Dino DC: The Porsche Collector’s Dream House!

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Posted: 2023-08-20 10:23:17
Author: Dino DC
In this episode I meet with Huang Ean Hwa, the man behind Valhalla. An advertising veteran by day, and at all other times can be found in his amazing garage working on his collection of air cooled 911s, refining, perfecting and adding lightness to each one. On top of his 930 and narrow-body SC he is working on a few other interesting projects. Best part of the video is when he hands over the keys to his 930!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode this is uh day three in Malaysia I’m kind of forgetting because you know we’re doing so much every day it’s getting almost overwhelming and today is going to be just the same I’m going to check out a private collection which is all themed around Porsches and uh

What a great way to open this with the 992 GT3 I was driving yesterday and a beautiful series of air-cooled Porsches on the side here this is kind of a video version of the garage houses stories that I do on speed hunters and I think I’m actually going

To do a story on speed hunters for this because I’m just blown away by the details of this place and we’re gonna speak to the owner who’s probably gonna run us through all these cars and all the details and you know kind of talk us through his collections and what he’s

Kind of trying to do with each car that he owns and so it’s not even just air-cooled cars or air cooled Porsches that he collects and enjoys he also has this 996 Carrera 4 which has been converted to a Carrera 2 So Gone rid of the front drive shafts and there’s so

Much around here it’s just so beautifully laid out with memorabilia and spare parts including gearboxes that I could actually take and fit to my 964 but uh it’s just uh basically chronicling his journey through his passion with Porsches specifically the air cooled Generations and his garage has been turned into sort

Of a museum and the kind of storage facility for the future projects that he’s working on I think he’s working on two or three cars at the moment so we’ll get into that in a second but I’ll just let you bask in this crazy crazy collection the details are just amazing

Everywhere you look is just oozing with Porsche awesome enough Thank you So this home is actually located in the Hills kind of above KL it’s a beautiful space very quiet really nice neighborhood and It just fits the whole image of you know a car guy doing his thing quietly pursuing his passion and creating things that you know will eventually much like

This car that was the art of speed last year become amazing driving machines and you know talking to him just now I I kind of got to feel that he’s kind of a guy that really enjoys driving he doesn’t build cars just for the fact that you know he

Owns something special he builds his cars to be driven and to be driven hard in a very specific way so he likes cars that are raw that are light that are focused they’re gonna give that visceral experience that you know possibly even a 992 GT3 won’t give you because of the

Whole kind of digital blanket that kind of keeps you away from that rawness that old cars just ooze so it’s been quite interesting to go through his cars and his incredible collection here and one other car he’s working on that’s currently being prepared is a replica of

This rsr type 934 as you can see right behind the box those are the wheels he’ll be using these are actually 17 so it’s a step up from the 16s that the original race car used to run and that means that he will be doing a single lug conversion

To the hub to fit these and he even has an original set of hooks Wheels here and if you look up there right here there’s some Aero discs as well so if you’re wondering why this car has all this writing on it it’s because so the previous owner that

He picked it up from kind of asked him you know you’re probably gonna restore and repaint this car so why don’t we just doodle on it and kind of make it interesting for the people that come to artist speed to kind of look at and read through so this

Quite interesting things have been done like you know the explanation of the Porsche Stuttgart logo the emblem what it means each section what it means and other cool details like a nice drawing of the engine the rules of owning an air-cooled car and some interesting little bits of trivia kind of around

911 ownership including the specs so the arrow disc that we saw on display are eventually going to be used on this car he’s got two designs one is going to be used on one side the other one will be probably on the other side the engine actually

Had a small fire which is what kind of led the previous owner to sell the car to somebody that would have you know the the patience to kind of restore it and build it properly from scratch from the ground up from the chassis and as you

Can see inside we’ve been given the okay to open the doors and take a look inside the car used to be blue the color the owner doesn’t really particularly like so that’s going to be all stripped properly and done the right way Okay so I’m here with the owner thank you for having us here thank you for coming home and thank you amazing I’m a big fan of the channel no thank you so much thank you so much you know rather than me trying to remember all the details that you went through I think

