Dustin Williams Video: Building an HKS Demo R33 GTR!

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-11 17:00:31
Author: Dustin Williams
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HKS EVERYTHING! In today’s video, we start the HKS R33 GTR. We are building my R33 GTR for SEMA this year and i decided to partner up with HKS for this amazing build. Today we install the HKS Hypermax S suspension and Super Turbo Muffler exhaust for the GTR!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Now you guys saw us grab a lot of boxes from HKS but what we’re going to be working on today is in these three boxes right here now keep in mind we have a lot more planned after SEMA but all of this stuff was r available and could get

To us before SEMA where we wouldn’t have to worry about taking the car apart and not being able to get parts so stay tuned for that but for today we got a couple of really cool boxes that I’m excited to finally install in this car

And you know just give the r33 GTR some love it’s been sitting for so long and it deserves some hkss Parts for today’s GTR Adventure let’s go ahead and unbox what we have today all of this stuff is from from HKS so again massive thank you to them I can’t believe that we’re getting to do this but for today we’re starting out with kind of the simple stuff but something

That this car really needed we’ll take a look at the original stuff in just a sec HKS has recently revamped their suspension system so today we are going to be installing brand new HKS hypermax suspension we have a little surprise for you guys when it actually gets to SEMA

But this is just the beginning let’s take a look at what we got here these are the brand new HKS hypermax s suspension nice and fresh for the r33 this what I love about HKS the little things Japan quality that is so SI so we a brand new set of suspension and next

Up we have something that I’m pretty freaking excited about now I definitely am going to miss the to sound but quality of this HS exhaust is fantastic so let’s take a look at what we got here move all this stuff beautiful last but not least today we have the HS super

Turbo muffler exhaust system now this is going to be a lot different than what we are used to on the car right now the to is Extremely Loud extremely aggressive this on the other hand is a little bit more tamed but has a very very nice RB

Sound to it take a look at this this is so cool one thing that really makes this exhaust unique is the actual tip want don’t you see how beautiful this is it is wild the the quality of the bead on the weld is ridiculous it has

This unique like I don’t even know what you would call it look at this Tim I’ve never even seen this up close is it This Ti this tip yeah it’s got like this like unique design with pretty freaking wild it’s absolutely beautiful it’s going to definitely be a a different sound to the

Car not as loud as the to but I do think it’s going to sound absolutely fantastic so we’re going to be installing the HKS hyper Max s suspension as well as the super turbo muffler exhaust going to be an awesome Day the quality on this is just HKS man this is why we do it it is beautiful I think we’re going to do here is go ahead and start with the exhaust before we actually get to the suspension only reason being because this to exhaust is made for an R34 which when we

Did it back here you guys might have seen we had to make a custom little test pipe and with this we’re going to have to kind of revert back to how it was cuz now this exhaust is made for 33 so we’re going to chop basically what Tim welded

On put this test pipe back together and that way we’ll be able to fit the HKS exhaust I am definitely going to miss the sound of this to exhaust but it’s going to be really nice to have something fresh and cool on the car plus

We get to work with HKS on it that’s the coolest part so let’s go a and knock off this 34 actually we could now that I’m thinking about it we can save this for the 34 when it comes back home give it some spicy noises whenever it has the

Madori engine so we’re going to go aad and knock this guy off and let’s get Started Good okay I forgot it was titanium so light I was like I was waiting for the weight and it never never came we’ll we’ll shove this for probably 34 I feel like when the 34 comes to America next year oh it’s for the 34 yeah yeah the madori’s exhaust is fantastic but that

Car is going to deserve just a nice open Titanium exhaust for Japan the madori exhaust was nice this will be nice for 4 but let’s go ahead see what we got to do for the HS exhaust and get this thing on okay for the worst part about this

Install is getting the suspension out and in because on old Nissan even even the newer ones I think Nissan made it as difficult as possible to get the rear stru the rear Top Hat bolt out so you got to take out the entire freaking interior in the rear of the

Car so while Tim works on the exhaust getting the test pipe to fit proper I’m going to go and start working on the suspension here and just getting all this crap out so we’re like halfway There there you go just like that you have a 33 SE it’s still as hard as possible because the freaking Top Hat bolts are way to F back here I don’t know why they should make it go through the trunk but you got to get all the way back here past this little ECU box thing it’s it’s just a it’s a whole

