Dustin Williams Video: Building My R34 GTR in Japan | High Spec RB26 Update

Posted: 2023-04-28 17:00:18
Author: Dustin Williams
In today’s video we make a trip over to Midori Seibi for an update on the R34 GTR Midori High Spec RB26. We go over build plans and timeline. Afterwards, we grab dinner at our favorite burger spot and hit up daikoku for some late night tokyo car hangs.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

What’s up guys before we hop into today’s awesome video the brand new Legend collection just went live right now do me a huge favor pause this video head to the first link down description box below and check out the legend site that’s where you can find all of this

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New Legends mugs stickers accessories it’s all awesome all live on the site right now so you guys want to support the channel do me a huge favor and the first link down below and check it out let’s hop in today’s video Foreign Good morning guys welcome to a rainy day in Tokyo we are starting our day out at daikoku as a little Meetup spot for me and Masa to get together before we actually head to our first location of the day which is gonna be Midori saving for those of you guys that are

Potentially new here might not have seen too many of my Japan videos I’m getting my R34 GTR I ordered a new Nismo block from Nismo and that’s one sent from there finalize and discuss our last build plans before the engine actually comes in God warning whoa Thank you Welcome to midori’s baby we are here at Missouri saving you guys know we we come here every time just to see what you know you saw in the entire team but also we’re here to discuss about the engine build so today is going to be like the final guest quote for the

Engine of for everything right I think that’s that that’s the plan I think so our engine has not come in yet we ordered a 24u block from Nismo and it has not shown up yet so oh yeah and then Nismo just just discontinued the 24u

Broke so I got it I got it right before the cutoff yep so we got super lucky there but it still hasn’t shown up yet so hopefully the car will be done by the summer but the engine has to show up first so hopefully today we’re going to

Discuss a little bit about that and see what the plan is and I can update you guys but they have a lot of really interesting cars here we’ve made a video on this a couple of different times but this is uchinagasan’s personal R32 GTR like like the Pinnacle of just really

Great GTR really great like stealth GTR has Midori high-spec engine that we’re actually doing in my my car as well have a customer’s 33 a lot of really cool other builds that they’re getting into but first uchinagasan loves to take us to this one specific katsu spot every

Time we come here and it’s probably the best cartoon ever so much just said that they ordered this 24u block two years ago they haven’t show up late it seems like they’re gonna arrive earlier supposed to be June okay that’s not too bad um but he’s gonna get two sets

They have four orders right in order to build the engine um one of them is already currently under the build um they’re already building it right now and second one will be yours yours nice so it’s coming up so it’s coming up That was a very good meeting about the engine we’re gonna head back to Midori City and I will give you guys an update nice so we’ve just made it back to the shop and uh oceanagusan is currently working on a customer car right now that’s getting a very similar build to what

We’re actually doing on my R34 Was actually explaining to us that this is uh almost the exact build that we’re going to be doing on my R34 GTR just different parts done this is pretty insane so with a relatively low amount of boost supposed to like 14 15 15 pounds of boost uh the

High spec engine made 475 horsepower that’s not even reaching like 20 pounds that’s pretty amazing go ahead okay that’s so fast so this is what I’m looking for in my build I explained this before when we did our like full engine build episode but I’m looking for something that’s high

Response keeping it around 500 horsepower that’s fun for like the street and Toge driving not necessarily a biggest power or full track spec for my R34 at least I want like a perfect OEM plus high response engine and that’s what this is too so watch this all right

So sick dude it’s so good High spec engine dude this is gnarly so cool oh Japan shots so the black one is actually utanagasan’s demo car but this one is ichiranagasan’s Son’s demo car which is really cool father-son Duo that is Ultimate goals yeah yeah white black yeah so I showed

You guys this previously but this is their engine build room that is actually temperature controlled oh it’s so nice 24 you nice brand new block so here is the actual head that’s going to be going on my engine right here like I said that’s a 24u block they actually

Are building for the customer that’s ahead of me but once wine comes in this head right here that’s already been machined and good to go with all of the spare components as well up here it’s gonna go on my 24u block it’s gonna be pretty sick dude whoa wow so one thing

That they do when they’re building these blocks is this is the oil jet for the head from the actual block itself and they figured it out that it’s a little bit too big so they replace the oil jet with a Midori specific one right there helps it run more efficiently

The small things that make a huge difference with these engines and the knowledge that a place like Midori Sabian old school JDM tuning short pass so another benefit of the smaller oil jet here is it reduces Blow by when you have so much oil going into your head

That excess oil turns into blow-by and they figured out that this smaller diameter oil jet reduces that so this is the oil line from the oil pump to this is going to be where the oil filter will be low right so there’s this oil line through here the block actually it’s

Been bored out bigger diameter so that they could care about the oil flow but also the oil level or amount of oil it can be stored in this oil line you know it’s just small that right if you look closely here there’s this slight you know the gap on that area section right

There if you can tell on a camera so actually the the Machining shop uh made bigger uh bigger diameter through here but which are not person we’re gonna we uh we’re gonna machine It Out by hand so from that Gap yeah so there will be extra