We’ll just have you you know quickly run through each of your project cars and just kind of give right the main points okay interesting to hear okay like this particular car is a 79 uh 930. it belongs to uh a friend and an architect

So it had a little bit of a uh an engine fire so we we’re kind of you know this we decided to just strip everything back to its Bare Basics and then start from from zero again so uh if you’re wondering why this is all kind of

Sketched up is because we were gonna do a bare metal respray right so uh and I asked the owner if we’re gonna do that can I just sort of doodle on it because it was going into a show and this happened last year our dispute of course out of speed yes

Of course so normally what I do is when I start any rebuild is you literally just got the whole car and then you find all the sins that you know have been done over the years so in this case you know it hasn’t been repainted properly there’s a lot of corrosion uh

So strip strip all of that back order the leather uh all the engine parts have already been ordered this car will also run a modern ECU so we’re going with a water air intercooler ITB system and probably run it on health Tech or remote Tech right these wheels are just test

Fit wheels they are actually 18 straw sacks those are actually my Turbo fans from my other car which we’ll get to later but just to give a sense because I’ve always felt that 930s you know they’re big brawny cars right but they’ve got 16 inch wheels it’s like a

Bodybuilder that didn’t do leg day so what we’re going to do is I like the new singer 930 stand so lower the car a little bit which explains why we’re using kind of this tail which is a little bit flatter not the fat turbo

Tail sure so just to get the the sort of proportions a little bit lower and you know a little bit of modern amenities with you know the 993 Wing mirror and the door handle too so a few other things also we’re doing you know this car will get will become a

We’re doing more luxury inside so it’ll have 964 seats okay full Electrics but I also uh subscribe to the Temple of likeness so it’s getting carbon fiber side yeah I was mentioning before that most of your cars are very specific to driving yes light like you know I subscribe to Colin

Chapman you know at likeness so this will have carbon fiber side skirts bumpers rear spoiler and of course uh you know with the modern ECU in this car I think it’ll go really well yeah and then we move to to this car this beauty this car is the base of this car is

A 1980 SC okay and we wanted to back date it so that’s exactly what we did the difference is we most people leave the SC flares on and in this case we cut the flares out I managed to find some all secondhand narrow flares from the US ship them in

And then welded them on you know so again true to what I like for my cars is keep everything light and simple so lightweight door cards we gutted the interior of the sound deadening the seats are combo they’re from a mini and the headrests are from a BMW E36 so

You know we found that through junkyards and just sort of there you have it you know looks pretty good it’s just crazy to see you know being a 964 owner just saying the origins just how basic simple correct correct it’s so nice correct so let’s take a look at the engine right

So nothing too fancy uh in this car it’s just a stock SC Engine with MSD we we fitted a stainless steel headers and you know my favorite exhaust mnk from the US you know so very very simple this car is light small Nimble it’s on 15 inch

Wheels uh you know and when we go on Sunday drives with the other cars 993s 996s beautiful I can’t keep up you know yeah I bet this is what Sub sub ton kind of weight I think we’re close to close to that yeah amazing so it’s on fiberglass bumpers

But uh I also added this little trim just to complete the uh yeah and you know I like bills which are kind of OEM plus you know And then we we go to to the other side of the ah this is this is a compound here this is my favorite car this is um this is what I affectionately call my IROC the chassis is an original 930. so I got this car oh maybe about 20

Years ago and then when I bought it it had no engine no gearbox was this your was this your first Porsche no this was my third third okay third nine eleven uh and when I bought it back then you know they weren’t trendy cars nobody wanted them

So with that I decided to I wanted to build something that was kind of old school and I like the IROC look so we got rid of the heavy bumper the whale tail yeah and for the engine if you look here this is actually a 79 SC so I bought a half cut

