Dino DC: The $500,000 R33 GTR – Built By Legends Skyline

Posted: 2023-05-28 10:11:58
Author: Dino DC
The Built by Legends and Mines R33 GTR is about as perfect as these cars get. Starting with a donor car, the chassis is stripped back to metal and reinforced, sealed, straightened and restored. Following that, a built 2.8L Mines engine is dropped in, interior re-trimmed and every nut, bolt and component either replaced or restored, leaving you with the ultimate Skyline.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Thank you welcome once again to mines this is part two of the video you probably saw a couple weeks ago but now we’re here to take a closer look to a very special car that’s built in collaboration with mines it’s the built by Legends r33 so the car

Is sitting inside the shop we’re just gonna do a quick uh run through of what this car consists of with the guys from DBL and then we’ll take out the car for a drive so you guys can can understand what goes into builds like this so

A little longer than a few minutes later so here it is very dramatic intro to the car and uh I think before we take it out we should uh talk to master sound from DBL just to get a a rundown of what has gone into the process of creating a very bespoke build

Like this so we’re here with Masa from BBL I just want to first of all kind of understand what your guy’s ideology is when you’re putting together great builds for very demanding customers I guess would be the right term well yeah uh you know our first build as built by

Legends was an R32 and this one well it was natural for us to start an r33 project and we happen to have a customer that wanted an r33 built by us with mines so this is this is the car that we built um it’s it’s commissioned car we built

It built it with uh mines and also garage of shida the same as our first R32 yeah this is a bespoke project so you know on the R32 we had the gold stripe and it you know the build was really all subtle on the outside but this this car customer really wanted the

The demo car look uh he wanted to pay homage to the original demo car that was that mines had built back in the days but it’s it’s funny that when we started to build this car it was difficult for us to find pictures or videos of that original r33 yeah so you

Know everything we really had to work with mines and try to pixelated exactly exactly and you know try to get the car correct and updated of course and I think what you’ve created is definitely I guess a step up or a spec 2 version of what the 32 kind of represented because

Of course it’s got more power it’s got far more interesting features it’s it’s a little bit more customized for the client right so yes it is it is uh you know this of course the delivery really tells uh what the car is about on this car on the exterior we have the

The carbon uh bumper the hood is also dry carbon and also the the rear trunk and rear wing I said the bumper but the bumper is similar to the R32 it’s a one piece yeah with the lip and on this car the rear trunk is also a one piece so one piece

Together with the carbon trunk and it’s just painted I mean beautifully painted yes by garage amazing and the color that we picked is the uh the green which is the same as the the real uh mines R34 demo car so basically this is a qx1 very very kind of bluish white from 34.

Yes yes it is The heart of the build I mean the chassis alone is an amazing set of work stripping it down you know getting rid of the old pain strengthening it straightening it out and then repainting it and then mine sticks over the building yeah and creates all the chassis work and the

Body paint as well of course was done by garage in Nara and then nakayama-san takes over here at mines yes once the chassis is built or should I say um restored yeah uh it all comes out the body is moved to to here and while we’re doing the the chassis work

Nakaya masana mines is you know already preparing everything yeah building the engine for us so once the chassis gets here he pops in the engine yep and this engine is very special yes it is based on a 2.8 liter kit from HKS yeah but of course mines has their original parts in

It it is um it is set up to uh comfortably I’ll put about 650 horsepowers um and then the neat thing about this car in particular is that this car has a get lock six-speed from an R34 yeah so it is actually the same setup as the the

Mines R34 double car the rear end stays r33 exactly the shorter final drive yes yes and you get that the median yes response and acceleration so it’s more about acceleration you know not too much about top speed sure which is uh what mines is all about I’m sure nikurasa had

Explained that that’s the concept that mine is uh you know responsiveness and acceleration balance is what they do yeah I mean I think what really surprises me is just the details that you guys nerd on like you just nerd out on the coolest stuff like uh this is

Kind of like a similar product to what you had on the 32 right yes yes and this is this is actually uh made the base is the mind’s titanium right Drop Tower bar and then you have your bespoke build number I mean things like like you recreated the the stock plastic oil cap

