Dino DC: This Lady Bought Her AE86 Brand New in 1985!

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Posted: 2023-09-24 11:05:44
Author: Dino DC
On this shop tour I drop by Kazama Auto, a shop that is synonymous with drifting and currently has the biggest team in Formula D Japan. Kazama-san has been a great fiend over the years and it’s a pleasure to see how he’s evolved his brand and his shop. While there I got to check out some of the FDJ cars including the 2JZ-powered Lexus IS Ken Gushi pilots and got thrown the key to Kazama’s personal ZN8 GR86 which is set up for drifting and runs GReddy’s soon to be released turbo kit. The best part was seeing a daily-driven, 1-owner AE86 Trueno notch back that was in for an alignment.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign hey welcome to a new episode and uh this is a really interesting shop today because you know ever since starting YouTube earlier this year there’s been one shop in my mind that I really wanted to visit and it’s pretty much because it was the first shop that I really got

Friendly with here in Japan back in the day when I originally started uh shooting as a full-time job and kind of documenting car culture and that would be Kazama Auto so we’re out here in kasukabe saitama and uh kazama-san has always been an awesome guy and a great help for me

Throughout the years and I think it’s just right that I dedicate some space on the channel to kind of show what the brand is all about and it actually comes at a really good timing because they’ve actually changed or shifted rather uh over the last couple of years towards

Embracing their Roots around drifting and specifically professional drifting and formula D they have the biggest team in Formula D Japan right now with five cars that’s our sick four car transporter here and yeah like I was saying they really went back to their Roots they started

Off as a kind of you know your neighborhood Drift Shop where you would take your uh your daily driver slash weekend drift car to get worked on and parts fitted and modified and you know originally when I came here and met them for the first time that’s exactly what

They were doing and even at one point when drifting wasn’t as popular they actually started doing remote control drifting stuff and they had a a big track here and I remember you know coming here with my little yokoma drift car and having a bit of fun but today is very different they’ve

They’ve kind of redone a lot of the shop modernized it built and added buildings and they’re still working on some expansion here but yeah let’s take a walk around check out the cool cars they have all the FD cars I mean you know if you’re used to following

Uh you know formula D in the US or even hitting up some of those events the rigs they have out there are you know massive compared to what we get here in Japan but for Japan a 20 ton truck with four spaces for cars in the back is pretty bowler

So yeah like I was saying Kazama Auto is the biggest team in Formula D Japan right now with five five cars so over the two workshops on one side of pulled some drapes over to create some shade it was still very hot despite being middle of September here

So here is the okabe’s jzx 100 and takashimas jzx 100 so they’re getting prepared for the next round in okayama in early October so these are very hard driven cars they need a lot of TLC after each round and by the looks of it including some cosmetic work so let’s start with

The new generation Lexus IS so this is the car that Kazama built for kangushi so every time there’s a round here in Japan kengushi has to get on a plane and fly over here to jump into this Beast and it’s going to be a pretty tight

Schedule for him to kind of do formula DUS and Japan at the same time so the car runs Tomei stroked 2J with a big gcg Garrett GT40 so about thousand horsepower if not more but the level and quality of construction of this car actually blows me away so it’s all carbon fiber carbon

Fiber door here for the passenger and the driver and even back here so this is the back where everything has been cornered off so that the radiator does its job here so this is Ken Gucci’s Japan office I have to say drift car builds have come a long way

In the last few years fabrication has definitely taken a big Leap Forward and safety is being really embraced something that you know I remember in speed Hunters doing stories about drift cars and people commenting that they all had Bolton cages and complaining so it’s uh good to see that they’ve

Embraced the American way of doing things when it comes to safety so the car runs gram lights like every Kazama formula D car since they started competing in the series ground lights showed in Advent zero nines these are the go-to tires for drifting here in Japan and of course

Team Kazama is sponsored by motees which is the Big Oil Company out here in Japan but yeah I mean the details are really impressive even the carbon mirrors it’s a Pity we can’t get a proper look at the rear end but it’s as aggressive As It Gets it’s got Artisan spirits

Rear bumper finishers and over fenders right so passed another set of rays and you’re coming overs we get into this which used to be the old drift RC drift track and there’s this stunning 180 SX customer car because Amazon was saying the owner has been really babying this car he just

Basically takes it out adds more parts fixes it cleans it and then puts it back away and it’s really I love the fender work that’s been done here to the rear so uh right behind the 180 is this jzx 81 Mark II so it looks like it’s in

Pretty crappy condition as kazamasan was just pointing out but the thing is this is going to be a complete new project it’s going to be complete restored and redone and turned into a pretty serious drift setup with Knuckles and everything they’ve already done the automatic the manual conversion

I’m not sure if they’re going to keep these Grime lights but these are pretty sick next to it next to the 81 Mark II is sato’s jzx 100 formula decar I love how they use a pet bottle so close off the wastegate screamer pipe sick looking thing with a wide body

And there’s four more cars here so let’s start with the 180sx this is actually iwatasan’s own car Iwata sun is the owner and founder of formula D Japan so this car is in for a bit of Maintenance he’s owned it for many many years and it’s good to see people keeping and

Looking after these Japanese gems next to it is uh kazama-san’s own LC streetcar which he said he hasn’t driven in four years and then we have a 86 formula D car and next to it the S15 varieta sporting the full Kazama Auto wide body now this car is actually

Uh probably gonna end up being sold off to the states when it reaches that 25 years of age so if you guys are looking for one of the most I guess rarest and awkward looking S15 versions and I say awkward because not because I’m okay though because of this I never really

