Dino DC: Tokyo’s Best Honda Civics Takeover Daikoku PA

Tokyo's Best Honda Civics Takeover Daikoku PA

Posted: 2023-04-26 10:23:51
Author: Dino DC
Civic culture in Japan for the most part comes from the Kansai region, so when there’s word of a Civic meet in Tokyo, cars from across Kanto will usually make their way into the city, or in this case, Daikoku Parking area.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Way to start a video but we are at daikoku parking area so the reason I came down here tonight and it’s a regular Wednesday nothing special usually the day that in daikoku nothing really happens except maybe a couple of friends meeting here and there but we just heard a few hours

Ago that there’s apparently a big Civic Gathering 50 to 100 cars so how could I possibly not come down here and and check that out okay so I’ve come to the I guess the further side of daikoku where the meeting is really coming together there’s a lot of

There’s a lot of older a series so the third generation Civic lining up here it’s pretty cool because you know I’ve never really seen such a big Civic Honda Gathering here in daikoku you do see a lot of these Gathering and gatherings in Osaka but to see something like this go down

In in daikoku here in the Kanto area oh look at this with the with the moogan wheels God it’s so dark we’ll have to get some cool b-roll of uh oh it’s way better this side absolutely sick okay so we have a few uh eks here

Type R’s at least these two are typears there’s a nice Honda 360 here next to the N1 and of course this is the inspiration of this car so pretty cool seeing it and it’s still on the original plate so this is what k-car plates used to look like back in the day

Thank you Interesting there’s a gigantic Bentley in the way but there’s this um really cool EK here and a type bar over here thanks to an EG and right here at the end of the lineup I found an Acura RL which seems to be on air suspension and kind of slanted to

One side of course it’s not an RL it’s the JDM equivalent I think it was an Inspire So based on the Honda Legend platform but uh yeah just to give you an idea of all the Hondas that are showing up tonight I spotted this lonely CRX

Back here I think we’ve seen this at another recent meet that I came here maybe on a Sunday morning and all the cars we were looking at from the back look at that background guys I mean it’s hard to get that atmosphere to come across in videos but I think with a

Backdrop like that you get the point where this is a such a cool popular meet-up spot yeah this is exactly what makes daikoku such a special place and you know every time I come here I’m like oh man I’ve been here so many times but then you know

You kind of confronted with these insane meets what are you gonna do you could just cannot help but come here and just take it all in and enjoy it while it lasts you know who knows when this could all end we always have the police over there in that building

Kind of enforcing things and telling us to leave half the time so when something like this comes together you enjoy it Was such a nice steady stream of cars coming in and out the Beagle four-wheel drive Civic shuttle and it’s got I guess if you’re from Australia that would be a rhubarb but yeah interesting take and that’s the style there you rock up you get your camping chairs

Out and you just enjoy it you take it in another EG little Honda beat Okay so this is the EU Civic Type R the only type R that was ever built outside of Japan they built these cars in the UK hence the there it is the Union Jack next to the Civic not the most successful of Civic Type R models this came after the

Dc5 it was kind of you love it or you hate it type deal but still nonetheless really cool to see it at this Gathering because of course it is part of the history so now that I think about it there was actually the Accord Euro R that was built or at least

Imported from the from the UK so that would have been the only Civic Type R built outside of Japan and then of course we had the Accord I just find it really interesting how so many little differences in styling can be done to pretty much the same car we’ve seen

Everything from like you know the conjure look the time attack look the more kind of you know collector look where you would have the moving wheels and have it like super clean you have the low riders group the guys who thinks they’re cholos Japan is nuts it was one of my favorite

The fit RS I remember actually going down to Osaka back in the day and shooting the Jays racing version of this car got that thing screamed so yeah cool to see one we have a little U.S style meeting here with the the usdm version of the Honda

Odyssey we never actually got this van here in in Japan the US version is probably 1.5 times bigger if you go for the usdm look in Japan you gotta have the the bumper protector a couple of cool shuttles here this guy’s got UV lights before they come

Well I guess it was fun while it lasted I don’t think I’ve seen this uh particular Corner yet and the black NSX these two he’s definitely got some meaty clutch in there that sounds like my 34. In this show car style Civic with the lights relocated to the bumper and I believe there are yeah they’re jz8 Supra tail lights in the bumper rumors running two spokes this is so early 2000 it hurts this is Japanese policing at its finest it’s all about making a presence Unnecessarily loud somebody’s swapping seats only can on the Civic what do we think unnecessary or we like it it’s a Civic traffic jam this guy just didn’t even bring his hood Oh yeah on three spokes man that interior brings in some memories of that interior I used to have the four door of that car I can’t get enough of this Porsche that’s it Just look at that backdrop Um oh okay so we’re gonna see if we can meet the organizer of this meeting um I actually just found out it’s 419 so uh 19th of April it’s once a year okay so this is the the organizers uh a series tons of uh moving goodies so 419 there it is

So this is the the Kanto version of the the meat I guess because if it sees Japan okay so I think with the police blaring Sirens most people are getting the message and people are jumping in the cars and taking off so I think it’s a

Good point to kind of call it a night and end this video again I really hope you enjoyed yet another walkthrough of daikoku parking area and what an interesting Vibe tonight with all these uh civics or generally Honda plus all the cool rest of the cars that we came

Across so hope you enjoyed it as ever let me know in the comments if you liked it if you want to see more and until next video thanks for checking in Thank you foreign What do you think Okay