Dino DC: Touring The Legendary Shop That Pioneered JDM Culture | Veilside

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Posted: 2023-09-27 13:15:22
Author: Dino DC
In this episode, we check out Veilside, one of Japans most legendary tuning shops. If you’ve seen Fast and Furious, you’ve probably seen one of the Veilside RX7s. We also take a dive into their insane top speed builds from the peek of Japan tuning culture.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

So you know it’s a really big goal of mine to bring as many legendary shops from Japan uh here to my YouTube channel and that’s precisely why today we are here in scuba at Veilside and uh Veilside has been a shop that you know since the beginning of my career

Shooting cars for magazines uh has always been an important place to feature because because they were at the very beginning of you know the drag and high-speed runs back in the day and by the way here’s Yokum makan moving his brand new 2024 R35 GTR

Tpec so that we can position it with the new Z that they built for uh the Tokyo s earlier this year and uh we’re actually going to go inside and check out what he’s working on uh as his next project which is quite interesting and a big

Surprise to me so uh big thanks to yakusan today for allowing me to kind of roam free here in the shop and uh talk about the cool things that they’ve been involved with over the years you know what makes valide pretty special is that since their uh initial stting the whole

Tuning industry they’ve progressed so much starting off as a predominantly kind of like a drag shop right they were building Fair ladies for racing specializing in the L Series engine and uh they progress through the times going into the zero 300 high-speed runs actually down the road here in yatab uh

The oval test course is no longer there uh but they have built a new test course here mainly for you know autonomous driving cars they were saying but aside from that you know with the kind of end of the high performance tuning and you know pushing Powers over 1,000

Horsepower which they did with the 2JZ and the RB they then had that chance to participate and collaborate with the Fast and Furious we kind of gave them a whole new transition into a different side of the business and they were already pretty well known for their

Arrows back in the day they always had a very specific uh look to the bumpers and AO kits that they developed uh for cars like the GTR or the Z’s and uh that has led them into a whole different industry basically uh concentrating more on the

Looks of cars uh they even did luxury cars in the early 2010s and then uh here we are in 2023 and they’re going sort of going back to their roots with the GTR and the Z and and uh also inside is going to be something different that

Will take them even further back to their history right back to the L Series uh days so we got a lot to see uh let’s head inside for a look at um what’s in the showroom and uh take a look at some uh really cool JDM History And you know back in the day this used to be one of the coolest shops in Japan it was probably the biggest that I’ve ever sh shot uh you know probably like 20089 and uh the actual I guess showroom is now being converted into a workshop

Uh consolidating all the work here uh in the main Factory and there’s a ton of cars here from history that we’ll take a look on first up let’s see what’s closer to the workshop area starting off with the 2022 A90 Supra that yokomaku built for toky AO salon so that crazy wide body

Conversion that really injects those unmistakable valide lines with a pointy front end and the massive fenders which goes right to the back the car’s in for a bit of work so it’s not really fully painted yet but you can see those massive arches how they make a pretty wide rear end

Even wider over here there’s a an Aventador bumper this is the the kit that he developed for this year’s tokyoton so alongside the z34 or rather our z34 we saw outside there was a white Aventador uh and it’s one of one and the owner actually had a bit of a mishap

With the front spoiler so they’re rebuilding that in here surprise surprise it’s an FD of course what really has made vside very very popular in the last 18 years since this original uh Fortune kit was released alongside the Fast and Furious 3 has been the FD so 18 years on

And cars that have been said to be in the thousands have been produced either here at the scuba Factory or around the world uh when yokomaku actually just sends the kits over we’ll take a look at this which I was hinting out before so this is a Nissan Cedric so a 70s car

This is the new project that Yokum mausan has been working a way out so he’s fully stripped it down to Bare Metal uh he’s got some uh rust spots here and there to kind of fix up but otherwise a pretty clean chassis to base his new build off of and of course this

