Dino DC: Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 Pt 2

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Posted: 2022-02-09 21:40:47
Author: Dino DC
Part 2 of my TAS 2022 highlights, from rotaries in Hakosukas to HKS’s RB28 with a twin V-cam set up and all the other cars I thought stood out!





Dino DC Video Transcript

So one thing that’s pretty cool this year tokyo song is there’s a lot of classic japanese cars i kind of feel like i’m at the nostalgic two days uh show which is uh you know next month in yokohama but uh one thing that really stood out is this hakosuka it’s running

A four rotor bre engine swap it’s like fully rebuilt front end and the interior too is pretty Pretty extreme it’s all caged up it looks like it’s ready to hit the track any moment really cool to be seeing projects like these And if you come around this side there’s a nice little uh fair lady z here slammed on steel wheels i just i just gotta love this look it’s kind of like a mix between you know shakotan bosozoku a bit of everything so awesome booth here beery And the girls hey we’re here at kuruchi uh basically it’s it’s a drag shop they do a lot of drag racing and they have this r34 here which is again a really good example of how tuning continues to evolve on these on these cars uh you know it’s the usual t88 single

Conversion uh you know 2.8 stroker but the interesting thing is inside if you open up here and you take a peek in the back that’s an r35 gearbox conversion so they’ve dropped the get track six speed and replaced it with a gr6 transaxle so if you take a look at the shifter

You’ll notice it’s an r35 shifter in its awkward p position they still have to do the paddle shifts but it’s got an r35 steering wheel so it’s almost there and uh pretty amazing what they’re doing with these cars again top secret did it with the 32 a few

Years back but it’s nice to see people do this stuff on the r34 as well okay we’re here at kw and uh there’s something i wanted to uh stop and have a look at this is a new v3 leveling kit that they’ve just released it’s for people that just want the entry level

Kind of coilovers to get the car looking right so you can kind of adjust it uh by keeping it flat um there’s a bunch of like really high-end racing suspension here but the big the big news is that kw have obtained your mitigation for uh racing with the m3 and m4

So this is the v6 racing version which is a five-way race damper the coolest thing here for me however is this old 964 if you follow me on speed hunters and instagram you’ll know i have a yellow 964 which i’m trying to kind of restore and build up

And uh the next thing i’m going to be trying to figure out is the handling so kw is definitely on on the cards i’ve been using kw on a couple of cars over the years and i’m so satisfied with them i i would love to have a

Go at kind of giving the right handling and feel on the 964. okay so um the cool thing about this rb26 which hks calls the advanced heritage package i guess or or program they unveiled this last year it has these horizontally sorry vertically mounted turbos so basically the manifold design is

Slightly different from what you’re used to with rb26 is the turbos are kind of upward facing so that they get a better flow of gas and the whole concept here is to kind of make the rb26 more efficient so the goal is to reach about 600

Horsepower but at the same time it has to be drivable it has to be smooth has to be torquey and it has to deliver 20 kilometers to the liter of you know when it comes to consumption and to do that they’ve you know they’ve matched their v cam on

The intake to a v cam on the exhaust so they’re still like developing this system along with a new ignition uh coil system they got rid of the cam sensor they’re going to replace it with their own for the intake side they’ve gone for a new manifold design

It’s carbon fiber and it’s double chamber it’s kind of geared towards uh high response so it’s definitely a lower volume to what you’re used to seeing on the stock engine they’re dropping the mechanical six throttle setup and going for a bosch uh electric single throttle here they’ve gone to two smaller injectors

Rather than going uh for you know a bigger higher capacity injector they used to see them in like big performance uh tunes so i’ve been told they’re about 400 cc per minute each and the the idea here is to kind of go for response or run a more accurate spray pattern in the

Chamber and then when more fuel is needed at higher powers higher rpm the second injector kicks in and it’s pretty much what toyota’s been doing with their modern engines where they have direct port injection and a normal injection and they kind of alternate between the two there’s no direct injection here it’s

Just a take on two regular injection sprayers and on on the turbo side they’re developing this new gt series turbocharger that has an electrically controlled wastegate uh so this is again it’s it’s all about uh refining and going for more efficiency so the boost is going to be controlled very accurately very quickly Feeding into the new hks v pro ecu is the turbine speed sensor this allows them to monitor all the parameters that they need and then they’ve replaced the old style blow-off valve with a recirculating valve and again that’s electric too so you know combined with a 2.8 liter stroker kit

You should be able to have an insane amount of power you know 600 horsepower is kind of enough for everybody uh kind of matching torque curve that’s available very smoothly in the mid range and it’s basically you know taking the rb 26 you know an engine that’s you know over

30 years old and bringing it into the new millennium and uh i’ll be very interested to see how they kind of evolve the efficiency of this all together throughout the year so i really look forward to this engine being dropped into the r34 that they have and for the proper r d

To begin so this is definitely one to look forward to So another another rb26 specific uh product that they’re developing here at hks is going to be a carbon fiber intake system so i guess they saw what nismo is doing with their air boxes and intake pipes so they they wanted to develop something of their own

And it’s going to be coupled with a with a new exhaust manifold design which is uh made made for better flow and that’s going to be joined by a new intake side so it’s only piping on your design all for better flow and response and it’s going to be mated to

A seamlessly integrated air box system which will run an hks panel filter and then it’s all going to connect uh to the intercooler so this is going to be an another great new product for the rb26 series coming 2022. okay so this is uh quite special um

For this year so varys collaborated with uh garage geforce uh on this grs this is the car that taniguchi drove at scuba last year managed to get the record for this car uh 58 seconds for a little uh so they’ve gone wide body uh for this year

And they’ve got um lots of carbon like really thick uh fibers on the carbon fiber here wide body splitters i mean i think they’re just gonna push uh the project and then try and get an even faster time i i personally think it’s incredible how fast these little cars are getting i

Mean 58 seconds up until a few years ago you would need like a six 700 horsepower gtr to get to so amazing things uh happening with these new cars okay there’s one last booth i really want to check out today and it’s liberty walk we’re out kind of

Outside the main area because it’s really busy right now but this car has been pretty cool this year this is uh hibino’s next uh formula japan uh race car drift car rather and it carries over from the s15 that they built last year and it’s going to

Be powered by four roads it’s not quite completed yet but this is definitely one we’ll be taking a closer look in the course of the year Okay so we’ve seen my top picks from the show um thank you for tuning in and let me know what you think in the comments thanks for watching [Applause] you