Dustin Williams Video: Back in Japan for My Secret Car..

Posted: 2023-08-09 17:00:20
Author: Dustin Williams
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ITS TIME! Months in the making… we are back in Japan to try and release my secret Japan car from Japanese Customs… will it work?
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Off for another crazy adventure Thank you 15 year old me would never believe what we’re about to go and try and do I have no idea if it’s gonna work but we have to try we’re traveling back to Japan for one of the craziest adventures and biggest dreams of my entire life it’s gonna be a good one thank you Crazy German Adventure this year and the more I think about it the more that this reality is crazy I don’t want to say anything until it’s actually International Airport welcome to Japan first one’s off the plane all right time to find Masa What is this good to see you again what up Masa did your glasses are all fall I know it’s so hot here what is this it’s my new car yeah no it is my new car no I sold my yards and bought this thing you’re such a liar let’s get out of here Are you listening to him here Masa what really man we are back baby we’re finally back I know it feels like two years ago when I came here for the first time again again you always never you always you’re always so exciting when you it just feels like it feels like I’m like

Home away from home when I’m here I know right but today we have a very do you think we’ll make it today or no no no we’re not gonna make it today yeah tomorrow we’re gonna have a very important mission that they don’t know about Yama so but yeah we did yeah that

Told me not to speak to anybody so I don’t even do will get the car at the Port that’s the troubling part our mission here this time may or may not work this so we’re gonna do our best we’re gonna figure it out but I’m gonna take you

Guys along for it and see what happens anyways today we’re back in Japan oh just sounds and smells like a Japanese summer first up feels good to be back this is how you know we’re back Masa black boss foreign First Japanese snacks of the trip Boss Coffee of course and put them on or pork bun I always feel like I’m in an anime when I eat this is what it looks like when they eat Thank you the top floor we’re back we’re back Oh it’s actually quite nice that’s comfortable pretty nice Welcome to our home for the next week week or so yeah until we go to hokane for a special event it’s been a long trip today Masa but this is just the beginning we have a very long few days

Ahead of us exciting exciting hopefully everything we’re still crossing our fingers but today our day is not over it is currently 4 46 in the afternoon and we have some errands to run prior to heading to customs tomorrow so Masa Autobox dinner daikoku sure sounds like

A pretty good first day in in Japan let’s go Oh it’s about anything our first big stop of the trip and a very cool stop you guys will recognize this because we come here pretty much every single time I’m in Japan yeah guys got a lot of cool stuff here but this time we’re here out of necessity for the

Car that you’re gonna drive around the secret Japan car now this is a very different Japan trip and we’ll talk about this a little bit later once we get to daikoku look at that that’s nice and a Supra that’s a good Supra we’ll talk a little bit more on why this is

Different but first we have a list of items that we have got to get from a pit Autobox now you guys you guys don’t remember this from the videos 8-bit Autobox is basically Walmart for car guys everything and anything you could want you can get from this place seats

Racing Equipment accessories I mean it’s just really sick so let’s head inside and go grab what we need for our trip actually what we need for quite a while because our secret Japan car is going to be of course in Japan this is this is very unique because it’s not we’re not

Picking up what we usually pick up which is cool race car parts we’re picking up necessity goofy stuff because City stuff for Japan because it’s so hot and humid yeah it’s disgusting so let me show you guys a different side of AP Auto box we need stuff in this vicinity okay

Definitely grab this guy item number one sunshade item number three the stuff you can find in these stores man it’s so goofy hug drive back cushion number two Grabber arm you’ll see a while later next up gas can I guess Jerry can I guess Jerry

Again this is one yeah this is a little bit different but this is gonna have to work um maybe 20 20 is big yeah we definitely need this one for sure pretty big this is a very weird list for everybody that doesn’t know what’s going on because but the people

Who knew end of the day why we are buying these it all makes sense hopefully very soon for you guys not least portable fan it’s better than nothing the car doesn’t have any Outlets USBS or anything so this is gonna have to do what are you gonna do with these dude

What a list this is actually a big thing that I wanted to mark off and I’m actually not stressed about anymore so this is really nice tomorrow is going to be the stressful day with Customs but this unloads a heavyweight so check out and we can go get some food but we’ve

Got so many stuffed up well it’s better to have it then tonight success start Mission success boys food now soba Soma anything let’s go let’s go decided to drive is I’m so tired uh I’m so tired slash nervous slash happy that I’m here I just need some food you lost

For words to it yeah right that’s cool what did you say long gone yeah Dustin’s learning some words huh pretty soon I’ll be able to speak you don’t need you don’t need more masa anymore people Gonna Miss Masa in the Vlogs if you start speaking in Japanese everywhere

Yeah all right oh look at that Yari that’s sick that is pretty sick it’s cooler than yours dude let’s do a little uh little a pit smoke around let’s check out some cards we got a big STI up front did you look at the endless breaks on that thing it’s massive holy moly

And look at the seats too it has the same seats that we oh it’s covering too it’s manual got a nice Evo seven over there nothing too crazy tonight but it is Tuesday night so oh like a nice hatch coming in but uh tonight we’ll do some car

Spotting so we’re gonna head to daikoku after dinner but we’ll take you guys along to my first Does that make sense yeah makes sense okay um which 34 you are is your favorite you’ve seen one in Japan yet this is so cool yeah so which which Bay which blue is your favorite this blue or this blue comment down below they’re pretty they’re like very similar