Digested a massively long trunk but yeah definitely different they’re really cool thank you so here are some of kazama’s parts on display this is all brand new I mean this is the first time I see this there’s a little cabinet here with all the Formula Drift trophies from the last few years

Popular Parts like manifolds slide cam pulleys from HKS there is this side which back in the day used to actually be power vehicles so this is where Andy was set up and we’re talking about probably like 15 years ago now and now it’s become kazama’s little business office so

That’s where his staff work away in the in the private office but it’s actually this thing here that I’m interested in because because Amazon has just given me the keys so before we do that let me talk you through what you’re looking at so this is kazama’s own gr-86

And he’s collaborated with trust Grady here in Japan to do a kind of long-term test on their up-and-coming turbo kit so if you open up here you’ll see how this car is actually running yet unnamed oh it’s got the Grady logo there on the filter so it’s running a little Grady Turbo

Good for about 280 to 300 horsepower and apparently it makes a big difference and uh we’re just going to jump in and then test it out because uh not only is it the first time I get to drive the gr86 but this one’s already sorted with more power suspension aftermarket brakes

And wheels and your company always so a nice little package this is always my struggle in Japan Italian hips don’t really match Japanese buckets oh oh God oh right keyless entry makes it easier to turn on oh wow look at that so this is actually the first time I

Jump in a gr86 and of course it’s already tuned this is Japan but uh sounds nice so basically it’s running uh Freddy’s soon to be entry level turbo kit for the new 2.4 flat 4 box of four and it’s basically meant to boost power anywhere from 280 to 300 PS um

And it seems to pick up pretty much around two and a half thousand RPM with a decent amount of boost I don’t have a gauge here to look at actual boost but um it does it does offer instant response so that was two and a half to three

And then once you floor it from three to four it really gets on uh on Power and we’ll have to find slightly more open roads to do that but initial thoughts in the first two minutes that I’m driving it big thumbs up for now all right so we’ll do

A little uh off the line kind of thing that is not bad for an entry level sports car s that’s such mineral mid-range torque foreign thank you inside first thing I notice is when I open the door the Kazama Auto I guess like rubber pads for where you put your accessories or bottles

And the car runs bright Lomax bucket for the front which is absolute agony for my Italian hips and something a little bit more comfortable for the passenger side everything else has been left stock and that’s why you know this car really feels like it does so well it being both a

Nice fun track toy as well as the daily driver okay so I thought I’d give you some point of view look from the cabin as you can see that track display is still there on the air bit so it’s a really nice comfortable car to be driving around and uh

Like I was mentioning it’s got Knuckles or something because there’s a lot of steering so it’s like pretty much ready to go it’s even got the fly off button on the side brake and locking limited slip at the back and of course with 300 horsepower you pretty much have

Or you could call it modern day S15 Sylvia I feel that diff so I probably spent a good half an hour 40 minutes driving this thing and I’m really impressed with what this car actually has become I always thought the original version was great but somewhat lacking

In some areas I know it was too much a fan of the design I always thought the interior looked cheap and economical this has definitely got better Plastics softer dashboard still put together rather well-being at Toyota of course um but the most important thing is they

Fix the design of the Interior they gave it an exterior design that really works and then you know shops like Kazama Auto refining that further and uh getting it to sit right perform right in the handling department and the braking department and then Grady with our turbo kit that’s going to be

Released later on this year I think this gr86 makes a lot of sense it might be a little pricey in some countries but in Japan at least it does make a lot of sense um unless you want to get yourself into an older platform and then you know deal

With the obvious issues and problems that you may encounter with that um but yeah it’s a fun car lots of torque this is fifth gear picks up a 2500 rpm like no problem and uh it’s a ton of fun okay so this is insane we’re just about to leave

And this lady old lady rocks up and uh brings this in this is a 8086 Treno that has been used every single day by this old lady she bought it new it’s got 82 000 kilometers on the clock and she brought it in for an alignment

And it’s it’s I mean it’s insane like it’s completely stock except for like a fujitsubu exhaust stock wheels I mean it’s definitely in need of some you know TLC but this is the stuff you can come across in Japan like unfortunately she doesn’t really want to

Be on camera which is a bit sad because this could be a whole video in itself but the stuff you just come across sometimes kind of blows your mind and the best part is that there’s like a vintage pack of tissues up here from probably like 1988.

So it’s because Amazon was just telling me this comes from Toyota Otto higashi saitama and it’s a dealership that no longer exists tonight it became a Toyota Nets dealer another little point that Kazama pointed out is the actual plastic top the top of the antenna usually the first thing that

Comes off on these cars so I was having a look underneath and it’s got a full fujitsubway exhaust not sure about headers obviously because we haven’t looked in the engine bay but absolutely immaculate and um I know most people will probably be like crazy with the hatchbacks and this being

A notch probably won’t be as valuable but you know a one owner car never crashed eighty thousand kilometers is about fifty thousand miles and in this condition Maybe five million yen six million yen more if it was a hatchback I don’t know you guys tell me let me

Know in the comments what you think this car could potentially be worth it looks like this old lady probably has a dog that’s been biting this or used to bite it but yeah they just lifted it up and of course as you expect stock suspension thank you alignment is done and

Off it goes see what a unmolested hachiro engine bay looks like wow needs a bit of love foreign thank you so there you have it a nice shop tour with a good old friend and a nice surprise at the end of it I’m so happy I got to drive the gr86 finally

And especially one that really shows the potential these cars really have out of the box for factory yeah I mean make sure you check back soon for more there’ll be more shop tours like these coming and hopefully more drives surprise drives like today