Dino DC: The World’s Craziest Rotary Shop!

The World's Craziest Rotary Shop!

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Posted: 2023-08-27 11:14:15
Author: Dino DC
After visiting in 2015 and featuring the shop for Speedhunters I wanted to make a return to RPS in Kuala Lumpur to indulge in one of the most visually incredible rotary tuning shops in the world. These guys modify all sorts of wankel-powered vehicles, even more so than in Japan where RX-3s and RX-4s are impossibly rare these days. 12As, 13Bs, 20B NA & Turbo – they do it all, and they aren’t too shy about porting the hell out of these motors. Definitely a highlight of my Malaysia 2023 trip!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you hey and welcome to another amazing shop from KL this is day three of our KL tour this is post Auto speed and today we are RPS Motorsport they are a rotary Specialists here in KL that I actually came to feature for Speed Hunters back

In 2015 and it’s been a shop that’s kind of stayed in my mind because it’s visually one of the most amazing places I have visited and I think I’m not even going to try to explain it I’m just going to bring you in and you can kind of Judge for yourselves

Just why it stood out to me so much you know eight years ago and uh progressively has gotten better over the years and the owner was so kind today to bring out some customer cars for me to you know have a look at there’s a nice selection of everything here

Starting with you know fds we have an essay a couple of rx-8s engine swapped all the cars like rx3s and even an rx-5 up here and uh this insane Bridge ported FC that will will have to turn on and kind of here because I’m just blown away I mean I’ve been

Here five minutes and I’m already super excited so I think visually this shop is unbelievably unique in the way that it’s kind of a mix of a warehouse and and parts storage combined with a workshop I mean I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many rotary engines stacked

Around like this there’s all sorts starting with 20 B’s 13 B’s another 20b this FC here from Singapore will be receiving this particular 20b so you know it’s it’s all about tuning here this is all about performance lots of bridgeporting lots of Turbo charging lots of everything and the place is just

Completely stacked to the brim with parts spare parts because of course you know as the years pass uh bits and pieces are just impossible to find that when you do you just snap them up and you keep them stored so you know even here for example alternators various pumps and intake manifolds and

Collectors and gearboxes turbochargers as you work your way down here next to the owners FC drag car by the way which was still here eight years ago when I first came to visit them he’s tried to kind of refine it and you know try to to get it

Into a tune that will allow it to be erased but it just has so much work to do for customer cars it’s been left sitting again and this is a serious serious drag car if you look at it from the back you’ll understand parachute and everything crazy FRP

Fenders even right next to the toilet there’s stacks of rotor housings gearboxes rotors on the floor Foreign Okay so we’re here with the owner thank you again for having us here morning uh you know just a quick question like how long have you guys been here yeah almost 18 years plus 18 years yeah I’m running this business almost 18 years and you do mainly I’m doing only rotary only rotary

But yeah only proper tuning hardcore tuning yes I’m doing only Microtech and with the rotary reported all the all the way there with the origin noise well we’re going to take a look at your shop quickly thank you so much for having us and this is the second time I visit you

Because I came here in 2015. so yeah we’re gonna keep checking it out and taking a look oh thank you thank you this thing is absolutely unbelievable and the crazy thing is it actually looks like you know it’s kind of like a mid-level tune but uh can we turn that

On and hear it yes please FC is starting wow This arrives My God can you imagine having a car like that and having it to turn on next to your neighbors okay and there’s another really sweet FC here this is a wide body running on some work emotions really really nice clean build one of those colors that flips as the

Light hits it but inside it’s a 20b bridgeported Turbo swap so I can’t even imagine what this must be to to drive you have to find out about um what kind of horsepower it runs but just an idea of the kind of cars the you know RPS builds here in KL speaking of

Three rotors there’s also this RX-8 oh Blitzballs out A decently sized Turbo And nothing mild I mean in Japan usually when I talk about rotaries I kind of say oh it’s got a mild street board there’s no Mile Hill it’s uh it’s hardcore full-on all the way okay we’re gonna start another 20 b car here so this is 20 BNA thank you

I don’t think I’ve ever heard an induction sound quite like that we’re going to take a look at some of the older cars so this is this uh orange rx3 out here but he’s doing oh sorry rx4 but they’re doing another rx3 inside here so the shop next door is where they do

Bodies and all exterior work this is uh right nice we just back here yeah when the time we come up so when he needs it he just comes and picks it up yeah and this one this rx3 is what restoration okay this is my famous car but now oh wow

A Nissan with a yes yes 110 right I don’t know Jesus I guess this is the paint boost oh you guys have space back here too for waiting for painting also another X3 another X3 all abandoned oh yeah oh for spare parts wow look at this alleyway easy

What about this one what is this Savannah so yeah the spare parts bin I guess when they need to fish out some body parts that come up here and strip these uh these two rx3s good to see rx3s being restored and kept alive it’s an important part of Mazda history

And much like the space next door tons and tons of Parts being stored away because of course everything is valuable you don’t want to throw anything away Wheels included old school BMW rims watanabos let’s take a look at the rx3 rx4 that’s out here 13B everything is ported here and you know

What a treat it is to see an rx4 it’s a rare sight in Japan so I’m always happy you know when I kind of travel abroad to to see these kind of cars especially when I go down to Australia and uh one country I still have to visit New Zealand which of

Course you know it’s like the trifecta of rotary craziness I never knew Malaysia was but you know RPS has taught me otherwise [Laughter] Foreign Blown away again with the chance to come here to RPS and feature it for the YouTube channel you know I I took many pictures here for the speed Hunter Zone but I really wanted to do a video version of the shop tour and kind of

Show you guys what these guys at RPS get up to the amazing cars they build and uh man I even got to sample the 20b swapped FC what a day Thank you