Dino DC: The Ford Bronco Raptor Is Perfect?!

The Ford Bronco Raptor Is Perfect?!

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Posted: 2023-09-13 11:48:15
Author: Dino DC
I’m so glad I got to experience the Ford Bronco Raptor during my trip to Huston. It’s so different to most of the cars I test and review and I came away not only impressed by its capabilities but pretty certain it’s one of the most fun cars I’ve ever driven. On top of that the guys at Hennessy lent me their 600 HP Velociraptor based on the F-150 Raptor which was as wild as it sounds. Hit play and have a look at what I got up to. Massive thanks to Ford & Hennessy for hooking me up!! The result of this experience is that now I absolutely, positively need a Raptor in my life!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign This is as America as it gets and as far away from the usual type of car that I get to drive at least and that’s the whole purpose so when I found out I had to come here to the US for anime Matsuri I hit up Ford and they kindly said they

Would provide a vehicle for me to drive out here and I ended up choosing the Ford Bronco Raptor because again it’s the most American car I could think of and chatting to Hennessy who’s located just outside of Houston they actually kindly said you know we have a

Velociraptor demo card that we can lend you so this is exactly how we ended up with two press cars and what two press cars they are so basically they’re both powered by the same V6 turbo 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost and they’re also basically running the same Driveline so 10-speed

Transmission and of course the F-150 is the velocity raptor 600 version this is Hennessey’s complete truck package 600 horsepower and a ton of torque unlike anything I’ve ever driven and you know we actually do get to see some of these new F-150 Raptors in Tokyo and I always wondered

What people in Japan are thinking you know picking up these massive uh pickups but you know what it actually shrinks around you when you get to drive it and sometimes it actually does feel quite big even for Texas but I get it I mean it’s something very different it offers

An insane amount of utility with the bed and of course you know I’ll have to show you in the back because most people think that pickups are crap but there is so much space inside it literally could be a six-seater if it wasn’t for the big

Transmission I mean I could put all my three boys back here no problem tons of legroom really wide seats and of course all the loading space you would ever need to throw in bicycles or you know anything outdoor related the Bronco is a little bit more cramped it is a smaller vehicle

Obviously but then again you know it does offer plenty of utility it’s got a split tailgate here kind of like the Jeep Wrangler where it separates from the glass and of course you can actually remove the entire roof section it’s a hard roof in this particular version and you’re left with the

Well I guess the roll cage so the craziest thing about the Bronco raptor is that it actually sits on 37 inch tires and that’s insane because I think it is the only production car ever to come uh with 30 37s from Factory the F-150 Raptor does come with 35s this uh

Hennessy version is actually running their own their own wheels it’s unlike anything I’ve driven and what a place to be doing it but the Bronco actually does look a little bit different the air in the air intake and the air box are slightly different you can actually get to see

The little Garrett turbo on there and if you had to ask me to choose I wouldn’t know what to say right now I’m kind of going maybe for the Bronco because it’s slightly more Compact and lighter on its foot and it has like a nice manual mode but the F-150 is absolutely crazy Foreign Let’s try this Bronco out on some Sandy trails The suspension is so much travel it just takes everything you throw at it foreign settings Thank you Foreign In the Bronco we’re actually crossing a canal River with a ferry basically connecting over to that side There it is our Excursion with the Broncos led us to some oil fields here in Texas we’re I guess to the south east of Houston and there’s like oil reserves as far as the eye can see we just took the Bronco off-road and got the sample the amazing ability

This truck has straight out of the box to literally just take the most intense jumps and like go through plowing through like Baja style through these back roads and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in the car I mean I’m speechless I cannot believe this is a truck that you

Literally just go to a Ford dealer and buy um one thing is very sure I’m Gonna Miss This when I go back to Japan I think I need this in Tokyo Thank you okay so we filled up the Bronco for what like the fourth time now I mean I have to say I really love it in every way or form but good Lord does it like to drink a lot of fuel I think I’ve been averaging about 13 miles to the gallon

Which equates about four to five kilometers a liter and that’s even on Highway I even assumed that today with the drive to Dallas we would actually be doing a little bit better but unfortunately this designed like a brick aerodynamics are important and obviously Still very cool place to visit and use a Bronco we’re in Bucky’s now I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pumps that’s not even the biggest one apparently so of course when you come and get gas you definitely want to come home with a smoker or maybe a fire pit here

Incredible what they sell these places And of course America is a staple drink soft drinks for that Bakery making all sorts of great stuff here in fajita tacos burrito Rhino taco and all sorts of beef jerky foreign This is it this is our last day with the Bronco our last Excursion of the beaten path with probably one of the most fun cars on the market today I’ve had so much fun like flinging this around gravel roads and some kind of like really sandy back streets that we managed to find

Yesterday close to the old refineries just outside of Houston today we’re actually closer to Dallas and uh basically we’re just enjoying taking this thing off-road putting it through its spaces I mean it’s unbelievable the capability this car has I mean it has so much suspension travel straight out of

The box and with the 37 inch tires you can literally go anywhere without any concern it’s got so many settings you can lock all the diffs you can put it in four-wheel drive high low two-wheel drive for a bit of tail happy action and basically that’s what we’re doing just

Experimenting with every mode and seeing what’s fun seeing what works and seeing what puts the biggest grin on my face so I’m in Baja mode I’ve put the car into four wheel drive high and the manual transmission is activated so I shift through the gears It really moves around a lot Foreign Too like an instant grip puts down all its 400 plus horsepower without any issue literally spins all four tires absolutely incredible foreign I think we may have found one of the very few In and Out Burgers in Texas stopping for a few more photo opportunities here in the middle of nowhere Thank you