Dino DC: Why The Spoon 660cc N-ONE TURBO KEI CAR Is Perfect

Why The Spoon 660cc N-ONE TURBO KEI CAR Is Perfect

Posted: 2023-05-31 12:12:51
Author: Dino DC
The Spoon N ONE demo car is possibly the coolest shop rental to get for the day whilst your car gets some work done. With upgraded suspension, brakes, turbo, wheels, exhaust, intake and few other accessories, it makes for a perfect Tokyo daily driver. In this video we took it into some of the tighter Tokyo streets of Shinjuku!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

[Laughter] [Applause] all right so uh we start this uh episode here today early in the morning I’m just about to take the nsxr to spoon where the owner has asked them to do a once over because the car was recently purchased and it needs a bit of a PLC

You know some basic checks and oil change transmission fluid change and just to have an overall look around the car and see what’s what the condition is and if something a little bit more drastic needs to be done so we’ll jump in the car now off we go The roads around my house are extremely narrow so every time I drive something special pretty freaked out We do so this is a good example of the weird and random things that you see in Japan this is a Nissan Note in front of me now with a GB Great Britain country sticker and then the learner’s permit that’s what I used to have in the UK

When I was learning how to drive So I just drove the car inside I’m a little bit early jomoto-san isn’t here yet he’s going to be here in about 10 minutes they’re giving me their N1 demo car a zero call from the shop visit we did when we saw the fl5 it actually runs an

Upgraded turbo and you know various engine modifications and you know suspension brakes a whole lot so we’re gonna drive this around Tokyo I can’t wait because I’ve actually never driven the N1 before let alone a spoon modified one Okay we’re gonna take a quick look at the engine getting the low down on the specs so 97 horsepower uh intercooler and turbo have been upgraded and we have the legendary spoon yellow can covers the Billet oil cap nice air box and you can do a tiny little turbo

Behind the RS badge okay this is actually hilarious I can’t believe how compact this is and I’m sitting on the nicest bucket seat from spoon and check out the spoon steering wheel and horn button and shift knob okay so um I had to park the car for a little while and

It’s always so dramatic seeing any type of car exit these you know stacker style parking lots in Tokyo I can hear it coming so basically this is where at least one of the systems where the actual platform here gets swapped for uh where the car is sitting right now and then the car

Slides out so there she is the spoon n1rs time to drive it around Tokyo for the afternoon because everything happens you know so slowly you actually really enjoy shifting through the gears I mean it’s it kind of reminds me like the first car I ever had my little Citron ax in the UK

That you know basically you would just throw it around corners and you felt like you were doing million miles an hour but in reality it wasn’t that fast at all Oh I mean when you have a k car where you go tight streets right so we’re in the little side streets around Shinjuku station where all the restaurants and suspect type businesses are located we’re getting a quick couple of shots of the spoon in A1 RS I think it really fits in nicely here

I mean of course there’s no performance there per se I mean sure it falls has got a bit of torque in the mid-range it actually wheel spins second gear once you hit 5000 RPM in the wet like something simple like a little Honda City car with a 660cc engine it

Satisfies me more driving in the city than say you know name any sports car because you know you can’t push them this car I was like revving it to 7000 RPM off the line second gear and I’m done I’m at 50. so you know it’s pretty

Much a speed limit so you know you have fun and you don’t do anything illegal and it puts a grin on your face and that’s that’s really what driving should be all about Just another little side street here in Shinjuku and I have to say there’s so many tourists it’s insane I think 90 of people around here are just tourists yeah Japan is definitely open again guys okay and since we’re actually uh shooting in Shinjuku what better place

To visit than golden guy uh this is probably the most Japanese looking Street in the whole of Tokyo it’s basically a whole block of tiny little streets like this lined with tiny bars I mean obviously it gets Lively at night it’s just one of those spots that you

Kind of have to visit and it’s always cool to shoot here so so as you can see here’s another little Street but what you really don’t kind of get through video are the smells like it smells like old Japan it smells like show era like you can feel the mustiness

Of these old tiny buildings mixed in with cigarette smoke and the smell of santori high balls it’s Japan at its best and if you wonder what they look like inside everybody see literally five six seatings seating spots and you can barely walk through here at night Okay so time to bring little and one back to spoon and hopefully the inner sex is ready to go four five is getting prepared for tomorrow’s outing so there it is it concludes a little Drive in Tokyo of the N1 and I have to say I’m a bit sore

The spoon bucket see it is a bit tight for uh my type of size that’s why Alec was driving now I just couldn’t take it anymore so yeah super fun ride really emphasizes just how much fun you can have with small simple cars and how nicely set up

You can make them if you have companies like spoon that cater to you know okay cars like this so yeah I hope you enjoyed that uh we’re just ready to pick up the nsxr so check that soon thank you for watching this one and let me know in the comments what you thought Thank you