Dino DC: The Japanese Tuner Re-Inventing Ferrari Enzos – Iding Power

The Japanese Tuner Re-Inventing Ferrari Enzos - Iding Power

Posted: 2023-04-19 10:43:58
Author: Dino DC
Tucked in between apartments and houses in the back streets of Yokohama sits one of the most legendary Ferrari and BMW tuning shops of all time. Iding Power and Ide-san have been re-inventing some of the most iconic cars, including, but not limited to the ENZO, F40, E30 M3 and McLaren F1! Today we stopped in and had a chat to Ide-san, checked out the shop and some of Ide-san’s most insane ideas and projects that are yet to be executed.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode today you join me down here in Yokohama in a very nice quiet neighborhood lots of buildings apartment buildings we’re here to visit hiding power a very famous BMW tuner and Ferrari tuner that’s been around for 50 years so they’ve actually been in this location

In Yokohama before any of these houses or buildings were even built it was all Countryside as Edison the owner told me so you just don’t see places like this anymore and this follows up the track day that we were invited to participate with Edison and his customers Fuji Speedway and I

Think you know a shop visit was very much in order because I really want to kind of portray what hiding power is all about you know we went through the fact that Edison only builds complete cars you can’t just you know buy one of his

Arrow kits or just the engine it has to be a complete car and this has really put him in the map as one of the very few Japanese tuners in Japan that literally built his own very well developed very well-rounded cars and it’s all about BMWs and Ferraris as you

See there it’s a very quiet weekday morning here and they have very special cars in for maintenance starting with this Ferrari 430 which is actually called iding Power 460 because it is indeed another complete car that Edison developed it’s been stroked to 4.6 liters so generates substantially more power

And he was saying that the owner of this car who owns a lot of cars has told him that this is probably the only car he wouldn’t sell it just feels so great they’ve really nailed the way the engine responds and how the whole car was developed and of course that includes

Their original arrow down to the magnesium alloy wheels like every car that they make it’s got louvered front fenders and again redesigned front bumper so it is very much a complete car much like the Enzo which is crazy I mean who modifies Enzos these are the only

Two hiding power and those are the Edison is built this was recently completed again a complete Arrow package that redesigns the car you know from the bumper uh extending the lip spoiler there in carbon fiber to get more balanced downforce the bumper is redesigned with a very F1 inspired font

Nose design we’re going to the custom fenders here that have louvers again to get rid of hot air from the wheel wells the fender mirrors have been eliminated and replaced with these cameras that have two very well positioned and engineered screens that bolt onto the back of the instrument Pinnacle so very well

Executed you can see what they look like here again all in the pursuit of Excellence basically he’s already taking one of Ferrari’s most epic cars and making it better so again stroked engine about a 60 to 70 horsepower gain custom exhaust or the arrow all the package that has

Been redesigned here is all done in carbon fiber like the original Ferrari OEM panels we have again magnesium alloy wheels the car runs 345 30 zr20 Michelin and this is the one that’s being worked on right now this is the original development card that was actually in Germany

When the project initially started which is why he’s kept the original German number plate it was originally a plan back when I came here about 10 years ago for the first time Edison was trying to develop a redesign on the floor to really boost the

Downforce of the car but it turns out it was going to be way too Troublesome to kind of design and develop so he did what he could starting with this from this foil that we saw in the red car you can see how it’s attached the front bumper oh Foreign And over to the first Ferrari that was originally done by Edison the 328 GTB so this has been stroked again for a boost of 50 to 60 horsepower and it features a complete bottom end it’s got ported and Polished heads custom exhaust system custom intake and some exterior touches the iding power exhaust

So this is one of many that he built back in the day and of course there are the BMWs you probably saw the the video where I actually got to drive one of Edison’s m1s at Fuji Speedway which was a big surprise because who on Earth thought you know that you

Would drive an M1 in your lifetime talk about bucket list stuff so this car is another car it’s completely stock right now the owner has just dropped it off because he’s decided to go for the same engine package that the white car I drove in Fuji had very special car

Because it has the M coloring on the side and the white company on the wheels the other white car had silver ones I think I probably like these they’re kind of like an off-white kind of matches the slightly cream-colored white of the body beautiful machine legendary stuff here

And that very special cabin it looks massive when you open the door but once you get inside you realize it’s pretty cramped of course pedal box all to the right so you kind of slanted when you drive it these cars from this kind of era are always slightly flawed in kind of quirky

Ways and it just adds to the Driving Experience of course it is Big Love when it comes to BMWs is the E30 he’s done so many takes on these cars you know using the S14 engine in different packages offering three or four tuning stages and also doing the straight six swap from

The E36 and the E36 is probably the most popular BMW complete car that is made so far he’s built so many of these I’ll have to ask actually how many in total were created and still are being built today I mean the requests keep coming in and with the

Video me and Larry did for Hagerty I think and I really hope that some people from the US are going to appreciate these cars and maybe put in an order and get some of these amazing cars to the Us and other countries because they really deserve to be sampled and driven

By enthusiasts because they are very very special machine they have a very special Essence that um you know you can only get with a fully completely developed car like Edison has done and speaking of Edison he’s out here with kohe Takata from Motorhead magazine and this beautiful M5 okay so I’ve just

Asked Edison and apparently 17 of these E36 complete cards have been made over the years with a few more orders coming in lately Foreign There’s another cool place in the shop that I want to show you you have to go up these very steep extremely JDM style stairs to the top here where there’s a property named room the porting room is and this let me get the lights on

