Dino DC: The JDM Workshop With Daily Driven Time Attack Cars!

Posted: 2023-04-30 10:33:21
Author: Dino DC
Advance is synonymous with all things circuit and time attack, with some of the most famous NSXs, FD RX7s, Silvias and Fairladys being built at their Yokohama workshop! In this episode, we check out their current projects, including their new RZ34 Fairlady Z (400Z), an R35 GT-R and some of their older builds, like their attack ZN6 and FD RX7.

Fuji Speedway Footage From: youtube.com/@user-ib9oj8fc4k

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] Touring with the new Fair Lady Z continues another shop I wanted to come and visit while I have the car is Advanced so my friends here at Advance have just picked up their own New Generation Z which is actually in the shop and I just wanted to see what

They’ve been doing with it they’ve had it for a month or something so it’s still pretty basic but I just wanted to hear from them you know how the engine responds to kind of initial modifications and what parts they’ve chosen and what the results are and in

The meantime I think we’re gonna check out some of the cooler cars they have in the shop today there’s a few nice cars both inside and also on the other side of the shop that we’ll take a look so let’s head in and since we’re in Yokohama very chilled neighborhood we

Can actually dump the Press car here in the middle of the road this is a nice Supra here so these guys are very heavy on NK wheels so a lot of their cars run nks this sick S15 build is actually owner it’s actually owned by the the mechanic

Here and it’s possibly one of the coolest s15s that I’ve been in and shot I did a feature on this car years back and uh you know looking at it you probably think this is a Time attack build but it is actually a daily driver

It takes his son around in it so it’s got a booster seat usually up front and basic specs on this if I recall correctly it’s a 2.2 liter top mounted Borg Warner again we have the nks these are the nt-03r R I believe serious Brembo Motorsport calipers front and back I believe

Oh no it’s got 34. two piston calipers at the back lots of carbon lots of Arrow there’s the baby seat kind of tight but safe and here’s their new Z Demo car they’re pulling it out so you can kind of hear the the custom exhaust in action this is Masa he’s the

Second generation owner of the shop his dad started the shop 35 years ago so they’ve been operational for a very long time and they’re pulling up this uh customer 35 so let’s take a quick look at their demo car it’s finishing that really nice flat gray that Nissan does again NK Wheels

Full black interior so it’s a version s here in Japan not the St like we have here so if you look at this car what really instantly jumps out at you is the red trim on the seats and the calipers so it’s not even the Proto Edition

And I just think it really does not match that yellow next to it there is a real deal and effects are and apparently the owner of this na1 has two of them and he’s actually looking for a third one I guess he must really like them again on the nt03 double r’s

Amazing car it’s got 130 000 kilometers on the clock so it’s being used and as you can tell the owner does like to track it still has stopped calipers up front let’s not forget the cars are pretty light so it’s actually pretty balanced from Factory you don’t really need to go

Crazy on on things it’s just a the fact that you know it’s basically a half a million dollar car still getting tuned modified and driven so here are the new NK Wheels the gtc02s same Wheels as the super is wearing outside and they’ve dumped the stock exhaust in favor of a

Custom built single exit see right there what really surprised me is the front braking so they’ve upgraded that with a brand new caliper uh this is the first time I see this is an Alcon project new collaboration it’s actually a two-piece uh lightweight magnesium alloy caliper kind of inspired

By the multi-sport braking system but not as high-end and expensive although it would be serious money and we can actually take a look at what the caliper looks like there’s another one here waiting to be installed so like I said two piece very very light six foot project new by Alcon Thank you so there’s some really nice stuff in this garage including a box standard alteza I’m not sure what’s happening there but yeah let’s take a look underneath the car is being lifted so we can take a nice close look at this prototype exhaust that they’ve just created so the

Car went out for the first time at Fuji Speedway on kind of like a Shakedown test three days ago so they kind of put this quick exhaust system together so it starts from the y-pipe right after the Catalyst on each side here and gets rid of the sub silencers in the way

Straight all the way and then it comes out only on one side with a tiny little brown silencer it’s not very loud at idle but I’m sure it would scream once you start revving so they’ve gotten rid of the separate Springs here this is the spring perch for the stock spring so basically

Separated usually from stock so I actually drove the na2 nsxr when it first came out in the early 2000s Honda gave it to me for a week so I got to drive it I actually took it down to Nagoya for a trip did a couple of Stories on it I think if you

