Dino DC: Taking an AE86 to Daikoku PA – Tokyo’s Most Famous Car Meet!

Taking an AE86 to Daikoku PA - Tokyo's Most Famous Car Meet!

Posted: 2023-04-05 07:29:38
Author: Dino DC
Taking one of Japan’s most iconic cars to Japan’s most iconic car meet. Allen’s AE86 is one of my favorite cars that’s always been around and always done exactly what you want a car like this to do. Working at Tomei, Allen was able to build the perfect street hachiroku with Formula Atlantic Pistons, TECARTS ITB’s, a Haltech ECU, custom Tomei camshafts and plenty more. After Daikoku was shut down, an unfortunately common occurrence these days, we took the car to another local PA where we took a deeper dive into the car and it’s history!

Allen: https://www.instagram.com/onbail/

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Foreign Okay so we’ve just arrived to daikoku following Allen in his hachiroku and it actually seems to be quite a decent turnout being Saturday of course so I think to to get things going I’m just gonna do a little walk around to get an idea of the cars that have showed up

Here today considering it’s this busy and it’s Saturday it’s a very good chance it’s going to get shut down but in the meantime I’m just going to walk around take a closer look so the cool thing about daikoku at night is that it’s a totally different vibe to what we

Saw before when I dropped by here on Sunday morning it’s uh it’s more younger guys it’s definitely what’s you know happening in the in the tuning scene more you get to see what people are doing with these cars so yeah it’s definitely a very interesting mix definitely more Japanese compared to

What we saw on Sunday morning I just found this amazingly clean Nissan Primera with an Infinity badge obviously trying to go for the usdm look and check out the wheels on this thing old school AVS yokohamas it’s got a bright seat I say oh man super sick So I think one of the coolest things that I’m looking forward to be doing with this channel is to document me bringing the GTR product GTR back on the street it’s currently sitting outside my house waiting for some TLC and a few parts to get it finished and

Check in and back on the road again anyway I think it’s about time we make a move before the police actually come and tell us to our face to get out um we’ll go and find a quiet place to do a bit of a spotlight feature on Alan’s

Hachiroku get some driving shots and then hit up Shibuya so yeah I hope you enjoyed daikoku at night very different feel kind of noisy but always cool never disappoints We had to escape daikoku because obviously the police shut it down as you guys so we’re here with Alan so Alan is a long time friend of mine he’s got a really cool car that he’s had for how many years have you had this since September 2007. so fair bit and uh can

You tell us a little bit about it like how did you come to find it because you actually bought it sort of ready modified ready prepared and then you kind of perfected it in your own way kind of thing yeah so what happened was I was friends with not only you but uh

Miguel new air Imports yep that particular Thursday Tokyo auction was actually on my birthday that year and then this came across auction and they bought it and then he said actually it’s better suited for me I ended up buying this one off him after I handed

That white uh Torino before from him and I actually remember picking this car up from Miguel in 2007. you did and taking it to ibizu did I take it to Ibiza and then I drifted a Minami and then you came to my place and you picked it up so

That was the first time that you actually saw it which is kind of bizarre but you know the whole thing was basically I was picking a car up from Miguel uh to show the cars that he kind of bought and I featured it and used it

In some store in some magazine I forget which one it was a French magazine French magazine there you go so uh and since then obviously you’ve done a lot of work with it and you’re still kind of finishing up some details uh just got busy with life you know as it is with

Family Life absolutely changed the engine rebuilt it all different specifications the drivetrain except for the transmission so the differential but I try to keep most of it close to the stock as possible not to push the power too much because I want longevity yeah and especially with the parts getting hard to find

Never broken an axle and the gearbox is still a t50 but the engine is the compression is 12.8 to one yeah we’re at formal Atlantic Pistons from CP Pistons because just that time I was working at Tomei but they didn’t have any Pistons in stock for a while because they were

Prioritizing rb26 and sr20s I didn’t want to wait eight months I gave up yeah but it’s a cool it’s a cool piston uh Captain to kind of run in another cross Forge too yeah so everything was custom and you mentioned you worked for Tommy so uh you know tell

Us a little bit about that because this has some very special Tommy Parts yeah you kind of it does yeah so what happened was I moved to Japan in 2005 for high octane racing so I was working with them and they were a distributor for Tomei for Australia at that time I

Was translating some stuff for Tomei while I was working at hiketown racing because they didn’t have anything in English and I just wanted to make stuff available so that it would make it easier to explain but they wanted me to join them I didn’t it were eventually

Later in 2007 things changed and then I joined them so I was with them from 2007 to 2014 full time yeah the cam gears are the can we actually open so we can take a look at the engine those cam gears are the very first production model so oh well dirty I have

The the same Tomei um pulleys on my GTR yeah and then later they released the production range yeah the camshafts one is custom and the Founder’s brother who designs every single camshaft was nearing retirement so he designed one with the laser markings I actually made my own laser marking for these that has

His name on it so these camshafts have his name laser engraved onto them that’s crazy just kind of respect because they started in 1968 family run business they used to do everything for Nissan back in the day until Nismo was founded in 1984. a lot of Sunny stuff

You can still see those crazy Sunny race cars at Elizabeth so when I rebuilt the engine I had like a different one I changed the cylinder I had to a a92 head it was a they had the first generation head on there before when you drove it yeah and

Then I was just supporting it every lunch break slowly and I just got away you poured to the your own I did it head so who did the a series engine well he and um another one just taught me how they do it and then I just slowly over four

