Dino DC: The Underground Detailing Studio Heaven!

The Underground Detailing Studio Heaven!

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Posted: 2023-08-09 11:00:56
Author: Dino DC
In this episode from Malaysia we visit Auto Detailer Studio in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I love dropping by Darren’s Batcave every year as it’a always brimmed full of crazy cars undergoing work. ADS specialises in deep cleaning, paint correction, PPF, color changes, reupholstering, restorations, parts fitting and anything else customers may want. This time round we checked out Darren’s owns projects like his 400+ HP Megan RS and bonkers S65 AMG. Other surprises were a pair of GR Yaris & Corolla, a custom painted R34 GT-R and a 1000 HP 996 GT2 amount Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode so we’re still here in KL and this is post art of speed so we are staying an extra few days and we’re going to be visiting a lot of new shops that I’ve yet to experience here in KL we have Darren from auto detailer Studio looking after

Us today and as ever with him the day always starts with some awesome food so we’re gonna check out some local Delicacies and uh get our eating on all right we’ll attempt to cross the road got Darren waiting here at this um really famous noodle shop so we’re gonna have some uh

Two types of noodles he was mentioning one with beef and one with a massive shrimp in it so I’m gonna go inside here so this is Darren again feeding us to the brim the food Hunters indeed I mean cars and food always go together so we start off our day as well here

So these are these are the shrimp that are going into our noodles right oh yes look at the size of that it’s like a lobster yeah yeah I’m just blown away oh my God look at the size of this thing I’m gonna hold this for you yeah you

Gotta kind of show the the scale here what that’s like a kilo and a half of like oh my God it’s crazy I’m gonna take a shot of you careful with the spikes Thank you foreign wow that’s a heat Management on another level just gets crazier and crazier it’s round two of tiger prawns so this is what happens when you go out eating with Darren here you come out comatose it’s not even 12 yet it was a brunch but

It felt like a buffet dinner plate oh my God and now we have to shoot nice little Lookout Point into KL see the Petronas Towers there on the Motorola building as in it looks like a Motorola phone All right Thank you So we’ve arrived at the bat cave daryland oh my God thank you yeah Darren doesn’t joke around when it comes to getting the coolest customer cars in kale all right we’re gonna take a little walk around the place with Darren and he can kind of run us through

His daily jobs that he does here on on kind of like a daily basis the stuff that he does for customer cars and the packages he offers and some other cool stuff that he does like video production as you can see here he has a little Studio going

Nice selection of road to form here These guys are filming gets put together here we have a big team hey guys Dino and Alec are here and just coming here for the air conditioning so hang around for a little bit so uh basically well every single car the detail gets like yeah yeah we do

Some before and after scenes that’s crazy you guys working here so how many years have you been operational out of here um this year will be our 20th out of this location um this location 14 years 14 years yeah no one before that so if you haven’t

Figured it out from the entrance it’s basically like underground underwater shopping mall in a mall in a mall yeah what was done to this one um we fully repainted the car so it’s got Verde Artemis uh about 13 layers of clear coat so it’s essentially a silver

Base coat and the the clear coats tinted slightly blue so you layer it bit by bit to build up this blue color yeah it’s an ad Persona um Lambo color interior was a red leather so that’s all been changed out now you’ve got complete Napa and Alcantara in Black group complete with piping

Accents and the works very subtle and just casually a panigale 11.99 next to it we’ll just quickly go over here and just drill over this 992 GT3 in the launch color what a beauty this is Darren’s other project we actually took a ride out on this the other day Famous Amos yeah

Another car has been fully resprayed in a different color used to be white right yes it was we’ll talk about this soon but I just want to talk about this first you remember this is your old man project it’s the old man project so S65 V12 V12 twin turbo six liter being

Converted into what like oh my wow it’s uh we’ve got some surprise for an interior coming up but uh okay yeah it’s got a couple of goodies oh my god dude what are you doing it’s got 610 horses on Wheels and about 1050 horses and methanol you need to

Meters of torque and methanol injection yes and of course the interior is just about to receive a full re-trim we’re going to reimagine the interior coming along nicely it’s coming along lastly you want to give her a startup I’ll help you with a pedal no seat in there but oh my God

