Dino DC: Tokyo’s Most Insane Secret Underground Garage

Tokyo's Most Insane Secret Underground Garage

Posted: 2023-04-09 07:29:00
Author: Dino DC
Hidden underneath somewhere in central Tokyo is a man cave than any car guy has at some point dreamt about having. Only accessible by a car elevator, this underground man cave can hold over 15 cars, all whilst doubling as a bar, lounge, movie theatre, gym, and whatever else you want it to be. We where lucky enough to spend the day there, checking out some of the cars and of course the beers.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Foreign Not the best weather it’s cloudy but there’s still a nice turnout what I’m doing this morning is actually cruising with these guys here especially this car which is GT40 replica which was used in the Ferrari versus Ford movie so this is the actual car that Matt Damon drove in the

In the film and we’re basically gonna hang around with these guys cruise up to oyama in Tokyo to see the last of the Sakura and then we’re gonna head up to a very special man cave in Tokyo which you’ll probably be surprised but in the meantime I thought I show you

Some of the cars that are here this morning because every time in daikoku is a surprise starting with an original MK1 golf next to a pair of akoskas sick sick 964 on some BBS Motorsport e88 absolutely stunning look at the fitment on this spots on this SV is actually with our group

So we’ll be seeing a lot more of this car later on G-Wagon but of course a V12 a g65 because the 63 is just for poor people and this cool Alpine A110 is with us as well so we have a Decent selection of cars so this SV is actually running a brilliant exhaust get to hear it later on the highway okay this is quite an interesting one it seems to be a bit of a mismatch between valve side top secret and up Vlog it definitely has the top secret gold signature color

Nice Brembo six spots LNG t4s a virus Wing yeah it’s a bit of a a combination of many Brands and next to the GTR is this beautiful Cosworth RS 500 this is a car we often come across here at daikoku amazingly rare for Japan you just do not see these things nice little

German Corner Happening Here starting off with the GT2 RS on Yokohama GTS now that is absolutely sick so yeah daikoku on a Sunday morning is always mind-blowing we have a cool little Honda beat there check this out a Rover 220r next to a TBR chimera little UK thing happening

So it looks like it’s actually been engine swapped if it’s got this 6.6 liter Duramax badge that’s a popular thing to be doing with these okay so they open the hood here to the H1 you can see the Duramax this thing must put up an insane amount of torque 6.6 liter

There it is and I think we are ready to roll out Talk about creating a scene here look at all the people that have lined up to see it leave Thank you [Applause] Okay so we’re setting out with the Cinco chintu leading we have the lambo so we’ve decided to actually stop by in another really picturesque Street behind Tokyo Midtown here so I’ll go to the top of the lineup and show you what it looks like unfortunately the Sakura kind of halfway done but still

Not a bad lineup starting with this 595 which is decked out like crazy sure somebody will come and tell us to politely leave but yeah very nice way to start your Sunday off after daikoku parking Okay so we’ve just arrived to a place that we’ve been told to meet them I’m not really sure how to do this let me see here there’s an intercom please Foreign I’m still trying to digest what I’m actually seeing here so we’re not really supposed to give the location away but let’s just say we’re in very much Central Tokyo well and this is the elevator that takes you down to this incredible man cave so basically as you come in you drive your

Car out it’s uh rated to 2 600 kilos so you can bring a G wagon down here and you enter you have a gym initial car space here it’s all like covered in artificial grass just to make it that extra bit more comfortable and uh yeah the turnout is pretty good today

We’re having a team amnesia 488 Bentley Continental Skyline police car uh drop top Huracan my kids playing pool and what have you got Lamborghini SV same as that one there playing pool and then of course the movie Cars back there oh no way [Laughter] oh man this is insane and over here

Let’s take a look at the Nismo GTR it looks like a 2021 wow so that’s next to the Lamborghini SV from this morning that we heard in the tunnel and blew our ear drums apart and there’s also a couple of bikes there’s a very strange I know nothing

About this this is a super Soco BMW TC Max there’s a really cool Suzuki Quad from the 70s or 80s there’s an Indian here that looks like it’s still in its original kind of condition and of course the hardcore Chopper that was built in Germany same company that built Kimi

Raikkonen’s two Ferrari themed Chopper so impressive so there’s a little living room type area here with a pool table and there’s a mezzanine upstairs with some sofas and some beds so these guys basically party here almost every weekend they do their touring with their cars they chill with their friends they bring

People over and they stay here and drink and have a lot of fun so this is one way you can have fun in Tokyo if you’re into cars bring the family everybody has fun and there’s a projection screen there so you can do like a drive-in style theater hey guyo

You enjoying your Lamborghini nice this is the police car I know you can buy these lights at like uh Home Centers here in Japan for some reason usually there are different colors speaking of interesting things this is a kit from Knight Rider so this is actually a replica it’s not

Like a an actual movie car but it’s very accurately done we’ll have to ask the owner to kind of show us the inside because once you pop um when you get the lights on it really comes to life and of course it has that red light that moves at the front But the best part is that you know when you spend maybe too much time here and it gets late so you’ve had too much to drink you have a little living room space where you can relax chill possibly sleep and have a nice view of your insane man cave from here so

Absolutely crazy I’m literally speechless we all have our ideas of what the perfect man cave can or should be but I never realized there could be something this this incredible especially in Tokyo in central Tokyo um yeah just blown away absolutely crazy so the best thing is you can

Not only look at cars put something on the projection screen but actually work out and there’s another Edition Cayman GT4 nonetheless so cool and the cars keep packing in we have another Porsche a Boxster now matching color and the latest edition is another yellow Porsche GT4 RS and we have another Porsche

Coming in now so we go from a GT4 Cayman RS to another GT4 came in RS and just as I thought it had ended we get a GT2 RS that just popped in oh man I don’t know what to say anymore I’m literally in Tokyo car heaven right now

I mean what can I say blown away is an understatement I’m just surprised that this kind of space exists in Japan these guys do it amazingly well this is how you enjoy cars this is how you enjoy staying with people and your friends and

Make a day out of it this is as special as it gets in Tokyo I’ve been here filming and you know covering the Japanese scene for so many years but I’ve never ever come across anything remotely similar to this space so hope you enjoyed it and let me know

If you want to see more of this kind of stuff