More flow that’s so sick it’s all these small things like as to like why I chose Midori say because they have that knowledge of working by hand to like finally Precision the engine exactly how they want which is cool well it’s pretty cool to actually finalize it Here by June and the engine build should be done by October now what this means is if that’s true the next time I’m coming to Japan is August and August to build the build will already be in progress which I mean this trip has potentially the very last

Trip that I’ll ever be driving the R34 GTR in Japan it’s kind of crazy man after four years the whole purpose like the whole purpose of buying the car is now like culminating into like why I bought it you know like this is the purpose of why

I bought it to drive it and experience it in Japan or it comes to America get it built at a reputable GTR shop and show you guys what that experience is like and we’re actually freaking doing it it’s insane but it’s also very sad because I don’t

Want to not drive my 34 here for now before we actually leave we get to watch janagasan do a little bit of tuning on this R32 which like I said is very similar to what my R34 GTR is going to be like Oh it sounds so sick at the higher RPMs it sounds crazy Foreign such a bummer that today’s terrible weather but super stoked that we got the engine build all squared away and by the next time we’re in Japan our engine should either be going into the car or we should have our actual engine being assembled which is going to be super

Sick anyways I’m gonna head back to the Airbnb for a bit do a little bit of work and then we have some fun plans tonight the weather is still terrible but we have made it back to the Airbnb I just realized I never give you guys a little

Airbnb check so you guys paid attention to the last Japan trip it probably looks a little bit familiar because this this is my Airbnb from the last trip I love this place so much just because it has like a room an office and then we can head upstairs oh plus the the parking

Spot is awesome we’ll show that in just a second has a super dope upstairs but my favorite part about this spot has got to be all the way up here check this out this is definitely the sickest part Super Rad balcony top view of the R34 that’s pretty dope okay back inside

So we do have some dinner plans tonight and hopefully pending the weather some night hangs planned but before we do that we still have a couple hours left one thing that I don’t get to do very often is edit on a timely manner so I’m going to take advantage of these couple

Hours and we’re gonna knock out editing so that I’m a little bit ahead and when I get home from running to C1 all night I don’t have to go edit I can actually get some rest so let’s bang out some videos Thank you [Applause] It’s awesome for dinner tonight we’re getting one of my favorite spots here in Japan and honestly my might just be my favorite burger in the entire world oh yeah Yoshi here Masa and avo is coming in just a bit this is our traditional burger spot here in Japan what I’m gonna try this

Time they have their burgers are just insane do the weird one last time yes I did we I tried that one yeah I forgot what we’re trying to charge but I think Masa did the chili burger one yeah I did a chili burger the guacamole salsa they’re both amazing so you guys

Know I’m from the south in the states they have gumbo here and I’m so curious hey guys sir oh my God it smells nice though it doesn’t smell it smells like authentic well very nice it smells like America okay I don’t need to judge of this here go ahead please it looks good

Oh it looks so hot too but it’s just it’s not 100 not 100 like 95 or 90. I give it like 85 like 80 that’s quick it’s got like the spice and like the yeah because it’s close because I’m probably using Japanese right yeah yeah like I always come here

I got the double add bacon this looks insane yeah that’s nicely guacamole salsa burger oh yeah apples Apple joined us finally eight and then Masa got the same thing Every American that I took here we go I haven’t been here for a while so good foreign burgers were amazing now another really cool thing about this burger spot is literally right down the street from ASM yokama we’ve been here one time before I showed you guys we actually got to see

The very famous ASM uh scuba attack winning s-2000 which is really cool but it’s just so crazy to me that they have all of these incredibly built and very nicely S2000 just sitting right on side of the road once again that blows my mind maybe one day when we do our next

Japan build that’s actually going to stay in Japan and definitely we’ll come to ASM and get some recaros so look at this so nice okay all the boys are here now that dinner’s done we are gonna head to daikoku of course Foreign Looks so good together the cars have come such a long way think about from the first time we all met to now where all the cars are it’s so cool another random night and so many good cars I wish this is something that we had in the states like we’re just like a

Central location where like every night the best of the best cars just come out like look at this RX7 this thing is massive what kid is this huh what kit see West see West kit see what’s one thing I really like this dude this is sick what is this rapid style rapid

Style tough luck High Sprint running so I always love seeing like the little stickers in Japan like the the car clubs out here are just so rad oh my God look at all three so cool so the car shop blow cars so gnarly this is but the craziest

This is we’ve seen the demo car that’s getting built at car shop low the facility we’ve never actually seen a completed one freaking nuts look at these fenders right here it kind of like reminds me a little bit of my GTR just way more aggressive whoa dude

Look at this too all the arrow for RX7 is so cool definitely the coolest RX7 I’ve ever seen out in the wild oh it has an attack sticker too me and attack I wonder if he races it go I might just go Classic this is amazing that’s plastered ice cream this

Is the best way to have hangs oh yeah really doesn’t get any better than this like convenient ice cream cone an absolute classic and a must try Look who decided to show up it’s not maximum myosan’s here and she brought the Supra last time I was here I actually did a little feature with a readathon on his Supra and it’s really really cool mine is hooking out tonight The fact that my R34 GTR is parked next to Max burrito Supra what is life right now we got some subscribers all the way from Australia how’s it going thank you of course hey enjoy your trip to Japan have a good night of course yeah one last look

We’re gonna head back to the Airbnb