Dino DC: The Insane Secret Tokyo Warehouse Meet!

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Posted: 2023-07-23 09:35:28
Author: Dino DC
We stop by a crazy last minute meet, tucked into the industrial areas of Chiba on a weekday night. This was easily one of the coolest meets we’ve had the chance to check out on the channel, some of Tokyo’s best cars all in one awesome venue.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you okay you guys won’t believe this I don’t know how this continuously happens to me but I’m actually at another really secret car meet in a very secret kind of venue I just heard about it a couple of days and uh we’re really not sure what’s happening

But there’s been a bunch of really cool amazing cars come up for this and they keep rolling in so we’re gonna quickly head inside and uh take a look so basically we’re in a in an empty Warehouse somewhere in Chiba and the place is being constantly

Filling up with some of the coolest cars some that I’ve also shot so I’m just going to run you quickly through what’s here so you have to apologize it’s a bit dark but let’s start with this rwb Porsche and this wide body AMG GT that was the other secret meet

And this super show car style R35 GTR nice hachiroku one of my favorite 964s that I’ve seen if you recall actually when we went to daikoku recently this was in the car park and I kind of lost it a little bit it’s got e88 and the fitment

Is on point so really like this one it’s an old sub here old golf CLI with bike racks this Honda Civic actually was also a daikoku that time DK on Momo Wheels is parked next to me I brought the nsxr out again lots of Hondas yes we saw actually

Recently at the okatama Sunday meet couple of older Nissan’s here this we’ve been seeing everywhere everywhere I go is here old school cells here and uh interesting little truck with so many deodorants of course interesting and of course how can scooters not be included some really sick

Old 80s stuff some 70s stuff here so there’s a variety of stuff we even have Casey here say hi I’m gonna check out his car now I haven’t seen it yet haven’t had a proper look drugs is super sick Mark II so this is the shirts tucked in

Mark II part that’s this badassor a bit of a work in progress so basically people are really bringing the heat check out what’s coming in now we’ve got some low riders coming in nice Impala El Camino over here Hachi this is the 2J swapped old school bands that sell

Out of Yankee oh my God it’s an offer too the Corolla wagon This is the one I actually featured last year when I went to wig Fest it’s got the push rod suspension Import in the back more hatches hey man what’s up old school 911 this was the other secret meet it’s all coming in now oh my God there’s so much stuff it’s so dark

I think we should don’t find the brightest spot clearer view of these uh of these trucks mini trucks on hydraulics with their pickup beds in the air this is a the meat like no other the mix of cars is absolutely incredible and see more we have to go inside Look at this venue it’s insane that’s a flat nose from the secret beat again sick wagon BMW E34 that always does around Takashi’s badass G-Wagon here on the hre wheels okay and check out this S-Class on the Chinese plates I can’t read that but the cool thing is it’s actually writing on Lamborghini Diablo Wheels got moving Wheels here look at that I’m quit Pure gold Crown wagon proper surface car and even older Crown wagon with the with the stepped with stepped Hood this is actually probably the coolest generation as well It was at 968 we were seeing outside in complete darkness look how good this Crown looks from the back you just don’t see these cars around especially the wagons what a venue guys it’s like a super old possibly disused Warehouse currently empty and uh perfect for something like this Thank you Hydraulic action happening thank you you’re actually driving behind this guy before so sick Thank you Just gets better and better check this out this is like a first generation RAV4 the shorty I don’t think I’ve ever seen this or if I have it was probably like back in the mid 90s different Wheels big off-road tires something different kind of a 90s vibe Strollers this is a low brain crew bringing all the Heat so I forgot to show you guys but we actually got invite only so the guy’s organizing this are the guys from car service And boy did they kill it a 110 abart I actually have a an older guy that lives like five minutes away from my place and he’s got exactly the same thing it’s actually a way better position than this I see him out on like some days polishing and when it’s good weather

And uh it just goes to show that in Japan everybody really appreciates a massive variety Volvo brick nonsense crew look how they extended the hood the fenders to get that kaido racer look and the plush velor seeds on this one bit of shower era goodness and next to it this Skyline I love how this guy brought some some cardboard boxes to put underneath King I know that feeling it was a 964 so sap 900 craziest thing of it all random weekday night it’s not a weekend you know you get the ball you gotta go because you know it’s going to be something special Hey Nice E30 low brain Hachi you can check out some engine Bays that’s a very nice setup man I haven’t seen one of these all day or see aluminum air ball air pump with a Sponge Filter as well look at this thing oh my God look at the N2 Defenders on these

Apaches oh wait this is actually like a more pandem looking thing I don’t know I think I’m gonna shift to the other lens because this has a hatch conversion which I’ve never ever seen on a Hachi hang on like I’ve never seen this like Who does these

Kind of like kaido races style patch conversion 86s that is weird kind of like it cappuccino actually this guy 3D printed his own bulk racing covers he had them on display at the recent race fan meeting in Fuji Speedway only fitted to the front q36 convertible The wheels on this thing Oh they popped the hood on the E34 look at this thing and the Mercedes with the 2J okay looks a bit better with a light Ever seen reverse doors on a 35. Gull it is Tom’s steering wheel so a Chevelle wagon I believe 1961 as a number suggests nice wide body S15 and a Ram pickup that’s hiding behind here Jetta on Audi wheels well I’m sort of glad we got here nice and early foreign Thank you That’s it the meat has come to an end it’s pretty late it’s time to go home I really hope you enjoyed enjoy the meat let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these kind of on the ground type Gathering and check back soon for more