But made it Billet you painted the top of the radiator like even this is bespoke like it’s just a work of art like even the carbon fiber radiator Grille here all the little panels with the bespoke you know vehicle information chassis plate from Nakayama and this is an M7

Mb7 yes we call it the mb7 the engine that we have in the the first R32 is an MB mb5 okay so would this be the highest spec yeah you guys offer okay so 650 horsepower and still that mine reliable character and reliability of course speaking of

Nerding out I mean who would make this out of carbon fiber to hold up another carbon fiber item here which of course a bespoke carbon fiber hood with the NACA duct kind of like the 34 respect II amazing like how can you not love this Can you tell me a little bit about the fabric that’s being used yes this was also requested by the the customer that we do all uh inside uh renew all the insight and the fabric that we use we are using on this car is called ultra suede people may not be familiar with

The brand name but it is actually the same as Alcantara okay it’s just the the different naming right uh it is actually manufactured by the same Japanese company called tole so we’re right now working with toled to uh uh we we purchased the the fabric from

Today but we’re working with Torah to do a original design okay on these Fabrics so that would be coming up in you know the future cars that we’ll build build nice so would that be something you would fit to the Civic for example for example for example but probably

Probably the other building GTRs well I know you guys have started on the 34th so yeah yeah yeah but I love how you started off with uh Recaro reclinable buckets yes it’s a sr3 sr3 to get that kind of modern or actually it’s a sr7 sr7s okay

And uh you’ve gone right across the dashboard here again with the same fabric black and the green and this beautiful mines steering wheel like the details like even down to the R34 shifter custom painted because usually of course this is the leather wrap this spoke all the way

Right down to the dark chrome paint of the door handle and the lock release Here the green color color theme on this car comes from the the green carbon yeah of course from the mines called bringing that green inside that’s why the interior we’re using green and then also the engine cover yeah

One thing that I really like is the the dealer option Skyline logo on the glass which you guys left that’s so cool and yeah you have the adjusters for the aragosta suspension let’s move on to the handling what you guys have done with the suspension how you’ve helped stiffen up the original uh

You know suspension layout the arms the bushing and your wheel Choice Tire Choice brake choices the wheels are uh raised 21A Wheels Uh custom painted the suspension is a the mines recommended aragosta suspension uh mind you that this car although it does you know with delivery and all it is a

Street car we are focused on building a street car so the suspension setup the brake setup is all uh Fourth Street maybe occasionally on track but not a racing car yeah so it’s a it’s a fairly comfortable ride uh the bushing has been changed to pillows so you might expect

It to be a little harsh but it’s not the susp the suspension is doing what it’s supposed to yeah but the handling is really really quick and uh you know I think most people would be thinking like what would something like this be worth how much would it take to you know if

The customer comes to you with a 33 I mean I know it’s a bespoke build and you know people have different requests but approximate cost well uh it really depends on to what extent we do the build and also the base car sure this car was actually in very

Good condition so you actually sourced the car for the customer this particular car yes okay we we resourced it with mines personally went to uh get this car well uh but yeah I mean approximately somewhere around you know four hundred and fifty thousand dollars to to do the

The Resto mod from the chassis up I mean and we’re literally talking a ground up rebuild restoration yes right down to Bare Metals I mean it’s what a year in the making this car almost yeah I mean that that kind of figure is what I think

I would have expected uh these cars have become so valuable and also parts are so scarce and expensive yes on the rise continuously so um yeah totally makes sense understandable in today’s market and as I said this car was in good condition to start with but our future builds will

Probably be based on a little more slightly rougher as it gets harder to source so we’re still we’re already working on how to do do what we do with uh you know a car with a little more mileage a little more wear and garageida is uh we’re partnering with garage yashida to

Do the chassis cationic painting oh wow I have no idea what that is it’s like like a laser removal no well no that’s that’s the uh the painting that’s or pre pre-coat that’s done on production cars anti-rust pre-coat so that’s you know when the chassis is really

Really in bad condition we have to remove the rust and it’ll do all the restoration and then do uh anti-rest treatment which is we’ll be working on such projects in the in future cars that’s crazy I mean your kind of future proofing it yeah you know

Usability and one one last question as a chassis being reinforced or yes it has it has hot welded or yes there’s one final touch that nucorosa needs to do here so he needs to sign the inside of the carbon trunk for the very lucky customer that has built this car

