Dino DC: The GT-R Tuning Shop Owned By A Racing JDM Legend | RGF

The GT-R Tuning Shop Owned By A Racing JDM Legend | RGF

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Posted: 2023-07-19 13:31:09
Author: Dino DC
I stop by RGF in Fukushima to take a look at their brand new shop and take a ride in their LHD 700 HP R35 GT-R through some twisties! The owner is Kanazawa-san, the driver of the Veilside R32 GT-R & JZA80 Supra drag cars from back in the day. A true legend still doing the things he loves… making cars faster!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Hey welcome to a new episode today we are at rgf a really cool GTR shop up in Fukushima it’s the sister shop to MCR if you’ve heard about that another specialist that has a lot to do with GTR tuning just outside Tokyo it’s owned by

Kanazawa-san who is a bit of a legend in Japan he used to be the driver of the velside R32 drag car it was uh basically involved in the development of the car including well sites Supra the yokomaku developed after the 32 and he was the driver that got the fastest time on

Radial tires back in the day so we’re talking about eight six pass yokomaku was a guy that was actually driving when they did the zero 300 challenge as well as Nigeria inada so a little bit of a history for you behind the scenes of what rgf is all about if you’re

Wondering what rgf stands for it’s actually racing garage fastest and it’s pretty much a GTR specialist mainly leaning towards R35 so we’re gonna take a look at the new shop that just opened and kind of see what cars they have in what kind of work they do and to be just

Some other stuff outside that we’ll take a look at Okay so like most shop tours I really like to kind of roam around the outside of shops and just to see what kind of cars they have sitting outside and there’s a lot here starting with this nice FD on Advan tc2s these are probably a combination of customer cars demo cars

And other factories that kind of bring cars here for Engine Tuning this is definitely one of Andy’s hundreds you can tell it’s definitely built for drift it’s a nice 32 GTR here on r33 rims clean S15 or 9ks and ns-13 on old-school Volks and this thing here

I actually remember seeing this a raise event I believe it’s s design I’m not too familiar with this company I know they obviously do Arrow conversion and very strange ones at that very um not going to be diplomatically correct here very different let’s move over to this side there’s a bunch of

Cover-up cars I think I spot some GTR Silhouettes there but before we go inside let’s have a look at the Hachi here a nice wide body 180 a pair of 35s here so the rgf much like the MCR look is to always run the nkrs-05 double R’s which are these kind

Of multi-spoke Wheels really concave kind of design and of course being a 35 they’re fitted in 20 inch they’re actually running the neova ad09s which are now available in 20 inch sizing endless brakes at the front and the back monoblock calipers oh no I apologize it’s actually a stock

Rambo 4 put on the back pretty simple when it comes to like design they really just tend to keep it quite clean and simple there’s an rh9 titanium exhaust on this one this is a bit more uh stock looking same Wheels again still brakes the first time I actually visited rgf

Back in the day I think it was probably like five six years ago now I did a story on speed hunters and they were still at their old location and now they’ve just uh kind of increase their volume probably tenfold with this new building so um we’re just gonna go

Inside and take a look it’s awesome hello so he’s the legendary driver I just told you about and there’s a lot to check out here I guess let’s start from this corner down here because there’s a nice old school hako 2000 GT Skyline this is a local Fukushima car from iwaki four-door

On Hayashi racing wheels in for a bit of Maintenance immaculately kept car let’s see if we can have a quick look inside just look at that interior absolutely perfect and I spot some auxiliary gauges here come here gauges it’s a nice Championship blue uh r33 here and

Judging by the way it sits at the front it has no engine and check it out it’s got winter tires snow tires as I said both rgf and MCR really love their NK wheels these are the nt-05 ours nt03 double R’s I apologize over here

There’s a R34 gtt sitting on top of an R35 again as you just saw outside the rgf look is stock body very simple and then the NK RS this is obviously been involved in a little bit of an accident probably getting fixed GT up here on top a lot of people like

To block this off in r34s they don’t like the way it kind of loses control once you start putting too much power through the Driveline one thing that kanazawa really is a big fan of is Kawasaki bikes especially the old stuff this is actually a brand new z900rs this

Is like top of the line like with Yoshimura exhaust I’m not too much of a specialist when it comes to anything with this kind of type but he’s got a really cool collection and more bikes over there which we’ll take a look Oh Thank you zx100 AVS Wheels I mean for some maintenance looks like it’s getting a new set of dampers put in the t7s is a set of stock R35 Bill signs this gtt just actually pulled in like five minutes ago just before I started filming uh it’s in for a transmission an engine