So this is where all uh the porting jobs are done preparation of head so you can see the the airlines coming in there I guess you know everything is cleaned up various components there’s some Springs being restored here and a bunch of engines waiting to either be rebuilt or refreshed

I wonder what surprise is this Flat 12 Ferrari Testarossa engine which of course has the gearbox under it I just love seeing how you know famous Brands like this work and smelling I mean this place smells amazing it’s just like a mix of paint and oil and just that grimy kind of

Texture to everything really cool okay let’s go downstairs to another little room and this little room here where engines are built and put together are you disgusting so these are the cone rods that are being prepared for this particular engine so the bottom end is here Conrads are getting ready

The bearings and here as I was shooting before I know there’s the matching head here which has already been ported polished and assembled and ready to be used so this is the bottom end crank is in oh you can see it’s already been fully balanced and ready to be

Filled up with the rest of the components so cornrows and pistons and all the good stuff so yeah it’s basically the production line for like extremely you know highly strung powerful engines that go into amazing cars like these so across this other side of the shop under this massive apartment building

Is oh hang on a second I’ve got to show you this this is a core Haze 964 Carrera 2. it’s sitting on the Yokohama Advent GTS sick black 964 kind of makes me jealous I’m still waiting for mine to be fixed up two more months to go on that

So here’s the official hiding power and as you come in this is the customer reception area and the office on here and how about this for a way to kind of meet your customers a nice display of connecting rods pistons and beautiful fully balanced crank so here’s

That three two eight sorry three four eight GTB engine the idling power complete version but this this is the very special thing that makes hiding power even crazier than you would have assumed seeing the cars we just went to see in the shop so I just asked elisan to kind

Of give me a few more detailed specs of the V12 engine that he’s actually designed and built himself so let’s go back into the shop here and kind of have a bit of a breakdown about this massive V12 is all about so basically this is the engine over here that he created

Back in 96.97 so there was two versions of it so one has 645 horsepower or Ps rather and the race version which had this intake puts out 804 so it’s a 6 liter or 5955 CC UH 60 degree V12 compression is 11 to 1 uh Red Line uh

Nine five for the road version ten thousand for the race version and basically all the specs were laid out here these are the blueprints so this is all the drawings that he made back in the day for the engine assembly he ended up casting the block and the heads

And developing the engine himself so he had the engine uh fully built right here stakadasan is showing me he got the engine on a Dyno a bench Dyno to do all the testing and development so it is a fully functional ready to go motor and the original idea was to drop this

Engine into another complete car probably the most uh crazy project that he ever came up with it hasn’t been realized yet but we’re gonna see some drawings soon so we can see what he was thinking and this is what the V12 was supposed or could potentially still be

Dropped into so this is a 355 Ferrari base and obviously stretch to fit the engine and the transmission and the name was supposed to be iding f648 GTA so if there’s anybody crazy enough out there to commission a build like this it’s all ready to go we just need a donor car

Ah so basically he actually built and developed the engine to be dropped into a McLaren F1 so back in the day he was the service center here in Japan for McLaren and looked after the f1s that came to Japan and his idea was just to go a little bit crazier and do something

Even Wilder with the V12 so he designed his own engine he’s a very good friend of Gordon Murray and he was the only person as he keeps you know pointing out that was given the okay to modify the F1 from Gordon Murray so even Gordon understood the potential

That either his son had and his just his philosophy and Just Energy when it just comes to extracting the best performance out of cars so this is the inside of the intake plenum which is carbon fiber and it’s vertically mounted he actually made a test engine that was

Dropped into a 1997 Mercedes E-Class that had a different manifold design it was flatter it was more more keen to the to the road version of the engine here is that first engine that he made and put into the Mercedes so as you can see the manifold design is completely different

Has ID power name and this caught a bit of power obviously because it was squeezed into a much tighter engine bay but this was basically only done for testing it was never sold as a complete car because the idea was to finalize this and turn it into the race version

Of the engine and drop it into the McLaren F1 or potentially the 355. okay and next to the shop a few customer cars so we have the white E30 demo car that we got tossed the keys at Fuji and did a shoot on and a customer E36 complete car from okayama he’s gonna

Get the keys because this is one of the best c30s I’ve ever driven such a high response high revving engine and the car is so stripped out it actually weighs nothing so potentially a good track car is actually thinking of taking it to scuba maybe get a baseline time just for

Fun definitely a sub Minute Car potentially so we’ll take a look inside so again the thing that surprised me about this car is that it is stripped out but it’s so nicely upholstered and just executed with the roll cage even being wrapped in leather all the stitching beautifully done is a little custom

Instrument panel here because obviously center console has been pulled out carbon Kevlar Hood and carbon intake manifold jrz dampers with remote mounted reservoirs you can see how even the suspension turrets have been stiffened just like on DTM cars serious amount of negative camber yeah a work of art We lowered the black Enzo and I thought I’d just take a quick wander around because even though it’s exactly the same as the red one there’s something special about a black Enzo So that’s what 4.6 liters sounds like hiding power strokes absolutely Wild So apparently the owner that commissioned this build has a lot of cars in his collection and this is the only car that he doesn’t want to sell because it’s so special and so unique understandably so okay so that brings this episode to a close I really hope you enjoyed taking a

Look at one of the most special car builders here in Japan I think we need more people like Edison in the world they get what the essence of you know car enthusiasm is all about and just that that thing about extracting that little bit extra performance from already impressive and amazing cars hope

You enjoyed it let me know below what you thought and I’ll see you in the next episode Thank you