So we took the engine and the gearbox from this car it’s a 79 SC and reason being is because it’s got big valves so I used to run carburetors with this car before but after a couple of years I decided enough is enough so I spent a little bit

Of money to to buy pmos on itbs from a system in the US it’s all packaged as a system in the U.S from this guy called a company called rasant so it’s a EFI and it’s uh it’s you know easy super reliable starts in the morning without without too much trouble

Beautiful so for the interior again keeping the lightweight theme um everything is light so the car has got zero sound deadening lightweight carpets Recaro SPG my favorite seats though uh I’m putting on a little bit too much weight so I have to lose a little bit of weight

It has got a very nice wevo shifter um and of course my favorite uh my favorite steering wheel the Momo model 7. this this is a gen 1996 it’s a C4 manual and it belongs to a very good friend of mine so again you know I managed to convince him

That lightweight is the way to go so it’s got lightweight SPG seats as well now the C4 manual uh transmission we remove the front drive shaft the differential and the torque tube so now it’s a it’s actually a C2 yeah uh unfortunately it’s got the dreaded

M96 engine issue so Ball scoring yeah so anyway we dropped the engine uh it’s in Germany it’s getting a 3.8 meter conversion sent all the way to Germany sent all the way to Germany so but you know I I don’t normally Drive the modern cars but when I drove this versus all

The Classic Air cool just couldn’t believe how capable they were the only thing was Soul you know it’s lacking a little bit or so sure so this is a oh an e 73 911 e so this you know because I work on a lot of what

I call customer cars uh you know I don’t have time to work on my very own so this is not gonna get any retro mods it’s just gonna go back to completely stock the only thing we might do is just lower it just a little bit that’s it

Just to level up the suspension yeah we had to take a closer look at your garage or storage facility slash Museum right the out-of-control hobby yeah indeed I mean that looks amazing thank you the vibe in here is just incredible I mean originally this space was done to

Actually I told my architect while we were sort of renovating the house to make sure that it would fit a classic 911 yeah uh and of course it was empty uh 20 years ago but you know over the over the years you know as you can see

It’s just gotten the hobby has gotten out of control so everything you see in here is uh they belong to Porsches so this is a roll cage from a 993 these wheels are for a 934 project yeah I mentioned that before so that one yes

This is a rebuilt pedal box for the 930 that we had a look just now okay uh these are all the parts for that as well these are the wheels the original wheels that I’m gonna use to replace the back date that I have because these

Are these are not replicas yeah so again once we go lighter the response of this car would be just better how much weight difference would you say that would be from this wheel to the replica uh I I didn’t measure but you know it is you

Know from a forge to a cast wheel it’s I mean even like half a kilo a corner with maybe yes maybe that you could feel so uh you know I’ve got various other things this is a from a 1972 you know and an air intake filter from a 1972

Uh the whale tail from you know the Tails that’s from my first 911 that’s from my IROC and that’s from another car that I built so you’ve got another set of Turbo fans up there some back date Parts amazing uh I’ve got a 911 engine somewhere in here inside here and uh

Oh this is a very tasty piece this is a k-shifter that will go into Iraq oh nice so it’s it’s really fantastic the the feel for the shifter is superb that’s really cool I see you have these crazy pipes yeah these are the megaphones yeah so lakai has these on the right Stella

And they’re loud they’re loud so this will go on to IROC as well um this was a an award that I won last year for the art 930. nice so I just keep it here just to remind me of course all the steering wheels and these are all just gauges and small

Bits of trim uh maybe for some of your viewers this very normal looking gearbox is actually a gearbox from a 993 RS six feet with a with an LSD that’s exactly what I need yeah and before I forget you know for lunch you know maybe you would like to drive one

Of my cars are you serious oh my God this day in Malaysia this keeps getting better Don’t be afraid to give it some beans okay I just want to get used to the pedal positioning here it’s a bit offset it’s offset it’s even more so in this car mm-hmm but this is only about 220 horsepower right and as you can tell you can hear everything oh yeah

We’re gonna go left okay just foreign Foreign