for my R32 GTR. We used Vibrants high quality stainless steel to create a new downpipe and full exhaust. it sounds INCREDIBLE!!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

One of my biggest ones for the R32 GTR before we get it back on the road and start driving it again was a proper exhaust and today that’s what we’re getting into [Applause] [Applause] for the past two years with this GTR we’ve been driving around with an incorrect janky exhaust and downpipe kit we’re on the quest to create the perfect GTR exhaust the past two weeks while Tiana and I were out of the country Tim here has been building us a legend spec

Exhaust if you guys didn’t see before it was a four inch downpipe it went from three inch to four inch and it hung way too it was like really I mean even for on the track I mean probably didn’t it it’s long right here yeah it hung right

Here so it was like right here and then it it was always so low didn’t even extend far enough back past the car we had to just create like a little turn down that was our solution at the time since the outlet on the turbo is three

Inch I went ahead and made the whole exhaust three inch so the back pressure would be there because that can actually earn you power having back pressure so we did a new three inch downpipe besides that I just ran it in the little stock tunnel because if you can see there’s

Spots for it and here’s shield for the old one it comes down here and then shoots through there and then it goes up here and it’s pretty freaking sick so I have to give a big thank you and a shout out to our friends over at vibrant performance because we have all three

Inch stainless steel from Viper performance as well as a vibrant Muffler right here look by the way get a round of applause for Tim and his amazing welds I mean we got this new Miller welder and it’s taken a little bit to kind of figure it out but Tim is

Absolutely killing it so we’ll finally have a proper exhaust and something that’ll actually just give the exhaust a proper tone I guess you could say we’ve just had the straight pipe for so long which don’t get me wrong sounds fantastic but for driving this car on the street number one having the exhaust

Properly fitting is huge but number two having something that goes all the way out the back of the car with a proper Muffler like this is just going to help it sound a lot better and a lot cleaner so here is our back section right here I

Guess you could call this the axle-back if you will and then you come over here Tim is currently working on the mid-pipe right now and it’s all just very very nice I mean Tim did such a great job fabricating all of this and getting the bends and the turns all perfect I mean

Even look at the v-b bands these V bands they’re so cool these are the these are the new uh yeah the new vibrant v-b bands today’s video is going to be awesome and we’re finally gonna have the exhaust and the GTR proper so we can drive this thing on the street before we

Show you guys this finished product and while Tim’s finishing up the mid-pipe let’s flash back to the Tim Vlog and show you guys the beginning of this exhaust I got some new things for the welder so I got new cups so I got bigger cups for better gas coverage uh better

Gas coverage for the stainless and also this time I’m taking my time and cleaning every pipe really good so I’ve already started cut the old one off cleaned it up really good here pretty much hand polished these because we don’t we don’t have a buffer wheel I’ve

Got it started I got the 90 down there and I’m about to lift the car up and start doing the rest [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] foreign [Applause] Got it all tacked up cleaned up it’s looking a lot better as you can see by the coloring coloring is way way better everything’s looking good on it I’m gonna put it on and then I’m gonna just start fitting up but I’m very getting very close to having no gas but I should

Should be able to tack up quite a bit today but now I can just start working on everything else I can tighten this one up get it ready in the position I want it then I can go straight back with the exhaust and just keep taking the exhaust piece off another downpipe [Applause] [Applause] See in the background I have the exhaust up and ready to go I feel like this is a good angle I think it looks great looks awesome so I have it all tacked up it’s ready to weld you know it’s a three inch outlet and really there’s no reason to go any bigger

And then we have external wastegate so that’ll empty out all the nice juices from the engine down the road we want to upgrade the upgrade period that’s just how it works this is going to be perfect though I believe for the car it might sound different you know [Applause] [Applause] Tim I’m very proud of myself I’m very proud of you because we have a freaking GTR exhaust Foreign stainless steel from vibrant we even created a new downpipe up here with a little down pipe bracket just so that pulls nice and sturdy once we actually put the car down you guys can see what it looks like in the engine bay paired with our HKS turbo this overall is going