And there it is that has literally doubled the value of the car foreign Lifted the car up so we can kind of nerd out on the details here and the first one is the mines titanium exhaust which was redesigned and remade maybe two years ago so it features a refresh design for Better Sound and response power everything and of course totally

Road legal in Japan it’s a Jasma certified so passive shocking without issues provided you have a catalyst here so uh they run a sports catalyst with all the emission data to support it thus making it easy to pass a shotgun what makes this car even more special is

That has the front titanium pipes which of course just finished that Minds character that really high-pitched whale that you get only with this exhaust and initially it was what really kind of attracted me to to mines itself was the sound of the exhaust which was unlike

Anything I heard back in the day because you know most people would put really open really free-flowing exhausts which kind of make a really farty sound I always preferred a more refined more tuned kind of exhaust sound so if you’ve heard a mind score you’ll know exactly what I

Mean so under here we can see that um part of the complete package was to fit the R34 get truck six-speed manual transmission connected to the rear end with a carbon propeller shaft and onto the r33 rear end so it maintains the the stock final drive

Which is exactly what the mines R34 had which makes the gearing shorter and of course kind of makes the acceleration more prompt and faster this is what really made the R34 character so unique back in the day it was that immediate acceleration that you don’t really get with the stock

R34 final because it’s very long the BBL car runs the new race 21as so these are kind of an inspiration to the old re30s if you remember those and it’s finished off in a custom dark silver metallic and it has the built by Legends a logo right there

And of course like every mine’s car AP Racing breaks front and back we have six spots here and four pots here at the back again with rdd two-piece slotted rotors and tire of choice is a Bridgestone Potenza re71 RS fitted in 265 35 r18 so very conservative sizing uh very

Old-school approach a 265 is a sizing the GTR tuners here in Japan I’ve always run starting with Nismo and mines Midori and they’ve they’ve stuck with that recipe they don’t want to add too much grip to introduce possibly too much understeer they want to keep the the car

Lively so under here we see that the car runs aragosta two-way adjustable coilovers of course this car like any BBL complete package complete car starts off at garage Yoshida down in Nara prefecture which is a very famous GTR specialist that basically takes the car down to Bear chassis fixes it up

Aligns it gets everything perfect adds rigidity spot welds it and gets it painted and ready for the full assembly which is what mines does here so we can kind of see how perfect it is under here you can see all the the coating underneath all the new nuts and bolts and bushings absolutely

Probably better cleaner than when the car rolled out the production line back in 1995. and since we have the car lifted here we can actually see that this front lip is pretty much a stock design but if you notice it’s actually a one piece part with the bumper so the bumper the

Splitter is a one piece it’s just painted in the you know Legendary Green hue mines clear coat and the whole bumper made by Moon Craft is all dry carbon they’ve even retained the Amber turn single signals and if you think the car looks very bluish white that’s because it runs the

R34 qx1 White which is definitely a very white white if you could say that here’s the garage Rashida sticker and all the partners okay we can take a look here it’s very dark at the rear end so we can see again the Argos all the stock arms have been

Cleaned up and repainted powder coated so the arms stay stuck but the bushing is actually Nismo so it adds the extra a little bit of rigidity and feedback to the arms and of course the subframe bushes Thank you so we found a nice little spot along the bay here with the Statics done I just wanted to kind of talk about the driving you know experience I mean obviously I didn’t throw the car on the track it was a very gentle drive to warm the engine up and

Then a couple of accelerations here and they’re just to feel the power but you know you can really tell it has a very refined character in that the 2.8 really picks up super quick the gcg garrett-based turbos spool up from just below 3000 RPM giving like instant

Response all throughout the ref range so up to about 8 000 RPM I think the red one is a 250. obviously I didn’t push it that high this is not my car and you know a massive thank you to the owner who you know allows media guys like me

To kind of play with these amazing builds and kind of experience it and just share that experience for everybody else to kind of understand just what makes these cars so so special beautiful thing I wish I could throw this around the track and really feel what that setup is

All about I could really understand the whole kind of logic behind doing cars like this it feels Factory fresh it’s so tight it feels like a brand new car super fun to throw around even though we probably did three corners a very well executed take on an r33 GTR