Months bit by bit because I didn’t want to mess it up it was all by hand because you know they didn’t have any CNC machines no I remember I actually shot many times at Tommy and uh part of the whole thing was to go into the the

Engine build room and they had a little bench where the guy would be like polishing I was in there my lunch break’s doing air tool right yeah yeah I did it that way that’s cool and uh what have you done on the intake here

You got some uh 101 is it yeah 101s with the tech Arts 100 Mil trumpets I got rid of the brake booster because I didn’t want to shave trumpet number four yeah and uh you you did put the car on a Dyno at some point they bought a Dyno dynamics of overdrive

At home so it was mapped on that Dyno oh nice and ECU wise what are you running how Tech Platinum sport 1000 with a custom limb as well nice you’ve just changed the rear wheels on this haven’t you yeah I didn’t I bought a whole set

For the cover they’re 15 inch on the rear I was gonna put it on the front I just didn’t choose the uh the tires yet for the front sort of thing this is the new design Watanabe is and as a comparison yeah that one I went to that number

Factory and they told me when they took that off just have a look at it and see show us 62 manufactured wheels so this is what like a 1980 87.88 where the rear wheels is last year and you’ve gone staggered setup here as I see yeah because I didn’t I had 14

Inch all around right now it’s just 14 at the front and 15 at the back until I buy tires for the other set of wheels and speaking on tires so you have neovas at the front yeah 195s and then at the back you went with uh she bought the tires shibatas picked up

And gained a lot of popularity yeah yeah we’re actually seeing a lot of cars run these tires here in Japan especially Drifters so shibata is uh after the owner of r31 house she bought the Sun and when he launched his D1 program what four or five years ago now about that he

Decided to also do his own tires and uh this is what they look like they’re super popular with the a86s now they’re very affordable they do well for grip and drift so they’re becoming more and more popular I’d say they’re probably around the 70 80 US dollar retire

Which makes sense and they give you different options on the compound grade as well yeah Celtic sticker oh speaking of stickers so I think I gave Alan this sticker probably in 2008 right when I first joined yeah still got it crazy and this is there for life that’s not coming off is it

I thought about removing it to upgrade it but to a newer one bud yeah decided to leave it no no keep it vintage stuff is the best car is pretty vintage like the owner oh you got a pro drive steering wheel now yeah the pro drive steering wheel was there for uh since

2015 or 16. and you have it you primarily use this car for obviously for fun nights like today but mainly for drifting it’s set up right pretty much yeah but I don’t get to take it out as often because I’m always busy yeah the other fact about the steering wheel

I only knew two people that had it uh Daigo is one of them and then the other one was bow Yates in Australia oh boy yeah with a crazy 86 that was half built at uh hypertrude yes that one I know he had it on the

Other one on the um his Pro drift card not the a86 all right the other one okay and when I saw her I was like oh no one’s really running that I didn’t want to be another Nadi steering wheel owner yeah it’s nice to see something different obviously you’ve got rid of

The rear no rear seats here but you do have a big sound system in 86 with a sound system I can just imagine the comments below here saying how is this guy going like a heavy speaker subwoofer setup okay so some of you guys may know this car

That had a GT Wing back in the day that’s how it came with from the auctions it actually had a massive sound system with four subwoofers two amps I took it all out because it was too heavy with a wood was it like a demo car for it it was

Like a demo car yeah that’s why it has this funky paint job as well yeah I took off that GT Wing removed all the sound system because there were some wiring issues with that as well yeah and it had no audio until August last year when I was driving to yamanashi

I had a another American friend who was driving with me and he pulled me kept calling me and I couldn’t answer yeah my friend when I was driving so I got fed up and I thought maybe something updated so I won’t have an accident so now it’s all Bluetooth

The rear speakers are velcroed in so I could just remove it when I take it to the truck actually the velcro data centigrade and the plans for next mods and what do you plan to do in the next year or two to get it where you want it

To be I always thought I had a Target but it the target the goal keeps shifting I know it’s a silly question but you know I mean I guess what’s the next couple of mods that you’re kind of looking forward to do change your front wheels change the front wheels set up

I’ll keep these for like track days and then the other one is more for Aesthetics for Street yep or change the seats as well probably that’s it for now you’re thinking of also doing the paint yeah I wanted to do the paint as well still thinking about that getting nice and

Clean although I have to say it’s held up pretty well for uh yeah I mean close to 15 years over actually much yeah hard to believe that time flies right I know it’s crazy and uh you know I’m pretty much getting to the point that you know

Family duties you know kids grow up quick and it’s about time that I do my GTR now so yeah that’s going to be another big part of the YouTube channel to kind of show me bringing it back to I don’t have shotgun so I have to re-register it this

One didn’t have it for a while I only just got shot in last year well there you go but cool man I mean I really appreciate you telling us uh all the cool stories behind the car yeah yeah and hopefully we’ll go out driving together for me in the GTR and you with

This I call it the pink Hachi but you know it doesn’t like me for anything you guys tell me what color do you think this is and it’s got some sparkle to it you can really see it under the yeah the parking lots here so we’re at Suzuki

Parking area the brightest uh spot we could find tonight has a good Melody through the tunnels doesn’t it oh man yeah we’ll we’ll get some uh some footage of you racing through tunnels and cool highways in your Club racing uh yeah spirited driving revving it well thanks again man I appreciate you

Taking the time and uh hope you guys enjoyed this episode on a cool legendary car from Japan Thank you [Applause]