Go on speed on this you might be able to dig dig out that story which I published way long time ago but I actually never got to drive an na1 so that’s another bucket list car for me it’s just so fresh seeing it with the modern Wheels like this and speaking of na1s

Thai bars like I mentioned before there’s another car sitting or being parked outside here there it is so it’s a white roof version kind of rare that’s what kaichita did with his back in the day another nsxr that they maintain here so Advanced is originally known for NSX tuning preparation race

Car prep or rather track track day prep so it’s for me it’s always been kind of like synonymous with nsx’s but as you can see they do anything here like every time I come here this you know r34s a bunch of you know Sylvia’s so a lot of

Stuff happens here they cater to pretty much anything right let’s go back to the engine build room here so this is where they assemble engines and do a bunch of other work they have a press here so suspension stuff is done here bearings and bushes and all that never HKS piston

Kit waiting to be installed in this ej20 has been taken apart I’m not really sure where the donor car is you always recognize the tiny little cams you’ve got a 13B here on the corner let’s take a look at the FD on the corner there oh yeah there’s another in the six here

Again and BBs LMS here on an nsxr but still a manual NSX this is a very very valuable car today is Alec shooting away so in case you’re wondering Alec is the guy that takes care of all the b-roll and the editing for the channel here’s another demo car this FD

I think I may have shot this probably 10 years ago and one car you may have seen before is this uh z34 time attack build so this is actually built for Fuji Speedway and I think we should probably ask if we can take a look under the Bonnet so it looks

A little black from far away but if you get close you’ll notice that the hood the pillar trim the roof the doors the rear hatch it’s all carbon fiber there’s usually a massive GT wing at the back and it’s got welded in very serious looking roll cage with gussets on the a-pillar and

Yeah I mean this is not really stuff you’re kind of used to seeing in Japan usually it’s Bolton Bolton or bolting cages carbon fiber door weighs absolutely nothing so this is an amuse Hood a bunch of sebum parts and then the roof was custom made

Here in Japan and the engine so still n a it’s got a still in intake air box or a pair of them so it’s been stroked to 3.9 liters and puts out over 100 PS a liter so 400 horsepower so it’s the same as this car

Which one would you rather have n a or Turbo and of course because it’s used primarily on track endless monoblocks six spots at the front vented fenders it’s a very well built car must be a ton of fun raised forged rims at the back and yeah too bad the rear

Wing is not fitted but I mean potentially this could be 13 1350 kilograms with 400 horsepower that’s that’s a fun car that’s a fast car Thank you So this is his car it’s a actually so it’s my butt it’s not a 2.2 it’s actually just forged but still two liters and if I remember correctly top mounted Borg Warner here it is the 450 horsepower but an insane amount of torque and a very strong mid-range so

It runs uh r33 GTR H pattern transmission so uh his Pride and Joy are these GT3 endurance calipers so they’re brembos but they’re obviously built for Moto Sports so they they run the really thick pads and it’s possibly the most expensive part on this car and like I

Checked out earlier on so R32 sorry our 34 Brembo two parts to the back the sick 180 SX on R32 rims and it’s got a head-up display all these gems from the 90s you know just kind of snooping around the shop you can you can tell the type

Of work and the type of customer they cater to so lots of S Tires around these are the Advent a052s blitters and another engine here in the in the room where they clean the parts you know and I really have to always say a big thank you to Masa and his mechanic

Because they’re always so welcoming I always just drop by unannounced and they’re always very you know happy to have us just roam their shop for a little bit and check out the cars of the customers have left here for a few days so get work on so that kind of wraps up

Our little stop by here at Advance I just want to give a big thank you to Masa and his mechanic he’s always so welcoming uh you know I just show up unannounced every single time I come here and they just you know invite me in

And I check out all the cars that are customers abroad and it’s it’s always a really nice place to stop by and chat about cars it’s a Friday night so we’re gonna take out the Z in Tokyo get some shots with that and hopefully I’ll be

Able to wrap up this drive of this new platform for Nissan kind of keeping in mind the tune ability of the car rather than how it is stock I’ve already noticed that it’s it’s very much an oem very Factory type product that needs to be kind of enhanced in some way

Or form with lots of tuning Parts like they’ve done with their demo cars so I hope you enjoyed taking a look at Advance I’m going to be doing a ton more shop tours like this so make sure you check back because there’s always content twice a week coming on the

Channel so check back soon for more Thank you