Dino DC: Tokyo’s Rarest and Richest Cars & Coffee!

Tokyo's Rarest and Richest Cars & Coffee!

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Posted: 2023-06-29 10:32:45
Author: Dino DC
In this episode, we check out one of the more prestigious cars and coffee Sunday meets in Tokyo. With every month hosting a different theme, this months theme was Jaguar, bringing in an XJ220, E types, a C Type, and hundreds of other rare and sort after cars!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Good morning you joined me at a beautiful venue here in Tokyo this is the Tokyo Prince Hotel in the very hearts of the city as you can see Tokyo Tower is right behind there and I’m actually walking over to one of the car parks that the hotel has because they’re

Hosting a Cars and Coffee event one I haven’t covered in a few years probably since I’ve been here last and it’s usually themed so there’s always something that they kind of prepare for the event so it’s either you know Italian cars or French cars or you know

Specific Brands and today it’s all about Jags so let’s walk over to the venue here it’s 7 A.M in Tokyo on a Sunday so it’s very quiet not a lot of people around just us car people trying to do what we love without disturbing too many people and uh

Being called out for being loud or obnoxious but as you can see it’s not only Jags it’s a bit of English stuff a bit of mix so the venue here at the Prince Hotel is already pretty full today it’s just past 7 A.M and the whole car park here is

Already full and there’s a secondary car park here where people that are not involved in the meat actually Park and it sort of spills over so we’ll take a bit of a look at what’s coming up but yeah this is what you can expect to see on a Sunday morning in Tokyo

Beautiful white Testarossa I can already see some Jags over there but let’s take a look inside here starting with a nice lineup of Morgans we’ve really stepped it up and not here in xj220 and all its Glory you just do not see this kind of vehicle in Tokyo too often

Just look at that okay my day has already been made and I literally been here like 32 seconds so the cool thing about this event is actually sponsored by uh Ralph Lauren uh they have the Ralph Lauren uh coffee truck over there to provide some uh wake me up beverages from everybody here

Amazing selection of Jags and Aston Martins look at this guys straight out of James Bond for the gigantic straight six how tall that engine is and of course inside out to perfectionism just smells like the old days but let’s keep walking because there’s a lot more to see Guys look at this it’s a 1976 XJ 5.3 Coupe broad Speed Racer this is a coupe I’ve never seen an XJ Coop like this before good Lord next okay the next j13 from 1972. the really special stuff they usually keep for this side of the event this is a c-type

And next to it we have the d-type and next to that we have a beautiful E-Type so we have the whole alphabet CDE let’s go look for an F okay it just gets better and better don’t really see these cars too often this is an Aston Martin Vanquish zakato shooting break and

Of all colors to pick the owner has gone for a nice pink this thing is just unbelievable looking and if you kind of check inside here not sure if you can make it out but that pink is brought right into the cabin on that forged carbon center

Console there’s a bit of pink highlights here and there it’s possibly my favorite Aspen of all time for me the Aston Martin V8 has always been The Brute of the Brand This is a true a true accent from the old days the Vantage original Vantage it just has

That kind of like muscle car feel does that makes any sense it’s just so wide and oh God just he type convertible coming in Caterham low to seven so basically it’s all being pretty much a celebration of all things British today with a specific obvious interest

In Jags but yeah just look at this selection Morgan’s Lotus sevens caterhams even a Rover 75 more accidents sieges the 311 and look at this an XJ shooting break let’s take a look from the back because these things are really special and very rare gt12 so yeah this is the vantage with

The the old original Aston Martin V12 shoehorned inside hence the copious amount of venting here to cool that massive motor Japan’s favorite Lotus the Europa there’s so many of these cars in Japan and this one is signed by Colin Chapman but not really it’s just a badge but still you get the

You get the idea if you kind of wonder why the car is designed in this way is because it’s all based around this engine and look where it sits you can kind of figure out where that sounds pretty much in front of the actual wheelbase or the actual rear axle rather

And of course the gearbox sits behind it just like a proper Formula One or you know race car I mean I gotta say these themed Cars and Coffee events it’s just really special you know you get to see all the Rarities that I just pulled out of collections that usually

People are never you know kind of privy to see and um it just gives you an insane variety of cards and it’s a great place to actually learn about cars I mean when are you going to have a chance to kind of nerd over an xjs Coupe or maybe TVR Tuscan

I think this is possibly the only time I’ve ever seen a TBR with a bonnet open you can see that straight six looks like an aftermarket JDM tuning Bonnet here or glass fiber still very special looking cars when they’re running and we can actually get inside I’ve heard horror stories about these cars

Where you can’t even open the door because it’s got an electrical release for the handle but yeah these guys were doing exotic before exotic was like you know really special sort of reminds me of a Pagani Zonda inside here switch gear everything is metal and it usually breaks Foreign Selection of both sevens caterhams a few old Morgan’s a couple of new ones the original Elise still an amazing looking car so from the tiny Elise MK1 to the evora 400 the big Lotus Aston Martin DBS convertible with forged carbon seat backs stunning jujara design here lots of spree and the Morgan three-wheeler

This would be the old original a motorcycle saw engine in the front and then this is the latest iteration a car actually drove a few years ago one of the most fun cars most eccentric cars that I have ever taken for a test drive kind of made you feel

Like you were driving an airplane I think we should probably borrow one of these cars and do a story on it if you can drift it with one tire at the back so this is a car that actually shows up quite often at these events irrespective

