Dino DC: Uncovering Indonesia’s Insane Car Culture!

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Posted: 2023-10-11 12:17:09
Author: Dino DC
Indonesia’s vast car culture continues to impress. In this episode I check out a varied mix of collectibles, from shorty G-wagons and rare BMWs to a private parking garage filled with JDM greats. I get face to face with a Nismo Clubman Race Spec BNR34 V-specII Nür, an NSX-R, a DC5, new-gen NSX, Ferrari FF, Porsche 968CS before dropping by Engine +. There I pretty much lost it as the selection was just mind blowing as I got to drool over the AWD turbo K-swapped EG6 they built as well as so many legends like a tuned 964 & 930 Turbo, 992 GT3RS a 1100 HP Evo 4 drag car, a Koenig Specials 512BB and a full custom. E36 M3. The cherry on the cake was definitely the GT-R GT3 race car that they are now tuning! Indo rocks!!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Okay I thought I just have to add this in because this is insane so we’re actually allowed to be using using the so-called emergency Lane here because of course too much traffic that’s what happens when you have special plates okay so we’re going to a BMW service

Center but it’s got not much to do with BMWs hey welcome to another really interesting location here in Jakarta to today I’m at a BMW service center but it’s not really the BMWs I’m here to look at uh it’s more the the fact that there’s a lot of other stuff that is

Being collected here call it a spillover of a specific car collection here in Jakarta you know when you start collecting a lot of cars you need space to store them and you need a place to look after them restore them and just get them uh looking their best and this

Is exactly what this place does so basically I’m just going to run you through what we’re seeing here it’s it’s it’s vast and it’s very diverse and I don’t even know where to start I mean okay so we’ll just take a look at this uh first floor here starting with this G wagon

Shorty I thought Japan was you know a hot spot for G wagon collectors or G wagon Enthusiast but um Jakarta is definitely showing to be just as impressive when it comes to that uh there’s a R34 GTR here that’s in the process of getting restored there’s no

Engine next to it or in front of it rather a BMW M3 competition that has obviously had a bit of a drift mishap I can kind of imagine what happened here tail went out wide hit a curb and then the car bounced and hit the front as well so

I don’t know if it’s total but definitely in for some repair an EVO 6 Lancer a ton of Mercedes of every possible vintage and model some BMWs scattered in there of course this is a BMW shop I’m just going to walk past all of this stuff hold six Series 7 Series it’s

Literally all here and uh um there’s two more cool G wagons here how about the van version don’t see these too often and definitely never seen one in Japan on some uh very well worn off-road tires it’s just crazy to me the appreciation that you find in countries

That you would never even imagine uh would be so into a specific European car for example like the G wagon and uh if we continue the the tour here let’s go down this little side with a benit nice green 280e 190 another G wagon shell that’s being prepped and

Restored little Cen in the front just to add a bit of variety this G wagon’s been completely stripped down cleaned up ready for paint older Mercedes vintage 7 Series here this looks like possibly a Range Rover under here another 280e like I feel like I’m in some

Uh Mercedes Museum not really a BMW service shop but uh let’s continue because before we continue with all the German stuff I think we should take a look at what I’ve decided to call the JDM corner forget the Jeep that’s got nothing to do with it a mugan r this is

Uh as rare as it gets when it comes to Hondas Pastor Rubicon we have two Supras the 80 and the 90 a grmn yarus of course this was actually uh presented last year at the tokyoto salon in January very limited edition production there was actually a

Lottery uh to buy these cars and uh funny seeing one here in Jakarta so tons and tons of carbon on this car and we’ll have to see if we can take a look inside carbon hood of course like every single car in Jakarta you have to go for

These really dark tints because the sun is just so strong here and at the bottom here a z33 convertible Roadster and what looks like to be a completely bone stock fd3s so I even just noticed the A90 is actually on work Meers such a cool looking

Car all right let’s go down here when it comes to G wagons I think this is the one that really impresses me the most that I’ve seen so far so this is a 280 GE so it’s a shorty2 door amazing condition and it’s got the jump seats at the back too so

You can have seven passengers in this stunning red old school G wagon which looks like it may have come from the UK and right behind it 190 2.56 a pagod on BBS rs’s look at this thing beautifully slammed on the overs ad08 RS don’t you just love when like there’s

German cars of this vintage sporting a little hint of JDM this I think that is even more interesting than having it completely stuck to me at least so this is a 350 SL model and my god I didn’t even notice sishi legnum on Old vogs t37 Tokyo time