So this car yeah fairly easy is it called a fair lady Z in Japan yeah what a sick fine that’s cool Thank you What is that bro you should actually try a raw horse meat once in your life Moss is going all in tonight first night already yeah awesome I mean just try a small piece It’s dipping that soy sauce now runs Foreign last stop of the night instead of daikoku Holy one two three I know ideas are awesome Menards Saints because it’s eight day August 8th it’s Eighth Day now it really feels like we’re back no matter how many times I come to Japan no matter how many times I come to daikoku it literally never gets old

This is a traditional obligatory stop to daikoku on my first night here come check out what’s out and about and random Tuesday night we have tons of really amazing cars yeah and it’s also eight stays for August 8th yeah lots of Arts that’s a sick one dude attack spec foreign If you guys have been watching the Japan videos for a while now you would have seen this in one of my last videos this is actually a really famous RX-8 here in Japan for time attack and running the attack challenge uh he’s probably one of the fastest RX8 guys here right look oh

It’s probably 9.8 it’s pretty fast that’s super I mean sub one minute it’s crazy so that’s scuba or yeah scuba if you guys don’t know this thing is so rad we got to see this actually running the loop one of the last few times that we’re here it was a

Very very cool car stumbled across RX8 day which is pretty cool but I think we’re gonna hit the combini that’s so sick full kid everything Advent GTS damn look at this kit that’s wild the stuff that you find here man this is a super cool spot right here we have a

Toge RX RX8 so rad so many togas I know more than my 34. it’s so cool we’re definitely making some memories like this in the new car that’s coming this Japan trip is different and that being this time I’m not gonna have my R34 GTR we have something special coming something new

Coming I’m really excited to share with you guys but throughout this entire video I’ve been telling you it might not happen this trip and there’s a reason for that you guys will see it in tomorrow’s episode and I don’t want to spoil it until I know for sure that the

Car is going to get released so you guys got to stay tuned but just know no more R34 GTR in Japan hopefully this trip will have a chance to go to PDI to do a update on the 34 for you guys but uh yeah the 34 is actually done in Japan

Driving in Japan at least and something new is coming that’s why this trip is really special we’re gonna finish our night walking through daikoku and head back to the hotel I saw that but monster you know what car that I actually really like the new Miatas no cobra

That is very unique to see in Japan but I really enjoy the new Miatas is this something you guys would be interested in seeing getting built I mean obviously we want to do we want to do an old school Miata for you guys but I feel like these are

Really really cool and underrated cars and it’s cheap being cheaper is it in Japan you could buy for 10 G’s now what yeah for Miata six-speed holy crap dang so crazy you can come here on any given night and just see all of you yeah you have a WRX there you have a

Wow well I think we’re gonna cut our Knights short I need to get some sleep because again we have a super long day tomorrow so we’re gonna head back to the hotel and go crash oh for the first time ever in Japan we’ve made it home at a decent time so

It’s currently at 904 and I wanted to get as much rest as possible because we really do have such a crazy morning tomorrow I definitely have travel brains so I’m really sorry if today’s video was all over the place I we have so much going on behind the scenes that I’ve

Been trying to make work for over a year now and tomorrow is like Judgment Day I mean no matter what it’s gonna eventually work out it’s just for this trip it’s cutting it very close and I’ve been very vague but we’re picking up the New Japan car from the port tomorrow I

Know I didn’t explain this very well but we’re picking up the New Japan car from the port tomorrow or trying to pick it up um I needed to be here in person with my personal passport for it to clear Customs but the caveat here is this weekend is a Japanese national holiday

From Friday until like next Wednesday so today is currently Tuesday we’re going to do customs in the morning tomorrow which is Wednesday so essentially they have Wednesday and Thursday to clear all the Customs inspect the car do all of that stuff in order for them to release

The car to me and for the car to make it to fuel Fest because that’s ultimately the the greatest goal here is to pick up the car and bring the car to fuel fast and then have my new Japan car and I know I did a really crappy job

Explaining that this entire video I’m just not realizing that but uh yes that’s the premise of this Japan trip and it’s a very very special New Japan car that I mean like I said 15 16 year old Dustin could have it would make me physically ill if I knew what was going

To happen like I said um I’m very nervous because I would love for it to happen this trip and we planned for it this trip it’s just there are so many external factors like a strike happening at the Port that just delayed this process until the very last minute so

That’s where we’re at currently and tomorrow is like I said Judgment day where we go to customs so I want to get as much sleep and as much rest as possible be fully aware and awake for or what’s going to happen especially if they decide to release the car it

Probably won’t be tomorrow it’ll probably be if anything they’ll release it on Thursday the day after we sign up for the custom papers and stuff so fingers crossed cross your fingers for me guys because I really want this to happen and we can drop the video that we

Filmed months and months ago prior to this car being at Customs so uh yeah that’s the Spiel and I can’t believe I didn’t explain that in this video until now but as you can probably tell I’m exhausted it’s only nine o’clock and I’m about to pass out so I wanted to quickly

End this video we’re back in Japan baby I’m so excited it’s a shorter trip because we do have a crazy month but we’ll be here for about eight days and hopefully the car gets hopefully the car gets released from customs and we’re gonna have the craziest eight days ever

In Japan I’m stoked with that being said I’m gonna go ahead and end today’s video here thank you guys so much for watching as always if you have not already make sure to hit that like button leave me a comment down below hashtag made it to the yeah this is the definition that’s

Hashtag made it to the end Judgment Day cross your fingers and uh don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s video daily Vlog Japan videos are back so we’ll see you in tomorrow’s yourself