Dino DC: The GR Yaris Powered Toyota AE86!

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-15 07:43:55
Author: Dino DC
It’s one of those engine swaps that everyone talks about, but very few complete. This 3 cylinder turbo powered AE86 is one of Daddy Motorworks newest drift demo cars. This AE86 has been meticulously put together, pioneering the GR Yaris engine swap for the hachiroku. Can’t wait to see this on track.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Today I’m in the outskirts of Nagoya I’m driving the new BMW IX 50. it’s my first EV only trip I’ve been taking full advantage of the awesome EV charge Network that we have in Japan and the reason for that is that I’m able to come to places like these because uh daddy

Motor works this is a shop that customizes pretty much anything you want very famous for engine swaps and in particular this hachiroku that has had a new heart transplanted into it this is the Yaris gr or GRS or other three cylinder turbo 1.6 engine as you can see there’s only three coils up

There and ultrasound who’s just over there has been working on this car for a little over a year I actually shot and featured this car last year when he was still kind of putting the engine in the engine bay and kind of figure out things

You know how it’s all going to line up so as you see here he’s made a flat mounted into cooler which will eventually have a nice gaping hole in the Bonnet to let the air pass through and get the most optimal cooling possible it looks pretty dramatic with

The exhaust coming out of the Bonnet here but it’s actually running the stock turbo I mean everything is stock what you see here stock except for this side here the fabricated a custom intake manifold and he’s using an electronic Bosch throttle which feeds into these titanium pipes into the intercooler the hot side

On the cold side it’s beautifully made I mean it’s really taken a lot of care and you know routing the oil lines and all the wiring beautiful execution he’s a very busy guy with lots of you know pain projects so this is actually his practice drift car it’s supposed to

Be a beater you know kind of like a missile but I don’t think it’s going to end up being treated quite so badly and you know on his downtime like today today is supposed to be closed he works on it and I slowly pretty much completed it so

What remains to be done now is just a Shakedown test to get the Baseline ECU settings going and then you’ll probably head to a Dyno and set the car up properly so we’ll definitely hear the car later on we’ll bring it outside in the big space he has there

But let’s take a quick walk around and see what it’s all about so the paint was done as Ishikawa body very famous for Custom Body Works they just built an amazing s13 that was at work Fest he’s rocking some very very old school speed onto stickers

He’s a big fan of speed hunters and always rocking our t-shirts stickers so you know super cool to see just general look at his shop he’s always working on really cool older cars very nondescript but always running some funky uh you know engine swaps beautiful Fair Lady

2000 here not sure what’s happening to this one this BMW 2002 was here last year and as you can see it runs a Honda s2000. engine so he’s in the process of doing all the wiring which is probably the most hectic Park of the mall yeah this will

Definitely be one to shoot oh here’s ultrasound oh by the way he’s rocking one of my t-shirts that’s good to do so we’ll have a quick look inside that’s the mess of wires which eventually will end up looking pretty clean as we just saw in the hachiroku

I mean like I said he does like super neat and cool work there’s a kin Mary over here and I’m not sure we’re going to be able to see what’s up there but that’s a 180 that was here last year I believe it’s a V8 so he’s going to be

Doing an electric power steering conversion to this Ken Mary it’s not a GTR it’s the more run-of-the-mill GTX so it runs a l-series engine but it’s extremely clean just it’s amazing how much care and attention goes into you know maintaining these uh these cars and especially these engines but let’s go

Back to the 86 here and maybe ask otosan to kind of run through what he’s done to it yeah so it runs a six-speed from the just came up or the one before so right down to the flange has built up this intake manifold responsible

So it uses a link issue and as I said before it’s linked to a Bosch electric throttle it’s pretty it’s a pretty clean setup it’s like I said it’s built for uh mainly track use I don’t think this is going to be registered for the road and it runs a digital dash here

With some gauges that he kind of designed himself so it’s basically like a PC it runs the windows but as you can see here you know he’s added some reinforcement linked up to the cage and it’s all finished up in the map right so while he’s uh setting up the uh the

Display look at some stickers again some old school speed Hunters one AliExpress because he buys a lot of stuff in China like this gr uh and boom which is telling me is actually not real but close enough I mean the cool thing about autosan is that it does these

Crazy conversions and you know swaps and it’s all kind of catered around being affordable it’s nothing like crazy expensive it’s something that some customers can aspire to come here you know and get done from him so it’s all very obtainable so the display is not running foreign I mean the exhaust is extremely short so it’s pretty farty but I’m sure it sounds better when it gets going this sounds like a three cylinder So since I visited last year he’s had an addition to his team because he was doing everything himself this uh new hire is actually a very young girl that decided to learn how to fabricate and Weld and she actually had a part in creating the body harness in the

Hachiroku it’s really cool to see young people who get into these kind of jobs that really are kind of dying out as interesting cars kind of Fades away in Japan but hopefully you know people like her will show the new generation what it’s all about so we’re just talking about the fenders now

So they’re actually quite cheap because it’s kind of like a no brand from Yahoo auction for both the front and the back over fenders and for the interior we have a nice Recaro FRP bucket with minimal padding uh this is a seat that’s extremely popular now in Japan because it’s pretty

Affordable and it gives you a great seating uh feel on track so that’s the shift shift lever that actuates the zn6 hachiroku transmission And again a bit of gusseting on a roll cage the tie it all in racing fuel tank out the back for balance battery passenger side so it’s extremely well executed missile car okay so the cool thing is we actually get to see this car movement after you know following the bill for a

Year and seeing it Tokyo Auto Salon nostalgic two days so the sun’s gonna take it out you can hear it and see it no drifting though unfortunately also it would be a Pity to spoil this a nice surface he has here although I’m sure eventually it would be hard to kind of resist There you go it’s actually moving under its own power Finally see it under the light so the cool thing about this car is that uh taniguchi actually came to check it out and let’s build something similar but probably with a different engine uh you know kind of like a modern tank on a 86 might be using the Mrs engine actually

Uh ultrasound was saying so he’s definitely created something of high interest oh by the way this is this is the good car this is the practice car right over here so this is the the I guess the hachiroku missile that he picked up but he’s gonna use the practice before

Before taking this out for like a proper few laps Oh we didn’t look at the brakes so these are R32 GTR brakes he machined the actual Nissan logo out of them of course it’s a Toyota you don’t want to do that and the Chevron racing wheels fit pretty nicely That’s it for this episode let me know what you thought in the comments below