Is a really massive Coupe from the 70s I mean it’s pretty insane to think just how big this is and what we’re going to be seeing is going to be slight white body here at the back so he’s already been thinking about how to approach it all sketching lines and of course the

Widening is going to be taken all the way to the front uh on the front fenders and then like I was saying he’s going to go right back to his rout and basically build uh a highly tuned L Series engine I’m not really sure on the

Specs I did see some uh really good looking headers in the in the office as well as uh velocity stacks for the intake so it will be na it will probably be stroke to maybe 3.1 and uh be very Revy and a very cool project to be

Coming from vside we’ll have to see when he he’s going to be done with it but uh really cool for a well-known company to kind of do something a little bit different and kind of embrace the roots that they Had Okay so since we have a bit of a quiet time here with the with the newy I actually did a story on this car on speed Hunters uh earlier on in the year and it went live the day that this car got presented at tokyoa Salon in

January so again you know it’s one of those things where you look at a car and you’re like that’s a Veilside kit you just know it you don’t need to kind of ask aside from the writing on the Bonnet obviously but you know the pointy design is being kind of

Accentuated right down to the front splitter and then few details on the fenders with some venting and of course that rear end with the riveted on over fenders to give a a slightly fatter rear end so this car was actually on display at fuel fest last month uh where all the

Cast of Fast and Furious came and yokomaku got to spend some time with sun Kong some signatures here from the actors and um actually one thing that um yokomaku was saying so he’s collaborating with the student driver brand s’s own brand on some limited edition t-shirt designs that are going to be dropping

Pretty soon so really really happy to to see so much attention you know come to Japan again because of the movie I mean it it’s it’s a way that so many young people got into Japanese cars in the first place and to see it progress and uh the next movie embracing cars even

More including this one so this is actually going to make uh an appearance in the soon to be release movie I guess it’s coming up in 2025 I here and possibly even the GTR because this t-spec here that yokomaku son has recently picked up is going to be the development car

For the arrow kit that he’s going to be presenting at tokyoto Salon uh next year so in January 2024 and he doesn’t really know yet what he’s going to be doing and this is something I really like about Yokum maku like he doesn’t have a plan he’ll just

Put a car in his little design uh booth and just basically shape it as it comes like it just flows once he starts working on the car and it’s a really interesting way of working uh in a in a day where you know people just do uh computer graphic designs and then you

Know print out molds and whatever he still does it the old school way which is uh something cool to see and uh we’ll be following these builds you know the Cedric and also the GTR in the coming months maybe drop by in a few months see how they’re doing so you

Know I’m not really sure what you guys think of the front bumper but you can bet this is going to be completely redesigned by yokomaku I mean it is the part uh front and back that have changed the most on this redesign of the 35 let’s head back into the shop and

Take a look at the older cars the cars that kind of helped make valide what it is today And first up is of course the fortune RX7 so this is uh one of many customer cars in for some repair in that kind of signature orange on black coloring and uh speaking about an orange Fortune FD uh there’s actually a friend of mine in Tokyo that has picked up one of these

Cars and he’s now renting it for people you know tourists to come over and want to drive a cool car in Japan and spend some kind of like Tokyo Drift type nights with it so uh we’ll be actually doing a separate feature on that but

Just a a heads up that if anybody’s in Japan and wants to have that real cool JDM experience they can go and do that next to it is the jza80 Supra with the bentle look conversion I think this car actually dates back to maybe 200 S or eight I

Shot this for many magazines and I think I even did a catalog for it and next to it here is something that I really like this is the z32 300 ZX so the fairly easy wearing the 30th Anniversary wide body conversion from Veilside you’ll be seeing this car in the US soon guess

Who’s going to own that and it kind of brings back those 0 to 300 uh kilometer competitions at yabi and again you know the Midnight Racing time and W gun and the the shoko and uh really cool design nice color selection sits on t37 vs so plenty of lip especially here at the

Back and of course this is my very very favorite car that yokomaku built so this is the original 0 to30 Champion car so when inad son drove this for the option article he managed to do I think he cracked the 13 second 0 to 300 time 1,200 horsepower complete drag