Attacks let’s continue looking at the Mercedes lineup here there’s just so much over here a 190 SL beautiful looking Thing Okay so we found the keys to the gr man let’s take a look inside so it actually comes with these insane bucket seats that even have side airbags raros with a gr emblem and a very interesting looking section here in the center all right I’m going to

Make my way down the ramp to the lower level just to see some of the cars that we saw coming in glad I came here so this is a a86 in the midst of a restoration looks like it’s actually been taken down to Bare Metal so emphasizing that they do stuff seriously here

Eg6 an E30 convertible and check this out this old school 7 series with a to to racing sticker in the back and I did mention that the mugan r upstairs was one of three Rs here in Indonesia and I guess we just found what may possibly be number two countless more Mercedes of

Every generation here being worked on a 200 SC 3.5 possibly my favorite Mercedes of all time after the G wagon the SLS Gold Wing God this car is just sick what has Mercedes done replacing this with the GT I have no Idea A A Okay so we’re actually at the front of the shop so uh yeah basically it’s your regular BMW service center dealer yet when you actually start coming inside you notice that it’s dotted with old school cars like this 735 I and in the showroom there’s an old 520 in olive green beautifully sitting

There okay we’re going to take a look at the engine because it’s not every day you come across a 3 l CSI so must indulge take a quick look inside and as ever my my thing to do with older cars is always to get a a whiff of that interior

Here kind of brings me back to the old days and of course a wooden Rd wheel uh I’m really spoiled because I have the most awesome group of people taking me around and showing me Hidden Treasures that you could just never know of or even possibly find by yourself so

I’m extremely grateful to everybody that’s helped me uh during my time here in Jakarta and uh it’s only morning we still have another day to go through and visit more shops so uh this Vlog will continue into another shop so uh on we Go So it’s pretty funny how um wherever I go I find myself going to car garages and today it’s a little bit different it’s a car garage that stores part of a very interesting collection of car that we began looking at l where this is the

Nismo uh R35 GTR the that we took out the other day for the car meet and it’s joined by the Honda NSX on the hre wheels of course we just passed the na1 NS XR over here dc5 in yellow this is a G’s Toyota velfire which we’ve been riding in a

Couple of times already during this trip and over here there’s some more secret stuff that’s being covered up we might see if we can remove some of the covers Porsche 944 uh but there’s one car that um I just literally stood in front and just drooled over for a good 15 seconds and

That would be the Nismo R34 the CRS so of course like that very first CRS I shot back in 2012 or 2013 now it has the same dark silver paint carbon fiber Zune bumper fenders R tune carbon fiber hood the full carbon fiber treatment here with the inlet piping the airbox and of

Course that R2 engine uh of course now Nismo goes up all the way to R4 in the future it probably even be something over that we don’t know yet but there are some rumors going around of special blocks being made elsewhere and being used for future Nismo engines

But I mean Jesus look at this Thing so the interesting thing about uh this actual engine setup being an R2 it’s a little more special than R2 and as you can see it’s got two Nismo pla so originally it was based on a fine spec rb26 but then Nismo took that fine spec

And added the tri R 2.8 block and rebuilt the engine to R2 specification so it’s a nmo with a Nismo package on top so uh hence why it’s got two plaques and it probably makes it even more valuable and special than just having a regular R2 done at

Nismo and there’s been some additions of course there’s uh an old catch tank uh it looks like a Midori item that’s been powder coated it’s got braided lines running to the two rear venting uh outlets on the cam covers and um a gry fuel rail has been added an

Interesting cover here uh that kind of hides the injector wiring box and also fuel pressure regulator with a gauge and theori Factory strut to bar I mean it’s got all the goodies and one thing I’m extremely jealous of are of course the carbon fiber uh Zin Parts the bumper and the fenders

And uh also the Arun Bonnet um it’s the hood to have really on a 34 there’s been so many replicas made but the original thing is just an amazing creation and this has the optional uh scoop that you kind of rivet onto the actual under side

Of the Bonnet and that will scoop up air from the grill and direct it into the airbox with this scoop and then direct the air into to the outlet there and straight into the carbon air box this carbon air box is currently out of production uh Nismo have stopped making

Them for the time being so um it was already a $5,000 piece now if you can actually find one God knows how much that would come to I even spotted there’s a Nismo carbon mirror cover nice little touch and that massive strap race this is in my eyes uh probably one of