What on Earth is this 65 what do you plan to do with this man I have no idea so valve on so old man’s back acceptable valve on and a bit rowdy Foreign [Applause] you know I’ve had a chance to look at your shop multiple times now and see all the crazy cars that you work on and what you get up to I think first question would be you know kind of like a rundown of what you kind of get up to on a

Day-to-day basis here sure how many people you have working and you know the kind of stuff that you do mainly for your customers well this year will be our 20th year in operation we’ve got 26 people on our team we’re divided from our operations Department to an

Administrative and even right down to a creative section as well so we work five and a half days a week and we do everything from restoring cars to making new cars look better do you find that in the last few years A lot of people are going for the restoration kind of path

Because you know as people begin to understand that new cars are not really quite there to at least you know so you’ve been doing a lot of that right yes yeah actually I think the pandemic was a bit of an interesting uh um paradigm shift for a lot of people uh

Of course with the new advent of electric cars and from phevs right people started to see that uh the newer cars are simplified for user conveniences but they are not optimized in terms of how a car feels yeah so I call it the uh the analog feel it’s

Something where all the new cars have gone all digital right now so I think during the pandemic a lot of people uh with the spare time that they had they wanted to try and look into ideas on how they could revive older cars how they could uh get back that that Romance of

You know a large combustion car so we were just watching uh Car Sales from the classifieds from the V12 so the v10s to the V8s they were just getting less and less because people were snapping them up and a lot of them were coming over and they wanted us to to restore them

And I think uh it’s been one of the strongholds of the demand in terms of what most car enthusiasts want they want all the cars but they want to refresh and restore it yeah and when it comes to type of driving like here in Malaysia what do people do

For like fun like when they want to go out driving at night or maybe like a weekend away or something like that I think um for a lot of uh a lot of us I think most of our drives are pretty casual so we would have our typical coffee drives

On on weekends uh and some of the nights as well Friday nights you see a lot of cars going around the city Saturdays uh usually reserve for slightly longer drives uh we’ve had to the mountains for 2K drives or sometimes even outstation for food warm Malaysians so we love food

Everything’s a food Adventure I’ve noticed I’ve noticed very much so right um but yeah and we’ve also got a lot of car enthusiasts that make the trips to Traverse the peninsula or even to drive to Thailand for you know 10 days and things like that so we’ve got I think a

Relatively interesting mix of uh petrol hits here yeah I mean it’s really great to see because at least in Japan I see it’s kind of on a downward spiral in the way that people are not really enjoying cars as much as they should especially when it comes to drives and meets and

Events you know everything is always like timing is everything don’t have so much time and know people just stuck in traffic yeah so coming here to Malaysia and seeing the more laid the back kind of approach to you know car culture really has been quite interesting for me

So again thank you for allowing us to film around the crazy shop and it’s been a pleasure checking out your cars and uh next year it’s the S65 yeah 65 yes Thank you Okay let’s talk about the Renault RS because this is cool it’s very I mean you don’t see this no you know especially in Malaysia so this is a it’s also got a water meth kit uh it’s in Ocean Blue Ocean Blue yeah we’ve just sort of completed the car

Engine has been blueprinted lots of upgrades hybrid turbo um KW Club sport suspensions um we’re gonna Dyno it in a couple of weeks and you’re running it in we’re running it and run at the moment yeah so this is actually the 355 yeah I took out for a ride

Amazing that’s a alpha GTV yeah for Julia GT on uh two or five Fiat Coupe and you still have these two oh yeah yeah so Darren likes Chris Bengal design I love Italian are these both modified um yes they are so on whatever carbs that’s the original interior beautiful way we’ve kept it

Original with the shifter yeah we’re coming out of the center console there oh man these cars are just like Classics they are they never get old and they’re amazingly smell it amazingly fun to drive smell of all Italian men it smells like old Italian man yeah let me let me sample yeah um

[Laughter] and this is one of the customer storage areas where cars are kept long term come let’s go right behind the 993 Turbo is a very special R34 GTR which I had to look at last year yes and she is so waiting for the engine block to come in from Australia

What are they having done like um well he always has uh some custom mods on that one so just waiting for it to come down but yeah and this runs the same Sparkles yes but it runs a little high yeah so um I have actual Sparkle SPX yes seats