Situation I’m going to get these out real fast and I’ll show you guys when we start on the bottom how’s it going in there check this out little Easter egg how cool is that looks like it’s like a like a toll pass from 2006 January 1st

2006 how cool is that just tucked away in the the back of this car this crusty old 30-year-old car okay got the two top hat bolts out time to work on the bottom of the suspension and get these things out I got 30 years of just crust all over me

Okay now Luckily everything else on the suspension is super easy everything is pretty much just one bolt on the bottom and these guys pull out basically so we’re going to knock these out and test out the new ones time to break out the gun I like this tag team effort we got

Going on him on the exhaust me on the sension there we go Now theoretically this guy is just going to come right out yes yes dude look at this crust on this thing show them the top like right here oh it was time it was for sure time yeah this is a hypermax GT hypermax GT4 old oh God we got our crusty old suspension here compared to our our nice brand new hyper Max s now they don’t look a whole lot different but these are going to feel night and day different these were definitely old crusty in definitely a little bit blown out so it’s going to be

Nice to have a fresh set on the car and they just look incredible as well so let’s talk about the hypermax S suspension the hypermax S suspension brings a number of really awesome upgrades to the hypermax suspension so the hypermax S was born after n years

From the launch of the hypermax GT and it was born for you know driving comfort and the Driving Experience so with the new hypermax s you get the single tube damper design inverted shock absorber dual PVS which is a preload valve system you have the beautiful aluminum and

Machined exterior for for the beautiful suspension coilovers are ready to go in we’re going to go Ahad and install the rears up first since I’m already here uh we went ahead and adjusted the height to be the same as the original ones uh the car is already pretty low so we made it

Just a little bit higher to fit a meteor tie and a wider Tire which for SEMA is going to be really really nice it does come with nice adjusters that are even longer than the originals they’re almost a little bit too long but they’ll get the job done and we can adjust these

From the top of the car without having to take the entire interior out again so we are good to go there special guest we got t- money in the house helping us out with the suspension install here you go okay you got it okay so oh my God wait

It’s heavy okay wo God sorry God there’s a lot happening I’ll tell you when not yet I’m ready okay oh you’re okay you’re going up there okay I got it all right nice here’s your puller through through the hole yeah put it through the hole I’m going to nut

It like that yep there we go okay you can let it go nice hold on almost there where’s the hole nope twist it to your left there yeah there nice almost done almost done looks so much more fresh looks nice it looks very nice oh yeah so it actually changes the whole

Look of the wheel well now yeah it’s kind of all crusty and bronzy anymore no more we’re so close let’s see if I can just oh see if it was for the interior dude this would be like so simple but okay suspension is basically done

Now we’re going to move to the front and that one’s very easy one bolt in the bottom three on the top hat good to go oh my God sky so really on there okay see that’s what I love about ’90s JDM Cars aside from the interior portion they make everything so

Easy just to just to do okay now and just like that hcast suspension is out again very just crusty and old much needed time for an upgrade our new Beautiful hypermax s suspension is going to go in now I keep saying it but it’s a very much needed and nice

Upgrade what we previously had again super easy comes with everything that you guys need let’s put that in there this gu’s snake back here super easy see how simple they make it these are a little B different than the previous suspension that was on there the fronts didn’t actually have

Helper springs which are these little Springs right underneath the main Springs words you know I don’t know didn’t have helper springs so hopefully you know we adjusted it right the first time if not we’ll have to come back and do it but either way super simple let’s go ahead button everything up and

Suspension is done for today but while Tim and Noah are back at the shop working on the hkss exhaust I stopped over here at TSM Collision because they are officially I think they’re already getting ready to start the paint here they’re officially starting the paint on

The WX now most of this that you’re watching is going to be in black and white but but I want to document it for the actual paint video oo look that lava right there what’s up bro what up brother good to see man you too that is

Beautiful it’s in black and white again for you guys but just know this paint is insane sometimes the metallics a little coarse so when we’re spraying it almost looks like a dirt when it lands on the car okay so I got to strain it so it

Comes out clean and less dirts on the on the pain this is the coolest moment yeah I could of course we’re still going to film the kit getting painted but actually having the body of the car getting painted that is what I definitely wanted to be here for this is the biggest

Moment again we’ve almost owned this car for 9 years and we’re actually doing a full color transformation this is going to be so awesome I know you guys can’t really see the color cuz black and white but it’s so good that is pretty freaking cool and