The best Ferraris to own uh simply because it’s a four- seater and if you have kids you’ll be able to take them on rides with you something you can’t really do with two seater Ferraris unfortunately especially you have more than one kid like I do so always a

Pleasure to see the FF or the GT4 Luso which replaced it and uh I’m sort of nerding over this NSX because uh this is a very very rare car in Japan you do not see many of these uh of course Honda pulled the plug on this new gen NSX they weren’t selling

Very well they were too pricey and not a lot of uh enthusiasts went for it simple uh for the fact that it was just too expensive but uh seeing one slammed on a set of hres it just goes to show these cars are just as goodl looking as the

Original maybe I don’t know what do you guys think okay Yip is going to give me a hand here and do the dramatic reveal because we just found out that it’s not actually a 944 but it’s a 968 and this you can see there on the

Door on the side a club sport it even has my initials in the number plate this is a very special car so I guess think of this car as the front engine equivalent of a 964 RS or a 993 RS bucket seats minimal instrumentation or gadgets or

Switches just very simple it’s a very focused driver’s car with a really almost perfect weight distribution of course this car runs a transaxle so most of the weights of the dry line sits pretty much centered to the Car So sick I actually just noticed this NSX runs spoon front calipers and then on the side it’s got Advance side skirts I’m sure Masa will be very happy to see that and over here another NSX this is a regular Type S I believe stock wheels black and it has one of those cool

Covers that BTO black makes here in Jakarta right yet another amazing selection of cars I just got to say thank you again to the owner to keep showing me his various locations where he keeps so many cool cars and uh it’s not over yet it’s still mid afternoon here and we have one

More stop to make so uh we’re going to hop in uh one of the these cars and uh head out There okay as if this day couldn’t get any better we’re actually not riding on the human a palisade SUV anymore but we’re actually taking the FF on my camera gear in there and look at the interior it’s like a chocolate brown leather while we’re at it

I think we should probably warm up the nxr a little bit too sounds amazing with an aftermarket Exhaust So we’ve just arrived at our next venue engine plus but we do have a very sweet 993 here as well the FF we just rocked up in yep in front of a mugan Civic not the dou r just the mugan grill and then an orange 240Z it’s like the Indonesian version of

Uh Larry’s car so this 930 is a 3.4 3.4 3.4 Motech yes e99 DBS Motorsport Wheels 5ed rain high speed bmbo brakes everything on this thing look at the color on it too and I mean just look at the setup the edge of Plus have they have so many bays unbelievable and here’s

That K swapped turbo four-wheel drive EG from the show I thought it was actually the car that we saw coming in in the on the dyno beautiful sparkling silver R32 on LM gt4s okay so we can take a look at the engine here I’ll check out the intercooler setup intercooler from uh

Turo turbo craft stuff huh that is beautiful so we’re just going to walk here because oh God 993 turbo Turbo 964 964 3.6 oh my God oh my God oh my God I think wait I need to breathe now there too much goodness just like we’ve been here like 1.2

Minutes wow look at this thing gray interior dark blue exterior let’s start with this Evo right here so this is the Evo 5 that was at the IMX EVO 4 sorry EVO 4 that was the imxt the drag car 9-second car crazy turbo setup here massive pwr charge

Cooler but it really gets serious as we walk down here this is overwhelming cubed so we have a GT3 GTR race car a 308 GTB a test Roa a 992 GT3 RS and a kig specials wow and I haven’t even seen the rest yet engine plus is on another level oh

My Lord another 964 white body possibly a turbo or an RS white R32 with a massive single 3.2 L 3.2 liter so Australian stuff what’s it running huh is that an RB 30 block or uh Toy Tomy yeah Tomy build Special engine for us oh really oh wow OS G in transmission too

Os88 oh it’s completely stripped out too and how good does a 992 GT3 RS look in red right let’s go to the back here behind the test Roa and check out this E36 which literally has an engine in the dashboard this is obviously a pretty serious race car

Build can you tell me something about this um E36 E36 track car so reposition the engine reposition the engine fabed up the mounts the engine mounts fapped by us yeah all the the radiator actually came out of our Evo okay so we we changed the mounts and all modified it all to

Work um the back about 30 cm is the firewall wasn’t cut by us it was cut by another shop so the car came in like this I see we did the wiring was it all fled up with the cage as well or the cage I believe the cage

Is a custom cage okay custom cages we just welded everything before at our friend shop we did the I forgot yeah that’s insane and I just got to point out that the entire engine is completely behind the susp supension turrets so this is indeed a front midship layout let me just emphasize how

