Dino DC: The Drift King’s Hidden N2 AE86 | Koshimizu Motorsports

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Posted: 2023-09-20 11:14:53
Author: Dino DC
Located just outside the Tsukuba Circuit grounds, I must have passed by Koshimizu Motorsports a thousand times over the years. It was about time I stopped by and took a look. Koshimizu-san has been working on AE86s since they first came out and now spends most of his time restoring them to perfect like-new creations. An N2 racer himself it’s no surprise Keiichi Tsuchiya leaves his TRD N2 race car at KMS! Enjoy the video!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Okay so this is one place that I probably driven by maybe a thousand times if not more and basically it’s right outside the scuba circuit Gates and it’s KMS Motorsport and they primarily deal only in hachiroku specifically Restorations and just bringing you know old cars back from pretty much the dead into like

Perfection which we’ll see inside the shop here so KMS is one of the original old school hachiroko shops and you can tell out of these three cars they have here in the workshop working away they really do take the cars right down to bare metal and then resurrect them to

Perfection so this is pretty much step one I guess and you can tell there’s like a ton of parts around to kind of transform them into what you see here so the full name is koshimizu Motorsports KMS so as Kochi musician just explained there’s a variety of things he does here so

Basically he starts Restorations from bare metal this car in particular is being crushed and therefore he cut off the front section and then fitted the one that he soars from a car outside So we’re seeing a very special car here guys this is kg’s cheers n211. you may have seen this car many times in the hot version and two battles which sadly they don’t longer make they do race in okayama circuit though but uh the car is stored here

And I’m having a little moment so you’ll apologize if I run out of words wow that is insane wow this was built by innuiston at TRD back in the day you see AP Racing pedal folks and brick bias adjuster this super cool TRD C so yeah it’s missing the the panel here

That goes on top of the intakes but there it is three Master cylinders the pedal box or the Stitch welding so it’s got a carbon Bonnet of course has a hot version on the back you can see the fuel safety cell from ATL but they’re all stripped out

So apparently this engine is actually a regular 4ag um I say regular because when Sakura is on and Unison from TRD built this car they actually fitted a formula Atlantic version of 4ig that read to 10 500 RPM that actually wasn’t a balance to set up enough because you know while power did

You know develop it lacked a lot of torque and in the competitions that this N2 car was raced in particularly here at scuba they needed more torque so they went back to a 4ag Sakurai sunfitted a 300 degree cam 11 millimeter lift and that gave the perfect balance of about

300 horsepower but a slightly more broader curve that allowed atuchiasan to kind of extract all the performance he needed from this car at the current weight level that it sits so about 800 something kilos and I love how they’ve just left the tire marks on the back over fender of

Course the car sits on the watanab is plenty of dish Dunlop slicks and so simple inside just a stack ometer oil temperature oil pressure and water simple as it gets of course there’s a little switch panel here with all the necessary switches in place and it’s pretty crazy they actually left

The the door trim here driver’s side absolutely amazing Thank you foreign We’ll go back to the shop and take a look at some of the other cars that he’s working on so right outside the shop is the the donor car that we saw donated its front end to the first car on the right that’s being restored and put together

So as koshimizu was saying what he does here at KMS is basically the entire process of a restoration so starting from the bear chassis fixing it it was in an accident and then working on stuff like spot welding as you can see here he’s actually drilled out

All the places where he’s going to spot weld and then what it does to retain that factory look is after the spot weld you’ll either well you’ll probably like kind of machine it down a little bit grind it down and then apply the right putty so that when

Time comes to paint it actually ends up looking like the Factory The Factory car so you can see a little bit of a dimple here but it’s kind of all hidden away because that’s the way he does things and he wants to kind of have that factory

Fresh feel about it as the restoration progresses he then starts working on the body of course and all the suspension parts subframes and of course painting too is done here in the shop there’s a little paint booth here where he takes care of all the painting and powder coating that it does

To all the components puts the car together and then moves on to the engines so all engines are tuned or refreshed here you can see a fresh block here that’s been repainted on the outside ready to be assembled with the right parts and of course he’ll also take care of 20 valve swaps

