Dino DC: Things You’ll Only See at a Japanese Car Show

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Posted: 2022-02-12 15:08:05
Author: Dino DC





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Dino DC Video Transcript

This is a perfect way to start this little look at you know the special things that you find at japanese car shows like the tokyo salon this pairing here is perfect this is a nissan leaf electric car first generation it’s been wide body like it’s you know

Meant to compete in some racing series and right next to it here is a nissan cube that’s been given a very obvious you know kimono fabric motif on the outside but if you check out the interior you see that it kind of goes right into it with proper kimono fabric

At the back here is a little presentation area japanese dolls can’t get more japanese than that so as we kind of find another car here with the obvious japanese feel how about some maple leaves to decorate your engine cover but if you take a step back you’ll actually notice this is a z34

Uh fair lady z that’s being transformed kind of like what nissan just did with the new car they’ve kind of gone back and given that uh s30 front end but they’ve actually grafted that on here and they’ve done the same at the back with the s30 tail lights

And they’ve created what they’re calling the 340z and this car was actually built by the students at the nissan technical college you see they’ve got the the naming here on the side 340z and if you come around the back you can really see those old s30 taillights rafted on it’s really

Amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination and these universities always come up with the best uh and more kind of like shocking concepts i guess from from the show This is something super cool this is an old subaru 360 that’s been converted into like a california looks surfmobile these old cars of course had suicide doors but with the whole camping boon in japan right now um they’ve gone for like a little deck here where you can come and

Maybe sit out here with a few chairs prepare a cup of coffee listen to music on your little uh what is that a wood speaker and here’s a little beach buggy crafted out of a late 60s daihatsu kind of has that california doom buggy look and of course like

Everything in japan it’s super tiny i can probably come here and lift this thing you know um just like the the subaru 360 it runs very small two-cylinder air-cooled engine You probably think it’s amphibious with this thing here Let’s check it out i guess it’s a beach cruiser three-seater if you’re nice and thin you can probably fit three people here nice deck get your swimwear and fins and probably go scuba diving surfing another great creation from faf all right strange things you find at tokyo salon chucky

This is another thing you see at tokyo salon girl wrestlers in bikinis uh promoting cars Oh You