Special this car is so it’s not just your average conic special which is silly to say but this is actually one of three in the world built on a 512bb incredible so car is in for a full restore just finished still sitting a bit High obviously for ease of moving it around but look at this rear end look at the air intakes on the side guess maybe Lamborghini copied this off of coric massive Wing insanely wide rear end Can’t believe there’s a Nismo GT3 here in the middle this car was actually on display at the show I have to take a look inside because these things are absolute crazy things carbon fiber doors full on motorport spec everything now this would be the ultimate toy but the crazy thing

Is so the crazy thing is these guys have actually told me that um they’re going to rebuild the engine on the GT3 GTR here and actually extract all the potential the engine hides away so I’m going to change the turbos go for like 700 horsepower or something and uh then

It’ll be very very fun so let’s go and take a look at the engine room where engines are assembled they have a bunch of air cooled stuff here and I have to say it’s really cool to see a shop out here southeast Asia that actually does Air

Cold um I visited a bunch of countries and I’ve never really seen much work done to these very complex engines completely mechanical and very very meticulous in the way that they have to be put together and uh and function so many little Parts in these things it’s like a Swiss

Watch next room up is where engines get get blueprinted and there’s a flow bench to test flow efficiency of heads here we go so that creates the vacuum and sucks through the valves all right I’m going to get right back to checking out some of these

Cars look at the condition this 964 is in Turbo 3.6 and here’s is the complete opposite Honda eg6 with possibly an engine swap so this is a K series swap I’m just blown away at how good a GT3 RS looks in red this thing is like the definition of

Aggression although you know what I would have loved to see all these plastic bits done in carbon fiber including the fender vents the roof fins the end plates I mean honestly I think that’s what the aftermarket is for but you know what I mean right and this car is actually already running aftermarket

Exhaust I love the dash and interior combo on this thing usually these uh usually the 964 dashes end up getting nasty cracks right uh alongside them and either you buy a new Dash from Porsche or you get one of those replicas from uh part suppliers but doing like a nice leather rrim

Alcantara rrim really gives a nice touch to the cabin all right so we got the eg6 up on the lift because I wanted to take a look underneath at the overwhel drive conversion so as you can see it’s running a rear end from a CRV and a two-piece prop

Shaft all the way to the front front on this sequential qu gearbox modified 930 with a motch KW what a build it’s so clean underneath you can probably eat your food off the C covers okay I’m going to call engine plus the sequential shop because every single car in this place has got a sequential what did you say this runs a Hollinger uh x shift x shift x shift

Sequential six speed Billet intake how much horsepower for 750 750 PP gas on pump glas inotech exhaust on a brand spanking new GT3 RS oh my god oh my God well at least it quietens down a little bit little bit oh my God I hope I hope the owner has nice Neighbors Jesus that is oh my God all right 3.2 L RB 32 with a turbo the size of a Generator it sounds so so mean but it’s so much quieter than the GT3 RS sounds pretty badass lumpy idle love it air still Air nice tail lights Well since there’s only three in the world I guess we should probably ask to see the engine because what other chance are you going to get to see something this special so this would be flat 12 Twin Turbo oh there you go wow look at this thing so we upgrading from the kronic

System the idea with this car is to actually modernize it to let’s call it o++ because you guys are going to get rid of the uh the coil and do coil on unplug and uh what youc are you going to be running uh twin Max ECU okay and the

Turbos uh twin GTX 35 35s completely change the character of the engine look at this don’t be too serious right also I have to point out this is the actual real test Roa as in the first gen with the single mirror this is the one that collectors want because it is the

Original with the center locks so uh in later models they went to five lugs but if you know your test Roes you would know that this is the one to have VR 38 GT3 number 15 so it’s crazy they still run the stock airboxes because of regulations GT3 turbos and you guys are

Going to modify this of course of course silly question okay we’re going to try start the Evo for drag car Right I’m going to close this uh engine plus chop tour here and end this Vlog it’s been an insane day we’ve seen so much I’ve been privileged to really get deep into Indonesian car culture with some of the craziest owners out here I really hope you enjoyed seeing uh what

Today brought for me and I think this trip I’m going to consider basically as being kind of like a scoping out things type of tour I’ll definitely be back in Indonesia and do things with a bit more detail I think so many cars deserve their own special video their special feature so I’ll

Definitely be back for more let me know what you thought in the comments below and make sure you check back for more Soon look at that voll master