Dustin Williams Video: Adding MORE Performance to my New FL5 Type R!

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-27 17:00:02
Author: Dustin Williams
Huge thanks to our awesome friends over at Honda for sponsoring today’s video! We are pumped to jump into our new FL5 and start modifying. #HondaPartner @Honda #CivicTypeR
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Welcome back to the fl5 build series today’s video is sponsored by Honda and today we’ll be taking a look at the updated performance features of the new fl5 type on the new fl5 Type R is equipped with an updated 2.0 turbocharged VTEC engine the power has been bumped all the way up to

315 horsepower this is Honda’s most powerful Civic Type R yet and it’s really really good If you guys want to learn more about the fl5 Civic Type R head to the first thing down description box below now like I keep telling you guys there’s not a lot of stuff out for this car just yet but we’re going to do as much as we can and

We have a special delivery from our friends over at PRL that we’re being selling today we have one more box here we go this stuff is super exciting and I’m pumped just to like get deeper into the car I do want to give a big

Thank you to you guys uh all the support on the fl5 has been incredible it makes me super happy that you guys are just as pumped As We Are We Now anticipated the new fl5 was and I’m super excited to get my hands on it and start figuring out

What works on this car and what doesn’t because as you guys saw previously our brakes from the fk8 actually worked on this car too and with a little bit of modification and some other stuff from the FKA it does work but today we have something completely new and engineered

By PRL we have their the Billet end tanks dude oh my gosh look at this he got the juicy PRL inner I don’t want to take it out just yet it’s really heavy God oh look at this the Beautiful the Billet PRL intercooler for the car today this

Thing is this is a thick boy this is thick I’m very curious to see what this is what this looks like compared to the stock intercooler but this is going to help us tremendously uh give us a little bit more power a little bit better cooling it’s going to be very very nice

Now I think that in this box back here I think this might be yes we have some fl5 fuel goodies thank you guys over there I appreciate it we do have new couplers we do have charge very nice so it’s a new typing what else this does involve some

Cutting and some reshaping and fitting and stuff and we’ll show you guys all of that this is what I was looking for so we it does come with new charge piping as well wow it comes with the entire kit the entire entire charge piping kit this is

Very nice so not only do we have the intercooler which usually when you install the intercooler it’s really all you get but we also have all the charge piping as well so this is also hard look at this I think it’s the pipe over here let’s see how it has the sensor

Look at that it’s the full piping kit thank you PRL this is going to be absolutely sick so we have our work cut out for us today we’re going to rip this entire front end off the car and start fitting things up so when I was talking

To my guy Pat over at PRL he did say that if you look down here the intercooler is kind of pushed behind the grill with the PRL intercooler it’s shoved more towards the grill and gives it like a really aggressive look I’m super pumped to see what he meant by

That and I think it’ll look really nice if the intercool is a little bit closer because then you’ll be able to see it right through the grill since there’s so much so much open area with the honeycomb design here this is going to be absolutely sick and hopefully this

Piping actually gives us a little bit more performance out of it as well this is going to be really nice and we’re gonna have a full day of some performance installs on the sideboard Enough of the unboxing first things first we gotta go ahead and rip off this front bumper which is gonna be very interesting because I’m sure there’s even more Clips on this guy than the fk8 so we’re gonna figure out how to get this entire thing taken off and then

We’ll show you guys what the intercooler looks like and how we’re actually going to get all of these pipes I have to take the intake out yeah this would be very very interesting lots of moving Parts here but I think ultimately it’s benefit us in the long run it’s gonna be awesome

So we’re gonna go and get started it’s also crazy because this car still only has 55 miles on it and we’re just digging digging right in wasting no time but it’s gonna be awesome so you guys have seen us take the FK from bumper on and off many many times so I’m just

Going to go ahead and time lapse this I can tell you guys there’s gonna be a lot of Clips up top and then of course the under tray on the bottom because it’s even more of a flat bottom with this car than it is the type R so I’ll show you

Guys that when the time comes but we’re gonna go ahead and start popping all of these little Clips off thank you I need a different Foreign Hey okay I can tell you guys you can set a job I’m scared about this piece I can tell you guys it is easier to take off the fl5 bumper than is the FKA pump it’s but it is it’s scarier sick okay so we basically have like a hundred clips and