And as he was showing us the 20 valve actually sits a little bit higher if you look in the engine bay compared to a regular 16 valve 4ag as I noticed here there’s some sick headers these are also KMS parts that are built in-house they offer three types of exhaust manifolds

Um this one here on the 20 valve actually is a perfect example of their street Takahashi as they call it here octopus legs basically this is the more sedate version because as you get closer to the racing version the actual curvature of the headers sweeps up kinda

Higher to where the strut brace is so three different types progressively getting more extreme this is a four into one so it’ll be a little bit quieter still retain the performance upgrade that you would get from a system like this but without going too crazy both on

The noise and the actual space it takes up in the engine bay one other thing that is built in-house is this Aluminum Intake cover and that is topped up with the blitz filter here on this particular example and they’ll do different versions they’re actually you’re able to actually

Disassemble the center part so you get access into the throttles themselves and in this particular version it’s actually crinkle coated to kind of Match the black top coloring to keep it all very Factory stock and kind of like not standing out too much when you kind

Of have a look at the engine bay this one again is a work in progress assembly all powder coated subframes and you can see he actually runs fuel pressure regulator there with its own little dial and it’s just beautifully all put together attention to detail is at the top here

So I was actually asking koshimizu-san how long it takes you know approximately from like starting a build kind of starting off like this right down to Bare Metal to the finished car and with himself doing the majority of the work together with two other guys that he has here it takes about 18

Months on average so depending on what the customer requires if it’s a swap it’ll probably take longer if some parts are hard to kind of source it’ll take a little bit longer but approximately about a year and a half so if you’re looking to get your car your hachiroku

Completely restored that’s what it would take don’t ask me about price because of course that will depend a lot on how the car comes in what condition it’s in what parts are missing what the owner would like done to it and over here had tons of parts

That are either waiting to be fitted or pulled off a particular car either to be replaced or repainted lots of canned covers here alternators I actually noticed this particular build here in the middle runs an HPI oil cooler mounted right in front of the radiator again tons and tons of

Parts bolts brackets you name it they keep everything but these cars you’re going to have to because you never know what you’re going to find or what you’re going to struggle sourcing so process that these guys go to you’ll see actually the seat come with that little pump up

Ball so you can adjust the bolsters an RD steering wheel TRD shifter all the top Parts on check amazing little shop I’m so glad I stopped here today I’ve been meaning to do it for so many years and what an amazing guy to just open up his shop

Again to me and just talk achiroku’s and get into so much detail and the craziest thing is he actually used to race in the N2 series he actually won uh One race back in the day and uh you know this is a guy that has literally dedicated his entire life

And craft to perfecting the hachiroku he’s been doing this for over 20 years specifically on the hachiroku but he’s been a mechanic for 44 years he’s just 60 years old and he’s been working well over half of his life most of his life on cars absolutely amazing there you have it

That’s the original KMS logo and website I’m not sure if that website is still active we’ll have to check it out but if it is I’ll put it in the description below I’ll probably have to ask but I do wonder you know if you’re a hachiroko only hachoku specific shop

How many colors do you need to stock up on I would imagine that white and black would be the bulk of your you know storage of paint and of course carbon fiber I guess clear would be needed for that actually one of the most surprising things that I asked is if

He’s ever had any customers from abroad and apparently he’s only been restoring cars from customers here in Japan so I find that pretty surprising seeing how many hachiroku fans there are out there that would want to only purchase the right car but get it like sorted and

Done in Japan before they ship it back home so if you’re in the market for an 86 I suggest you check out KMS because these guys do amazing work so I just want to say a massive thank you to koshimizu Sam again for you know allowing us to shop today and I’m so

Happy I got to stop here today and just take a few minutes to walk around the shop and just embrace the work that these guys do and it’s very important work because they’re you know at the core of keeping these amazing cars very important JDM Cars alive and operating

As they should and what an amazing thing that we actually got to see preach the cheers into 11 up close so massive thank you I hope you enjoyed it and let me know beneath if you want to see more hatiroku content on the channel Thank you Foreign foreign foreign