Oil change and this gigantic AMG G63 is actually kanazawa’s personal car and he’s actually cleaning it up he’s basically picked it up never really used it and seeing the prices of these things are just like skyrocketed he’s gonna sell it and make a profit and you know

Give it to somebody that actually will drive it like most cars up here unfortunately with the amount of snow that they get and the amount of salt they put on roads they tend to rust a little bit more than the cars that you see down in Tokyo next to it

Very stock looking R35 and here we have that collection of bikes we were just being told that this uh 750 I think it’s called a Z1 basically is a 50 year old bike and it you can kind of compare it to a Costco because it’s the most valuable Japanese bike of the era

And it’s probably rated around 8 million yen so uh considerably expensive for a bike for example the new one the z900 RS which is the current production version of these bikes sells for about 3 million so more than double next to it is the 900cc version this was actually for export

Markets because back in the 70s and 80s Japan had a regulation where engines couldn’t have more than I think it was 750 cc something to do with you know keeping people safe and not giving too much power to to bikes and eventually that got dropped so bikes like this started

Coming in but the 750 remains more valuable than the 900 because that’s the bike that everybody wants and kind of lost after and next to it is the gpz400 again 400 cc is a class of bikes that kind of came to be much because you know of the 750

CC regulation and there’s another cool 35 here again we have the nks the rs-05 double rnks endless brakes front and back on the overs I think R35 owners in Japan are really happy that they have the adventure as a choice for tire now that they’ve gone up

To 20 inches okay like I said this is a whole brand new kind of construction and this area here is pretty much going to be taken over by a two-story shop section with offices and stuff so it’s still kind of much in in the works and through here you have access to the

Back we were checking out the cars before you have one of Andy’s jzx 100s the 32 the Silvia and the s13. so he’s actually turned on the new bike the z900 RS you can take a look it only has 973 kilometers on the odometer Hmm wow and some results so there you go 40 Years of differences between engines and responses that new one just sounds like an iPhone engine pretty much this 35 we just looked at is actually a left-hand Drive version and it’s the shop demo car so we’ll take a look at what it’s

Running up front oh wow this has got everything except turbos basically the full HPS piping into cool upgrades The Arc radiator tank which and then there’s my engine cover okay I just noticed it also runs the uh the Nismo fenders with a little integrated Fender spoiler EU visual so this is actually

A European uh model car from France all right let’s hear this uh fdm 35 so it runs the your power titanium full exhaust system he’s gotten rid of the whole European you know 7 000 catalysts Yeah it’s so crazy seeing a left-hand Drive in Japan 35 you guys can tell let me know in the comments this is the track Edition and of course it’s running a bright bucket seat which I will never ever get into it’s got all the paperwork for all the import uh paperwork

He kept everything and you know why they do it is just to be different I guess if you’re kind of like talking to your friends about demo cars uh you could say oh it’s the one with left hand drive and then everybody kind of Associates it with RGS Thank you Kanazawa-san actually offered me to take his demo car for a ride but unfortunately the extra tight bucket seat problem plagues me wherever I go in Japan but at least I can fit in the passenger side so kanazawa sign is going to drive and we can uh

A bit of a feel what this car is all about so here we are exiting the shop so Canada’s awesome was just telling me that he was also the driver of the escort Z drag car so escort is a very famous drag shop here in Japan they’re

The guys that are now in charge of running fire on those time attack program with the Evo and he was their development driver back in the day and the driver for the so I know I’m in good hands when it comes to kanazawa so this car runs a three-way chain suspension

Custom build that he’s developed with teen so it’s something you cannot buy off the shelf I’ll take some local roads here I’ll warm it up a little bit a nice Fukushima Countryside so they’ve just started planting all the rice in the patties so it’s not as green as it’s going to

Go months but it’s fun it certainly makes a difference from Tokyo what I didn’t quite understand is it actually does run aftermarket turbos this car it’s on a prototype version of gcg turbos so it’s about 700 horsepower We all know how explosive uh r35s are when it comes to like low low end response and torque so it’s not that crazy fast but response is amazing oh you know it falls like a train suspension You know after you haven’t driven or been in an R35 you kind of forget just how insanely fast they are Despite being clunky like crazy is um ridiculously fast and smooth shifting and it’s just the perfect combination to an engine like a VR 38 that’s been tuned that was an intense bit of driving I didn’t expect to be taken out today but uh yeah what a great way to finish this

Video uh a big thanks to kanazawa-san allowing me to kind of check out his shop before it’s even finished and I think we’ll definitely have to go and visit MCR in Tokyo the sister shop kind of like combine it and see what they’re doing with their 35s over there

So hope you enjoyed it let me know in the comments if you want to see more 35 content and check back soon for more Foreign