Spec little bit of a carbon Dash and then the main instrumentation has its own binacle with a stack panel you got the old school ATA ETS controller manually done with a lever and uh actually I just saw the Tokyo Auto Salon spec sheet which we’ll grab in a

Second side exit so I just grabbed it so the vside R1 Street trag R32 GTR runs 2.7 twin HKS 3540 is pretty much custom collector tank made by vside and we’ll pop the Bonnet in a second but yeah the power is actually 1360 at 9,350 RPM 118 kg met of torque at

7,200 and it runs an OS R4 clutch and the comact R Street trag arrow and there it is that’s stack Dash V Place steering wheel carbon ker bucket seat and a pretty hefty roll cage for you know the end of the ’90s actually wait this is mid90s absolutely

Wild actually you know what I actually remember reading the story in option magazine in the mid90s when I was still in high school and seeing the time of 13 seconds 0 to 300 and having my mind blown because that is some serious pace for that time

Now of course you know the drag scene has progressed so much but you know you can’t help but just appreciate the level of experimentation and just pushing the envelope when it comes to builds like this so we have the Vite uh massive 100 mm mechanical throttle conversion and

Those HKS 3540 is I can even imagine when these two turb actually spool up must be like past 6,000 RPM so that should give you 3200 RPM of power and back here in the corner where yokomaku keeps all of his trophies from back in the day we find another Cedric and another one

Here and another one here including two step Bonnet crowns again this is another of Yokum maku’s favorite cars from from the 70s I guess initially when he started getting into cars and uh I’ll be very happy to see when he actually starts doing something with this Crown CU it’s actually my favorite

Uh generation of the crown uh back there this is an old R32 GTR that they built back in the day featuring that legendary vside bumper design I kind of started it all and how can we possibly pass up the opportunity to take a look at another legendary car from yokomaku drag days the

Jza80 Supra drag car easily recognizable because of course it has that massive scoop that picks up air from the roof and blows it down into the radiator that’s being repositioned in the trunk one of the very first cars to actually um do that back in the day and let’s see

If we can take a look at the engine if it’s there there it is so as you can see by removing the radiator they managed to create this massive air intake that cools the intercooler because of course that’s the most important part on a drag pass and again the top mounted twin

Turbo setup with those externally gated waste Gates so again full drag setup not much to see no dash just a little panel holding up the stack ricaro bucket and a sequential so back in the day when he first opened up this uh massive showroom this upstairs part used to be uh a

Coffee shop and a really cool place to chill with lots of tables but it has since been converted into a massive uh Warehouse area but it gives you this incredible view of the downstairs and down there of course the two bays where cars are worked on painted and body kits shaped

And here’s that R32 GTR from the back with a quad exhaust tail setup so like I was saying Val Sid’s uh shop here is one of the biggest properties when it comes to JDM shops and uh Yokum maku actually keeps a ton of donor cars here there are either

For parts or to be built up as future projects another nice z32 here and another thing I wanted to show you guys here in the little shop area is the velocity stack intake all Billet that’s going to end up on the L Series that’s going to fit in the Cedric

Gloria and the exhaust manifold and some of the pictures from the mov movie and there’s a lot of other stuff here from the older days so there you go that 32 we’re looking at 8.6 second pass on radial tires okay so that ends another cool shop tour hopefully you enjoy uh you

Know taking a look at these legendary Brands and what they’re up to today I think it’s really tough for established companies like vside to kind of evolve in a way that still makes sense in today’s tuning world and the whole industry and I think they’ve done really

Well in progressing what they uh started off with and kind of bringing that into the next decade and with that you know I hope you enjoyed it uh make sure you check back soon for more we’ll definitely be back here at valide in the coming months just to see how the

Projects uh progress and I’m especially very interested to see what yokomaku does with the new R35 GTR so uh let me know in the comments what you thought and check back in for More