Dino DC: The Perfect S15? – Nob Taniguchi’s Street Nissan Silvia

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Posted: 2023-07-05 14:32:14
Author: Dino DC
An influential S15 Silvia to say the least, Nob’s first S15 street car is a big favorite of mine. The car was pretty much built along side his red HKS D1 S15 Silvia (which is now in the UK) back in the early to mid-2000, a collaboration between Car Make T&E (as it was known back then), HKS, Yokohama Wheels, Yokohama Tires, Project Miu, Auto Produce Boss and Bride. I first shot the car in 2006, then it got some vertical Lambo doors and now in this episode I get a chance to check it out before it gets sent off to its new home in the US – JDM Supreme.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Okay you join me at a very special location I’m at the Tokyo course at ibizu circuit and today I’m featuring this car and it’s actually probably the the fourth time I actually featured this car I shot this car probably 20 years ago the first time this is Knob

Taniguchi’s original red S15 it was built in collaboration with tne and it had the vertex Line kit and then engine was done by HKS running yokama wheels and tires and project new brakes basically Andy from power vehicles has thrown me the keys to this car before it

Gets shipped out to the states to its new owner JDM Supreme who’s been collecting some of the best and most memorable legendary cars that Japan has ever churn out what makes this car really special is that it was an amazing collaboration with Japan’s probably most notorious famous Drifter knobtaniguchi

And companies like HKS and tne and they created possibly what was one of the best street cars based on the S15 chassis and that over the years kind of progressed the engine is being redone multiple times kind of showcasing products from HKS and other companies

And it ended up being sold off to one of knob’s friends who’s a professional golfer and he let the car go and Andy was quick enough to get in there and snatch it up so that the owner can enjoy and add it to his amazing collection so

The the car actually runs one of my favorite Aero kits for the S15 and it was a tne Vertex Lang love the bumper It’s a bit more sedate compared to their wide body Creations but what made this car special at one point is that it actually had Lamborghini type doors so

The doors that kind of went up and they still have the Gold Wing system kind of highlighted there that’s gone so it’s going back to kind of regular opening it rides on Yokohama model t6s and Jordan’s running project new brakes all around for stopping power and the

Interior is a very special place to be it’s it’s done with a lot of taste basically all the stock upholstery has been removed and it’s been replaced with bright Fabric and it’s got some bright seats and the lower part of the dashboard is being kind of painted in

The glossy metallic black to kind of highlight the additions like the navigation unit and the Dismal shifter here it’s got Nismo dials on the the main stack and of course Nardi steering wheel with a knob logo so engine wise the car runs a built HKS motor it’s a stroker kit and aftermarket turbo

Obviously it’s it’s probably got a lot of like development Parts in there still which makes this car extremely special it was used to kind of develop S15 related components by HKS and since I’ve actually seen it last it’s running some yashio Factory dress-up Goods here and there and garage defend carbon radiator

Shroud and it’s it’s running pretty much the best setup you could probably have on an S15 for Street use we’re going to take it around the toga course to kind of get a feel for it I’m not going to push it hard of course this is not my

Car I just want to have you know the ability to kind of understand what went into it and the feel of the car oh Foreign It’s not every day you get thrown the keys to one of the most legendary cars to come out of Japan you know I didn’t exaggerate around the toga course I was kind of scared not to damage the car and basically you know it’s already a sold

Card and it has a ship to his client so I did take it very easy that said however you know it was obvious that the engine was very special like many of knobs cars they are kind of like collaboration slash prototypes that HK has developed together with him so they

Usually run kind of like high-end components and you could really tell this engine was very responsive power is probably around the 400 horsepower Mark however the torque curve just instantly kicks in as you can see uh you know as soon as I get on the throttle the car just literally accelerates away and

Starts spitting tires and gets sideways so an immense amount of power perfectly set up for drifting and a ton of fun so as you probably noticed the car sits really low it’s kind of like a stancy show setup at the moment so it’s very aggressive uh the Advent t6s are

Actually 19s and they have pretty aggressive offsets and the car sits really low so there was a lot of rubbing as I was driving around the target course and that’s also a reason I didn’t really push too too much I just wanted to get a feel for it and kind of be able

To say that you know I drove knobs old S15 you can tell that it’s very Progressive in the way that it slides and it’s something that you know knob has definitely kind of worked with HKS on on that one thing that I really appreciated while driving the car was

The actual interior it’s so well appointed with all the Brit Fabric and seats it’s just it’s a very nice cabin to be in it’s not aged at all it’s still very modern in the way that it’s laid out and it just feels like a really great place to be in

So like I was mentioning before I featured this car initially for magazines in the early 2000s so I think I probably shot this car in 2005 with four and then once speed hunters came around I had the chance to reshoot the car and you know kind of rerun the

Feature of course the car the engine had been upgraded by then and it’s good to see that you know it’s it’s still in its original state it hasn’t been meddled with I mean obviously the vertical uh the Gold Wing doors have been removed but it’s just amazing to see kind of

These legendary JDM Cars kind of being kept and now looked after by people they really appreciate them you know it kind of keeps that history going into the future and hopefully it becomes a car that people can kind of lust over or learn about in the future Foreign I hope you enjoyed seeing this very legendary drift car in in a bit more detail and I feel very fortunate to having had the possibility to get behind the wheel I mean I wouldn’t consider you know having tested it but a little drive around toga course was enough to kind of

Understand how special cars like this really are so big thumbs up to Andy from power vehicles for allowing me to you know get this car out today on the toga course and of course JDM Supreme the owner of the car I hope you enjoyed this car in the states and I’m sure it’ll

Make an amazing addition to your already pretty cool collection Thank you Foreign Thank you