Dino DC: Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 Highlights – Pt 1

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Posted: 2022-02-02 19:29:41
Author: Dino DC
Welcome to part one of our Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 Highlights. This is obviously a huge event and trying to cram it all into a single video would make for a long run time so expect to see more in subsequent videos.
I’m Dino Dalle Carbonare, a car enthusiast, a resident of Japan, father, husband, and a Speedhunters.com contributor.
There’s a lot of shiny fancy cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon, that’s a given of course, and I’m certainly going to cover some of them because there are some that will blow your mind and definitely deserve mentioning, but what I’m really interested in, is going off the beaten path so to speak, and exploring some really unique and exciting stuff. We’ve got some really interesting things to share with you, from drift cars, to custom designs, to some, well, kinda weird things you’ll only see in Japan. So Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorites from this year’s show.
Part two to follow shortly, so stay tuned…





Dino DC Video Transcript

We’re at the toyota booth and as you can hear the soundtrack for toyota is motorsports it’s quite light on the background it kind of gives you a hint what they’re all about this year and this is what everybody’s been kind of waiting for it’s the grmn version of the grs it’s only a

500 limited edition uh model it’s going to be in cell only in japan and you can spec either a circuit package or a rally package which we have with the red car there’s only 50 being made in this flat silver and the first day of tokyo salon

Basically they opened the the books you can kind of sign up for it and then they’re going to do a lottery and if you win you get an allotment and you can buy the car so i think there’s going to be a big rush for people collectors that

Want these kind of little special limited edition cars but the coolest thing here is probably uh the gt3 concept nobody really knows what it’s all about it could be a potential future gt3 uh you know race package that toyota will offer to race themes or privateers

One thing is for certain though it looks amazing proportions are really spot-on it kind of reminds me on an amg gt but it’s it’s it’s very futuristic and i don’t know i mean i give props to toyota for you know pushing uh with the whole sports car theme they

Have the gr86 the gr yaris they continue to to kind of cater to the enthusiasts and uh it’s awesome to see that it you know even even this year it keeps going yeah what makes this car pretty special is well aside from the fact that it has a pretty badass

Speed onto a sticker on there this is a pretty well known time attack car in japan m’s machine works they’ve pretty much transformed the cayman by dropping a gt3 engine in there 3.8 about 450 horsepower completely stripped out built for the track and they kind of developed this air over the years

Which really makes the cayman look like a proper gt3 version would and this is before the the gt4 version came along from porsche yeah one uh one new upgrade they’ve done for this year is they’ve moved to a bosch motorsport uh abs system and that gives far more control more

Accuracy on track when you’re hard on the brakes you know when you have that kind of level of grip with the track focused tires so i guess we can expect even better times from this car and what they’ve done this year is present the street version of their body kit for the cayman

And that moves over to the boxster over here two generations and this is a great way to kind of transform and enter the porsche world in slightly more affordable way and but you know you still get the looks okay so uh this uh this is a trial motorsports racing

And uh this is where daigo’s saito i mean he’s built a lot of cars this year for auto salon including the gr86 that we saw the yokohama booth but i think this is a especially cool so it’s a hakosuka with a nascar v8 i think it’s rated at about 900 horsepower na

And he’s gone for the full wide body look it’s probably got the widest uh fender flares i’ve ever seen on a hokosuka it runs yokohama slicks and uh i mean it’s probably just a promotional car but you know i think like you i want to see this thing drift and burn rubber

And uh it’s a super clean install i mean it went to the to the effort of like you know shaving the engine bay and spray painting it with like a metallic silver and then that gigantic v8 in there and if you take a look in the interior not that you can see

Much here it’s standing on kind of an inclined platform but there’s a big you know hydraulic side break so it’s it’s pretty much drift spec i guess we’ll see what they what they’re going to do with it side exit exhaust and then a nice fueling system in a trunk and you

Can you can actually see the suspension layout i mean it’s again uh daigo saito going full on crazy with his uh usual typical builds so this is what people like about japan these japan only cars like the toyota century this is a new gen version you can see