Of the theme and this is the light car company rocket this is actually Gordon Murray’s original car company and this car was powered by Yamaha two liter I believe so you can see the frame back here engine is right behind there transaxle so it’s pretty much a race car for the

Road extremely light not that much power like 150 horsepower maybe even less and it’s on Aussie wheels and if you look behind there there’s some racing four pot Brembo calipers and you can see all the exposed suspension bits little Stein dampers yeah and it literally is a rocket I

Gotta go back to this area here where the xj220 is because there’s so much gold here let’s take a look at this E-Type it looks like it’s just come out of the production line look at this restoration so yeah that’s a V12 see the firing order here and everybody’s drooling over the xj220

I think I’m gonna set myself up here have a little drill myself of course this car was supposed to have originally was supposed to have the V12 but you know money issues and all that I ended up having a turbocharged V6 not really meeting its full potential but still a very special car

From kasukabe and next to the xj220 is the xkss another race car for the street see the slight exit exhaust here my personal favorites are always these kind of like luxurious sedans I think this is the XK oh gosh XK8 maybe so this is the XK 150. you can see all the

The winner years for the Le man Race So 1951 53 55 56 57. so back in the 50s Jaguar was beyond successful at Lemont and next to it an XK 140 actually two of them water pairing there’s one more lineup here that we need to kind of get a glimpse of

Convertible bronze E-Type red interior it’s unbelievable how clean these cars are 53 000 miles on the clock four speed more e-types Coupe over here and this is a race Roadster with a hard top right hand drive and left hand drive for the red one a little Honda beat with a center exit exhaust

On moogan wheels beautiful Perfection and if you look at the steering wheel that’s some Lotus inspiration happening there is one of the cleanest cars I’ve ever seen this is the Renault spider and a GT3 God all the way from Mito A Renault spider guys don’t see cars like this anymore

See this is what I mean about Japan they’re so good at looking after these amazing gems that were built for True drivers people that really appreciate everything about driving and a 280ce E36 from iding Power either son will be very happy to see that in this video and we’ll keep going an Isuzu

Isuzu Piazza Isuzu Piazza BMW Z8 and an Aston Martin zagato holy look at this guy he’s rocking the coolest car here and he doesn’t even Park in the main car park total respect to this man what a car this is literally a concept car for the road Coast Guard going by there

Okay I need a breather I need like a paper bag to like calm down what a car what a design look at this two-piece Windows here amazing okay so only 52 of these cars in Coupe form were produced powered by the 5.3 V8 between 1986 and 1990. there were

Also some convertible I think about 30 or so 32. so uh extremely rare car we’ll uh we’ll leave this man to park another little cool selection of cars starting with this ISF on BBs rids and aftermarket brake rotors this thing is being parked here for a while and for with Rusty brakes

SUV corner oh what’s going on here we have a Mondial coming in so cool okay let’s take a look at the Mondial because while it’s not the most exciting of Ferraris it’s definitely something quite rare it was the most affordable Ferrari is the T variant parked next to this E-class E-Type brother

This is my favorite generation of the GTV twin cam Weber carbs oh the smell guys Foreign Testarossa we saw coming in they can’t be allowed into the main area of course being Italian not today at least let’s just take a second and appreciate how amazing a Testarossa in white looks so this is not the single lug variant which came out first so this is probably like a an 87

Or 88 oh wait we completely didn’t even notice the the Julia race car look at the wide body on this thing good Lord how did I not see this before on watanabes this is a true track car on Toyo Tires triple Eights it’s got the riveted over fenders

Next to a Lotus salon 1600. and a Porsche 914 how did I not even notice the zagato um Aston here was parking next to the original Range Rover from 1978. it still has a d plate from the UK so I believe this car is actually owned by one of the guys that

Obtained magazine Japan I see it pretty much every event that they put on here but yeah we’ll definitely have to come back here and get some b-roll of all the awesome spillover car park oh they’ve opened the engine up for the c-type here beautiful straight six and this little intake box

That’s fed through the the Bonnet vents here let’s just appreciate this d-type here because this looks absolutely phenomenal from the back these are pieces of History guys amazing event today I’m so happy you actually got up and came to this and Alpine Renault LPN guys rapid I actually borrowed a repeat like 10 years ago from Austin and I did a nice road trip I really enjoyed the car I mean we really need to look at a mini is a 1275 GT I love how everybody’s into pretty much anything and everything and they’re so

Knowledgeable about whatever specific car they’ve chosen to kind of go for and they’ll just stay there and kind of like explain it to anybody that’s interested to hear it out which is great it’s how knowledge gets passed around right and just let’s appreciate how cool it is that this rear hatch opens

To the left like that unique to the E-Type it’s Jaguar SS check out these massive headlights 1937. showcasing that beautiful straight six the size of this engine 4.2 liters straight six or the V12 down there the first sports classic I actually seen there it is with the gold badging only

50 cars turbo engine seven speed manual it’s the whole everything you need in a turbocharged Porsche and a left-hand Drive so cool taking a look at that center console here with the wood trim houndstooth Center fabric beautiful tanned leather water car everybody’s drooling over because it’s so special

And of course as we’re looking at the sports classic boom Carrera RS themed 911 so I’m gonna wrap this event up right now I hope you enjoyed checking out an extremely amazing mix of cars obviously not really something we specialize in here but it’s always great to kind of

Take a look at a grouping of cars like this plus more because Japan always delivers way more than it says on the label so hope you enjoyed it let me know in the comments below what you thought and check back soon for more thank you Foreign Thank you