Dino DC: The GReddy Rocket Bunny Fairlady Z at Trust HQ!

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-19 07:50:43
Author: Dino DC
I got the chance to head out to the TRUST HQ, just outside of Tokyo, to check out the new Rocket Bunny GReddy Fairlady Z. The car was originally revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year, and is a great indication for what is possible for the new chassis. Are you a fan of the Rocket Bunny look on this car? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Trust uh just uh outside Narita Airport and this is a car I’ve been waiting to shoot since the Tokyo Auto Salon because it’s my favorite new Fair Lady Z Aero kit which was done by mirasan local bunny and uh finally we get to immortalize it

And check it out in more detail so uh here we go so the trust facility is actually quite massive they have a ton of cars and as you can see this is actually the factory this is where they develop parts where we come to shoot Okay Thank you okay so I’ve just finished shooting the car and we put it in between two buildings here at Trust mainly because I’ve shot here so much over the years that you know you’re Stunna so you start running out of spaces to they’re going to look a bit different but basically

I wouldn’t say it’s the same recipe I mean it is but it’s basically a different design of Fender so there’s a very evident kind of square Top Line to it both rear in front and because of that just like murrison did for the gr86 it gives a total different

Look to the over Fender and how the car is widened and possibly the most controversial part of this kit is definitely the bumper very pointy and it comes out a lot so when I did the little story on speed Hunters about the fair ladies is from from Tokyo restaurant a lot of people

Pointed that out that it’s maybe too long and they should have a second version of a bumper that doesn’t really protrude that much and just like on the belt side Fair Lady Z there’s a very large ductile spoiler which really finishes off the card quite well It really gives a nice kind of like ending to the to the tailgate area leads the car beautifully so this is just a show car obviously so no tuning has been done to the engine there’s still in the midst of developing their parts here at trust as most students are around the world

And uh this car actually sits on Airlift suspension you can see the controller in there so it’s a running the bright seats but it’s the edge rib brand so it’s basically bride or burrito written the other way around it was initially for like import cars but

Um you see these fitted on all sorts of JDM Cars these days so this is a manual car and I really like to see how Trust slowly develops this car and especially the engine now and see how much power they can get out of this

Three liter of twin turbo I know in the States they’re pushing 600 700 horsepower guys like uh am so I would love to see the JDM side of things to kind of catch up and potentially do better but you know concentrate on response and actual drivability instead of just power

For drag racing that we don’t really do that kind of stuff here in Japan anymore so one thing and rap actually ends where the the blacked out section of the stock rear bumper again so it maintains that kind of divide so there’s a bit of contrast and it kind of

Tucks into proportions nicely there’s some nice finishers here for the exhaust so that the plastic doesn’t overheat eventually or potentially melt but that is a serious serious looking rear end that’s some serious girth right there and if you look to this side Ferrari 296 GT but we’ll do another video on that

So I love the fact that they went for some work meister’s it’s been a while since I’ve seen this wheel used on you know a new car A new build and they’ve chosen Michelin Pilot Sports interesting choice being in Japan that you know you would expect Japanese manufacturers to be number one choices

When it comes to that but uh it really gives a unique look and feel to the car and especially the back here I mean this slip is insane check this out literally put my whole hand in there ductile at the back and we have a very complete very aggressive looking New Gen Z

So you know this is definitely my my favorite Aero kit for the Z thus far um would I ever do this to my own Z probably not because I’m not really a fan of cutting up fenders unless it’s a real purpose a performance purpose but I really can appreciate what Miura

Did with this kit and also the gr86 he’s kind of gone for a slight redesigned on the whole over Fender approach splitting it up so that one section remains in a contrasting color but also the top section has a definite kind of squared Edge to it and I feel it gives a

Completely different look and feel to the car a very modern kind of approach to doing the over Fender look and uh you know it’s a style that’s being done and redone over the last decade and it’s quite cool to see murasan trying to you know do something a little bit different with it

Um you know there’s not much you can do with such a simple recipe of widening your car with four over fenders but uh it’s nice to see creativity kind of push design of what he’s able to do with the cars and yeah I’m just kind of waiting for

Companies like trust and other tuning Parts manufacturers here in Japan to kind of catch up to what the Americans are doing with the vr30 they’ve already got replacement turbos from companies like am pushing six 700 horsepower so you can definitely have a lot of power on a rear-wheel drive chassis like the Z

But this Ferrari 296 GTB that I’m driving for the weekend that has 830 horsepower and it weighs 1400 kilos and it’s just so much power I mean to the point that I’m not even sure if you need that much power in the car it’s hilariously fast it’s incredible but is

That a solution for the new Fair ladies you probably not um a manual car rear wheel drive I guess probably 500 would be a good number to shoot for we’ll see I mean the exciting thing is to see that you know people are embracing this new chassis in

The states and in Japan mainly obviously these cars are not sold worldwide but you know I’m just excited to see how eventually it will shift more towards performance and uh this is the beginning right here for for this cards mainly aesthetic tuning and just getting the looks right and the

Performance will follow so it’s exciting time to see such a new car evolve so quickly okay so to end the shoot today I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of putting these two these two cars together mainly because they’re both powered by a twin turbo V6 Ferrari has a hybrid system too uh

830 horsepower combined about 670 I think with the engine alone Fair Lady 400. Similar engines but extremely different cars but I’m guessing the fun factor is pretty much the same Foreign