The main reason why I wanted to show you guys this even though it is black and white so I just wanted to keep you guys up to date on where we’re sitting with the WX cuz I know uh it’s going to be a big big review when we’re finally done

With the paint you know this car sat for so long and Eon said it best earlier we’re giving it chance at life and so uh I wanted to keep you guys updated um throughout this entire process we will be revealing it the very last week of this month so I believe it’s like

October 28th is it’s the weekend before SEMA we’re going to be revealing it to you guys so that if you’re at SEMA you can come and actually see the car in person the color is absolutely ridiculous but now we got to head back to the shop and finish up the r33 and

Get the exhaust all done and get ready for the rest of the mods we have going on tomorrow moving along we have finished the HC suspension kind of cross our fingers that it we measured it correct the first time so maybe we don’t have to adjust it now we can go ahead

And move on to the exhaust you guys already saw Tim bro weld up this nice test pipe right here and kind of fix it from when we extended it for using the R34 GTR exhaust so now we can go ahead and install our HKS super turbo muffler

For the r33 it’s going to be super quick you guys know how this goes let’s get this car finished ah the best part of the day right here I am super ped for this pretty much stab those into y this guy is don’t worry about that yet okay

We do these that one just got to get the nipple through you know oh man there it is okay she’s good should I get this one hold my eyes dude look how gnarly this looks look at that that is so sick I honestly I think I like the way that

This Muffler looks more than I like the tow I feel like this fits more of that r33 GTR style I don’t know why but if I like stand back here that’s dope that looks sick and their titanium color is just so freaking good that is crazy very nice all right gasket gasket

Me bolt me we’re going to insert the pipe this is going to be sick I’m excited for this I’m excited for a nice change you know we have a HKS exhaust so as you can see my test pipe thing worked yes it did work it’s very nice nice this

Thing has been cut welded and cut welded again for and this time it’s actually stainless cuz the first time it wasn’t yeah I do remember that sweet okay basically we just got to tighten everything down and we can give her our first start actually but first of all

You guys already know we can’t have dirty exhaust down here so you’re going to tighten things I’m going to clean things got it got yep yep embrace it you’ll never you’ll never see the exhaust but just knowing that you have a nice clean shiny HKS exhaust on your car it’s a different

Kind of good feeling you know we’re going to clean off this titanium tip here the muffler and then get the actual exhaust and uh we’ll be good ready let’s see it exhaust complete look how good this looks I am definitely most stoked on how awesome the super turbo muffler

Looks but uh we’re going to go ahead and make sure that the car sits where we want it we probably will have to adjust but let’s see if we got it right the first time is looking good so far wow the rear slam front Okay are perfect yeah it

Actually looks really nice I like the front man I am stoked on this exhaust I actually love the way that looks I like looks pretty sick I like that better than I like the to I think I like this just cuz it’s OG style especially for

The 33 GTR I feel like this is the proper look I love that so much all right well I guess we’ll adjust the suspension afterwards because we still got to put I still got to put the uh I myself to put the interior back into the

Car I’m going to go and give you guys a first start with the new HC exhaust system first HC startup oh she’s deep and throaty dud it’s not bad that’s good noisy that’s not bad at all ooh I like that em oh I love that way more than I thought I would I

Really love that I enjoy that a lot noxious while it’s idling no that is sick wow 12 out of 10 sound that is perfect [Applause] I actually really like how that sounds like no joke um it’s not super loud but it’s loud Enough It sounds super good oh that sounds so good it’s perfect has a perfect sounding exhaust just loud enough still backfires still shoots flames it’s it’s it’s perfect perfect perfect exhaust and That sounds Incredible dude come on the suspension already settled that sounds so good height has been adjusted exhaust is complete not only does it feel great it looks great it freaking sounds insane and we still got more left for you guys tomorrow holy moly so I think today was a massive success Tim

Guys tomorrow we have more HKS goodies and we’re getting this thing ready for SEMA we have a big surprise for you guys when we get there so I guess with that I’m going to go and end today’s video it’s late I got to edit we got an early

Day tomorrow thank you guys so much for watching Remember guys uh make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below what you guys think about the GT are and what else we should do with it let us know what you guys want to see

With it cuz even Beyond SEMA we have some work that we’re going to be doing with HKS so I’m excited for that and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys for the next video peace Out