It’s very clean design very modern but what team are here same guys that you know got diego saito to build a crazy hako they’ve turned this particular car into a drift car It leans so much okay so if you have a little bit of spare cash lying around maybe it’s good been a good year uh we’ve got a nice sf 90 here on wheels nice aftermarket tws wheels or maybe you’re after something a bit more family friendly uh we have a monza sp2 there

Very useful car perfect for like cold winter days i’m just joking i mean i love ferrari they do really cool things and being italian i think i have the right to kind of poke a bit of fun at them i really want to see them do really good stuff so

You’ll be seeing a lot of that from me i mean these are amazing cars but yeah it’s just wheels so let’s go check out some cooler stuff all right don’t film me now i’m just gonna have a little look at the the bentley here i kind of secretly like these things Okay this is probably one of the biggest surprises here at tokyo russell on this year the sti era concept you know usually from sti you expect you know imprezas or you know rally uh kind of focused cars or maybe suvs they have the new ev suv over there

But this is made in collaboration with yamaha it’s a fully eevee i guess you know racer concept it’s uh pretty much built to challenge the nurburgring lap record it’s got 1073 horsepower and you know with that kind of credentials it will probably do it and behind the

Project is also monster tajima so this is going to be one really cool car to follow this year at the tokyo auto salon there’s you know there’s a ton of cars like these you get to see all the race cars from all the japanese series and you know it’s filled

Up with like exotics and expensive stuff and a bit of everything but what you’ll be seeing a lot from me and and this channel is you know the special picks the really custom kind of executions and and this is really something quite cool this is a toyota iq um

It’s been done by uh i forget the university now but uh there’s a lot of engineering schools in japan universities that kind of promote this uh this kind of like uh forward thinking when it comes to like creating cars and building cars and what they’ve done here is they’ve taken

A little toyota iq which is kind of like the japanese version of a smart car two-seater front engine front wheel drive they got rid of the engine in the front and dropped a kawasaki ninja 1.4 liter bike engine in the back and uh the way they laid out the

Transmission is using uh gr yaris uh subframe and rear layout so it’s if effectively a sequential uh you know probably has 200 plus horsepower and it must sound incredible so what’s in the front now is actually the the fuel system so there’s like a fuel cell racing fuel cell there

And what they’ve done here uh at least in the exterior is kind of giving it a gr yaris conversion so it has grs lights front bumper and the name of the car is a yaris jr so you can kind of get the theme that they went for

You should put i don’t know motorcycle calipers or something uh yes about a crutch bike mission crutch lever oh it’s a lever oh okay on the steering wheel or check it out okay thank you yes fast neutral second second yeah yeah normal engine start but why can’t you start yeah

It’s got the little dashboard from from the bike and then they’ve done the the shift lever which actuates the the bike transmission so first up the neutral and then second third fourth rock so yes six speed crazy absolutely crazy these are the kind of cars that you want to see at

Tokyo salon like people thinking outside the box and i want to drive it let me drive it okay there’s one car here the option stand at tokyo soon that we can’t ignore and it’s the veilside r32 uh drag car uh this back in the day was the first car to break

Uh the zero 300 kilometers on our record under 15 seconds i think about a 13 second about 1300 plus horsepower and of course it’s one of you know yoko makusan’s most uh legendary cars so it’s really cool to see that they brought it out here and

Just wanted to share it with you guys okay one car i really wanted to stop by and check out is the daddy motorworks e86 so i i shot this car earlier last year when uh otto-san from daddy motorworks was still kind of planning out the swap it runs a g16 three-cylinder turbo

Engine from the grs and it’s been built to be i mean originally the idea was for him to kind of build a a missile car for drift practice but i think it turned out probably way too clean for that it’s an amazing build just finished like the other day of

Course before the show and here’s the man himself so it’s very much you know for for drifting for racing track only very clean and the best thing of all is that he kept an original speed hunter sticker from back in the day and he put it on this project

And i think that’s a perfect way to end this kind of like best picks i hope you enjoyed it make sure you leave comments below and let me know what you thought thanks