To make the car feel and hopefully run just a lot better like we told you guys this car had a four inch exhaust previously what went from three inch to four inch and there was just no back pressure with the four inch this should

Help out a ton give it a great sound and overall just make the car feel a lot better I am so pumped for this so of course you guys already know no fingerprint Derby exhaust we’re wiping the exhaust down with some acetone here and we are going to give it the first

Official first start all right let’s really quickly take a look oh my God I love it’s like the perfect angle and stuck out just enough you can kind of peek that little vibrant right there take a look at this guys that is it’s like it’s classy it’s clean it’s classy

Looks fantastic kind of has like a little bit of an aggressive angle out to back too man this is just what I wanted it’s like a it’s just a full car now I’m so happy by down to my core I am so happy that we have this done oh look at

That that is fantastic all right really quickly before we do the first start let’s go up the front look at the downpipe I want to show you guys what the downpipe looks like right here so much better I mean even the positioning of it is better than our

Previous one so much more room straight j-pipe all the way down that actually fits and is sucked up and not floppy and wobbly it’s just this is gonna be loud I think you think it’s gonna be loud I think it’s gonna be really nice with that vibrant Muffler it’s gonna really

Give it a great sound question is do you want to start it or do you want me to start a newbie in the back I want to start it so you can hear it okay all right let’s do it because I already feel like it sounds good okay

Do the honors sir I know Tim’s freaking pumped about this too oh it’s really deep oh the idol is so good like GTR menacing deep not too loud or raspy and just like the right tone now that we have a decent exhaust you can actually hear the triple Plato with Sky can clutch

Now that is a proper sounding exhaust oh my God give her a rip Tim take her for a little sin let’s give Tim the first rib for the new exhaust Oh my God it sounds so good and after that I must have mistakenly unplugged the mic because we lost all audio I have nothing that I filmed here we did a little bit of exterior shots and then we of course hopped in the car and drove the car and unknowing to me

The mic wasn’t plugged in the entire time round two audio okay what I can tell you guys from already having drug driven it is this is how it this is how a GCR should sound I mean it’s incredible all right we’re all gonna pretend like this is the first time again

All right first here it doesn’t seem to have to be the first time for it to be exactly how does it get any better we’re witnessing pure joy and happiness if happiness was a video clip this is it oh it’s so good I mean I mean went wastegate’s open new game over

But also when you’re just like regularly driving it one in the fourth year and cruise it’s nice this second gear guy just it’s so raw and fantastic it makes every good noise a car guy could want and now with the proper exhaust you can hear like the you can

Hear that the triple disc chatter you can hear the blow off you can hear the turbo the wastegate you probably couldn’t hear any of that but it was really good but this it just feels awesome and I could have a normal conversation in the car which is great I

Can’t wait till it’s cooler outside and we can like this thing around it’s good ah God whoa I can’t get enough it’s so good foreign Speechless now it looks good sounds good now it’s time just to enjoy it Quick pit stop Bingo juice oh here we go it’s been a while since we’ve gotten E85 and we definitely need to fill the GTR up so we’ve got T money in the truck right now uh we’re actually heading to go get sushi at our favorite Sushi Spot

Uh but I figured we’d stop and grab some E85 because tomorrow she doesn’t know it yet but we’re gonna do a scaring Tiana in the GTR part two with a new exhaust she has no idea that we did a new exhaust or anything so I’m gonna see if

She can uh if she recognizes what’s new and get a reaction to the new exhaust and head to a car me and stuff but before we do that we got to get some special sauce so good too because on so loud so it’s not like in your face

But as you guys saw what you once you get under load you open the wastegate the thing is an absolute monster and I think her reaction will be pretty awesome so we’re gonna do that tomorrow but first we got e85. Oh baby this is insane okay you know how we do hashtag made it to the okay you’re just really pounding that when you hashtag made it to the end for those of you guys that make it to the end of the video instead of that one we should do what is

Your favorite tuna roll that’s a good one I mean not tuna roll sushi roll let me know your favorite sushi roll down in the comments below that’ll be our hashtag made it to the end for this for this one mine’s obviously spicy tuna Superior roll but I’m curious to see

What you guys think Thank you