Drifting in Downtown LA & Accidental Music Video Appearance With Ryan Litteral!!

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-10 16:00:46
Author: Larry Chen
Thanks again to @RyanLitteral for coming along for the ride. Head over to the @Powerstop channel to see more amazing content!

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Larry Chen Video Transcript

And Here we are after all these years we’re back we’re going to do this Cruise in our hometown in our hometown different chassis not with the 14 got the 15 this time and uh yeah I’m really excited uh We’ve we’ve been talking about doing it here for years but we just it hasn’t

Lined up and it’s uh it’s a lot different lot different time now than it was was in 2020 yeah so this is after the Formula Drift season we also didn’t want to do this midseason because we didn’t want to risk the car right um now that you’re done with Formula Drift

You’re done with grid life now let’s do a nice proper photo shoot to send this season off yeah and I couldn’t think of a better place to do this I mean look at that right there it’s amazing so so then let’s talk about um this series that

Power stop is actually doing they wanted to highlight all different types of car culture right so they did a little off-road thing they did some track stuff for this it’s kind of a mix yeah cuz I mean this is a professional drift car um a professional driver you’re a

Professional content producer and we’re blending all of that tonight and showcasing that and our Trail is I mean you could tell that this isn’t uh some like pristine showpiece here you know this is definitely seen some action in the trail that uh We’ve we’ve come all

Along the entire series to wind up to this point well you know what’s funny to me is a lot of people will say haha it’s cool that it’s a professional drift car in Formula Drift and you’re sponsored by a Brake company dude your braking performance while drifting especially professionally is everything car control

Is so Dynamic with your foot pedal with your handbrake like all of that has to work like especially when you left foot brake it’s not to just be all showy like you know if I want to stay up on the wall longer you know I can depress my

Left foot or if I want to get tighter on an inner clip I can put more weight down over the front and your e bra always has to work if your e bra doesn’t work and it doesn’t lock when you want it to then you’re going to go straight when you

Don’t want it to and you’ll wind up in a wall or you’ll go off track you’ll hit another car so your braking performance is absolutely vital on track especially at festivals when you’re doing full course drift yeah you were almost on fire cuz you didn’t have power stops on

I did almost catch my Supra on fire because I thought it would be a good idea to hot lap lap after lap chasing these guys and then I didn’t do a cool down lap because we’re just so limited on track time so I just pulled into the

Pits to find another victim and I was talking to Ryan and he’s like dude you’re on fire your front brakes are just smoldering man I was like dude you’re on fire I we had ruptured an oil line and there’s oil on the ground and then this

Guy’s on fire it was G Life’s a blast dude but like you said we have very short amount of time you have 15minute sessions and you have a multitude of people out there to to try to shoot content for and well enough chitchat I saw an s13 just drive by I think we

Might might need to chase him oh yeah let’s run him down ready let’s do it let’s go all Right There’s a cop right here this is the turn around spot to go back over he wanted a shot at 711 let’s get it let’s get it right now here let me get out let me get out let me get out let me get Out this is so good I just can’t believe we parked a 4 drift car in front of 7-Eleven that is ridiculous H yeah bro dude this is just so ridiculous it’s awesome how does it feel to drive your formula drift car on the street it’s actually extremely

Comfortable thank you we passed two cops by the way already really yeah I they didn’t even look at us I’m just doing the Homer Simpson if I don’t see them they’re not there I love it dude this scene is amazing we got 7-Eleven we got a bunch

Of uh Grom guys oh my God scooter gang it’s going to be dope amazing it’s just so ridiculous oh hey hey oh my God are you what are you guys what are you doing we’re shooting a formula drift car on the street we’re shooting drift cars in a warehouse

Around the corner can we join you where where are they where video yeah yeah just video yeah I’m going to park in front of them I’m going to Pancake my bike and I’m going to do some backfires okay all right wait so is it like a like a shoot shoot full

On SHO video can we come absolutely okay when when when do we go uh whatever you guys want right now yeah yeah we’re getting set up okay okay all right we’re going to join they’re doing a music video shoot with a bunch of drift cars we’re going to join them really

Yeah we go from one shoot to joining another shoot and then we’re probably going to leave their shoot and then we’re going to keep shooting What are we doing I don’t know what are we doing I don’t know you might wonder how I wound up here wait so are they going to be stoked on us being here or no yeah they already you yeah they already know okay got

This hey I was in the area I thought was the only FD guy here I was in the area what’s up baby you Mr Larry dude we saw your car and we’re like what’s going on what’s Happening we were literally just driving this around yeah that’s crazy that’s what you say I

Like so you guys need your coming he’s like no we just found out right now like how let me get a shot of you next to the car Yo you made that yes sir that is sick he made this that is a fbv draw one of one right here wow that is so cool do we do we Manifest this or what happened how does this happen we smoke we did Manifest Destiny baby I I was kind of

Bummed thinking that we wouldn’t be able to break traction tonight you know we have FD car we follow the rules we don’t want to piss anybody off yeah of course but what are the chances of this it’s just like oh yeah by the way your homies are down the street filming a music

Video where they’re drifting yeah and you just come right down the way and literally not even that it’s like one block away from from the 7-Eleven that you’re at right now like all right okay how how are we not how we going to say

No no no we got to say yes you have to it’ be disrespectful for we don’t want to do that yeah we don’t want to disrespect anybody no absolutely not oh my God that’s how you do it when the IE boys come to La that’s right what’s the fastest way

7eleven all right all right let’s go clear uption This what the hell oh my God as like I thought this couldn’t get any crazier dude all Right right right right right good good good good [Applause] now we’re done we’re done uh we’re we’re going to go to Grand lower let’s [Applause] go over right Here I’m going to grab a shot real quick [Applause] all right we got to go dude we got to go forget the go push we got to go can I hang out in the in the convertible with you guys can can you guys can we lead them this is the coolest thing

Ever this is so ridiculous We do one this feels like a video game this is ridiculous play now there goes all the alarms left left left left left left here How about that pretty Co that was so ridiculous it’s not real life and E30 always p through man I know E30 E30 is always answer dude you were you were the answer We did it it’s crazy we’re mobing that was so much fun that was so much fun man what a night this is pretty crazy man got to thank you Larry for for coming out here and and help making it all possible thank you to power stop brakes uh thank

You to got sooko collab garage and um just for everyone tuning in on our adventure I mean we do this for you it’s our passion but in order for us to uh take risk and just have a good time to have good content for you guys so thank

You guys for tuning in and let me just close us out by saying this is why I love cars and car culture so much like we didn’t set out to do this but this just happened and it found us and I’m glad it did because I wouldn’t want to

Do anything else you know this is my life and this is Ryan’s life too I mean we live Beautiful lives man we got so much to be grateful for and uh every day to be able to do this is is just a blessing and uh yeah like there was no

Plan like we we had like an idea in mind but nothing really ever goes according to that plan so to speak so you just kind of got to roll with it so it was just it was just awesome just Manifest Destiny at its at its finest so it rad

It’s so rad so um oh my God look at this look what’s going on here this is like the evolution man or photographer this is crazy thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed that um we love doing this kind of stuff so we really

Wanted to just have a little bit of an Essence and recreate uh the video that we did all those years ago during the shutdown in Chicago that was such a big video for us just to be able to go out and shoot again and enjoy life and enjoy cars and

This is kind of like a little tribute to that so thanks for watching watching if you want to support us directly go to Larry Chen prints.com I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your Wall Joh