A little top screws on the side and it pulls right out there’s nothing though look at this thing where’s the oil cooler gonna go now the front of this car looks so aggressive with the front bumper off it’s sick laughs dig a big mouth it’s so gnarly

It’s awesome and I love how you have these massive brake Ducks now just getting air straight to your brakes that is gonna be awesome so what we went ahead and did is take off the under tray right here because now with the under tray off you can get to the charge

Piping right here which are rubber and we now have silicone which is going to be very nice and we also replace this plastic Inlet right here with the prl’s new cast Inlet which is also a massive upgrade so what I’m going to go ahead and do right now is take out the

Intercooler which looks pretty similar to the FK one where you just have two bolts on each side and then this thing will just pull right out and while I do this Tim is going to go ahead and work on clearancing a little bit of The Grille these little air duct vent

Thingies come off and you also shave down the inner portion of the grill right here which will allow for how freaking massive this intercooler is to poke out a little bit further now I’ve already taken a look at it but once I get off the intercooler I can show you

Guys difference in uh the difference in thickness between PRL and stock it is massive and it’s awesome so let’s go ahead and rip out the intercooler and get started [Applause] Boom look at this dude look at this little baby guy it is exactly the same it probably is we have OEM intercooler let’s take a look at OEM versus brl take a look at this oh my God so not only is it like taller but it’s also double the

Thickness actually double the thickness that is crazy okay I can put it down so you guys can that is absolutely wild so you’re getting so much performance out of the PRL intercooler versus the OEM a lot more cooling yes this is going to be incredible holy crap I think this is

Even bigger than the HKS one that we have yeah that’s almost another ply plus the Billet end tanks that you get so sick this is the most high quality airport I’ve ever gotten this is absolutely insane I am stoked so quickly before we like fully install it

We can go and mock it up and take a little look real fast but we still have to do the the piping but good Lord holy no wonder they tell you that it sticks out it definitely sticks out that’s literally crazy we could set this

Down for now you can see that we have our charge typing on the inside right here I’m gonna go ahead and start replacing um probably this one this plastic one with the cast one that they give you and then we’ll move up from there and do the

Silicone all the way back to the intake manifold What I went ahead and did is to take out the intake and you can directly get to the charge piping that we’re replacing right here as well as this piece right here as well this guy is going to come right off here stock piping versus yeah this is

Definitely a thicker diameter as well right there look at that that’s just decreasing horsepower right there so then we have like the OEM rubber versus the telephone and this will be a lot more simple to install actually plopper on just like that something something like this okay now the now the

Challenging part is getting the actual intake manifold Inlet charged pipe out of whatever you want to call it getting that piece off okay so now this is just gonna not be difficult and slide right out it’s probably gonna be stuck with this gut rubber okay ow boom no battery

Okay now the interesting part is to be getting it back in but our last charge pipe is out good to go so close Okay so the way this works is we got the coupler and whatever you want to call this Inlet pipe throttle body and lip pipe I don’t know whatever you

Want to call it we got the stock ones off which by the way we should show them real fast the PRL one is much bigger in diameter I don’t know how much you can tell on camera but this is a thick boy gonna allow for a lot more air into it

And it’s also jet coated which is going to be pretty freaking nice so we’re gonna go ahead and install this guy along with our coupler over here okay so now I gotta somehow maneuver my hand in there there it is daughter insert the pipe into your freshly new

PRL coupler going to these throttle body Tim you ready for this guy shover in there um okay make sure to do your sensor first as well because the way this bracket works out is it’s going to be like right on top of each other so just

Get her in there we go actually holds it got it oh there it is I think she’s in yeah now he’s got a Bolton okay this is gonna have to just maneuver okay that guy’s in there FYI that pulse is very tight okay we got it okay now

Last one I fell underneath here boom okay tighten them up make sure you tighten them not loosen them yeah this honestly this part right here is the hardest part of this all really getting all the way back there other than that it’s basically just bolting on your intercooler again and getting the

Last intercooler the silicone piping from here down to the intercooler which will be super simple as well because that is silicone and moves around easily this is gonna be so sick dude a lot more suck power and there’s a open spot for a sensor like an uh intake air temperature sensor

Yeah last and final piece of our PRL puzzle today we have the cast and tank inlet I’m just calling these things coupler it’s not it’s a coupler is it a coupler okay anyways where’s the stock one it’s right between our nice PRL versus our OEM very nice upgrade and

It’s not like a super sharp edge like the OEM one is you can see nice and rounded for better airflow as well plus it’s cast not plastic much better next up let’s install it let’s see if we can effectively snake this up here there it is

Uh give me a clamp did you need to loosen the other one yeah well yes probably okay let’s see about this guy down here wow did we just first try that I think so that’s the first try so you can get yours in and I’ll just tighten it out of 10.

