Dino DC: Tokyo’s Hidden Italian Car Heaven!

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Posted: 2023-08-03 12:16:39
Author: Dino DC
Tucked away on Tokyo’s famous Kanpachi Dori, is a cave of hidden Italian gems. Everything from Lancia Delta Intergale’s, gated manual Ferrari 355’s and old school Abarths. In this episode we check out Collezione and their amazing stock!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Here we are once again in a random Tokyo neighborhood and there was one shop that actually featured back in the day in speed Hunters on one of my megurodori tours and it’s called qualityone and it’s mainly Italian cars I dropped by today because I wanted to kind of see what

They have and they usually have some impressive stuff and it’s also like a really really nice setup it’s like right along megurodori and the garage kind of like moves all downwards under the main building there’s another parking area on top and it’s full to the brim with all sorts

Of cool cars mainly Italian as I was saying and this is basically one of the places in Tokyo that you can be assured to find a pretty wide selection of lancha Delta and actually you know what we’ll go around to the back because it makes sense to start off with the the

Bigger stockpile that they have back there so here we are at the back and you can see the Italian flag and the French flag but mainly Italian there’s a nice Citron over there and uh got Alec in here shooting away on the b-roll already but here we go

There’s in one nice yellow launch of Delta integrale and the CX Citron beautiful autobianki abart 70 HP for the 70 horsepower version it’s not even an abort it’s a regular one still really cool super cool selection of cars and one that really caught my uh my eye

Because I drive by here quite a lot but one I noticed over the last few weeks is this white body if your cinquecento and if you look at the back it’s got the Romeo Ferraris logo so it’s actually a quite well-known tuning shop from Rome that does wide body conversions to 500s

And the car sits on Oz racing wheels it’s got kind of got that Riley feel about it it’s got like a crazy sequential shifter in there wide body massive gaping holes on the hood next to 124 Albert of course this is based on the current generation Mazda Roadster Miata and another car

Which I’m a massive fan on it’s a bertona design the Fiat x19 with the roof scoop in yellow too oh this is absolutely stunning look at this thing Albert four Spokes and that roof scoop cool this is so cool five speed as well this is the one to have

Absolutely beautiful sitting next to an Alpine A110 if you guys are watching from the US I feel sorry for you guys because you do not get this car and it’s one of the best drivers cars in the world and next to it a very rare French car

Peugeot 505 V6 I’ve probably seen only a few in my lifetime a very rare car especially the V6 model of course like anything in Japan pristine condition manual stunning and of course another cool fear right next to the x19 beautiful 500 the original cinquecento really nice restoration pretty clean

Paint it’s got the collection sticker at the back they just turned on one car that is very close to my heart so my dad in Italy uh always had a 164 while we were living in the UK so every summer this was the car that I got to drive I’ve actually

Always seen a lot of 164s in Japan still to this day they’re very popular and unlike the two liter twin spark that we had in Italy uh pretty much everything you come across in Japan has the V6 I really miss it it was a an interesting car to Kind of

Perfect and hone your driving skills it was a terrible chassis like all over the place it suffered from the most terrible torque stair I’ve ever experienced in any car so of course it was front-wheel drive and even the 2-liter which had a pretty impressive amount of torque for a

Two liter four-cylinder coming out of a roundabout in the wet was something hilarious I really missed these cars quintessentially Italian but uh yeah let’s head back to the main front of the shop and have a look inside Foreign You can see the x19 with a massive scoop up there is a beautiful Julia in Gold Renault Clio Williams if you grew up in Europe like I did you understand how special that is beautiful Julia here tiny little abart zagato okay so we just spotted this 355 here in

The corner and it’s actually a manual as is this convertible so this is going for around 25 million yen and we’re having a look at the odometer on this one to kind of figure out but I think they’re they’re asking for 26 million it’s insane how much these cars

Have gone up in price especially the manuals and this Alfa Romeo Julia in red quadrifoglio 1300 Junior it’s a JDM speakers in the back another cinquecento is the number plate and another Delta in yellow salmon color 500 with a little rack at the back and we saw the Alpine

Upstairs and they have the original here the little cool one from the 60s and 70s these things are phenomenal look at the silhouette on this big thumbs up to the guys here from collection and they’re so friendly and so welcoming they don’t mind the random guy with the camera coming in here and

Filming their amazing stock you know you can keep all your modern Ferraris I mean I don’t think anything sounds better than a 355 with a full-on exhaust I’ll even take a Cabrio nice 4C here in the center and this uh Gallardo just came in they’re gonna take a look at it and

Price it up and these guys always participate in the La Festa which is kind of like the Japanese take on the milimilia they always start from Harajuku in Tokyo and drive down to all the way to Kyoto I believe and they participated a few a few times again here’s that La Festa millimelia

That was a last year’s iteration started so it’s mid-september it starts in Harajuku and goes all the way to makuhari so they go all the way down to Kansai and then back and yeah there’s always some really cool classic cars lots of Bugattis lots of English stuff a ton of Italian stuff

Nice selection of books and it looks like a substantial collection of car graphic magazine look at this this dates back all the way to 90. oh my Lord for 1988 from May 98. let’s see what that looks like crazy how thick car magazines used to be back in

The day when people actually read them look at that so I always look at the ads in these old magazines because it’s really cool to see what was on sale in 1988 Toyota Corona Porsche 9 28. and full on cigarette ads look at this Savannah RX7 Cabriolet

And the Peugeot 505 V6 we just saw upstairs what a coincidence that’s crazy the Quint Integra 3 and 5 door as well as a four-door sedan I just picked up the March 1999 issue of car graphic because that is the month of the R34 GTR when on sale Mazda RX7 FD ad

New RX7 in 1999 the price okay so for the type RS 3.77 million yen 3.47 for the type R and the type RB 2.9 Million so in 1999 March they were announcing that the 3.8 liter 360 horsepower 996 GT3 was going to make its Japanese debut in June of that year this

Is Peter Nunn’s column which I always used to read back in the day the only English bitter writing in any Japanese magazine and he actually test drove the Nissan Skyline GTR so it’s on page 128 here we’ll check it out soon but this is actually the yellow pre-production card that my friend

Narita-san owns he’s now in head the head guy for the GTR project at Nissan and we’ll be taking a look at this car if you remember I actually featured this car in speed Hunters this was the car that was supposed to be built for Bonneville the high speed 128 there it is newt

That year Nissan GTR and another one here which here’s this so this is the April version and here’s the impressions of the R34 I think we should take another closer look at this Fiat Albert 750 zagato it’s a tiny tiny little thing but one incredible design I mean it just oozes

You know Flair in such a compact little package 750 cc engine out the back crazy little cones exhaust it’s got air intakes very cool number there a few little interesting design cues there this is a door handle that pops out you see that a lot these days but you

Never realized it actually it was used on all the cars back in the day I think I’ll just end the video here I just want to say a big thank you to Quality here for allowing me to literally just come in and take a look at all their cool

Stock and you know let me know if you want to see more of these kind of like Tokyo car resellers videos because there’s so many here in Tokyo and they usually have an amazing stock so I definitely want to do more of these videos especially if you like them so

Let me know in the comments and make sure you check back for more thank you Foreign