Right so carbon fiber uh backing as you can see here mine haven’t been re-trimmed they’re still the stock ones but I’m having trouble finding a seat rail that actually fits in these cars and keeps it nice and low the search continues the search continues what are

You guys running on this one uh Custom Custom yeah so lots of details like the carbon fiber Nismo so we’ve got a GT2 turbo GT3 rs991 993 Turbo and a boxer sorry came in this 996 GT2 it has a brombacker upgrade so she’s pushing about a thousand horses yeah

So it’s a GT2 yeah the Widowmaker the Widowmaker so you have a repeat yeah yeah classy card to be drawn yeah beautiful and Darren’s other hobby is anything with a motor yes you’ll get yes first time I see these nine block cuts eight Series yeah eight series um almost done interior is almost

Complete are these El Pino Wheels um yep they are yep and uh owner has gone call analog non-visual so Darren does like a bit of Photography this used to be our photography studio but now it’s oh wow now it’s a mess yeah we have full lights soft lights the whole works

It was this was the full first full car studio in the country crazy and now it’s reupholstered yeah Heaven yeah let’s talk about these two Ferraris so 430 convertible and a manual it’s a manual convertible wait is this a four five eight yeah my favorite dude

You have the 430 a startup oh yeah I’m going to say no to that dude it’s even gated it’s a manual it’s a manual Okay so Darren here has just pulled out a nice set of Wheels you might recognize them they’re very cool if you happen to own an Aventador touched on it before a little bit but the Renault RS McGann here the sports that Darren is building right now so as

He was saying he’s had the engine fully rebuilt fully forged internals aftermarket turbo methanol injection and sitting on KW club sports raise g25s and if you look he’s actually repainted the Brembo calipers another cool projects he’s gonna put down like 51 so 510 newton meters of torque from that

Engine which is just berserk and it’s front wheel drive of course and once it’s all set up put on the dyno and stuff he’s gonna probably take it out to Sepang now the question is which one would you take so you know the whole world has kind of

Gone crazy with the gr Yaris and for some reason Toyota was not able to import into the US and I guess they ended up doing the Corolla to satisfy the demand so it runs the same three cylinder 1.6 liter turbo engine and the four wheel drive setup but

However the Yaris has that really compact two-door body it just oozes rally Vibes any angle you look at it from and this particular car is actually running the eventually carbon air box so it has a very strange triple exhaust setup here within a USBC the charger Outlet there on the back

Flipped up all the the hoods and Trunks on these cars here again these are Darren’s Fiat coupe’s that one there is on a red wrap he does like his Chris bangle cars and of course this is a very unique Car even in Italy you still struggle to see these I

Remember my neighbor in Italy actually had this for a repair it always liked it sounds really cool but you know no matter how many times I come to visit Darren Here auto detailer Studio I’m just blown away by his setup I mean this is literally you know being a business

Aside it’s literally the perfect car space to have I mean it’s the dream right it’s underground it’s out of praying eyes and you have all the space in the world to work on your car as you can see here they have the the two wash bays

So they’ve been I think this is like the fifth time they wash this car they keep washing it cleaning or washing it I mean the attention to detail is just second to none I don’t think shops like this in Japan exist honestly I mean we have plenty of

Detailers and you know companies that will fit wraps and do all sort of like body type work Restorations but I think what they do here is on another level of attention to detail and I think it just spans from the fact that Darren here has extreme OCD and just does

Things way too detailed hence the auto detailer naming right craziness Foreign Foreign So we talked about it before but let’s let’s talk about it more in detail because so it’s got AEM methanol water injection so that sprays water and methanol in the engine to eliminate possible knocking so when you run you know Advanced ignition timing or a lot

Of boost or the combination of both you need to kind of prepare for it and keep knock under control so it looks all stock but as soon as you start zooming in you see the additions even has a filter protector piping is this is that factory that one is Factory the turbo smart

Blower battery and of course all the internals are being redone fully forged so here’s the engine in all it’s kind of what washing machine style engines modern engines man but yeah like fully fully in turn fully forged internals and some blueprinted as well yeah so I

Forgot to mention uh the GTR that’s just being resprayed to Black still has the original speed Hunters uh sticker that I gave it uh I don’t even remember if I put this on but for like five six years ago so nice to see it’s still very nice