So nice dude oh so this can actually rotate if we needed to which is yeah it’s the same as the other side I think you got it first try first try baby let’s go nice this is gonna be so sick so literally all we have to do after this is air box

Intercooler full send quick update before we get started with the intercooler all of our piping is in I don’t think we updated you guys on this but Tim also did the uh charge piping down here from the turbo to the intercooler you can kind of see it right

There we also got our intake box in so now we can fit up oh the juicy boy now it’s going to be a mission to try and like squeeze this in here because of how big this thing actually is but should be just fine oh actually before

We do this we gotta relocate this guy oh yeah that’s probably why you’re having an issue we had to drill a hole yes we do have to do that we should show you guys that as well okay in order to install the PRL intercooler you are

Going to have to relocate your uh your air temperature sensor right here so we are going to go ahead and cut this tab off it’s fine it’s fine just let me clean it up real fast there we go like it wasn’t even there Tim now you

Relocate this guy I think like right up right up in here somewhere so it’s just out of the way so because obviously this thing is so much taller and bigger that it does hit it right here so it’ll just be tucked up into here and it’ll be good to go

A little relocation kit there Tim hello just just drill a hole through the plastic and yeah just about the same size as the other one and boom you’re boom little modification okay now we’re ready for the intercooler Boom Tim sick install and it looks super aggressive that’s insane how much that adds to the front end of the car compared to what OEM was dude it’s gonna be insane when we put the front bumper on because I can already see it’s gonna be like yeah right up to the geez right

Up to the grill right here it’s gonna be poking out nice you have the PRL logo at the front it’s gonna be very very good okay now that we’ve buttoned up all of this stuff we literally just have to put the front bumper up front bumper back on

Basically just a bunch of clips and we are good to go so let’s finish her up and see how she looks all right so it’s not complete yet so we didn’t actually finish underneath just yet but I can confidently say Honda made this very easy and very pleasant

Honestly to work on getting the bumper on and off is a lot easier than the fk8 at least from our experience and honestly another Point what it would probably be easier for companies to make front lips and stuff because that is way easier yes than that having a front lip

Made into the boat yeah you know this is actually sick also Tim kurustas we didn’t break a single clip getting it off massive success in the shot today I am so pumped with how the PRL intercooler came out it looks fantastic just adding to what is an already amazing car making

It a little bit better we have so much more to come for the fl5 I’m excited to finally have like a really fun and cool street car not like full out time attack race car but fun street car that we are going to be able to take and have fun at

The track and this is just the beginning we’re gonna have an awesome time installing and just having fun with this car it’s gonna be awesome so really quickly I did want to update you guys we called the intercooler charge pipe that you replaced on this side

Instead of the OEM plastic one we called it cast I stand corrected it is actually 3D printed aluminum which is absolutely freaking sick but these intercoolers actually go on sale on April 7th if you guys want to get your hands on one I’m gonna go ahead and leave prl’s website

Down below but Mark the date April 7th that way you guys can get your hands on one of these awesome intercoolers but when you purchase a production model in your cooler it actually does come with a cast charge pipe piece but for but for our pre-production model we got the 3D

Printed aluminum which I think is pretty freaking cool Thank you man I know I sound like a broken record when saying this but I can knock it over how freaking amazing this car looks and even the Sonic gray Pearl has just grown on me so much with the t-37s the new brakes that we have and the intercooler

It’s just all these tiny pieces are making a really amazing puzzle and I’m very excited to see where this build goes but now the Moment of Truth we gotta start her up make sure everything’s fine which I believe it will be none of this stuff requires a

Tune which if you guys don’t know ECU on these cars has still not been broken yet so you can’t tune these just yet so all this stuff does not require it to let’s go ahead squeeze on in and give her her first start Like butter I don’t think this is gonna give you any cool induction suck noises like an intake would but it is overall gonna improve Cooling and performance on the car for later on down the road and just a very nice piece in the front of the car so today’s install Mission success

This car still only has 53 miles on the odometer and I have loved every single 53 of those miles this car just keeps surprising so today’s install success [Applause] foreign